Information, Knowledge, Wisdom and Enlightenment

These words are actually important steps to understanding ourselves, the world, the Universe and even the Source of Creation.

Wisdom is a gift that we can receive either through inner reflection and connection to the Universal Source of Creation, or we can learn through experience and experimentation. The latter being the slower course. In our world of scientific research designed to prove on a physical level any concept, idea, or theory, it is the most acceptable.

However, Enlightenment can only come through the conscious connection to Universal Source whether we move to that point directly by searching within or taking the slower steps.

The differences between these words as concepts are often misunderstood. Information is a collection of data by an individual whether it be for research which is on a scientific, moral, political, social or spiritual level. One may begin with a theory, idea or belief and wish to prove their theory or belief correct.

Knowledge occurs as we begin to organize information in a coherent manner so that we can begin to understand it and hope to prove our theory or belief which began this process. It is also the first step in applying our information in a scientific process.

Wisdom is the application of knowledge once we have determined whether our theory or premise was correct or incorrect. We can either make changes in our theory and begin again if we find we were incorrect or apply the results as a guide moving forward.

Another way in which we gain Wisdom is connected to Enlightenment. For we can bypass the process of gathering information and hoping to gain knowledge by beginning our journey within our higher mind and heart. By asking for a higher direction and understanding of any situation and waiting for inspiration and guidance to come.

Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock, and it will be opened to you.

All wisdom, knowledge and information is available to us as we connect with Universal Source Consciousness (by whatever name you choose to call this Source). To connect we must go within.

I have a simple parable to illustrate this concept:

If you tell someone that holding their finger in a flame it will suffer a burn you have given them information.

They may verify this data first by placing something else in the flame and seeing it burn and thus moving into wisdom. Perhaps, instead they put their finger into the flame and it is burned. They have applied the information to verify it’s veracity and gained knowledge. Hopefully, to never do so again, which is wisdom.

If they believe that putting their finger in the flame will burn them and they choose not to do so that is wisdom. Whether they have moved here from the information step, the knowledge step or they have asked within and been shown what the result would be and knew not to do so without going through any physical process.

There is a story about Adam and Eve when they chose to not adhere to the wisdom of the Creator and to partake of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Whether this is a factual story of events or a parable, we will look at it as a parable for this sharing. Adam and Eve lived in a pure state of Grace and Unity with Creator Source and All Life. Anything they needed was given to them and all wisdom and knowledge available for asking because they were one in Consciousness with their Creator Source. They lived in Unity with all living things. They did not need clothes for all was in perfection and nothing needed to be hidden, there was no shame or fear, no evil, only goodness, abundance, and peace.

In the parable, the serpent, which many consider to represent knowledge, tempts Eve to partake of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, which she and ultimately Adam do. They became fearful, ashamed, tried to hide from their Creator what they had done. They had moved through choice from a state of Grace and Wisdom to a place of confusion. They now needed to gather information about the world around them in hope of gaining knowledge and understanding about their new situation. They had left Unity for duality, a feeling of separation from the Creator. In the process, this choice they made (the story says they are expelled by Angels of the Creator) expelled them from the Edenic state of Grace and Unity with all Wisdom, Love and Understanding. It was through their choice that the fall from Grace occurred, at any moment they could have returned, by moving from fear of the Creator back into seeking within for Oneness.

I believe this story to be a parable of more than just two people who made this choice but each being who did so who has come before us. Adam as the male, represents the strength, logic, and will. Eve as the female, represents the wisdom, intuition, nurturing. Each representing aspects of the Creator Source which now are choosing to follow their own inner ego guidance instead of moving in Unity with direction of Universal Creation. As each person chooses to follow their own personal ego guidance, they are creating an individual world, or if they work together with others an agreed upon reality. Which at this time has created a world filled with chaos.

To make choices is a gift from Creator Source and is not wrong. Choice is a part of creation expanding and exploring the potential and where it will take us in creation. The wisest choice is to stay in unity with Creator /Universal Source in this exploration and expansion, instead of relying on our ego to guide us. However, there is a fail safe for in expansion there is also contraction. As we expand to a certain point in the Universe, the strength of the Source as love and grace will begin to be felt more strongly. This energy will begin the stirring, within ones who are able to partake, a desire to move within and reconnect on a conscious level, with the Creator, the Universe and all life.

As we can see the choice to partake of the knowledge of good and evil, the duality of ego over unity, has brought us to chaos.

Once a wise man told me:

IF what you have been doing up until hasn’t worked, IT NEVER WILL.

Right now we are at that point where the energy of the Source is very strong to aide us in awakening from our slumber and to begin the search for more information, knowledge and wisdom about a greater state of Being. Hopefully, we can feel this energy and realize that what we have been doing hasn’t worked. How do we move from the chaotic fear based society in which we exist to create a new world of love, peace, harmony, balance, abundance and joy for all life

In the parable we moved from Wisdom, to confusion. We had to learn how to get back, but we felt cut off from the state of beauty and grace in which we lived, and felt ashamed like we were being punished and ALONE.

Yet, we continued to seek outside of our selves for the information and knowledge instead of within. Seeking without can bring us to a level of wisdom but not to enlightenment and Oneness.

Enlightenment comes when we reach a level of spiritual awareness that we are not bound by the control of ego or mass consciousness, but instead are directed from within by love, compassion, understanding, wisdom, harmony and balance.

The process can be as easy as knocking on the door and walking through. The door lies within your heart. Earth is designed as a heavenly place. We can experience it as Hell or Heaven, it is a matter of choice or consciousness. It is time to get off the slow path and return to the path of Grace.

The heart is where our connection resides, and from their we are connected to Universal Creator Mind to guide and enlighten us.

Once we make the choice, it filters into mass consciousness and makes the process easier for the next person. In Unity and Oneness we stand as enlightened beings and others feel and are drawn to the Light within us.

Blessing to you.


Truth and Understanding

Today more then ever people are searching for a greater Truth to help them understand their lives and the world in which we live.

With the internet seemingly attached to the fingers of most people via their phones, laptops and tablets, most of their waking hours, they can search the internet for any information of interest. We can find writings, causes, theories and or insights beyond our own knowledge and understanding, or so we hope.

Many people distrust the government and institutions of society and are ready to accept that which ones share on the internet which reinforces this belief. They look for validation of their beliefs and ideas or even theories of others which may answer their questions. They seek prophecy of others who may have a more Divine insight to guide them along their path.

There are many prophets and there are charlatans in the world. There are ones who spread false prophecy which they state is truth, but which they may or may not realize is in fact a false truth. It rather is a relative thought or truth based on their personal experience, bias or implanted and influenced thoughts from outside sources which they interpret as Divine.

I am not here to say conspiracy theories are false or true. Simply to say there are many hidden truths in our world and manipulations of people which do exist. Most of which have existed and evolved over millennium and with todays technology the ability of ones who wish to control and manipulate mass consciousness and human institutions exist in a time which makes that much easier. In our chaos created society, mass consciousness is constantly bombarded with falsity shared as truth in order to deceive and control others to manifest the desired outcome of those who appear to be in control. This is perpetrated on multiple levels.

They are like magicians who get you to look in one location while they complete their illusion in another. They will direct you to believe another group is the conspirators/manipulators while at the same time they have drawn you into their vision and plan to create the situations and outcomes they desire.

They may tell you they are serving your interests, but in reality they are simply manipulating you for their own advantage and needs. Many of them too are being manipulated by others and do not fully know what they are doing.

The Universal Source of Creation is now pouring forth upon the Earth the Creative energy of love and compassion to aid in the awakening of humanity to the greater TRUTH and FREEDOM. For when we awaken we are able to understand what is higher TRUTH and relative truth.

This is why so many are within the last few years seeing conspiracies everywhere. For we are feeling the nudge within to be FREEE of the mass consciousness control and to move into a place of peace, joy, love , happiness and abundance. However, unfortunately too many have not sought to open to a more Loving, compassionate and peaceful pathway to this freedom. Why?

Probably because they feel alone and when joining with others in a particular belief or cause based upon a conspiracy, they feel they are part of a group and no longer alone. They feel connected, and the energies of joining, intensifies their emotions to a fever pitch. They feel more able to take back control as part of a group. They feel accepted. They are hopefully, a part of a group which will fight the good fight and save the world.

Unfortunately, most have not opened their hearts to let the LOVE and COMPASSION, which are the ESSENCE OF CREATION, into their hearts. For when we open our hearts and feel this connection to Creation, we expand and connect with a peaceful, joyful, loving and unified path of FREEDOM. This allows the hearts go guide the minds to find path of guidance and insight which lead to wisdom and unity. Then they can discern TRUTH.

Most are still using old socialized and institutionally learned patterns as their frame of reference in making choices.

We live in a world where mind control and manipulation exist via mass and social media.

In 1928, Edward Bernays espoused the idea of mental manipulation of the masses by media to guide the desired attitudes, beliefs and actions to match those of the group doing the manipulation. We can today see the results of this manipulation upon humanity.

This manipulation has caused a separation of us or them within humanity.

The ability to discern truth lies within our hearts. When we hear truth with our open hearts it brings us a feeling of peace, compassion, unity, warmth and joy. When what is shared is a relative or manipulative truth, it can creates fear, anger, resentment, envy, jealousy, violence and spite or empowerment over others.

TRUTH the greater truth inspires us to love, compassion, unity and a greater level of living for everyone. This is the path to unlimited prosperity and abundance in our lives. For our prosperity does not have to come at the expense or burden of another, but from knowing that as we allow our abundance to flow it returns to us tenfold.

How do we open our hearts to this greater Truth, understanding and prosperity?

From childhood our self identity and self worth have been formed through the rewards and punishment formula. We are rewarded or punished based upon our ability to accept and conform to the desired norms of our family and society. Little by little the open heart with which we were born begins to build a wall of fear of punishment. We fear that those in authority will punish us if we do something wrong and that we are only loved based upon our ability to conform. The feeling and knowing of Love with which we were born is enclosed in a wall of fear and self doubt.

When we are born most of us feel the love of our parents. We feel connected to them. Unless we are hurt by others, we move through our lives, by being open and loving with others. This open heart tells us we are loved by those around us, and they will not hurt us but protect us. We feel that the world in which we live is caring, compassionate and beautiful.

It is not until someone withholds that unconditional love unless we conform to their desires that our hearts, views and understanding of the world begin to shift. No longer do we see the world as the beautiful and caring place into which we were born, but as a place to which we must establish our self worth based on the desires and opinions of others.

The heart to heart connection to others is lost and we can no longer accurately know the higher truth from lies.

We are living in a time on Earth when all have been given the chance to reflect upon the heart and to spend time connecting within and opening the heart. We have been blessed with extra Universal Source energy of love being present to help us in this process if we choose to partake. If we choose, and do the work of opening our hearts, then we can begin to discern in all of this information and disinformation from the media the Higher Truth from the relative truth or lies.

We are going through a time over the last few years when the worst in humanity has been triggered and brought to the surface in hopes that we would choose to heal it by opening our hearts and seeing through eyes of love and compassion. This was done to help us to decide to come into unity and to support us as we reach out together to heal ourselves, each other and the world.

It is a time of healing on more than just the physical level, but also the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. When our hearts are open the hurts and indoctrinations of the past can be healed. Then we can once again find self love, and know that we are truly worthy of being loved. In a state of self love we find our self confidence, and inner guidance.

Many have chosen to resent and blame others even more at this time, rather than seeking a healing. The energies of Universal Source which can amplify our inner love, has amplified and revealed that which is not of the higher Love, Light and Truth.

Thus, those who refuse to make changes have found themselves going deeper down the rabbit hole of conspiracy, hatred, fear, anger and violence espoused by Chaos/Conspiracy theorist which is designed to distract them from the greater Truth of Universal Creator Source. The Truth that limitless, abundance, good health, peace and joy come from an open heart and love.

Seek first within the heart, to know love and share it with others. Ask to be shown the Greater Truth so you can be FREE and listen to what your heart shows you. The changes are a process through which you must move. It is not always easy, as we face the shadows that haunt us and have caused us to close down, but the FREEDOM is worth the work. No one can do it for you.

Begin by communicating with others with Love and affection. All people need love, understanding and compassion. It is the fear they are not lovable which has caused them to close down and often become a hard person with whom to interact.

“When you change the way you look at things. The things you look at change.” Dr. Wayne Dyer

Feel free to email if you have questions.

There are many resources available online or near you to help you to begin the process.



Where do we go from here?

Where do we go from here? We are still in the midst of Covid 19 and in a world filled with fear, anger, mistrust and hatred. How do we move forward to create a better world for everyone, with so much separation?

My first response is to come back to our center within our heart, be still and ask for the Divine Creator to help us to find peace and to find a new direction in our life. Ask to be kept safe from sickness, and to have food, shelter, peace and love in our hearts and lives and the lives of our loved ones. Yet I would say, take it one step farther and ask this for all people and life upon, within and around this earth. Ask too that the earth be healed.

Yet, I know ones may laugh at this because they do not believe that love can help us. That love is a sign of weakness instead of strength. Know that in the darkness you cannot see where you are, or where you are going without the Light. For it is the Light that shows us the way in the darkness, so that we do not get lost, and can find our way to safety.

What is Light? It is the essence of Creation and the Creator. Light and Love are the same essence. You cannot have one without the other. I do not speak of the Love which is romantic, but the infinite love that is the essence of Being, creating, allowing, forgiving, helping, uplifting, and embracing others. Love which knows that there is sufficient for all if we care and share, and so we do not have to fear another make take what we have from us. Love that knows as we empty our cup through sharing we make space for it to be filled with more of the Divine Essence of Abundance. Love that allows others to find their path, and walk it even if it appears to differ from ours. Love that realizes all Life comes from the Creator Source and eventually returns there, so we are all part of the same whole. Love which is the armor which protects us from harm, for no darkness can harm us if we walk in oneness with the Light and Love of the Creator. Love which is the medicine which protects us from illness when we know we are one with it and believe and have faith in that understanding. Love which can transform and heal us.

LOVE – all we need is LOVE.

Yet, many will still laugh. Believing they must protect themselves, love cannot do that. They must take what they want for there is not enough in the world to go around it is us or them.


Stop – listening to that which creates fear, anger, hatred and separation beliefs and feelings. Begin, to go within your heart and listen to that which speaks of peace and unity.

We cannot force another to believe as we do. We can speak our truth as we see and believe it to be. There are cases of Stockholm syndrome where ones have through force joined with their captors to survive, but is that how you want your life to be? To force another to believe as you do, that is not belief it is fear?

In America, it is time for both sides to put their differences on the back burner and begin to come together to help all the people. Ask another what they believe or feel, and why it is so? You may find you have common ground. Build upon that common ground to find a way to move forward to benefit both sides. Do not fear the other, instead look to them as a brother or sister, born of another mother, a step sibling. You are part of a family and need to find a way to build a life and move forward together.

It is a wonderful time that we have a woman in a position to make a difference in our political world. May we pray that she leads with her heart, and wisdom to bring a time of communication for which we women are so adept.

For men it is time to move into the heart. Be willing to speak to each other from a place of caring, sharing and compassion. Seek to find your common ground. Join a group where you learn to communicate with each other from the heart. ( I will say the same for women). It is time to stop seeing enemies and start seeing – fellow americans or human beings.

The time of needing to control others is over. It is a time for truth to come forth, but be discerning in what you accept as truth. Just because something is written or spoken in the media or on a stage does not make it truth.

ASK yourself – does this bring me a feeling of peace, hope, calm, unity and compassion for others. If it doesn’t let it go. If it brings strong emotions of anger, fear, hatred, desire to harm or control another, LEAVE IT ALONE.

There is a long road ahead. This road can end in civil war in america or even perhaps world war or major natural disasters. The end game is up to us. The weather and world events are the result of the actions and energies which we as individuals put forth into the mass consciousness. If we continue along the same path we are on, the times ahead will be hard.

IF, we stop now and turn our attention to unity and caring we can change how the future unfolds. It starts with you and builds from there. People tend to respond to the actions they experience. If your actions are negative, hatred, anger they tend to respond thusly. If you actions are caring and helping, they respond the same. Each action compounds because it often moves on to the next person they encounter.

WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD – ” When you change the way you look at things. The things you look at change.” Dr. Wayne Dyer

If you are not part of the solution – you are part of the problem.

IF – you blog, try to make it of a positive and uplifting message.

If you volunteer – BLESS YOU – continue to help with a smile and inner prayer for others.

If you are a coach, teacher or any type of instructor or hope to be – teach ones to have a positive, heart felt response, thought, word or deed in their life. Teach them how to tap into their heart and move forth in their life with heart direction.

Care about your neighbors. Love your pets as part of the family.


Love is not weakness – it is easy to hate, bully, fight or try to control another. It takes inner courage to forgive and have compassion for those who would harm you.

There is so much help coming into our world from the Creator Source and the Universal Beings who serve the Creator in Light and Love. YOU have to but ask and they will help you as long as you are not seeking to harm another and it is in accordance with the Divine.

SEEK and you will find that the Divine lives within you and is awaiting for you to Knock upon the door of your heart. When you knock the door will be opened and you can but ask and it will be given.


May the Blessings and Love of the Divine be upon all people of the Earth. May humanity heal their hearts so that their bodies can be healed. May the Earth be healed and may we work in unity for the healing of earth. May all people and animals know a life free of abuse and neglect. MAY ALL KNOW LOVE, have food, shelter and peace.

Good or Evil

Yesterday I saw postings where one person was writing about how Jesus was a reptilian pawn of the church to control and deceive people and another which said anyone who believes in Archangel Metatron believes in a demon. The purpose in each was to espouse their beliefs as being right. Perhaps they believe they are enlightening and helping others, but in reality they create confusion, doutb, fear, suspicion and hate. All emotions that can lead to violence, war, anger and separation.

This battle of beliefs has been in progress for eons of time on earth and recorded since the beginning of written history. One religion or belief system fighting another for their right to be the one true religion or holder of truth. Religions have been influencing politics and politics influencing religion throughout history.

Religions and governments have been enslaving, torturing and trying to exterminate indigenous people from lands into which they have been expanding for millennium of time. Sometimes, as in America even when they were moving to escape their own religious persecution in another land.

Yet, the basis of most religions is Love and compassion.

How can we justify actions that hurt another person or people when our religious beliefs are supposed to be based on love and compassion?

Let us return to the first sentence in this writing about one person calling the beliefs of another demonic. Why do we need to demonize the beliefs of another? Is it because we are insecure in our own belief and need to justify it by destroying that of another?

All that exists comes forth from one source, whether we call it God, Creator Source, Allah, Infinite Mind, Universal Awareness, Nirvana or any other name. As creation expanded from this Source into the Universe in which we live, we were given the right to choose to remain in unity with this Source or to choose to follow our own will and desires.

As ones chose self will over the Divine direction we created the chaos we experience upon the Earth. Throughout history on Earth ones have been Divinely inspired to bring messages to humanity of hope, love and higher inspiration to help us remember our Source and Oneness.

Religions have sprung forth from the writing which their followers recorded of their experiences. Doctrines of conduct have been established based upon the interpretations of those writings by leaders and teachers within the church, based on their understanding through the lens of their human experience and mind, as best they can.

Some have formed anti church religions because of their experiences with churches and religions or become agnostic. Plus we have the records of non terrestrial beings who have contacted humans and religions sprung up calling them gods. We have the worship of Satan and demons on a conscious level. Some humans like the ‘gods’ of mythology, they have come into a belief in themselves as superior beings and right to rule leaders based on the adoration of others in what they say and do, or their family of birth.

All of these are taking our focus outside of ourselves as a focus of belief in something or someone else as a basis of truth. It does not mean they do not have truth within their belief, it is usually in the practice and application of these beliefs in their daily lives as influenced by the human mind, experiences and ego, which creates the problem.

Truth is relative or Divine. I have a more in depth writing on this if you want to read it but I will summarize it here. Divine Truth never changes it is the basis of creation and comes from a Divine Inner connection, direction and inspiration. Relative truth comes from our interpretation of information or even a Divine Truth based on our human understanding, experiences and beliefs.

Divine Source has allowed us to choose and explore creation so that one day in our human experience we will say “ENOUGH” let me be done with this chaos, hatred, anger, fear, and despair. We will then stop seeking outward for truth, validation and direction. Instead we will move into our hearts and ask for Love, Peace, Hope, Compassion and Forgiveness, Inspiration and Divine direction to fill our hearts. and minds. We seek within for a higher Truth to show us the way back to unity, hope and beauty in the world.

When we come to this point of connection and allow the Love to fill our hearts, minds and bodies and begin to share this with others, then others will be inspired to seek more also, for we are drawn to the light to dispel the darkness. When enough have made this connection, the Light and Love of the Oneness of Creation will begin transforming the energy of mass consciousness and it will be easier for humanity to make the connection.

We do not need to preach to another, shame them, denounce their beliefs, force or fight with them over who is right and who is wrong. They have the right to believe as given by the Divine as much as we do. In America, this is written into our constitution. WHY? Because many of the people who came here from Europe and England in the early days were fleeing religious and political persecution. For throughout history, religions have influenced political systems and political systems have influenced religions. All in attempts to establish a right to rule as they expanded into the world. Many have persecuted or attempted to annihilate indigenous peoples as they expanded in their manifest destiny of their right to rule the world and humanity.

Each of us has the right to believe as we will. Whether we agree or not. However, you will be curtailed if your belief harms or infringes upon the rights of others, as is established in the laws of the state system.

When each person is ready and they have reached the depths of their belief system and perhaps find something lacking, or they may connect with a person who inspires them, or they have an experience which touches their soul, then they will being asking questions and searching for something more.

We do not have to preach at another, or try to convenience them they are wrong, for when they are ready the teacher or next step will appear to guide them on their way. To often throughout history more chaos has been created by one group attempting to force another to accept their beliefs.

Instead let us try LOVE. Try being a living example of Divinely inspired and directed Love, hope, compassion, forgiveness and understanding in your life. If you are a living a divinely directed life you will not need to preach to or even try to influence others, for ones are always drawn to the light. You are not the source of this Light and Love, but a part of the Living Light and Love, a vessel of its expression on Earth. Ones will want to experience this and to learn more about having this in their life.

However, we must always, as we begin searching or becoming an influence on others,be aware of two things. First, it is easy for one who is expressing these energies unless they are consciously asking to be protected and stay connected in humbleness to source to have their Ego flattered by the attention and to come into a belief that they are the source instead of the vessel. So they need to be on guard, discerning and connected to true source and not be influenced by the ego and/or the energies of the earth mass consciousness and subconscious energies being projected like EMF waves, Ultrasonic, LIFU, Mircorwave, etc. and the thought patterns projected with them to influence the subconscious mind.

For those who are seeking they must ask for protection from the Divine Source, seek from their heart for guidance and discernment. So that they will not be fooled by the darkness(that created by human ego mass consciounsess) projecting as Light or the subconscious energy influences of systems of the world.

I say these not to scare anyone or to judge any of these but as guidance to seekers. We may go through many belief systems along our path. Each one adding to our growth and knowledge.

THE KEY – is to seek from the heart and let that which brings us a feeling of love, peace and compassion and unity with others as a guiding sign.

BLESSINGS to each of you along your path and may you come to know the Divine within your heart as a guiding light along your path.


All we need is Love

God awoke me this morning to this song.

I know that many at the time it was popular and today laugh about the concept, that all we need is love, yet the essence of the Creator is Love and so all that has been created has been created at its core is Love.

I understand what makes ones laugh at this concept is all the hatred, war, violence, killing and abuse in our world. Those emotions and actions however are not created by Source/God but by humans who believe they are separate from Source/God. It is in this belief over the many milleniums which has built up a wall around our hearts which keeps us separate from each other and the Love of the Creator which exists within our hearts.

IF – a parent will simply remember the first time they held their wanted baby in their arms, and looked into the face of pure love and innocence, then they will know, understand and have a point of reference to begin connecting to the Love of God/Source. If you do not have a child, perhaps you have a beloved pet, who has the same look within their eyes.

Recently the Creator ask me to say hourly or at least as often as I can remember each day the following:

Holy Creator, I remember that I am Holy Spirit in human form and that every face I see is the face of your Divine Love.

All religions on Earth speak of Divine and human love.

In the Islamic faith, Divine love means, as the Qur’an says, ‘Wherever you turn, there is the face of God’ (2:115).

In Christianity Jesus said: “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” John 13:34, 35.

Buddha is quoted as saying: ” In the end, only three things matter, how much you loved, how gently you lived and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.”

In the Hindu religion even the greeting – NAMASTE – speaks of love – ” My soul honors your soul. I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides. I honor the Light, Love, Beauty and Truth within you, because it is also within me. In sharing these things we are united, we are the same, we are one.

We are being asked this day to begin the journey back to the Creator, back to wholeness, back to unity, back to Love. For it is through our love for each other, the Creator and All life which will transform ourselves and the world.

We can never through words and acts of hate and division change another person or change the world. However, we can through compassion, love, sharing and grace change our world and help others to open their hearts and minds.

When enough people begin acting in Love and compassion with each others, the darkness within mass consciousness which has accumulated and allowed us to be trapped in chaos and separateness will begin to dissipate and the transformation of humanity and the earth will be unstoppable through LOVE.

I know it may seem hard to believe, but what do you have to loose, except pain, sadness, fear, and being alone. What do you have to gain? Joy, peace, happiness, abundance and LOVE.

GIVE IT A TRY. OPEN YOUR HEART and allow your heart to guide you instead of your mind.


Love, Wisdom, Truth, Discernment

Image: Chapel of Transfiguration at Grand Teton National Park

Love is the Essence of All Creation and Creator Source.

In the beginning was the Creator Source. Through the Love of the Source, was the desire to experience itself in myriad ways. So the Source thought about how this would happen and created a thought, image and pattern of Creation. In Love the Source sent forth the Spirit of Its Love, the Essence of Wisdom and Substance. The Creator source in its Love Spoke forth the Word or Pattern of his about his Creation and called forth the Substance of Spirit which merged with the Pattern and formed Matter. This is a simplified explanation of how the Source which is Love created the Universes and it myriad expressions. Each being a part of living and existing within Creator Source.

At a point in time we were given in our Universe the gift to choose to live our expression in creative unity with Divine Love of the Creator and the Divine Plan or to choose to experience from our own desire and ego. Many choose the later, that is where the concept of the Creator being separate from us and the duality of darkness and light came into being instead of remaining in the balance of the Trinity energy.

Through the choices made in this experiential existence of duality we came to believe that we were separate from the creator and each other. Many feeling that we were abandoned on this planet, alone and that the negativity we experience is because we are being punished in some way perhaps by the Creator.

In this state of feeling abandoned or disempowered, we are vulnerable to the influence of others. For we seek love, acceptance, validation and empowerment from sources outside of ourselves, within the systems of the Earth. These systems were created by the desire of humans seeking the same thing and realizing they could gain more by using others and causing them to accept their systems. This is how duality has taken control of our lives and world.

Our world is part of a collective consciousness. We are a system which is part of the Earth and the energies of the Earth. As humanity fell into disarray and built their system of controls, theses systems influenced the fields of earth where consciousness exists and is recorded. This allowed the power and control of thoughts and beliefs in these systems to grow. We even came to believe we are not part of the earth and can do to the planet and other life whatever we desire.

All the systems of human society are man made not Divine. Oh, but what about my religion ones may say. The religions formed around the life and teachings of Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and any other religious Icon were created by men who came after them. They did not create religions. They were beings who were either Divinely born, or inspired or guided by spiritual experiences and visions of the Creator Source and later shared those understandings with others to help them to have similar experiences.

They came to show us how to live and reconnect with the Divine Creator and escape the duality of Earth. Few aspired to do this themselves and instead choose to create a religion around that which they heard. For we had been told that we were sinful and not worthy of communicating with the Creator or any Divine Beings. Over the years the divine inspirations passed via word of mouth and became stories that eventually ones wrote down into what became their religions sacred texts. How close the teachings are to the original truth is not the topic here.

But Truth is part of the topic. How do we know what is true and what is not.

As stated earlier, the Essence of Creator Source, the pattern from which all comes forth, is Love. All that exists came forth in Love. Love is part of all creation, and all exist within this Love. Another aspect of the Creator source is Wisdom, which is the Spirit of Creation, which forms the substance of matter. When we open our hearts to the Love of the Creator and allow it to expand and fill our form, we are now protected from that which would harm us. The Divine can then reconnect us through our heart with the Divine Mind, some call it Universal or Christ Consciousness. Here we are in a state of Divine guidance, and we can sense and know the TRUTH and hearts of others. We open to be a vessel that the Creator can once again manifest through to bring this Love, Wisdom, Truth and Enlightenment back to humanity. We have reconnected to be able to Discern Truth.

Truth is either Divine or relative. This is a teaching of its own, but to simplify this Divine Truth is eternal. Divine Truth never changes. It is part of the essence and pattern, the Word of Creation. Relative truth is what we perceive to be truth based upon the programs and systems of which we are a part, the experiences we have, and the teachings of the institutions or people around us.

This is why we must come to Love and open our hearts so that we can connect again to Divine Mind and come to know the wisdom of the Divine. Through love and wisdom we can discern Divine Truth from relative Truth.

The systems created on our planet may have begun as way to bring order out of the chaos which occurs when each person is acting and creating from ego that which benefits themselves no matter the consequences to others. Rules to guide us through military, political, economic, religious and educational systems. As people complied to the systems they began to feel less vulnerable and became less likely to question the rules. As long as they had a home, food, and were safe they allowed others to manage the rules and they lived their lives.

We have many levels of energy upon this planet that we are unable to see or perceive with our physical senses. When we were in unity with Creator Source we could see and know from a level of Infinite Awareness. When we choose to leave this Unity and seek ego choices, we became limited to our 5 physical senses. For to operate fully from ego with Infinite abilities would be disastrous for All Life. Just look around at the chaos in our world that we have created with just our physical sense and mind, and without love for All Life. There are Electro Magnetic energies, Ultra Low Frequencies, Ultra High Frequencies , Microwave, Ultrasonic energies, and other energies used to modify and control our thoughts, desires and emotions. We are not aware of theses energies and influences on a conscious level, or even necessarily through our physical senses although at times ones hear them or feel them.

This is why it is so easy for us to be deceived into believing the relative truth of ones who claim to be in contact with non physical beings who are said to be benevolent. Some are for they have reconnected with Source. Others simply tell us they are and without our ability to discern, they may play to our emotions and ego to control us to support them and their programs and belief.

It is not until we are centered in love and unity with the Creator that we are protected from the influences and can begin to see and understand what is Truth or relative truth. They may speak of love and Light and unless we are able to discern, we may follow them believing we they are Divinely guided and we are warriors of the Divine. Fighting to Free ourselves and others from the tyranny they tell us exists at the expense of hurting others because our cause is just and theirs is not. I am not saying the tyranny doesn’t exist, but until we are centered in the Divine, we are simply giving our choice and power unto another, who even if they are not personally trying to control us may themselves be controlled and be unaware this is happening.

Since we were given the right to choose, to live in belief we were separate from the Creator and able to choose how life should be, all the Creator could do was love us and at send forth the energies of Love in varying degrees to help us to awaken and remember who we truly are children of Creator Source. The Creator knocks upon the door of our heart from the inside and out hoping we will choose to open the door to the walls we have built around our heart and let the Divine Love into our heart. So the process of reunion and transformation can begin.

We are never really separate from Creator source we only think that we are. In this belief, we feel alone, vulnerable, and unworthy. We believe that we have done something wrong and are being punished. The Creator doesn’t punish us, it is the belief that we are separate that brings this into our consciousness, and has become part of some of the sacred texts of religions.

More and more we have reached a period of evolution in which the energies sent by Creator Source to help us to awaken and begin our process and journey back to Unity. This energies are being felt by all. Those who wish to control us in the earthly systems have worked even harder to maintain control.

As ones have felt the energies coming in, they have become inspired to be FREE of the tyranny. However, the important factor again is are you listening to others and believing what they tell you is the truth about who is in control or are you taking the time to center within you heart, asking the Creator to come in and show you the Truth and fill you with light, wisdom, love and truth.

For you see, when you come back to Love, you begin the process to become truly FREE. For true Freedom lies in returning to our Divine connection with Creator Source. The path to that Freedom lies within your heart. For love will bring wisdom, which shows us where Truth exists and in TRUTH and LOVE we are FREE.

Right now humanity is angry, confused, fearful and scared. They know that much is wrong and they are looking for someone to save them. Again giving up their power to another.

There is a Divine Plan of which we are all a part. You can only come to know you part in this plan as you move within yourself to know your connection with the Divine, the Creator Source. Once you know this connection, you are guided in your part of the Plan which is for the greater good of ALL Life. When a sufficient number have come to this realization, than the walls of control are removed for all and we move into the higher state of existence.

This is not done through war, violence, hatred and anger. It happens through Love. We become a vessel of the Divine which transforms us, and pours forth to those around us so that they too may be touched, and feel what it is like to be Free.

Remember – LOVE will set you FREE.

I will stop now. I hold the vision for each of you that your heart may open to the Divine and you may be Transformed and become FREE.


Once I was told to be a messenger of “Good Tidings”.

To me good tidings are those messages which help us to focus upon our inner guidance, to focus upon our heart and listen with our inner knowing, and act through inspiration of a higher nature.

To move in the balance between the physical and spiritual realms we need to first be protected. The physical world is full of non physical energies waves which can influence our thinking and actions. The non physical world has the same. To begin to seek the higher divine energies we need to begin by asking to be protected. When we ask the Universe and Creator respond. We have free will and so we must ask.

The greatest protection is the Love of the Divine within our hearts. Which is the next step of discernment. Our connection with the Creator Source and All life lies within our heart. All creation comes forth from the essence of Love. Love moves in the form of Light. When we seek to reconnect with the Creator and to contact non physical energies or beings we need to do so from a heart perspective.

When we focus upon our heart and ask and allow the Love to enter and expand we also become connected with Divine Mind. Which will give us inspiration and guidance in a Universal and unified manner, from which to act.

The next step is to continue to stay heart centered and guided so that we do not move back into Ego direction with out actions. Many have been inspired to do things in this world , and in the beginning it is good, but they fail to continue on a Divinely protected and inner guided manner without ego or outward influence.

Keys to seeing “Goodly Messengers” – are their words uplifting, do they guide you to higher inspiration and inner guidance, do they lead you to love and compassion for others. If not then be aware and seek within.

If you believe in Angels – to call upon Archangel Michael for protection and to cut any bindings which are not Divine is his forte.

It doesn’t matter if you believe in the Creator Source and call this Source by any other name – God, Yahweh, Ahura Mazda, Onkar, Shiva, Vishnu, Devi, Saguna, Allah ,Univeral Energy or any other name. They are refer ultimately to the Source from which all life began and in which all life exists. Call upon and seek within your heart to connect with this Energy/Being.

There is a most powerful mantra of protection and connection to the Creator Source used by the Heavenly Hosts – the Seraphim Angels who surround Creator Source.

Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish Adonai ‘Tsebayoth.

Which means “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts”

This also helps to open our heart and raise us up to connect with Divine Beings.

Remember that not all you read, hear and see upon the physical realm, even when they appear to be of Light are in truth. Seek within and ask for revelation, for your eyes and heart to be open. Does their message uplift you and inspire you to be more loving, compassionate and understanding, or does it cause fear, anger, suspicion and hatred.

It is what we hold in our hearts that we manifest in our lives. Let us seek to hold and manifest the highest love and good for ALL LIFE.

To End the darkness we do not use the tools of darkness but Light a single Lamp of Love within ourselves.

I was reminded today how important it is for us to each seek to remember and reconnect individually to Creator Source. To stop looking outside of ourselves for information and validation of our beliefs and our fears. To seek the Light and Love of the Creator within our hearts so we may be guided, supported and uplifted through the days ahead by the Creator’s Grace through the connection within our hearts. Also to come together with intent and a common vision of the world in which we want to live and allow the Grace of the Creator to flow through us as a group so this vision may manifest for the highest good of all.

At this point in history many people have many different visions of the world which they are trying to manifest. Some through old paradigms and structures which have existed for millenium to control humanity and the development of society and life on earth. Today and in the past these paradigms have been fought against and defended through war, hatred, bigotry, greed, mistrust, fear and separation.

AS we can see this has not worked.

A wiseman once said to me.” If what you have been doing up until now hasn’t worked, IT never will.”

We have to put aside the belief that we are separate and must destroy each other or force each other to see our point of view. We are being bombarded via media, the internet and even on the non verbal levels of energy bombardment of frequencies to disrupt our thought patterns or alter them. We can succumb to these energies, we can fight against them OR we can move into a higher level of living.

At the same time that we are being bombarded with attempts to continue controlling us within the old matrix or paradigms – we are being BLESSED by the Creator Source and the Heavenly Host with Higher and higher levels of LIght and Love to help us open our hearts and mind to the greater reality of the Divine and who we truly are. So that the Love and Light may connect us with the Divine Mind and we may see and know more clearly that which is the Grace and Blessings of the Creator in our lives and for the highest good of ALL.

Why do I keep saying for the highest good of ALL. For in the beginning and for all time there was and is and always be the Creator Source from which all that exists came forth. The Creator thought about that which would be created, and a pattern was established. The Creator Spoke the word and the pattern moved forth to be touched by the Spirit of the Creator with the substance of creation to manifest into form. ALL that exists comes from and exists within and is part of the Creator Source. Each of us are part of Creator Source and part of each other.

There was a time when Ones in the past exercised their free will and decided that they could create with their own will and ego. They created a pattern, but without the grace of the Creator, and with the substance of spirit they manifest these forms, but they were not filled with Grace. They forgot that they were born of the substance of the One and were connected to the One and each other. They thought they were alone in the Universe, and had to struggle and fight to exist – and so it continues until this day. In their isolation they were vulnerable to the thoughts, direction and suggestions of others, who sought to control them. In some cases they were born until slavery, and the consciousness of control.

With the energies of the Divine arriving here in stronger portions, as ones awaken if their hearts are not open to the Creators love and light and they are still filled with the belief of separation from the Divine Creator, then they may ban together in groups filled with anger and rage to fight for the freedom these energies bring.

When in reality if they simply open their hearts to the Love and Light and allow it to fill them. They are protected and open to the Grace and guidance of the Creator. It means one must take the time to turn off the bombardment of the world . TO ask the Divine for protection as we go within so that we are not distracted by the unseen energies bombarding people and to open our heart and ask for the Love and Light of the Divine to enter. TO do this daily if only for 5 minutes. To ask to be One with the Creator and filled with Love for ALL Life. To ask to be shown what we can do. THIS IS TRUE FREEDOM.

The second piece is to focus with a heart filled with Love and Grace on creating a world in which ALL Life has hope, shelter, food, protection, LOVE and THE GRACE OF THE CREATOR.

For when enough people take these steps then the energy will flow out into the mass consciousness and touch the hearts and minds of all humanity. Then all will be FREE.

Once I was taken by Archangel Michael to walk upon another planet in Spirit. Michael asked if I remembered having been here before. I had a memory of there being wars upon this planet and being their with Michael walking the planet. I remembered that we did not fight a battle to save this planet as we on Earth would think of fighting a battle. WE walked with Michael upon the surface of the planet with open hearts filled with Love and Light. For sufficient numbers more than 50% of the people had called to us for help. As we walked they opened their hearts too and the love and light which flowed forth transformed the people who were willing for change. Those who were not and those who had tried to control and continue warring chose to leave the planet for they could not stand in the LIGHT and LOVE of the Creator.

Which reminds me of a story told by Baird T Spalding in the Masters of the Far East. As he traveled through the Tibet at a temple he saw some old texts and was told a story of Jesus. During the missing years it said that Jesus had traveled in the Far East. During this time in the area of this monastery the people were going to be attacked by Hoardes( scavenging warriors). The people were scared and didn’t know whether to run or try to fight. But Jesus told them not to worry. When the hoards came riding through a pass in the mountains toward the village Jesus held out his hand and sent out Love and Light toward the riders. The horses bolted and tossed off their riders, and the riders became scared and run off.

IT WAS THE POWER OF LOVE from the CREATOR which stopped them. FOR when there is LOVE, LIGHT and GRACE of the Creator we do not need to be scared, fight, war, hate or be in lack. FOr as the Creators Grace flows through us it transforms us and all around us.

To fight darkness we must not bring forth more darkness but Light a Single Lamp.

Then nothing of the darkness can touch us. We are in a state of zero point where nothing outside of us can touch us. FIRST – you have to ask for the Creators protection, Love and Grace to come into your LIFE.


It is time to make a conscious choice about the life and world in which we want to live. To take responsibility for our thoughts, words and deeds. For thoughts create words, and words create deeds and all of these with strong intent or emotion manifest into form. WHAT are you creating. Do you like fear, hatred, anger, lack, and disease, if so continue on and you will create more. If you don’t make a conscious choice to do something about it.

I choose a world of Love, compassion, hope, trust, truth, and abundance for all. Where no living thing experiences despair, lack, disease or abuse.

Changing the world and the Future begins today with YOU and your choices.

One word of caution – please – ask for protection from the Divine before ever working with or listening to any unseen energy. Until you are secure in your connection with the Divine and know the Source within, there are energies that can seem Divine and are not so, they would distract you.

Tomorrow has not been determined yet. It is still a possibility. It is through our intent and desire what we create and experience. The strength of our desire and intent can aid in the manfestation process. if we simply desire to manifest what we want which benefits us no matter the cost to others, we simply create more of the world as we see it now.

It is when we look within and beyond the ego desires and wants to the higher perspective of Creation that we create a better world for ourselves and all Life.

That which man creates exists for a few moments. That which the Creator brings forth exists forever.

I do not wish to see a warring, hating, disaster of a collapse and change on Earth. Which is the direction we are headed now.

I believe in the GOOD within others and that enough desire a better world for all that we can come together and make this transformation which can be of ease and grace. WE MUST DESIRE IT AND COME TOGETHER TO MAKE IT SO. A transition of Love, peace, grace, healing and compassion.

As more choose this path, the path becomes more clear and easier. THE PATH begins in your HEART.


From One Many

“E Pluribus Unum” – From many One – appears on the Seal of the United States.

Now is a time of great importance in American history. Now is a time when we can move into great collapse before the restoration begins or we can rise above division and move together in peace to create the New America.

The blinders have been removed from all eyes. We can never go back to being sheep controlled by others nor we would want this. It is time to transform our country, through peace, love, harmony and balance. To let go of anger, hatred and division. BUT – WE cannot do it alone. We need a higher perspective to unite us, and a desire that we let go of personal desire for the greater good of ALL.

WE THE PEOPLE – are all created by the same Divine Creator Source, no matter what term you use for the Creator Source. We came forth from this One source as a part of this source to explore the Universe and its multiple worlds. Much has happened along the way on our journey, but we are always part of the ONE and each other. It is only in our thoughts and beliefs that we think we are separate.

In the sacred texts of Christian and Jews there is a story of the Tower of Babel. It is truly the story of a time in history when one’s began thinking it was them doing and creating their world and not the Creator working through them. They believed in separation and division of thought from the Creator.

We descended down the ladder which Jacob visualized and separated from Unity with the Creator. It is now time for us to lift our consciousness and ascend that ladder of belief to reunite with our Creator. It is our belief in separation which creates disease, aging, fear, chaos, anger, war and confusion in our lives.

Thought is the first essence of Creation. Everything which exists in form began as a thought form in the Universal mind of the Creator, as a pattern or mold. It was awaiting the spoken word through which substance of spirit, the matter of creation to spring forth and manifest it into form.

Our Creator is ALL THAT IS and of which we are all a part. None of us are separate we are all part of the ONE and each other. To harm another is to harm a part of ourselves and the Creator. When we move in Unity with the Creator all that is needed is available for ALL.

The Creator visualized a perfect world, in the beginning Earth was Heavenly. A place where all life dwelt in peace and harmony. The Creator continues to hold this pattern and thought for us, when we are ready to turn inward and reconnect to Divine Mind and Love, we will remember and the Infinite Love, Light, and Wisdom will again pour through us into the world to transform the world.

Our connection to the Creator begins in our heart which connects us to infinite mind and love. There we remember that nothing material exists outside of our third dimensional world, all is spirit. That which we term Heaven or Nirvana exists all around us in the unseen dimension. It is only a shift in consciousness away, a few steps up the ladder to remembering and Unity with the Divine.

The Creator is within the innermost part of our Being.

When we come to the place of knowing and remembering that we are ALL ONE in the body of the Creator and a part of the Creators kingdom. We return to peace and harmony and can be an instrument of transformation through which the Creator’s blessings flow. To renew the original design for Earth and all life on Earth.

To take this step is to loose nothing, instead to gain the possibilities of everything.

Where do we go from here in America and the World. The choice is ours, for choice is a gift given by the Creator, in hopes that we would wisely choose to continue to live and create a world in Unity with the Creator’s vision.

Now is the time to make that choice.

If we choose to continue in the way of ego, putting self first, hating, fighting and waring, our man made world will continue to deteriorate. The earth and God’s creation will move forward, despite our attempts to annihilate its beauty and gifts, but humanity will suffer the consequences of its personal will.

THE CHOICE IS YOURS. I pray continually that LIGHT, LOVE and PEACE come to America and the countries of the Earth.

Oracle of Divine Grace

I was told long ago to walk the walk not just talk the talk.


     Traditionally an oracle was a person or agency considered to provide wise and insightful counsel or prophetic predictions or precognition of the future.   I am not an oracle of prophecy, but a spokesperson for sharing wisdom regarding the Creator’s Grace as it is revealed to me in my life.
     Grace is defined as the free and unmerited favor of the Creator to transform our transgressions, karma, fears, and any other thought or energy which brings us into a state of separation from the Creator and to bestow blessings upon us and all of humanity.
     I was told long ago to walk the walk not just talk the talk.
     I am not a perfect person. It has taken me a long time to begin sharing because I have such deep seated connection to this Truth. But, I have been shown that until I share the wisdom I have, emptying my cup, then growth doesn’t happen. I become stagnate.
We need to realize upon our journey that we may have set backs in maintaining this state. This is why Grace is important, for if we realize we are having difficulty then we have but to ask for Divine help to come to us. Then we are aided in transforming the energies, emotions and interactions surrounding the experience and can once again move into balance with Divine Grace and Love in our lives and relationships.
     It is my goal that if something is not of value to bring myself and others unto the Creator’s Love, Wisdom, Truth, and Will and aide us in maintaining this beautiful connection and state of Being, then it will not be shared on this site. Thus, as I grow in love, truth and understanding I will try to change anything I may have shared that no longer is in balance with my understanding.
     If you find long periods of silence, it is because I have nothing to share at the moment that would be of value to another or I am in a state of change and growth.
     Be in Peace, Be in Harmony, Be in Balance, Be in Love, Be in Truth in your life.
     Love and Blessings