The Golden Ray

Recently I was Angelically guided to visit a site called Gold Ray Healing – the Golden Ray Initiations.  I have found throughout my life that when I am guided or nudged to read a book or article, watch a program, visit a person or place or attend a class, that I will learn or do something that will enhance and enrich my life and it was so true in this instance.

The site is offered by Ahtayaa Leigh, who is the facilitator.  The site offers a free introductory video to the Golden Ray.  I found from this video that just the connection to the Golden Ray energies were transforming.  I felt a peace and harmony I have not felt before.  I have worked with energies, healing and ley lines for years, and the energies of the Golden Ray were the most powerful and connecting that I have found.

I find as I spend more time with these energies daily that,  while being powerful ,they are at the same time warm, embracing and balancing. Often in working with powerful energies they tend to dissipate quickly after a meditation or when working in a specific location, or after leaving the location. What I have found working with the Golden Ray energies is that they are with me at all times. The strength depends on my attention to the energies. I realize I have been waiting for this energy all my life. I find not only are they with me, I hear energies as well as feel them, but they are transforming. I am able to hold my balance and peace, as ‘the eye of the storm’. I have a new perspective of events around me.


I was guided to the Golden Ray by Archangels Michael and Sandalphon. I understand why now, because Sandalphon brings the balance between Heaven and Earth energies, as well as the Divine Mother/Shekinah, which are the essence of this Golden Ray. Archangel Michael brings us protection, cuts away those things which bind and no longer serve us, and connects us with Divine Will of the Father, all of these are Essences of the Golden Ray.

The Golden Ray brings not only a balance between Divine Father and Mother, but also the balance between Divine Creator and Mother Earth, Gaia.  Through Divine Love from and to both the Divine energies of Heaven and Earth are brought in to blend and balance within us.  We are the still point, they blend and connet within our hearts. It brings us into balance with our own masculine and feminine energies, and facilitates greater Peace, Balance, and Harmony. I have felt so connected to the Divine Creator and Mother Earth with these energies.

As I connect more fully with these energies, they have the essence to clear that which no longer serves and our growth, as well as Divine.  They bring Divine Protection, and connection to the Divine Will of our Creator.  This comes to us as Grace from the Divine Creator through the Golden Ray energies, thus enhancing the energies brought to us by the Angels and Archangels.

As Ahtayaa notes on her site:

The Golden Ray Initiations are overlighted by the 12 Archangels of Creation, introduced to me as the ’12 Keepers of the Eye’.

When I was told a few months ago that  I Am the Oracle of Divine Grace,I did not know what that meant.  I really didn’t understand Grace until connecting with the Golden Ray, which  I realize is the Essence of Divine Grace. For it is by Grace that we are transformed and lifted up not by works.  Now with these energies I understand that, from a wisdom perspective and not just a knowledge perspective.

I had often wondered why,  I had heard to wait until I could walk the walk and not just talk the talk to come forth and share. I have done what I felt guided to do spiritually,  yet I have known that there was something more to do. I didn’t want to do something that was not part of Divine Will and the Divine Plan and so I waited. I realize now that when in the Grace of Golden Ray energies that we are operating in Divine Will and all that we are guided to do i is part of the Divine Plan and for the benefit of ALL LIFE.

It is God’s Grace that transforms us not our works.  Our part is to desire above all to do God’s Will and remember fully our connection and Oneness to the Creator. Then God’s Grace can transform us and our lives so that we walk and talk and live in that Oneness with the Creator and All Life.  Which is what Jesus meant when he said”I Am in my Father, and you are in Me, and I Am in you.”

I find as I keep my attention upon the Divine Grace of these Energies from the Creator that I walk in peace, balance and Harmony.  I find I see things from a clearer more unified perspective.

I am not saying that there are not other pathways to follow, for the Golden Ray energies are not exclusive of any or all pathways, but an enhancement to all pathways.

 When all parts come together and share in Unity 

Heaven will manifest on Earth. 

Take a look – – this may not be for you at this point along your path, but it may be a part in the future. I find life is full of synchronicities and that is why you are reading this article at this time. Sometimes, it is just to nudge us, with something that we are not quite ready for at the moment, but will be soon, or it will lead us in the direction we need to go which might be different.  I learned long ago not to say never, for life is about constant change until we are Centered in the Divine, which is forever the same and forever evolving.

A wise one once told me – God cannot start us from a stopped position – that we need to move forward and that if we open our selves to God’s direction that if we step off the path in the wrong direction God can gently nudge us back to the right direction, as long as we keep moving forward. 

I Am Balance, I Am Harmony, I Am Peace

Author: Shemiyah

I am a seeker of Truth. I am in the process of clearing and transforming myself, to walk in Light and Love.

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