Who are what is the Creator?

Upon the Earth the Creator Source is called by many names by various religious beliefs. The Creator is seen as a man like being sitting on a throne, men and women with mystical powers of long lives, aliens, and panatheism of the Creator living in all things. Then we also have the belief that there is no Creator source and all life began with a big bang, and we evolved from a life form that emerged from the primordial waters upon the land, living this life and then nothing upon death.

Everyone has the right to believe what they choose about the existence or lack of existence of a Creator. This is part of our journey to learn, grow and explore existence on Earth.

I asked to be shown a way to share an understanding of the Creator and I was given this experience. I hope it helps those for whom it is meant.

As I relax into a meditative space, I am taken into what we would call the darkeness or emptiness between the planets, yet this is long before the planets exist. For all is this darkness, yet it is not darkness as we view darkness, it is the pool of unlimited potential. I exist at one with all parts of this pool, yet I have a consciousness, it seems I have awakened to a new level of existence. I have a thought to experience more.

I move within myself to the essence of my existence which is love and I send it forth in all directions. Slowly lights begin to appear in the void, parts of my self which begin to form into planets, systems, constellations, galaxies and universes. I separate out parts of myself,which go forth upon these newly formed systems to create plants, animals, and all forms of life including forms into which future creator parts of myself embody. These forms for souls come in many differing appearances based upon their place of existence.

Now, I can experience all that is happening in all places because all that exists is part of me and has come forth from the essence of my existence. Those souls born into creation have the ability to create new experiences from the pool of unlimted potential of which I am a part and yet I am the whole of unlimted potential.

This is how I am everywhere, yet anywhere at any time, and see all and know all that happens to any part of creation, for it is ME, experiencing my existence in myriad of ways. I AM . When you awaken and remember you are part of me and say I AM and know that you are because I AM, then you to0 can take your place once again as I AM THAT I AM, a creator being.

Is there a Creator Being outside of ourself? The answer you need lies within your heart, take a moment, get quiet. Seek and ye shall find the answer you need.

Try this meditation, and feel the energy of creation of which we are a part.

I AM Moriah Elohim

Perceptions of the world

Quite often I mention protection, discernment and caution regarding the physical and non physical world and Beings. It may seem at other times that I contradict myself if I say all is of the Creator. This is a matter of perspective and perception.

All is of the Creator, comes from, lives within and returns to oneness when we remember that Truth. However, since this Universe allows us to choose to align our thoughts, words and deeds with the Vision and Will of the Creator or not, we have ones who exist who would like to bend our will to their will, and can do so with much cunning, and without us even knowing it is happening. That is why the heart centered connection to our soul is so important. Until we stand in unity with our soul, which will guide us and let us know those who would attempt to control us, or have authority over our thoughts, words and deeds, we can ask the Angels and Beings of Light to protect us and to help us to learn to discern the subtle thoughts and energies of others.

This does not make the other evil, although they are not living from the highest perception. I prefer to call them asleep, disconnected, fearful and in need of control of their lives and the world around them so they do not need to fear. They have the right by Universal decree to do so, but we do not have to allow them to do so to us. When we stop allowing this, and take back conscious authority, cancelling all agreements, contract and cutting all chords that bind us to them and their energies, ‘well’ eventually they would have nothing or no one to control and would have to face the Truth and balance their karmic energies.

Our part is to take back control of authority in our own lives, and the initiative of thought, word and deed being harmless to others. To move back into Unity consciousness and to see all life from a higher perspective through Stillness. Stillness being moving into the quiet of the heart, to let go of the narrative or stories we tell ourselves to determine our motives and action, and to hear the inner guidance. This is a place of calm, peace, compassion and love for all Love, including ourselves, and even those who would try to harm us, for perhaps they have never felt unconditional love and acceptance.

The darkness is the absence of Light. Transcendent Light and Love transform the darkness into Light. I am reminded as I write this of the end of the third movie in the “Matrix Trilogy” in which Neo , “the One”, who is to save humanity from the A.I. realizes that instead of fighting the agent, he needs to Let GO and let the Light within him transform the darkness. The moment he stops fighting and the darkness tries to take control, the light within him is so strong it transforms everything into Light.

When we stand in the Light and Love, nothing can harm us, for nothing is greater than the Light and Love of the Creator. We just have given that which our ego perceives as stronger or different a label of evil and in thus have given it power over us by fearing it.

Fear is the absence of Light and Love not the opposite.

Last night as I was walking through the house I heard a quote coming from the television program my husband was watching. I have no idea of the context but it ‘synchronistically’ applied to the teachings I have been receiving.

Let go of the Narratives to find truth.

The narratives are the stories we tell ourselves to fill in the gaps of the information we do not know or have forgotten so that our ego/rational mind can make a judgment about a person or situation.

When we let go of the narrative, the need to rationalize what we see, hear or experience, and step into the stillness, we can discover the higher truth and perspective.

Recently in a teaching, Nikolaos Baralos, shared the following narrative. When the police are taking control of a situation with a suspect they will have they put up their arms to be sure they are not armed, and bring them down when all is safe. In an opposite scenario, if your approach a horse, and most animals with your arms up, you will frighten them or cause them to feel threatened. In which case they will either run away or attack. However, if you would notice with for example a horse, if you put your arms down and stand still then they can approach you at their own pace not feeling threatened and make a connection. The same is true with animals. This is a summation of two teachings but it brings forth that which needs to be understood.

The teaching is from the third in a series of anointments called it is called”Luminous Aurelious.” The three in this series must be taken in order. They are shared to help us to regain authority and intiative over our lives. Here is a link if you are interested. All of his work is of the highest light and helps to free us from our limiting thoughts and beliefs.


Yesterday, I hear Diana Cooper tell a story of going into the woods with her dogs, they were running and happy. She stopped at a bridge with running water and simply centered into love and acceptance, expanding out those energies and being still with them. When she opened her eyes she saw her dogs on one side very still, a fox on the other also sitting still and birds in the trees very quiet. All feeling and experiencing the love and acceptance. However, when she moved they all realized the presence of each other and began their dance of running.

In the webinar which was regarding our Causal Chakra and the Gateway in Lyra to the Unicorn world, Archangel Christiel spoke of how the Love and Acceptance energies which we can share with the world to help bring change, also makes us invisible to that which would harm us, that ones call evil, or those who are not living the Divine Light and Love of the Infinite.

It is a beautiful webinar if you are interested in this or any of her webinars please check out her site. She has an ongoing series on clearing and activating our 12 chakra system to the 5D level. It is very helpful.


I was preparing a writing regarding perception on a much greater scale, when this morning I was told to share this information for it is needed and the larger sharing will take sometime to prepare.

We are all in a constant state of evolution and connecting with others through webinars and classes can be helpful. Although the connection to spirit is so fulfilling and beautiful, that you don’t feel alone, there is a human connection that brings joy and allows for us to share of our energies on a new level, to help others and as we empty our cup, allows us to receive more light. So, don’t feel that reaching enlightenment or Ascension is the end, it is just the beginning of a more nurturing and joyful level of existence.

I trust this will help those to whom the heart responds.

I Am Moriah Elohim

Intent and Attention

So often it isn’t about the story and seeking out the information but is it taking your attention away from what is more important to your spiritual growth and well being.

For instance, during the last few decades, the search and determination of whether Mary Magdalene was the wife of Jesus and had a child with him has been a quest for many, much as the quest for the holy grail or Ark of the Covenant.

Although the answers would be interesting, what would the actual answer mean to you. Would it purify your energies, would it help you to gain self mastery, would it bring you abundance in health and wealth? Will it help you to Ascend or end war on Earth?

Many of us spend time searching for the answers to conspiracies in hopes they will give us some insight or proof of our beliefs.

I remember a wise man once telling me, “We have all the time in the world but not a moment to waste.” This means that time outside of earthly linear perspective allows for us to spend lifetimes searching and experiencing, yet there comes a time when the Earth and all life able will Ascend and will you be ready?

We came in with many different goals, yet as I have said our ultimate goal is Ascension to conscious oneness and embodying the I AM Presence within form and to be of Service in the upliftment and freedom of life on Earth.

So often a bit of information, becomes a quest or conspiracy and distracts us from our true focus, intent and goal upon which we should be placing our attention.

For where we place our attention is our ‘god’ of the moment. If thy eye be singular upon the Divine, then your body will be filled with light and all answers will come to you which you are seeking, and at that time you will understand that they may be insignificant compared to the Infinite wisdom and existence you obtain.

As I said we have all been upon the informational quests and seeking the answers to conspiracy theories, but to what end. What will the answer mean to us? If it will bring an answer that fulfills a need within you, then this quest is of value to you. If it is distracting you from your Spiritual growth and freedom and they are your true quest, then they are but a distraction.

Recently I read someone say of this subject that we are taught in school how to memorize information and not how to think for ourselves. So as we come into adulthood and are seeking to be an individual and some way to identify ourselves and rebel or move away from the norm of our parents or others with which we have felt controlled, we seek something that brings us answers. It is also always tantilizing to be part of a group that appears to know what others do not. The person who was speaking about this idea of conspiracy theories appealing to ones moving away from the norm it could perhaps be that those who like to control will feed them 8 truths and 2 or 1 untruth within the conspiracy to gain their interest and attention, but the untruths are the ones that place them out of balance with their own spirituality. While believing they are finding a new freedom, they are simply attaching to a new control.

I would say think about the idea of marriage and children for Jesus and Mary Magdalene. I won’t say what I believe, but simply ask, what would this mean to you if it is true. Would it change your spiritual beliefs? Would it change the political or religious systems of the world? Would you have a descendent be the ruler of the world? What if they were a killer or robber? Just because they were of the blood line does not mean it wasn’t diluted and they suffer just like the rest of us with the challenges of ego?

Is it enough truth being shared to cause ones to focus upon that which distracts them from their true spiritual growth? Please, I am not judging anyone’s right to seek this understanding, for I have in my own life, and the answer did not change my spiritual growth or add to it. The same for the quest for the Holy Grail which exists within each of us as part of our spiritual quest.

These all lead us outside of ourselves and the answers we truly need and seek are within.

The Creator,” You will find me when you search with all your heart.”


Moriah Elohim


Today I want to write about the perceptions that might occur regarding various messages I have shared. Every person has differing perceptions regarding topics based upon their experiences, belief systems, political and or societal standards. This is perfect because we each came into this life to learn, experience, clear karma and to live and/or be of service to others. That which creates our perceptions of a topic is also the result of giving authority, control or agreement to that which we have been taught is truth or the standards of behavior. Hopefully, we each leave open the possibilities of change and new perspectives and understanding. If we do not that is when we begin to encounter problems with others in the world who see or perceive things differently.

It may seem to some that I do not like or trust all aliens or non physical beings and that is not my truth. My mission is to help people to understand that they need to take authority for their beliefs and actions and not simply accept the words of another or others, simply because it seems to be the accepted perception. The best way to do this is to be open to new energies and ideas, but not gullible. We can do this by learning to first call upon protection from the Creator to keep us safe from those who would attempt to control us, to ask for discernment to see the higher perspective in each situation and truth. This becomes easier with practice and as we use tools like the Violet Flame to clear the energies of control or blockages within and around us, allowing in more Light and Love.

I do not perceive ones as evil, but there are ones who use their personal free will and ego to take advantage and control the thoughts and actions of others to benefit themselves. There are also the ones who have no moral compass and will easily kill another without remorse. The use of violent games and movies have created a mind set that does not fully understand the cause and effect that can come from random acts of violence using weapons to feel in control and to punish others.

I say this to refer back to what I have said about aliens, and the same is for ones we may consider threats to society or evil. We do not allow violent killers to live in society in order to protect the majority of humanity. We place them in jails in order to hopefully rehabilitate and if not to keep the rest of us safe from them. Of course not all people with violent tendencies are in jail, and some are in control of others and direct them to commit the acts of violence for them through war.

The same concept happened with our Universe. Due to the misuse of free will choices chaos, war, violence became rampant throughout the Universe. As some planets and systems were able to clear themselves and ascend back to unity consciousness, a request was made to contain the remaining protaganist in a sector where they could be monitored and hopefully rehabilitated. Our planet exists within that sector of the Universe. It was also requested that some of the planets would be planets of redemption to allow those with these tendencies the opportunity to change, and so it is. Earth became one of those planets. However, it was sooned understood that those who were incarnating were finding it hard to overcome the tendencies even with the help of the higher souls present in embodiment and around earth, and were affecting those energy levels of earth and the original inhabitants.

Realize not all ‘aliens’ chose to incarnate, they choose to instead influence the events from outside the human earth form. Much like the violent people upon the earth who are not in jail. Thus, it was determined that for redemption to happen we first had to be given the opportunity to forget the past incarnations, so we come in without those memories, in hopes of having the higher perspective and choices. Also, it was determined that as a closed creational system that any lower energies we create we will have to balance either in this life or another. We are not allowed to take those energies outside of our system. The remain on earth when we pass from the physical life and when we embody they reconnect to our consciousness, as we have requested to experience and redeem them.

So,in a way we exist in a contained area of the universe, in a type of rehabilitation center. Please understand it is not a punishment. It keeps the rest of the Universe safe from the lower energies. Not all of us who have embodied and become part of the karmic cycle did so because we were ‘fallen’ some came in from others ascended systems believing we could help to uplift humanity. However, due to the parameters we forgot, didn’t remember and created karma and so we return, in order to clear and raise our vibration to ascend.

As I said many from other systems are part of the Galactic Federation of Light under Commander Ashtar, Archangel Michael, Jesus, and the other Beings of Light in Service to the Creator. They monitor and try to help us as much as possible within the non interference parameters. However, there are those others who are part of the contained area of the Universe who are here to manipulate and control humanity as they have done for millions and billions of years throughout the Universe. Are they EVIL, to me Evil is a matter of perception. They are like the rest of us, they have made self will choices. Some people or Beings love the feelings of control of others so much they don’t want to give this up. These are what some would call Evil. Yet they are part of the Creator, and one day they will decide to change , or some say transformed and recycled to begin again.

ONE THING IS CERTAIN – for those of us who have gone through the Ascension process upon the Earth we will have graduated from the toughest school in the Universe. We are being prepared to be Creators of other worlds, systems and Universes. We will have experienced the Darkness and transformed it into Light.

Upon the Earth, we sometimes come in with parts of our soul family agreeing to take on a testing or lower energy actions to help another with overcoming and balancing something in their life. We are not evil at this point, more of a tester, and when the other is able to love us and forgive us the energy is released. I remember a friend having an experience in which she saw a dark entity in the corner of a room. She asked Spirit what should I do. They said to send it love. She did and it transformed into Light and left.

Love and Light from the Creator are transcendent. If we walk in Light and Love of the Creator nothing can harm us for we are Protected. I don’t perceive others as Evil, just at a different point in their process and experiences on Earth. They have the right to their choices, they do not have a right to harm me, but I do not fear them. Fear is the ABSENCE of LOVE not the opposite. I know that when one experiences the Light and Love of the Creator, they will seek it over all else. For it is the lack of understanding and knowing that allows one to believe they must take from or harm another to meet their needs and desires.

There are many things I attempt to share with others in the simplest manner possible. For I realize we are all at differing levels of perception. People have a tendency to look at people, places and situations and create a story about what is happening whether or not they know the history of what they see. The ideal is to view the world with Innocent Perception. Once we begin to create a story it is your personal perception, beliefs and points of view which create this story, not what is actual happening, and thus we are judging the scenario.

There are times when we each have moments of such complete understanding of something from a higher Divine perspective, yet the moment we begin to try to put it into words we are creating a story. For the use of language limits our ability to share the energy essence of our understanding and perception and cause us to fall back on experiences we have had in an attempt to give clairification and find the right words.

In conclusion, I understand others having differing perceptions of what I share because we are all living and creating our own experiences and understandings. I hope this helps clarify that I am not attempting to tell another how to believe or perceive but simply offering another perspective which ones may or may not be ready to understand. I myself allow my believes and perspectives to grow and change, as I clear my energy, take back authority and return to unity consciousness and service.

Truth -Divine does not change, but our personal truth will change as we change and grow. So you may find that which I shared 2 years ago or may share 2 years in the future are different, because I have been able to reach a higher perspective.

My mission is to help others to be open to change, and seek the highest perspective of Love and Compassion in their lives.


I Am Moriah

U.A.P. – U.F.O.

I have addressed the topic of Aliens and UAP or UFO’s before.

However, there were a couple of issues that came up that need to be understood at this time.

Ones have said,”If they are a threat why have they not destroyed us already or came down to sieze control?”

Even as they are all more advanced than we are with technology, there are some who are no more advanced spiritually than we are. They are the ones like ourselves who have been moved into this area of the Universe in order to allow the areas which have advanced spiritually to remain clear and able to live in peace and unity. The less evolved spiritually ‘aliens’ are monitored by the Galactic Federation of Light who serve the Creator. They are not allowed to do certain things unless we give them permission. Once permission is granted, unless we ask for help from the Legions of Light who serve the Creator, they must watch what happens and wait.

One example is alien abduction. It is said there were agreements made between these lower aliens and certain governments to allow this with humans and allow animal mutilations. However, one caveat is, if a person calls upon the Creator and Legions of Light and states they revoke any agreements or contracts agreeing to this, intervention will come for them.

Lower spiritual level ‘aliens’ move in more physical space craft, much like our governments have developed based on the technology they shared from the agreements made. My advise is to be wary of any physical crafts, and to revoke any agreements for abduction and ask for HELP from the Creator and Legions of Light to protect you and stop them.

Some say they have helped us to develop genetically. It is not these lower spiritual ‘aliens’ who have helped us develop as souls. When the fallen energy beings came to Earth long ago and began manipulating the genetics of humanoid species to serve them, it was decided by the Legions of Light to prepare us to embody our own soul and to begin to take sovereignty over our form and the world.

It was the Legions of Light who work within the Galactic Federation of Light under the direction of the Creator’s Archangelic Orders in cooperation with spiritually advanced representative from Ascended areas of the Universe who prepared us to become ensouled beings. They do not abduct against our will and/or mutilate animals. They are Beings of Honor. This is where protection and discernment are so important.

Unfortunately, the pull of the fallen energies has been strong upon the Earth and we became caught up in our self will choices and have been slow to grow spiritually. We have allowed the fallen ones to control much of what happens upon the earth instead of being the Guardians we were meant to be of Earth, animals and life here on Earth.

The Higher Spiritual Species come forth in ‘Ultraterrestrial Vehicles of Light’. These are Merkabah vehciles of Light which are living vehicles. Ones can come in group vehicles and or individual vehicles of light. When you see ones , like on the program “Ancient Aliens”, discussing circles around Beings in ancient paintings, these are not representing physical space craft as they assume. The images are depicting the ‘vehicle of light’ that surrounds them which is a result of their Ascension process. For when we are free of the lower energies, in our Ascension process, we begin activating the light within us in connection to our Divine I AM Presence. This vehicle is rotating light which allows us to move through time, space and dimensions without the need of a physical vehicle. It operates by our thoughts. It is called a Merkaba and you can find much information upon the internet. A group of Ascended beings can come together and merge their merkaba fields to create larger vehicles. These beings protect us as they are allowed within the parameters of our non interference with personal free will choices.

Are we being prepared to move into the light. Those abducting people are most likely doing so for the purpose of their own evolutionary process. They are not honoring your personal will, unless you like it and agree to it. They are not honoring the animals by mutilating them. I would not connect with anyone that does not honor my personal will and sovereignty. However, we each have the right and it may be something to which you readily agreed and/ or enjoy, and that is your choice.

My part is to share the caveat emptor to clear up a few misconceptions and help ones who don’t want this to happen to know there are other choices.

It is your right to connect with all of them. We have free will. I just always, personally, seek the highest perspective and light. I am not judging those who seek contact with them, for we are all learning, exploring and experiencing during our lives. There is not us and them, for me, it is simply knowing that when I no longer need or allow another to control my choices and perspective but choose the highest spiritually that comes from love and unity, the duality disappears and is not part of my reality. I shift from duality into Unity. For each of us who makes this choice, we uplift the veils and energies on earth, to allow others to open to the higher light, love and perspective.

My goal is to be free of all of this chaos, judgment, hatred, anger, fear, war and control present on Earth and experience joy, peace, love, and happiness. I wish that all could live as such and enjoy the beauty of Earth in its highest state. We are being given so much energy to help us to be free if we place our attention in this direction, that my part is to help you know it is available if you choose. If not may you find what you are seeking in this life and find joy in it.

If you seek freedom, take back your authority, your sovereignty and seek the highest which brings unity not separation, chaos and violence. Move into your heart and seek the Divine within you, not the ones outside of you because they may appear to have more technological ability.

It was said the final temptation is whether ones will choose technology over the light. That is what happened before on planest like Maldek and Mars and they ended in destruction. They came here in hopes they would make better choices, and advance spiritually. The answer is not finding a way to move into space and leaving earth which we have polluted, but to move into the Divine within and transform ourselves, and the planet. If we do this there are multitudes of Light Beings waiting to help us.

JUST ASK for the highest Light and Love of the Creator to be with you and show you the way – do this from your heart and feel it awaken.

P.S. A time is coming when the Earth (Lady Gaia) will be totally ascended. If one desires to stay in the lower energies, they will not move into this higher spiritual state with her. Lady Gaia and the Legions of Light are bringing so much transcendent Love and Light to earth to help us, I pray for all to seek the to know and become.

I Am Moriah Elohim


When we look at the world and the conflict around us, the first thought of some will be the battle between good and evil. However, that is not the essence of the conflict between Truth and non truth or relative truth. This battle exists within our human mind and we will not see it in nature. Nature battles for food and the right to exist not over beliefts. Relative truth is based upon our beliefs, experiences, learned morals and values, plus our desires and wishes to succeed over others and be in power or control. Truth which is a law of Creation based on the Essence of the Creator is not what we experience in our minds and belief systems.

Thus the conflice as our relative truth is believed to be that which is right and good and all other beliefs and truth are evil.

That which we experience as life is what we have created based upon our point of view, beliefs, experiences,opinions and processed information. We feel the need to justify our beliefs, for if they are not true then what do we do, we fear our world will collapse. I like the analogy of the matrix, a program established with parameters which control our lives , a reality program, into which we incarnate. Depending on our location upon the planet, and our birth circumstances, we are told by the parameters in that area and those who influence our lives what to think, do, believe and say.

Due to the fact that we are within a planetary creational matrix, all of the belief systems come together creating mass consciousness. Often they clash which can create a helllish program of chaos based upon our frame of mind and perception of existence. If we have the need to defend our story, our system, then we clash and battle with others. If we find we can view if from a higher perspective of realization that everyone is here to work out their karmic situations, and have the right to their beliefs until they are ready to seek something else, than we can sit back and enjoy the show and beauty of this planet.

Lies not Truth currently rule our planet, causing control issues, clashes and judgments. This begins in our minds and our willingness to believe in that which is not Divine Truth. Truth is found within our hearts, not outside of us somewhere. We can read or hear a Divine Truth, but we may not recognize it if we are not reading and/or listening with our hearts. Divine Truth is something which we experience from within. It is hard to put Divine Truth into words, for once we attempt, unless we are pure of heart and mind, it will be influenced by some degree with our personal beliefs and experiences.

One of the hardest focus in life comes with Truth and is part of staying outside of conflict – it is called Innocent Perception. I first learned of this in a book by Glenda Green, “Love without End”. In this book Jesus comes to her to have a portrait painted and shares wisdom with her. He speaks of Innocent perception as the awareness to see life as it exists, without a story about what you are seeing, but exactly as it is appearing. For example, you look and see a tree which is a hollow with burn marks, immediately you apply a story, that it must have been in a fire or hit by lightning, instead of simply looking at the tree. Another example is we see a man, sitting on a corner with ragged clothes and a cup with a sign asking for help, perhaps he has a dog as a companion. Our mind may say, he is lazy, he might be crazy, how can he afford a dog if he has to beg, let him get a job, etc. Instead of seeing someone, who has a friend who together they find comfort in this world, and who is in need. If one has and can share is it not right to do so. Is the judgment not in the one in need from us, but in our actions of compassion and caring?

If they are a trickster, then let the Divine karmic energy make judgment upon how they utilize that which we share. If you don’t want to help, then do not do so, not because you judge them as unworthy, but that you do not wish or cannot share with another, that is your story, you have created to justify your choice. You have the right to make that choice, you don’t have the right to judge another. We do not know the reason or story, and anything we create is a justification if we do not sit with them and talk to them, to find out the truth of their circumstance.

Awareness and innocent perception, if we can instead of creating a story or attempting to justify our thoughts and action, instead simply look at a person or situation with an open heart and ask to be shown the higher perspective and Truth. Practice this action until it becomes a habit. Then we no longer have to justify ourselves, or judge anothers actions, we simply exist in the moment in love, awareness and truth, allowing others their space to be and grow in their own timing.

When we are in the heart, in love, we are safe and don’t have to fear others. The love within us as we connect with the Creator within is our protection. Love from another is nice, but it is the Love of the Creator which transforms us.

Pray for Truth

Beloved Creator I ask that you open my eyes, my heart, and my mind to Truth. Let me see with Innocent Perception and Awareness the way things truly are and not what I want to see. Help me to see with a higher perception and to hear with my heart and not my mind, so that I do not believe in the lies which try to control me and keep me from knowing the Divine Truth and Being Divine Love and Light in this world. Let me see with Eyes of Love you Light within all Life not just human but the Earth, the plants, the animals. You are the Source of All Life and we live within you, may we find Peace and Seek to create Heaven on Earth.

Let conflict end within me and let love bring Peace upon the Earth.

I Am Moriah Elohim

Why am I here?

The details of why each of us has embodied upon the earth are slightly different. Some have come for karmic resolution from prior lives on earth. Some have come to Ascend in consciousness and be of service. Some have come because they want power and control over others. Some have come to help others along their path to balance their karma and be free as a tester or guide.

No matter what your reason for being on earth at this time may be, ultimately we are all seeking Ascension and to be of service as our final goal.

My mission in this life is to complete my Ascension and be of Service. So there are periods of time when I am not sharing, but hopefully this will be less frequent as I am dedicated to sharing and helping facilitate others to claim their highest Being.

Although I will share information helpful to all stages of our pathways, at this time in my process, what is most urgent to share is that which can help one to focus upon their ascension path and to integrate thei spiritual process into their daily physical lives.

So, if it seems at times that I am repeating or concentrating on certain topics or areas of growth that may not seem pertinent to you, know that we are all exactly where we choose to be, and some are farther along the path than others. It doesn’t make them better or lesser, just at different signposts along the road.

A person who is almost ready to ascend, may have what seems like a very basic lesson to learn, that they have no previously completed. You may be one who is ready to ascend, but have little time for spiritual focus due to your children and busy life. This means you have chosen in this life to teach and help your children to be the best person they can be, a very noble path. You may find the time after they have left the nest to complete your process.

We don’t know the path of another, and what is right for them. We can only do that which we need as an individual. Meet each challenge we face, with compassion, love and undertanding for ourselves and all involved, asking to be shown the highest perspective. Attempt and ask for help to be mindful of our thoughts, words and actions, that they are not judgmental, controlling or harmful to others. When out of balance or upset, focus upon your heart and breath deeply to find balance. If you see another in need whether human or non human do what you can to help. Feel love, send love and let the love within you shine.


I Am Moriah Elohim

Love and Live or Fear and Evil

Fear is the absence of Love not the opposite. This is a key.

The ego was created to be a link between the soul and our physical form. The ego was designed to respond to that which was a threat to the physical form, the fight and flight respond to keep us safe and to perform the daily tasks and calculations of everyday life. It was meant to serve the soul not attempt to control our lives.

Most people, even the wealthy would probably not say the feel safe and trust everyone, especially in today’s world. When we are able to walk in Unity consciousness with our soul and I Am Presence, we know we are safe. I personally have known all of my life that I was safe. I have felt the presence of Archangel Michael with me and keeping me safe, at many times in my life.

When we return to our original state of Oneness with the Creator Source, we are alive, LIVING as Infinite Beings of Light. When we choose to continue in the state of Ego directed Self Will choices we are the opposite of Alive, and are instead existing in a state of chaos, and limits, which some might call evil.

That which we consider evil is the result of these ego driven self will choices not aligned to the Divine which create fear, hate, anger,control and chaos. Within the creational matrix of earth is that which we term mass consciousness. This is a band of energy where all the thoughts and actions of humanity are stored. As we are sending forth the lower energies of self will into the band of mass consciousness, this so called energy of evil builds.

What happens is that we are connected upon birth to this band of energy for it is the agreed upon energies which create that which exists upon Earth that we experience. You see we not only create our own personal experiences by our thoughts and actions, but the experiences of all life. The fallen energies increase in intensity, making it harder to break free. We create more and more karmic energies which need to be cleared and balanced.

The opposite is true for each person who is able to focus upon the Divine Light and Love of the Creator and to ascend and set ourselves free from bondage and reconnect to the Infinite. When each person brings in more Light and Love and send it forth into the mass consciousness, it helps to lift the fallen energies, and make it easier for others. This is our responsibility as Children of the Creator and caretakers of earth.

Within the creational matrix of Earth is a crystalline cave which contains a crystal which records each individuals lifetimes and ones which hold the collective consciousness. Upon leaving the earth plane in death, we return to the spiritual world and leave within our crystal the sum of our life experience, awaiting our return to earth to balance any karmic energy or to help us in our growth, and contributing to the creational consciousness matrix of the Earth, even when not embodied upon the Earth.

All life is one within and from the Creator Source. The same is true upon the creational plane of earth, all is one, we just think we are separate. When we return to conscious unity within the form with the Creator, we begin life eternal upon the earth. Our soul lives eternally upon death, but we can overcome the limits of the form and experience the Divine life through choice, or continue to experience, physical existence and then death, with the challenges and fears it brings.

As always the choice is yours.

I Am Mareya Shimayah Elohim

Intense Energies

I am not sure what others are feeling this Easter Holiday season, but for me the energies are intense.

I find much surfacing for me to learn to handle from a higher perspective and I am not doing so well at times. However, that being said, at least I am recognizing what is happening and it gives me a chance to clear and hopefully choose better solutions going forward.

I just heard to tell myself, what would Jesus do? Good thought at this time. That was a catch phrase a few years ago.

Whether one is Christian or whatever religious belief you have, at these times, think about your religions founders or high teacher and think what would they do in this situation. If we just make the choice that we will be mindful of our thoughts, and then stop and ask ourselves what the best choice spiritually is before we speak or act we have moved forward. When we are able to ask our I Am Presence or Soul then we have reached another level of seeing, knowing and Being from a higher perspective.

Jesus came to show us how to live that which others who came before him had spoken. He said, ohn 14:12, KJV  Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.

Buddha said, “Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill.”

Zoroaster said, “Turn yourself not away from three best things: Good Thought, Good Word, and Good Deed.”

This is truth. We just have to make that choice. It doesn’t mean that we won’t have challenges, as we work to clear and balance that which we have accumulated, but that we only need to ask and the Legions of Light will move Heaven and Earth to help us.

May you find the peace as the Light and Love are flooding us to help us to see that which blocks our path to Oneness.

I Am Marguerite


In 1972 Marlo Thomas and a group of friend brought forth a concept of empowerment, love and acceptance of each other. A concept many are still struggling to understand.

Free to be you and me – what if we never had to worry about others judging us, abusing us or teasing us. What if we could wake up in the morning and know that we could be and feel and express that which is within us, and know that although others may not understand us completely they allow us to be because that makes us happy.

What if from the moment you were born, each child was loved unconditionally, and allowed to express their emotions, thoughts and desires and be heard. What if all living things had a home, food and loving support. Then they would not live in fear, hurt and despair.

I am as I write this being reminded of a dog and how like a small child even when abused they keep coming back to their owner, like a child does with their parent who abuses them. They come with heads down and tail between their legs, hoping that this time it will be different. For this person is supposed to care for them and provide for them.

I now see a child who is running to be with their friend, one is black and the other white. They don’t see any difference. There is the image of the mother cat taking in babies of other species and nursing them when abandoned. The innocent allow for all because their hearts are pure and their hearts guide their minds.

If we allow for others to be different, because we are each different, then everyone would be free to express the beauty of their soul without fear. How FREE if we didn’t have to hide any part of ourselves from another.

I see the image of the circle of children of the Xhosa culture from a post on facebook. An anthropoligist placed a basket of fruit near a tree and told the children whomever got there first won all the fruit. They did not run separatly to do so but said the word “Ubuntu” I Am because we are. There response being how can one of us be happy when the others are sad.

We can work together, and be together freely in unity if we let down the learned walls of separation, fear of failure, feelings of unworthiness, fear of judgment, because we are taught that we cannot be different. Thus we learn to be the one who runs to the tree to get the fruit before the others, to be judged worthy, and not be less than anyone else.

How much more joyful, when everyone has that piece of fruit and can enjoy the sweetness together. When we can run together in the race and be the best we can be and be happy for each others accomplishment. How wonderful when someone asks us not where do you live, and what do you do, and how much money do you make, but asks how is life, what do you enjoy doing, do you feel happy?

My husband and I have been married for 35 years. In the early years we were asked repeatedly if when we were going to have children. It is something people ask about not knowing that perhaps a couple is unable or has made the choice not to have children. It can get quite ackward depending on your response. For one must grow up, get a good job, marry, have children, buy a home etc. If you are different ones don’t know how to interact with you. We have learned over the years to just answer the question, no we don’t have any children and move on to another question without explanation.

Everyone’s life, desires, hopes and dreams should be allowed to develop naturally and not based upon the expectations of others or society. If one feels loved and secure from birth, and able to be and express themselves as an individual we may find less violence, fear, hatred and anger in the world.

I found as a spiritual being who discovered my belief outside of the main religious structure, that ones can tend to look at you differently. It was quite ackward at times, when asked what church or religions I belong to, and when I would share that I was not affiliated with an organized religion, I was viewed suspiciously.

I learned to be quiet and cautious about my sharing, and the joy my faith has brought to me. It took a leap for me to finally feel FREE TO BE.

I am thankful that over 50 years ago Marlo Thomas started this process and hopefully one day soon it will be the norm and not the exception. Marlo and her father Danny Thomas have brought heart and freedom into their work and into the lives of many. Danny Thomas being a wonderful actor and the founder of St Judes Childrens Research Hospital and his work continued by Marlo an actress and Caring human being. I thank them for their service to humanity and the difference they have made in the lives of many.



Moriah Elohim