Why am I here?

This is a large question that everyone asks at some point in their lives and of which many have written.

Although this may seem like a very long answer, it is truly only a slight touch upon the many facets of this question, bringing the basics to allow you to have a greater understanding and point of reference to know the answer for yourself.

When we as an individual ask this question, we are usually looking at it from a personal point of view, who exists separate from everyone else. We aren’t usually asking how the answer will affect others outside of our family, friends, co-workers or people in our direct sphere of influence. If we are highly ego driven we may view this question from a strictly personal perspective of how to obtain wealth, power and influence over others, and to understand the ways and means of doing this.

Due to the fact we were all granted the gift of choice by the Creator, each point of view is part of the learning process of our life on Earth. It feels like I should clarify this perspective more fully, before moving forward in sharing about the answer to our question. For this may help you to clarify which perspective you have when you ask the question and what affect that perspective has on your answer.

Creation is constantly in a state of expansion and contraction. We expand creation and life to the point where adjustments are needed in order to unify, realign and rebalance creation. We are in the point of realignment and rebalancing along the creational model.

There are myriads of life forms, known and unknown, upon the earth and in the cosmos. Some life forms have remained aligned to the Divine Will or of the Creator and the vision of a unified and balanced existence of joy, peace, exploration and expansion which benefits all Existence and Life. Some might say they have no freedom of choice, or perhaps they have chosen not to separate, but to continue to receive the Blessings and infinite wisdom of the Creator.

However, at one point in time there were ones who chose to forge a path directed by their personal will to fulfill their own desires and wants. This is a story we have heard about on earth for millennium, and yet we still do not have the total truth of this story, but one day we will. For this writing I simply touch upon the moment when personal choice occurred and the future of life on Earth emerged.

You may wonder why the Creator gave us freedom of choice if staying in Unity with the Creator is so wonderful. This was just one aspect or pathway of expansion of Creation which the Creator envisioned to see how it would come to fruition. Think of it like when a parent sees their child go off to ride their bike alone or go to school. They are concerned because they know that they can be hurt, but they also know that this is part of the process of growth, so they give them advice, and let them go.

In the case of the Creator, ALL LIFE exists within the Creator and is part of the Creator, so the Creator is simply like a parent allowing a part of itself to go forth and explore. Hoping as the parent that the child will make the right choice along the way, not antagonize others so they are hurt, or get lost, but trust they will return home. In this case a hope we will one day choose to seek the guidance, and conscious unity with the Creator and to rebalance and align back to Oneness, Blessings and Peace.

Since we are part of the Creator, and all exists within the Creator, we are part of each other and all that exists. The only separation occurs within our minds. Thus, when we choose to hurt another, we are hurting a part of ourselves and a part of the Creator. The Creator knows every hair on our head for it is a part of the Creator. The Creator knows every rock and animal for they are part of the Creator.

Earth like other planets has a creational matrix. This matrix is a system where every thought and choice we make contributes to the mass memory and consciousness of the planet. This is a large topic that requires so much more for complete understanding than I am able to share in this writing. The main point we need to know is that every choice we make, action we take, or words we speak go into the memory record of earth and affect what manifests to differing degrees the experiences of ALL LIFE.

On Earth we enter life as a soul into a physical body, our vehicle to operate on earth, to experience all we can in this incredible school of learning about how to be part of creation through freedom of choice. The Creator and Beings outside of our Earth matrix are watching to see how far we will take this experiment and finally choose to be free and experience the greater existence, here on earth and in the cosmos.

We created the CHAOS we are experiencing through our choices throughout recorded history. Throughout time ones have chosen ware, famine, hatred, anger, prejudice, abuse, violence and other debilitating experiences and actions over love, peace, compassion and unity. These were all created by EGO choices. When enough people make the same choices, it becomes a prominent part of the matrix of consciousness and a stronger choice for ones to make and with which to identify.

Let’s take this to a more personal point of view to understand. If you have the choice of moving to another location and buying a new home. This choice only affects yourself, your family and people close to you. It most likely has no long term or harmful affects on ones outside your sphere of influence. However, say you are a King, President or other type of ruler and you decide you want to expand your empire. However, you don’t want to purchase the land you want, you are going to send you military to take over the land, force the people off, fight a war or kill them to have what you want so you have more power and influence in the world. This choice has greater ramifications and influence on the collective memory and consciousness on earth. For ones are displaced and harmed by this action and it sets forth a pattern for others with ambitions of power and influence to utilize in their choices.

They are both choices about moving forth and obtaining something different or more that doesn’t belong to you at the moment, but the affects are far different. Had the leader made a different choice, much, pain and sorrow could have been avoided and they would have opened the door for more people to make a greater choice that brings about a better experience and outcome for ALL.

So, with this perspective, let’s focus back to the question.


We are here to learn to make better choices, which align with the higher perspective of what is good for ALL LIFE. We are here to learn how our thoughts, words and deeds affect not only ourselves but the entire world. To individualize these choices , the difference is what are the greater affects of our choice.

What do we do?

We need to learn to stop before we make a choice, whether that choice is still only a thought, or is at the point of being spoken or an action taken. We need to realize when we take action upon our choose it will have ramifications.

How do we make a better choice?

It is about taking responsibility for our thoughts, words, deeds and choice on a personal level first. Then we can move towards working together with others for making better choices on expanded levels of cities, countries and the world. When we start making these inspired choices for ourselves, it also adds to the creational matrix of earth to add this to the choices that all humanity has and begins to clear the chaotic input that is there. Then we can begin to work together to create a better world of love, joy, abundance and compassion for everyone. For since we are all part of the Creator, like a parent would for their child, all the Blessings are available to us, and no one has to do without when we all work together in unity.

How to begin?

Begin by stopping before you think, speak and act. Turn your attention inward to the heart. Think about the most loving experience you have had, allow that feeling to expand and then focus upon the question, thought, or action you were contemplating. Ask for guidance and then listen to the intuitive response you hear or sense. The better choice will ultimately benefit all. Once we take responsibility for our personal choices and actions we can begin to ask and seek to clear the choices we have made prior that have had a negative effect upon ourselves and others. We can then work together to create a better world for everyone and to clear from the collective memory choices made on a greater level that have negatively impacted ALL LIFE.

Why am I here?

You are here to learn how to live a life of balance, you, peace, harmony, abundance and good health for yourself and ALL LIFE by making choice based on love and compassion and taking actions which work for the benefit of ALL LIFE. It begins with a choice to live a life of service to make this a better world. There is sufficient abundance of all things for all life. When we move into conscious alignment with our inner light and love we realize there is nothing to fear.

The Creator did not allow us freedom to choose without providing for the redemption, realignment and rebalancing of this choice. There is a redemptive energy available to us. The purpose is to help us to learn to make unified choices. These redemptive energies are focused within our heart. Some refer to these energies as Christ, the Redeemer, the Comforter, Holy Spirit, Universal Consciousness, Mashiach, I am Presence, Higher Self, Maitreya, Saoshyant, Kalki, Li Hong or any other name which your spiritual belief system may use.

Our heart is the point of contact and needs to be opened and expanded to guide the mind into higher perspective and divine choices. It is the doorway at which we need but knock and ask and it shall be opened unto us. Seek the greater wisdom and love for yourself and all life, and share it with others.

THIS IS YOUR PURPOSE. The purpose for all of us.

This is the most important work you can do. It begins with you and your next choice, action or words. STOP, think and go within to your heart. Is it TRUE, HELPFUL, INSPIRING, NICE and KIND? Think. You heart will guide you if your enter it in love.

IT IS TIME – to make a better choice.



Throughout the last five millennium of recorded human history, religions have anticipated a time of transformation. It is believed to be a Golden Age of Illumination.

This has been viewed in many different forms, but each has been searching for the signs which point to a wonderful and miraculous event on a personal and planetary level will manifest. It has been predicted at different times in the past, which have passed and yet the hope still continues. Why?

The answer is both simple and complicated at the same time.

We look for and attempt to interpret information and signs based upon a human point of view for an event which has an infinite and omniscient source. We look outside ourselves at the words of others, the books others wrote and their predictions as the source of understanding and then either take their interpretations or attempt to interpret them ourselves based on our personal point of view and experiences.

Many are looking outside themselves for someone to come and save them from the chaos that humanity has created. I can hear ones, who believe in a savior or messiah returning to save them, protesting as they read this that I am denying Christ or whatever they call the savior they are awaiting, and may believe that I am lost and condemned, for there they may feel only one point of view is correct.

However, I do believe in the Being Christ, just seeing and knowing Christ in a more Universal and Personal manner, then the physical return of Jesus. For I see Jesus as the wayshower of how we shall all need to come into spiritual union with the Divine Creator through the redemptive energies which can be called Christ or the Son/Daughter aspect of Creator Source, the Divine Trinity.

I grew up in a christian church as an active participant until as a young adult I encountered the hypocrisy of the ministry and choice to leave and seek the Creator in a more personal manner. I am thankful for this event for it helped me to start my spiritual quest. This quest was both outward and inward, with each aspect allowing me a greater understanding of the Creator/ Divine Trinity and our personal relationship with and understanding of other belief systems upon the Earth and their point of view.

The most important Truth being that of the Omnipresence of the Divine Trinity/ Creator Source on the Infinite level and on the personal level within my heart.

The Divine Trinity exists within many religions, although they may have differing beliefs and stories about what they represent. In a simplified explanation, the Divine Trinity is the Self Created Source or Energy of Creation. It consists of a masculine energy which brings the Omniscient Will, Truth and Power of Creation. There is the feminine aspect which brings the energies of Wisdom, Spirit, and substance of Creation of which some refer to as the Holy Spirit. The third aspect of the trinity is the energy of balance, the Divine Son/Daughter which is the Image of Creation, the pattern of manifestation, the energy of Love and Redemption back to Source, which is referred to as Christ by some religions.

They are each a manifesting aspect of the One Self Created Source of Infinite Creation which takes the energy of the un-manifest and brings it into manifestation. They work in total unity as One and yet with differing purpose in the Cosmos. They are Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent. they exist as one, and all that exists, exists within the Essence of their Being. The Energy of them is the air we breathe, the water we drink, the land upon which we walk, the stars in the sky, the sky itself, the animals, birds, fish and people. They are like the electricity needed to operate our computers. For we know that without electricity or a power source, we cannot operate the computer

You soul essence is a part of the Divine Trinity. You are an aspect of the Creator Source. It is like a grain of sand which is a part of the beach. We can separate it out, and yet when we put it back, it is again part of the whole, that we may or may not ever find again as the same singular grain of sand.

This aspect of the Divine, the Soul or Spirit, exists within our hearts, and is the life line which keeps us connected and animated upon the earth within the body/form we use to walk upon the 3D earth. When this is withdrawn back to Creator Source, the form passes or dies.

Because the Earth is 3D and our soul is from a higher dimensional frequency of the Divine, in order to move and live upon the earth a body/form is needed. It is our vehicle of mobility, just like we use a car to travel. When we are not living upon the Earth we are able exist in conscious Unity with Creator Source and All life. However, when we enter the earthly form, we come under a veil of forgetfulness and connect to the mass consciousness of Earth in order to see and operate in the systems created upon the earth, until such time as we seek greater knowledge and Spiritual Freedom. But, this is a choice we must make on an individual level.

When we make this choice, and begin to seek more wisdom and spiritual freedom we need to focus upon the heart, where the soul exists, that part of the Divine within us. We are symbolically – knocking upon the door- of a greater existence. When we do this, the soul or Redemptive Energies of the Divine spoken of as Christ – opens the door and the veils of forgetfulness begin to part.

There is much more about the Divine Trinity to understand but it is not for this writing. Here, we are discussing the fact that it is time for us to make that choice and knock upon the door and seek the redemptive energies of the Divine in order to be Spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally free of the Chaos and mass consciousness illusions of Earth.


No one outside of ourselves can do this for us. The Redemptive energies exist within us in the heart. This is the return of the Christ to Earth. For Earth, Jesus, holds the Office of the Christ, overseeing the redemption program for humanity. Making sure that all we need is available to us.

HOWEVER, Christ or any other spiritual savior or Messiah can only point us in the right direction. They are wayshowers, as was Jesus, to show us how to live our lives, to seek within conscious reunion with the Creator.

Jesus said, ” I and the Father are One”. That which he did after he was anointed by the Holy Spirit upon baptism, reunited him consciously with the Creator Source/Divine Trinity. All that he did from that point forward was done not by his Will, but by following the Divine Will of the Creator for the betterment of ALL.

Jesus said, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

We can be in this Oneness also, but we must choose it. We must seek within our hearts, knock on the door to open the walls and veils, and ask for help and forgiveness. Then the Office of Christ brings the Heavenly Hosts to aide us in this process. There are a multitude of Heavenly Hosts who serve the Redemptive Office of Christ and the Creator.

However, this is a process. You don’t ask once and go back to how you lived before. It is a path you follow watching your thought, words and deeds that they be Divinely aligned. You ask for help when you feel unable to move forward or find you have stumbled, and the Heavenly Host will come to help you.

BUT YOU MUST AKS FOR HELP. They cannot intrude upon your free will.

As we seek to walk more with Divine Will and Truth and seek the Wisdom of the Creator, we are able to manifest this more in our lives. This transforms us physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. It then can expand outward and these energies become available to touch others and perhaps spark the desire to seek within them.


We have the greatest opportunity at this time. For the Creator is sending so much Light and Love in to the World.

It is like the pressure applied to carbon. Coal is created when the pressure occurs on a lower level underground and is less refined. For the formation of a diamond the pressure is purer and the carbon is nearer the surface.

We will all receive the energies of the Creator, but it is how we cho0se to use these energies that define how we move forward. We can choose to create coal, representing the ego centered chaos choices, based on individual ego will and power. In this choice ones will use these energies to create more of what exists in the world of chaos, judgment, anger, fear, war, abuse, violence, hatred and separation.

For those who choose NOW – to seek within the heart and ask for help to be FREE – they will create DIAMONDS. The help will come and they have a great chance to move more quickly into Freedom, love, compassion, abundance, good health, joy and the chance to be of Service.



We can continue to be part of the problem or part of the solution.

I hope you choose to move inward to the heart and seek freedom, unity, compassion and love.


NOW – Seeing the Truth of the Moment

Humanity lives mostly focused on either the past or the future as a basis of what we think do and say in this moment. We seek to find a point of reference from which to base our choices and actions, so that we can determine the meaning of the moment in our lives.

Yet, now is the most important point of reference you have. Nothing else exists but this instant in time. It is the past, present and future simultaneously. This is such a hard concept to understand because it is easier to feel it, and to experience the emotion of the moment. When we let go of our point of reference and expand out through our hearts into the all of the moment then we begin to understand.

This is the moment when we experience what is spoke of as the “AHA MOMENT”. This is the moment when we realize the eternal oneness of this moment. We can feel the inspiration and expansion of our conscious understanding of existence and who we truly are in that wholeness.

We begin to understand that we are in one instant the drop of water and the ocean simultaneously. All that we need to know and experience is available to us in that moment.

Then the illusion begins to fall from our eyes and we see the world in which we live as it truly exists. A type of hologram or program of experience created and operated by the computer we call mass consciousness.

We connect to and tap into this energy when we are born into this world. It is part of the system of learning and growth for which we signed up when we decided to be born upon the earth.

Earth is a beautiful, loving jewel in the crown of creation. Earth is a gracious, loving and caring Entity who agreed to allow this experiment we call humanity to play out upon her form.

Earth is like a classroom in which we as student have been experimenting with creating a program called humanity and human existence. We have the ability to choose what we will experience and as a choice is agreed upon by a large group of people it becomes a permanent part of the program for humanity.

Other choices we make are of a more limited and personal nature, which directly affect ourselves and those within our sphere of influence. These choices are usually not of a permanent nature or widespread nature, like what we eat this day or where we spend our spare time. They will change as we change our intent and focus on a personal level. There are other choices that may affect more people, like taking a new job in a new location or one that allows you to supervise or influence large groups of people.

As an individual develops more stronger energies of emotion, intent and focus they are more easily able to influence others through their work or media. They may even be able to apply this energy to mass consciousness through their intent. The power and development of communication and media in the 20th and 21st century have enabled this to be a greater influence on mass consciousness, than ever before in history.

When a strong orator or person of charisma, power and energy which are of a political, monetary, or spiritual nature speaks on media, they are able to convince others of their belief or point of view so that it can become embedded in mass consciousness and available to multitudes of people. Some are able to imprint their thoughts and intents on mass consciousness through personal will without using media.

For what we can come to understand in the moment of NOW is that statement that we are the drop of water ( the individual) and at the same time the ocean ( all of creation). All is one and never separate, except in conscious belief and understanding. What we do unto another we are doing unto ourselves and the creator. We are simply a spiritual conscious Being who is moving upon this earth within a 3D human form.

Our consciousness or we may call subconscious is always connected to the Creator and all other parts of life and humanity through what some call the soul. We simply have forgotten.

There is only one way to move beyond the influence of others and living according to another’s wants, needs, desires and intent. This is a time to stop – breathe deeply – close your eyes and relax into your heart and ask to be set free from the illusion, fear and influence of others and to experience the freedom and joy of now. To feel the love in your heart, and see the beauty in the world. To be inspired to live in harmony with all that is gracious and of harmony in the world.

AHA – I get it now. You will say.

At those times we quiet our mind enough to hear the words of the soul or spirit speaking to us. Perhaps it may not be the first time you quiet, open and listen,. But, do not give up, take a few minutes as often as possible. For the spirit within us must be asked and allowed to help us through our conscious choices. Yet, for the mass consciousness influence it does not need our individual permission because we created the mass consciousness throughout history by our choices and agreements. For mass consciousness is about control. When we stop and turn within you will understand what is true freedom and continue to seek it in your lives.

Every vote matters.

I awoke one morning with the words every life matters and be proud of the majority of Americans finally realizing that each vote matters, and despite the pandemic making their voice heard .

“Elections belong to the people. It’s their decision. If they decide to turn their back on the fire and burn their behinds, then they will just have to sit on their blisters.”― Abraham Lincoln

I love the no nonsense quote – this extends to the votes of the elected officials on laws and matters of state. When given the right to vote we need to remember that it is a right and privilege that many people do not have. If we do not like our government we have the right to vote the lawmakers out of office. If we do not vote we don’t have a right to complain for we did not care enough to vote.

To the surprise of many who have been in control of what happens in the past, this year people who have never voted decided to stand up and make their voice heard and to hopefully bring about change.

It is time for those elected to begin to vote for what is right for all people and not just a few.

“And if we cannot end now our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity. For, in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal.”  –“Commencement Address at American University in Washington, D.C. (232),” June 10, 1963, Public Papers of the Presidents: John F. Kennedy, 1963.

I realize that is not easy, but if the vote is for the greater good of as many people as possible, all those of good morals will see that there is sufficient for all and as we uplift others we too are blessed.

There are ones who will continue to disbelieve that we had a fair and just election. That their might have been small problems in some areas is not the major but the minor factor. Millions stood up for the first time and made their voice heard through their vote.

Just as in every election whether one party or the other wins, it is always asked but seldom actualized that all must let go of partisan views and work together for the benefit of the whole. This seldom happens unfortunately.

My hope is that in the days and years ahead these new voters and the young voters will begin to step forward and begin to participate more and even run for office. PERHAPS – even create a new party which can bring balance to a dualistic system that truly serves the greater good of ALL. For they are not jaded and have an optimistic and undefiled point of view.

Too many in office forget what it is like to be poor, working class, elderly or even young. We have too many people who are not represented by politicians, who look out only for their own ability to stay in power.

This is the time for change.

Let love guide your heart and mind. Know that change is needed and peacefully work to bring it about.

“For one true measure of a nation is its success in fulfilling the promise of a better life for each of its members. Let this be the measure of our nation.”  –“Special message to the Congress on National Health Needs (65),” February 27, 1962, Public Papers of the Presidents: John F. Kennedy, 1962.

Love knows not fear.

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. 1 John 4:18For those who fear, and anger and turn to violence against each other – let them hear those words.

We are in a time of (let’s call it testing), will humanity continue forward in fear, hostility, separation, condemnation, violence, war, anger, and bigotry? Or will we finally look inward and outward and seek the love of the Creator, the substance of creation, and be made anew. Time and again we have failed to seek the higher light through love, compassion, forgiveness, empathy and unity.

This is no longer about them or us. ALL can be changed in an instant. There is sufficient for all, for the Creator did not create disease, famine, war, hunger, and violence. HUMANITY DID THROUGH THEIR EGO. When we turn within to the heart, and seek the love of the Creator of which we are all a part, we will be transformed. We will find the peace, love and unity needed to uplift all life.


That is what has brought us to the chaos in which we currently exist. We can say they did this, they have made us slaves to illusory unseen government and all the other conspiracy theories, whether they are true or not does not matter. You may try to fight against them with brute force, but ones have tried that for MILLENIUM, and nothing has changed. For we do not see from the higher perspective, or we are trusting others to tell us the truth, when the TRUTH lie within our hearts.

So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthins 13:13

When you know the Creator, you know love. You know you are protected, that the source of your Blessings both materially and spiritually are the Creator. You know that the Creator being the source of all existence is in you and all others. That the Creator would not Bless one part of itself and not another.

The problems is that we have been given a choice to seek to walk in unity with the Creator and receive the Blessings or to walk in the chaos of our Ego and create more of the inequality of life and shortages, fear,etc.

Choose how you want to continue but for me, I choose the love of the Creator and the abundance of Life for ALL.

Joseph, Jesus and Mary

Joseph was a man who’s role is often forgotten. He was a humble man of God, whose faith helped him to rise above great obstacles thrust into his life path, to become the father, husband and protector of Jesus and Mary.

He represented the Divine Masculine energy of a Father to Jesus. He was the balance of that Divine energy to the Divine Feminine energy of Mary. He guided and protected them throughout his life preparing both of them for the mission of Jesus.

Mary was the Divine Feminine mother who held the Immaculate concept of the mission of her son within her heart. She was there to help him and guide him as he grew into his mission. That does not mean she like most mothers wasn’t tempted to (s)mother him to keep him safe. However, between the strong inner guidance to Jesus of his mission and the Divine Masculine energies of Joseph to guide and protect his child while allowing him to explore and grow, she too learned to let go and trust that Jesus was Divinely protected.

Joseph during his lifetime became a beacon of faith, trust, love and protection. Little thought is given unto him by most throughout the story of Jesus, but he was a true guiding and loving force in the life of Jesus and Mary.

Joseph and Mary had a warm a loving relationship which produced other children and created a happy home in which Jesus and his siblings learned to love, and grow. Jesus as with any child was loved, and disciplined. For he was a happy and inquisitive child, who loved to explore and learn.

Together Joseph and Mary provided a happy and balanced life for Jesus to grow in his own spirituality and mission, and to open his Sacred heart to God. Mary held the vision of his mission in her immaculate heart to aide him.

Jesus did not come to die for our sins, but to show us how to live a spiritual life and to remember we are children of God. However, he died because of the sins of some of those alive in that time who were to fearful and unwilling to let go of their preconceived ideas about the Messiah, and fear of the political systems of their time. Had their hearts and minds been open, our world would be a very different place.

As we enter this time where the birth of Jesus is celebrated by Christians, let us truly remember what this means. It is not about gifts, or large meals, or decorations or even large gatherings.


Giving is not about how many presents we give or receive, but how we can help others who are in need. Perhaps, a new tradition can be started this year, instead of teaching our children about Santa Claus we could share with them the teachings of Jesus.

Blessings to ALL.

Holy Father, I remember that I AM a Holy Spirit, and everyone I meet is part of your Pure Love.

Beyond the Apocalypse of Covid19.

My dream last night was that there was a zombie apocalypse. It started when the apocalypse was over or mostly over. (To me this represented the people asleep at this time of intense changes). I was called with 2 other people to come to a location to help with the restart of society. When we arrived by car, the buildings looked like they had been bombed and young people (seemed in their 20;s) were looking out of all of the doors and windows. At first I had to look to see if any were zombies and they weren’t. Some people a bit older approached our care and said they would take us the rest of the way. Two got on each side of the other 2 people with me and they flew off into the sky. I was alone and wondered what was happening when 2 of the young people came to my sides and we flew off to the location. It was a school and it was to prepare the young people to go forth and create the new earth star systems. The young people had been transformed and had super powers of the Divine. They children were definitely leading the way and just needed some guidance. They are the shining lights, lets focus on the light and not on the darkness. For where we place our attention is our God of the moment and energy of creation follows thought, intent and intention.

Awakening amidst the Coronavirus

First know that we need to turn off the news and focus within to find peace and move out of fear regarding what is happening with this new virus called the Coronavirus.

What is a corona – on a spiritual level it is an aura of light surrounding a person or object.  On the scientific level it is a quasi-neutral ensemble of particles which exhibits a collective behavior.

What is a virus defined as a piece of code which is capable of copying itself and typically has a detrimental effect, such as corrupting the system or destroying data.

Yet what we have here is a possibility that instead of being corrupting and destroying we have a virus that has been named after Light. In medieval times they would depict Christ , apostles and angels with a circle or corona of light around them.  What if it is not by chance that this virus is named the Corona Virus.  That there was a greater purpose behind the name.

I am in no way implying that this virus is in anyway sent to punish us by the Creator.

However, sometimes our Creator will use that which is available to help us to grow.  To inspire us to find new means of reaching out to each other and reconnecting to the Creator and each other in Love.  Thus, perhaps the person who named it was inspired to set a thought in motion in the minds of humanity to inspire us to greater Love and understanding.

Neither do I feel our focus should be on blaming a country, et’s or secret government for this virus.  Our focus needs to be on the cure, overcoming fear. for virus and germs are all around us and evolve each year. Each year we have a new strain that takes the lives mostly of those who have underlying conditions and will effect the elderly and young usually.  Virus come from the earth they are not Divinely sent.

I believe that Love and Light strengthen us. That when we center on Divine Love and Light it triggers our immune system and there is nothing to which  the germs and viruses can attach.  I realize that is not scientific but we have seen what ones call miracles happen when science and medicine can no longer help.

Also, in no way was I implying that those who pass from this virus are in any way less loved or cherished, by our Creator.  As I said each year many pass from viruses before a cure or vaccine is found.  They say a vaccine may take 12 -18 months, but Love is here now and available to all who seek it.  We only have to ask , but we do have to ask and open our hearts.

I was recently guided to read again a book written in the 1980 by Ken Carey called Vision – A Personal Call to Create a New World.  Ken Carey was a man who left mainstream society and took his family back to basics.  During this time he began hearing from a Higher Source –  the Lord of Love, our Creator.  In this book we are being called to move into our place of Love and Trust with the Creator.  To begin to live from that place of Love and to share it with others through being Love and teaching love.  It speaks of a time in about 25 years or so after the writing that if ones are able to awaken many to Love, there would be a time of Peace and Prosperity on Earth.  If that is not the case it says there may be a time when a few fearful cities will be quarantined and dramatic events may occur to aid in the change.

I see that happening now.  However, what I see happening is the dramatic events are blessings that are occurring because Ones are choosing Love and Unity during these times of quarantine.  They choose to reach out even at a distance to sing songs together.  To sing Happy Birthday to an elderly neighbor.  To give financially to those in need, to check in on each other.   This Corona Virus is creating a corona of love and caring that we can choose to be a part of and keep spreading. It is inspiring to see those who choose caring – I love the idea of putting up Christmas lights – how inspiring.

We can choose fear and that would spread more dis-ease in our body and separation among us or we can choose Love and Caring and that is what we spread.  When we are filled with Love, Light and Compassion, the elements of disease which are all around us daily have nothing to which they can attach and so they simply pass through our body.  Love is our shield and our corona.

I heard a very inspiring thought also today.  That as we stay inside and aren’t driving, we are creating less pollution and helping mother earth to heal.  The people staying inside more are creating less noise pollution.  We have the time now to cook a meal and share with family.  To read a book that will inspire us or take some quiet time to seek the Creator’s voice within us.  To strengthen our personal connection to Love so that when the time has passed and we move forth back into the world we are in a secure place of Love and the message of the Lord of Love can move forward through each of us in our lives.  That we can begin that process of creating a better world of Love and Unity.

I have always heard that an illness can be the way that Spirit uses for us to take the time to focus on what is important when we won’t listen in any other way.  As we have seen this Virus can be severe or mild, depending on your underlying conditions, and part of that is fear.  Focus and pray for healing for yourself and all others.  Focus on joy and the many blessings in your life.  Focus on having the time to get to rest and reconnect with your inner Spirit.  Think positive thoughts, share joy and see how you can be of service.  With this focus you will find even if you are exposed to this virus you can move through it and come out stronger.

One final thought, it is interesting that usually the children are vulnerable to new viruses.  Yet, this time it has been stated over and over that few children are being affected.  Perhaps it is because, they are still full of Love, not yet having been taught fear, hatred, discrimination, and Love is the key to this virus for all of us.

Love and Blessings




Fear or Love

” Courage is not the absence of fear, but taking action in the face of fear.”

This is attributed to both Franklin Roosevelt and Nelson Mandela.

Fear is a response. It was originally established as a part of our make up in order to help us sense danger and find a way to keep our physical form safe.

Fear should be a tool in our lives, which shows us those areas of our lives where we are not walking in alignment with the Creator Source. For when we walk in alignment with Divine Love, we are protected from that which could harm us. Love is a shield that surrounds us and keep us safe. It is an energy that we can share with others to help them to overcome their fears.

Fear is an absence of Divine Love in that area of our life.

The Creator Source is love, and all that exists has come forth from that original energy of Love. The problem is we have forgotten who we truly are Children of Light. We see ourselves as separate from the Creator and each other, and thus we have allowed fear into our lives.

We see the fear response in animals for they have predators who would harm them or eat them.Yet, like humans, when they feel safe with another species they let go of their fear and trust. We see how pets will come back time and time again to the one who is supposed to be their caretaker, even when abused, because they have a love for that person, or perhaps even more of a fear of being alone.

There are many things that cause us to have a fear response, not just the possibility of physical harm. We fear loving another, or being alone, or someone laughing at us because we said or did something wrong. Perhaps we live in poverty or a war zone which create fear.

Often times media, political, military and or public institutions can create fear through the information that they share or the manner in which they share it.  It is up to each of us when we hear something which brings a fear reaction within us to stop, take a few deep breaths and go within and ask for peace and guidance. Center you attention in your heart and let Love fill your body and mind. You will  find that your fear disappears and you are able to move forward in a way which empowers you and allows you to help others in their process.

Many years ago I read a story by Baird Spaulding in which during his travels to various monasteries and villages in Tibet he hears a story. The story speaks of Jesus having been there during the missing years of his life. One day the people are upset and fearful. Jesus asks what is happening, and they say the hordes are coming to plunder the village. Jesus calmly walks to the top of the cliff above the passage through which the horde were coming and holds out his hand. As he does this group of hordes are stopped. The people ask how he did this. He says he sent forth love and the love reflected back the energies of the horde to them and stopped them in their tracks.

When we stand fully in the Love of the Creator we have no need of guns or other weapons. We have no need to fear anything for we have remembered we are one with the Creator and all life, and in this Oneness we are protected.

Love is our shield and where we stand in Love we have no fear.  Love heals for illness cannot attach to the cell filled with Light and Love.

Once I was taken in a vision by Archangel Michael to a planet. I do not know where it was but we began to walk above the land. He asked me if I remembered being there before, and a part of me did. I remembered we had fought back the darkness on that planet but not with weapons but with the Shield of Love and Sword of Truth, by simply walking the planet. For as Love and Truth goes forth it transforms all that is around it.

In one of the Carlos Castaneda books they are being taught to let go of fear and to trust in their inner guidance and part of that is for them to jump off a cliff into the unknown. To make progress along our journey we have to take chances, and move forward even though we are afraid. Please don’t walk off of a cliff that is not the point, it is simply a symbol of that which we fear.

How do we do this?

Begin by taking several deep breaths. Search within your heart and ask for strength and guidance, and Divine Grace. Then take a step forward and trust that even if you fall, you can get up, brush yourself off and move forward.

A wonderful book to read is “The Dream Giver” by Bruce Wilkinson. It tells the story of Ordinary who lives in the land of familiar. He is comfortable there until one day he remembers this Dream he had and he finds the courage to set forth and find that dream. We are each given a Dream, and we have to trust, in the Divine, and move forward even when everyone around us tells us we are crazy. But in the end the Dream sets us Free and helps others to find their Dream. It isn’t necessary always to leave everything behind to find and live your dream, but a willingness to let go of anything that you use as your shield from living your dream.

Embrace love and find the fear dissolves.  This will heal and transform you and the world in which you live.

We each have our roles, our entrances and our exits in the infinite world of Creation. In writings to come I will speak about the Oneness of All Life and Creation, but that is a long story.