Truth – Relative or Divine

Though the things of the earth shall pass away and the stars in the sky may fade, the TRUTH of GOD will exist forever.

There are two types of truth either relative or Divine.  If the truth you know is not Divine Truth, which is an unchangeable part of the fabric of Creation, then the truth you believe or speak is relative truth. Truth is the aspect of the Creator associated with form and structure.

A key on our spiritual and physical life journey is to remember that until we are fully free of the limits of this world, that the truth we know at the moment is relative and should be subject to change. For it was when beings began to make choices not based in full Grace and alignment with the Divine Creator that we moved from unity and order into the chaos we experience upon Earth.

The world is constantly changing, because people are changing in their understanding, desires and actions. Most of the truth we experience or believe in our daily lives is relative truth and not Divine.  Relative truth is based upon our socialization, experiences, and our education regarding the morals and systems of our society, whether spiritual, economic or political.

To share an example, Once there were dinosaurs who roamed the earth.  That is truth, it isn’t relative but scientifically proven by the bones found even though we have never seen them. That is not exactly what we may seek when seeking Divine truth but it is true and not a relative truth to our history on earth.

Once society believe the earth was flat and they feared that if they traveled too far they would fall off. That truth was relative. It had not basis in fact and was proven to be incorrect.

If we look at Divine Truth it is that which exists forever as a law or basis of creation and the purely aligned with the Creator.  An example would be that all that exists has been manifest from the energy of the Creator Source for Creator Source was the beginning of all that IS and so all that is created has been manifest from the Creator’s energy.

That does not mean that all that has been created is of Divine alignment for much has been created from a relative truth perspective and choice and that has manifest chaos instead of order.

Another Divine Truth is that all that exists vibrates or moves for all is energy.  That energy is the energy of the Creator.  We can understand this when we look at an atom or subatomic particle and see that  they vibrate. Think of our sound or our speech they vibrate and our ears pick up that vibration and translate it into sound or words. This never changes.

Fear limits and restricts, our understanding, growth and change.  Change can be good for it allows for growth. Do not get stuck in your truth of the moment because you are fearful of change. If one seeks purely from the heart, to know the wisdom of our Creator in a state of love and listening grace we can learn to hear and understand Divine Truth over our ego driven relative truth. If we seek to know more and to learn the Divine perspective, we are open to change and new understanding. Then , our relative truth changes and we can evolves into a more Divine Perspective.

I remember a wise man once asking me about a truth I had at the time we met.  He asked, “How’s that working for you?”  Well, I hadn’t seen the changes I had wanted and  He said, “If it hasn’t worked up until now, it never will

Most people seek truth in their lives, although they might not always speak or act from a place of truth. Relative truth doesn’t mean that it is without a higher inspiration, but that the truth is colored by our experiences and beliefs and our fears.

We may not speak what we believe to be true because we are afraid of hurting another if we tell them what we believe to be true in a situation. We may be afraid that we may be the one who is persecuted, hurt or may suffer in some way if we speak our truth. We may have suffered before from speaking our truth and that has created a fear within us.

I am not suggesting that we do not begin to speak what we believe to be truth because it might not be Divine.We will find that 99% of the time that which we believe or think to be truth is relative and not Divine. However, when we are Divinely inspired by a Truth we need not fear to speak it. As long as we speak it with love and compassion, it will be accepted by those with ears to hear that Truth, and we will be safe from those who would reject it. However, we must be also willing to allow that truth may change as we become a more pure vessel of the Creators Love and Grace and when it does to share the new understanding.

We are responsible for what we give unto another especially if they did not ask us, and/or we share it out of a space of ego.  For example we share it so that they might be thankful to us and perhaps admire us or in some cases worship us or become a follower, someone who is tied to us for support instead of directing them how to seek within themselves for the answers. This has come from a place of ego and not divine guidance.

However, we are not always at a place in our lives when we are able or calm enough to hear Divine Guidance.  So in that state when one asks us to share or help, and if we have sought within to Divine Guidance as to the highest good for all before we share then what is done with that sharing by the receiver is not our responsibility, for we have done so with purity to help and support another along their path.

What I do  suggest is that we practice Listening Grace before we speak and act upon what we believe to be Truth. Through listening grace, we can be shown the highest action and words for all involved. Divine Truth, comes from love and does not create separation but brings unity.

We have been given the right to choose by our Creator.  We can choose to move further into relative truth and take the chance on either stagnation or experiencing more fear and pain in our lives.  Please understand the choice is ours and the Creator is always present when we call and we are ready for change.

Of course the understanding of the term Creator or Creator Source is also a relative term.  For some they may see the Creator as a Being with a white beard sitting on a throne in a place called Heaven. For another the Creator is a space alien that possesses great power and created us from a test tube. For another the Creator is the life giving source of all that exists. For some we are each the Creator.  Each is a relative truth of what we are ready and able to understand about the Source of All Life at a specific point in time.  When we are ready to understand a more infinite perspective it will be shown. For our minds are limited and it is hard in our limited thoughts to understand an infinite and unlimited perspective.

If we practice, moving into our heart instead of our mind and asking to be shown the more inspired perspective and then practice listening , Grace will come closer each day. We will begin to live, walk, act and speak in Divine Truth. This will bring us closer to each other and remove many walls between us, to help establish a world of peace,love, trust and unity.

A world built on Divine Truth.








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