Twin Flames

Perhaps not the ultimate romance many believe.

What is a twin flame?

In the beginning we were androgynous Beings as we came forth from Source into individualization. Overtime through the process of incarnating into a third dimensional form, it is said that the soul was split into masculine and feminine parts. In this split, it is said, each is left feeling incomplete and must reconnect with the other to be complete. Usually, one part remains in spirit guiding the other during an incarnation. It is rare that they incarnate at the same time or find each other on earth if they do.

There are ones who spend time seeking out their twin flame, hoping to experience a most wonderful romantic relationship. It is understandable in these times of chaotic energies and short term relationships, to wish for something glorious to make our life exciting and fulfilling.

I understand the desire for this great romance, however, the reality can be quite different. For it is said they are a mirror which reflects back to us that which we need to transform or heal, our deepest fears, insecurities and shadows. For the purpose of the split was so that each could come into Oneness and wholeness within themselves, balancing the masculine and feminine energy before they reunite.

An example to help you understand would be twins separated at birth. One is adopted by loving parents who give them a wonderful life in which they thrive and grow. The other is lost within the foster care system. They bounce from home to home, never feeling loved or belonging. They turn to drugs and alcohol to ease the pain, and eventually commit crimes to support their habits and eventually end up in prison. Throughout their lives they each have a sense something is missing but don’t understand what it is.

The first sibling, knows they were adopted but not that they were a twin. One day they do a DNA test to search for their ancestors and find that they have a full sibling. As they research further they find their sibling is in prison and they go to visit. Upon seeing each other they realize that they are twins. This explains the feeling of something missing in their lives. While the adopted twin wants to help their sibling to make changes and find a better life, the one in prison feels only resentment and anger that there life had been so hard while their twin’s was so easy. There will be a difficult road ahead.

The same can happen between twin souls. While the one who has advanced spiritually can help the other to clear and heal, it can be a difficult path that has the potential of exploding and setting back the progress of both. That is why they rarely come together in life, unless they are already advanced souls here to do a particular work for humanity to which they have both prepared and agreed to do.

This being said, it has been my understanding in life that the main focus is not to search for my twin soul but to work upon my own spiritual development and pathway to Oneness with Source or the Divine I AM Presence of my soul which has never separated from Source. For my Higher Self, my I Am Presence, the part of God which I AM is the Union of the other half of me. For when I AM one with my I AM Presence and thus with the Creator, then I AM ONE with all life including my twin soul.

Once you experience the energy of your I AM Presence you will feel the completeness and expansion of unconditional Love, wisdom, compassion, hope and expansion into the ultimate PEACE of Oneness with Source. The greatest love is beyond the romantic or sexual. The Greatest love is the Essence of Creation which never controls and always is there without need to forgive. For it is Source learning and expanding through the choices we make. It is Source loving us no matter what mistakes we make along our experiential path back to Oneness. For it is assured as we have expanded and experienced away from Source, one day we will realize that the Greatest experience and Love is Oneness with Source. Then we turn within and surrender to the embrace of the Greatest Love of All.

As I received this message I was reminded of the song written by Linda Creed and Michael Masser called ” The Greatest Love of All (is happening to me)”

I decided long ago never to walk in anyone's shadow.
If I fail, if I succeed, at least I lived as I believe. 
No matter what they take from me,
They can't take away my dignity.
Because the greatest love of all is happening to me.
I found the greatest love of all inside of me.
The greatest love of all is easy to achieve.
Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.
And if by chance that special place that you've been dreaming of
Leads you to a lonely place 
Find your strength in love

Prepare yourself for the reunion, whether what you are seeking is your Twin Soul or reunion with your I AM PRESENCE. We can only experience that for which we are prepared.

I AM Mareya Shemayah Elohim

Highest Gift and Life Expression

The highest gift we can give to ourselves and others is to be a living vessel of Divine unconditional Love. In this state of Being we are free from all that binds us to duality and can live and express, Divine Love and Unity to help others to break free.

Then together we can help to transform the Earth into the Heavenly place it was created to be.

This begins not by looking outward into the world for answers on how to change but inward in the heart. This is where the essence of the Creator lives within us. Go within, and ask to be shown and to receive Divine Love. Ask for help to have all walls and blockages which hinder or prevent your feeling, receiving and expressing this love be removed.

We must ask in order for the ones who serve our Creator to help us, free will and all. Once we have opened our heart, and this is a process. We may feel it immediately and the flow increase day by day or we may have many blockages to remove for this to happen. But, continue daily to go within and ask for help and it will occur. The process may bring up thoughts and feelings from past experiences that may not always be pleasant, but just ask for more love and help and you will find the release and transformation happen, and it will get easier.

Until one day you feel this glow within you that expands outward and you know that All is good, All is One, All is Light and Love. That you are safe, and all blessings can come to you and through you.

IT IS unconditional love that will change the world, not anger, violence, hatred or war. Place you focus upon and above the appearances of events and open your heart and ask to be shown the higher point of view and you will see how easily you move beyond the confusion and frustration into peace and joy.


Give it a try you have nothing to loose but hurt, frustration, pain and anger.

Namaste and Blessings


I sat outside and as I was listening, I was told that I should share these thoughts about forgiveness and my own process.

I found the prior post Forgiveness Decree synchronistic as are many writings, books or teachings that come to me at exactly the time I need to know or remember, or need a tool.

As people who know me would tell you I am not a perfect person, I have faults and make mistakes, bad choices, get impatient, cranky, and find myself needing to ask for forgiveness for my words or actions. Thankfully our Creator is loving, forgiving, understanding and can use us to help ourselves and others despite our faults.

Long ago I read in the book “Illusions – the Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah” by RIchard Bach – this quote., “You teach best that which you most need to learn.”

That is why these writings will be a mixture of teaching, learning, wisdom and truth. For as I learn, grow and open my heart more, it allows more wisdom and truth to enter so that I may share with others.

The key is that we are not yet perfect, for it is difficult to be so in a human form, but not impossible. We are not expected to be perfect in an instant by saying I believe in this or that. It is a process, of learning, growing and being.

We may make mistakes for which we might need forgiveness sometimes, some mistakes don’t affect others and some do. If we make a mistake, it is a learning process, what did you learn, and how can you do this better the next time. If you hurt another or affect another, admit your error and ask them for forgiveness. You must also forgive yourself.

The forgiveness of self is an important key. If you have asked another, whether or not they forgive you, you have admitted you hurt them in some way and try to make amends. If they choose not to forgiven you, there is nothing you can do about that but move on and do better. But you need to forgive yourself also.

We often stop in our forward movement when we make a mistake. We beat up on ourself mentally and emotionally believing we are not worthy. We forget that the Creator loves us unconditionally and only asks that we open our hearts to reconnect and live as One with the Creator. Often , we tend to shut down thinking we have disappointed the Creator as we perhaps had disappointed our parents or another authority figure when we made a mistake as children, and felt ashamed.

We shut down our connection in an attempt to hide, but the Creator knows for the Creator is within us. The Creator does not judge but sends us love to help us to overcome and move forward. We just have to admit, ask forgiveness of all involved including the Creator, for the Creator is also in the ones we harmed, and then open our hearts and minds to receive the Love and Light of the Divine, to heal us

As I said, we need also to evaluate the situation which happened and learn how to handle it better in the future. Forgive ourselves for not being perfect, and vow to do better. It does not mean you won’t make more mistakes, but as we try to watch our thoughts, words and deeds before we act we will find ourselves making less mistakes. Stop before you speak or act – is what you are about to do loving, are you acting from the heart of compassion, is it necessary, is it kind or will it hurt another in some way.

When we self monitor, and live from the heart the need for forgiveness will lessen along the way.

So as I said, I am not perfect, I am learning, and I needed to have this Forgiveness Decree as much as some of you may need it. To remind me to do better, but when I stumble to learn, ask and give forgiveness and do better in the future.

As I said luckily as we are part of the Creator , who will use us as we are willing to help to uplift ourselves and others, I am sharing that which I am inspired to share.

The following is a beautiful corresponding thought to that of Richard Bach, that we teach best that which we most need to learn and then two people may learn as quoted by Robert Heinlein.

“When one teaches, two learn.”
–Robert Heinlein

May your path have few pebbles upon which to stumble but when you do, pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and move around the pebble. Then watch for others along the way, and step over or around them, instead of kicking them and cursing them for being in the way and causing you to fall.

Blessed are the forgiving and forgiven for you shall be free.

Forgiveness a gift we give ourselves.

Diana Cooper shared this please say 3 times from the heart.

Forgiveness decree
I forgive everyone who has ever hurt or harmed me, consciously or unconsciously, in this lifetime or any other, in this universe, dimension, plane or level of existence or any other. 
I offer them grace.
I ask forgiveness for everything I have ever done to hurt or harm another, consciously or unconsciously, in this lifetime or any other, in this universe, dimension, plane or level of existence or any other.
I ask for grace.
I forgive myself for everything I have ever done to hurt or harm another, consciously or unconsciously, in this lifetime or any other, in this universe, dimension, plane or level of existence or any other.
I accept grace.
I am free.  All chains and restrictions fall from me.  I stand in my full power as a Master.

So be it.  It is done.


The dictionary defines idolatry: extreme admiration, love, or reverence for something or someone.

The christian bible says it is: immoderate attachment or devotion to something or someone

Today as I sat outside the following perspective was shared with me.

Sometimes we idolize or glorify another person. It can even be an object, money, belief system, political association or anything that represents or presents itself as being more important than our relationship with Creator Source. Even good things can become idols when we make them the ultimate things in our lives. Idolatry is all around us and we are so often unaware.

It may begin by one feeling betrayed, a lack direction, fearing their life is out of their control and others are a threat to their lifestyle. They begin searching for someone or something greater than themselves to which they may become a part. So they listen and perhaps believe and follow the path upon which this person is directing them

Often people feel powerless in the world whether it is because they don’t understand what is happening around them, or they fear the present and future. They want to take back control of their lives and perhaps even become a ‘hero’ in saving the world. Joseph Campbell referred to this as the “Hero’s Journey”. The Hero’s Journey is about feeling the need to respond to the call to adventure, a journey in which we are instrumental in positive change for ourselves and in the world

When a person follows another and what they are saying and doing, this person becomes a type of guru, icon or hero. The followers are willing to give away their power of self determination and spiritual direction because within them something is missing or lacking and they want direction and fulfillment. The person they follow or idolize , or the object, or belief systems that person represents, fills that empty space within them at the moment.

We can look back to the past and wonder about the worship of people as the lesser gods or mythological beings. They helped fulfill a need for direction and hope in a world out of the control of the worshipper. As they made things better for the people or displayed a greater power or ability to maneuver or overcome the obstacles of the world, people began to worship them. They may not even have been a real being, but an Archetypal representation of an idea with which the people needed help in dealing or explaining.

Joseph Campbell said of Archetypes and mythology: “It has always been the prime function of mythology and rite to supply the symbols that carry the human spirit forward, in counteraction to those that tend to tie it back.”

For instance the archetype of the Trickster:

Almost all non-literate mythology has a trickster-hero of some kind. … And there’s a very special property in the trickster: he always breaks in, just as the unconscious does, to trip up the rational situation. He’s both a fool and someone who’s beyond the system. And the trickster represents all those possibilities of life that your mind hasn’t decided it wants to deal with. The mind structures a lifestyle, and the fool or trickster represents another whole range of possibilities. He doesn’t respect the values that you’ve set up for yourself, and smashes them.

However, the Trickster by spurring us into action can help us to begin a path of forward movement instead of being stuck in fear or self pity.

A wise man once told me. ” God cannot direct you from a stopped position. However, once in motion, if you are moving along the wrong path, God can give you a nudge in the right direction.”

.Today these lesser gods or archetypes come in many different forms such as , movie stars, musicians, athletes, the extremely wealthy industrialist, spiritual leaders and icons, political leaders or military leaders. They may even come in the form of your material possessions, loved ones or friends.

There are ones you trust and follow even despite any character flaws. Why? A person of religion may say that many past prophets and religious leaders were flawed and yet their God used them to lead and guide the people. They were called despite their flaws because they were willing to follow direction and share what they received. However, it is always desired by Source that once they begin working with Creator Source they will begin to make positive spiritual changes in their lives. Just because we begin flawed and Source uses us to be of service, does not mean that it is a desirable state in which to continue living ones life or that Creator Source will continue to work through them.

To be called is about giving up of self/ego desires in order to be of Service to Creator Source and all Life in love, and compassion in order to bring Light and Love into the world. Our service is to help others to be uplifted into a more spiritual state and direction. We are loved unconditionally by Source, despite our flaws, but Source uses us as we are willing to follow direction in Unity and Oneness, and if we choose not to do so, we are still loved, but Source moves forward to work through others until we are ready to make changes.

This brings us to discernment. It is up to us as individuals to ask for protection and guidance to be able to discern truth and to follow that which is of the highest good. Just because a person brings us a Truth at a time when we are ready to receive it does not make that person an icon, we make that person an icon by continuing to follow and listen to them past the time of their sharing of Source Truth, or a greater truth than we had previously known, along our path of Ego directed truth.

We also need to be able to grow spiritually. Just because something is truth for us at this time in our life, does not mean it is forever true. There is Divine Truth which is forever the same and never changing. For instance – Like attracts Like. That is a forever Truth and Universal Law of Creation. That we are born to marry, have a family, home and work at a job until we retire and finally die. Is a relative truth that we are taught to be a guide for our lives. It is an accepted individual choice to accept or reject in whole or in part.

Sometimes we get caught up in the truth of another because of that lack within us to be a part of something greater than ourselves. They may even show us a greater truth than we currently know, but we must learn to discern and not blindly follow another.

 “People say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning for life. I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking. I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive, so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane will have resonances with our own innermost being and reality, so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive.”
― Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

By understanding our own hero’s journey, we can recognize and respond to the call to adventure of spirit and we can become participants of positive change for ourselves, for our community and the world. The desire to serve the Creator and humanity in creating a better world for all is the enlightening course to follow.

It is important to be discerning in our life of that which we choose to believe and follow as the guiding light and principal in our lives. Remember others are flawed, as are we and that the only true barometer of truth lies within us. If we learn to listen to the voice within we become able to discern the greater truth from the relative truth that is being shared with us. We learn to take back our power and be inwardly directed by Source instead of outwardly guided by Ego of ourself or another. No one can misdirect us unless we allow them to do so.

Does the truth or calling we see and hear from another inspire us to become more spiritually loving and compassionate on a forward and continuous basis. If not then take of the truth of the moment to which you are inspired and move forward along your path.

As we seek to grow closer to Creator Source we have a desire and willingness to be of service and to surrender our ego desires to a greater calling and unity.

Seek the higher journey of life. The hero’s path will open. Discern the Source of your truth and inspiration and keep only that which of uplifting and enlightening value. The truth and path lies within the heart.

May your light grow ever brighter.


The choice is yours alone.

Like so many other topics which humanity is facing these days, the idea of whether or not to take the Covid vaccine is an individual choice. No one has the right to make another person feel bad about the choice they are making.

Theories, ideas and beliefs regarding the Covid 19 epidemic and the vaccines effect abound on every type of information media. Some may be truth, partial truth or misinformation, and it is difficult to know which is which. Yet many when they make a choice are so dedicated to their choice they are blinded to the rights and choices of others and the affect their actions may have upon another.

These strong beliefs lead to the shaming and blaming of others regarding their choices and actions. Some don’t believe the pandemic exists or that people have died, and rally against the guidelines designed to help keep everyone as safe as possible.

Some believe it exist but that the disease and vaccines are designed to hurt us, control us or prevent our spiritual advancement. Others believe it exists and are living according to the guidelines provided in order to be safe, healthy and to help keep others healthy. There may be overlap in all of these beliefs.

Each person has a right to believe as they choose. The choice they make is right for them. However, we must all remember our rights should not infringe upon the rights of another and their choices. That is symbolized by masks and social distancing, which prevent our physical symptoms from being spread to another if we have them or from receiving the symptoms from another. Thus allowing us each our choices while both remaining well, as a choice of compassion and caring.

Back to the choice as to have the vaccine.

I am not supporting either viewpoints here, that is your choice. I am attempting to help us all to realize that we each have the right to choose without being ridiculed or shamed regarding our choice. Also, to share some information regarding each choice and how we can keep ourselves physically and spiritually strong.

I read a letter to the editor yesterday in our local weekly newspaper. We have heard a lot about the Spanish Flu but there was another disease that came about in the 1950 – Polio. The woman wrote about how in the 1950’s polio became a dangerous disease that killed and disabled many. It swept the country not as prolific as the flu but still very frightening. When a vaccine was created people were so happy to participate and the disease was brought under control and virtually eliminated as a threat. People listened, followed guidelines, and did all they could to stay safe. They had experiences, in a non digital media time period, similar to us.

One amazing story is called the ” A Summer without Children” here is the link.

A Polio Epidemic and the Unflappable People of 1950 Wythe County, Virginia

One county in Virginia during the Summer of 1950 had a major outbreak. They put up signs along the roads warning people not to stop. They local new and radio stations continued to inform people of current information as it became available. Businesses suffered, people, especially children stayed at home and eventually the impact lessened and they were able to resume normal life. It was hard on them also. The article shares, “The radio was just wonderful. That was our contact to the outside world. Our parents kept nothing from us because we’d sit around the radio and listen to see how many new cases there were. The radio was our connection to life.” Thus, radio’s popularity within the community skyrocketed and WYVE responded positively by creating innovative programs and informative news broadcasts to accommodate their changing role.

People took the vaccine because they wanted to stay safe and get back to a normal life outside of their homes. Of course not all took the vaccine, they did not feel threatened for whatever reason. Today, some of us have an immunity to the Spanish flu because our ancestors survived it and immunity is passed on via our DNA. At that time there were also theories being spread that caused fear and concerns with people. However, the social media was limited to newspapers, magazines and radio, not all people having television at that time.

There have been many plagues and epidemics throughout history. Medical professionals have learned more information about how to help us from each one. The science of medicine is a process and most human created medicines have side effects of which some are not known for many years. Yet, like chemotherapy taken for cancer, people are willing to accept the effects in hopes of living longer and being cured.

During Covid19 with the death rate skyrocketing around the world, the need for a vaccine to help us beyond the quarantine, masks and social distancing was a hope for many who watched others die. I realize not all believe the pandemic existed or that people have died, but I am asking you to look at and understand the viewpoint of those who do. Realize that if what has been reported is true, then many have suffered and died, as well as their loved ones who were unable to be by their side and mourned alone feeling helpless at not being there to comfort their loved ones. To belittle them is the same as if one said the passing of your loved one was a figment of your imagination. I am asking us each to look at the beliefs of another and to understand whether we believe as they do or not, we need to honor their right to belief and choose as they do if we want them to honor your right to believe it is all a hoax designed to control others.

You have the right to choose not to wear a mask but your right ends at the social distance of another’s rights. You have the right to choose not to get vaccinated, but your right to go unmasked without a vaccine ends at the social distance of possibly spreading the disease to another. This is simply taking responsibility for your choices. If you and another both make the same choice then there is no infringement.


A mask can symbolize something being hidden, the many masks in life that we wear. We put on these masks as an individual based on our relationships as a means of interacting and being accepted, a form of protection Until we are secure in ourselves, know and love ourselves as the sovereign beings we are, we continue to wear masks. To not wear a mask is a symbolic choice of removing our masks and the control of others and ones need to recognize this choice and how it helps the ones who make this choice feel more personally empowered. HOWEVER, this choice ends where another person’s rights begin. You don’t have the right to endanger the life of another even if you don’t believe in the pandemic or that masks help. Perhaps, it does exist and you simply haven’t encountered a person with the disease and if you did you would believe as they do.

Perhaps those choosing to follow guidelines and wear a mask are not afraid, but have a medical condition which makes them cautious or they are simply being respectful of the concerns or rights of another.


If you go to a place of business that has restrictions with which you don’t agree – your right is to shop elsewhere.

Belief is a powerful energy – for what we believe with sufficient emotion can manifest in our lives.

The decision of masks or no masks is similar to vaccine or no vaccine.

If you get choose to get vaccinated, you do not have the right to belittle one who does not choose as you do. Be aware, and if you are in a social situation you may want to keep a mask handy to protect yourself even if vaccinated. One would hope the unvaccinated will show the same courtesy, but again this is a matter of choice. If they will not comply by using a mask or leaving, then you can choose to put on your mask or leave. Another option is for all present to make a choice a majority decision as to if they can stay or should go, and those not agreeing with the decision leave.

We all have the right to choose, and we need to allow instead of getting angry or abusive.


Some believe the covid19 whether real or not was designed to get the mrna and dna vaccines into the public. The idea of an injection affecting our rna or dna is disturbing to many for its long term effects on not only ourselves but future generations. Some of the beliefs being that ones want to control humanity and/or prevent individual spiritual ascension.

Whether the control is about tracking us, mind control or destroying a persons spiritual beliefs, the choices we make based on these beliefs of possible ramifications are up to us individually. Some see it as a test to see how much we trust in our Creator. Even in spiritual communities ones say that if you take the vaccine your faith is weak and /or you won’t ascend spiritually depending on your spiritual practices and beliefs. Perhaps each of these beliefs are true. If a person holds something as true it is for them, whether it is a Divine or Higher truth or it is their relative truth.

Perhaps , Source has chosen to use this situation to aid us along our spiritual path back to reconciliation and Unity. Whether there was actually a pandemic, and if so no matter who created it or how it is spread, there has been a pandemic of human reaction and division which has occurred. The fear, anger and violence has increased to cause us to mistrust each other. On the other hand, as in many crisis human compassion is the driving force for many as we see with essential workers and humanitarian aid. Others have taken the time to focus on their own inner spiritual strength and journey.

We are allowed to choose our path and actions, whether aligned with Creator Source or our own Ego, or another persons direction. However, that does not mean that Source will not use these situations to help us to open our hearts and minds to a greater love, light, unity and compassion to raise the consciousness of the masses in order to be free. This is what has been happening.

Getting back to the vaccine choices.

One’s can know they are protected by spirit and for whatever reason take the vaccine. Perhaps part of their pathway is to show that no matter what is put into our bodies, through our faith we can overcome it, in order to have optimal health. We can with Love and Light repair our rna and dna, remove the toxins and even ascend spiritually. We can take the vaccine and know all that exists is part of Creation and we choose our path and destiny by our focus upon Love and connection to Source, which is greater than anything created by humans.

So, if you know your can be protected and/or overcome the vaccine effects why take the vaccine. Perhaps, you are a wayshower to others of this understanding that the Love of Source overcomes all human creation. Perhaps your lifestyle and purpose are made easier by doing so. Perhaps you know that you are a spiritual person living in a human body as a vehicle to get around this planet and this is part of your path.

You may choose not to take the vaccine, for you know you are protected by Source and have no need for that experience. You need only keep your focus upon your path and care for your physical form to keep it strong. Meanwhile, do not take the path of spiritual superiority over others believing their choices inferior to yours. All choices are right for the person and the path they have chosen.

If you choose to disbelieve in the pandemic, perhaps you are aware that there are forces and energies which try to control humanity, and you are resisting this control and trying to take back sovereignty of your life. This is good as long as you care about and honor the choices of others, and do not infringe on their rights as you do not want them infringing upon your rights. The hope being that your exercise your rights with honor and respect of others. This is a step along your path of awareness and freedom and is so important outward step.

No one can control us unless we give them the right to do so. We are so bombarded by media on so many ideas that it is easy to get caught up in any one particular belief that catches our eyes. Even ones who feel they have strong spiritual beliefs can get caught up in a particular belief or idea about how to act, and feel their belief is better than that of another.

Perhaps none of these are conscious choices but from a lack of understanding of where we are placing our attention at the time. For where we place our attention is our god of the moment and it is how we are controlled. It is said that if your eye be singular upon Source your body shall be filled with Light. The light protects us from everything. Light of Source and Love of Source are the same energy.

Fear is not the opposite of Light and Love, but the absence of light and love from a thought or situation.

Know that true freedom and strength come not from the physical exercise of power and force, but from the inner connection with Source which is all things and when connected in purity of love this allows you to experience the abundance and peace of true freedom and sovereignty and a desire that all experience the same

We have seen throughout history the use of war to supposedly free others. In some cases it works, in some not or perhaps for a little while. In all cases force begets force.

Like begets like is a law of Universal creation. Love begets love. If you show love, compassion and understanding for another and their path, you will receive back the same from them.

It was shared that when a sufficient number of humans have chosen to make their spiritual path of Unity with Source consciousness then the control energy will be broken for all.

Wisdom is being shared to aid us no matter our choice to keep our physical form in good health during this period. The greatest key is to center oneself in the heart and experience the Love of Source and allow it to pour through your and into the world. This can transform and protect you from Covid19 or the vaccine.

Some suggestions are given as to supplements also for the physical form even if you do not have a spiritual leaning or are agnostic. Examples are supplements used to aid in the repair of DNA and RNA like B vitamins like B12, Folate, Vitamin D, Vitamin C. Look it up on line DNA repair. Eat well cruciferous veggies, all veggies and fruits, cooked tomatoes, SUNSHINE, exercise, do cleanse of bowels, take warm bath, steam or exfoliate skin.

Spiritually, Fill yourself with the love and light of the Source and ask to be cleansed, healed and protected.

If you would like more information please feel free to contact me. I have links to two videos – one for taking and one for not taking – which share supplements and other spiritual practices shared by the video maker regarding staying health after you make the choice. They may not agree with what I have shared, but their advice on supplements etc. is sound.

Again, I am not espousing any particular choice or belief. This is up to you. I am asking you to be more open and allowing of the choices of others and keeping everyone safe and healthy.



In order for there to be changes in the world it must begin by changes within ourselves.

Power and Sovereignty begin within.

In order for there to be changes in the world it must begin by changes within ourselves. All that we want and need in our lives and in the world comes first from a thought or desire within us upon which we focus our intent.

That which is manifest in our world came about as a result of individual and or collective desires. Sometimes it takes a group agreeing to something like creating a religion or forming a new country. An important factor is does it come from an ego based mind or a more unified loving perspective. For those which come from an ego based desire are ones which are limited by 3D existence.

However, we only have control over our own individual focus and desires. For manifestation begins with a thought or desire, upon which we focus our intent and energy until it manifests in our lives or we choose to stop focusing upon it. In that case it may still manifest but not in the same manner as we thought and desired or simply slip away.

The speed of manifestation in our life depends upon our feelings or belief about ourselves, our abilities and power to influence our life direction and our future. Many see power, control and manifestation/abundance to be desired and complementary abilities and or energies. Power and manifestation are complementary but are limited by our ego direction which has a control focus. If our ego is directing, then we are limited to a 3D focus of power and manifestation. If we are unity and universally focused through the heart we are in the unlimited power of abundance and manifestation.

Do you believe you are a victim of others or the world? Or are you the directing you life and actions?

Dr Wayne Dyer said,” When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.”

The way we look at things is our power of perception and manifestation. Power is a perception we have of ourselves, others and the world. Perception is a strong energy. If we view ourselves as powerless it will become our reality, for we will act and behave in a manner that reinforces this belief. If we recognize and believe we have the power to succeed and change our life we will begin to take actions that will manifest these changes in our life. Even in times of great despair and hopelessness the power to change that belief and move into our power exists within our hearts.

The power of one person cannot decrease the power of another unless they allow that to happen. You may think ,but what about someone that steals from another, abuses another, or any other negative action that hurts or limits another financially, mentally, emotionally or physically?

Unfortunately here in our 3D world bad things do happen and harm comes to ones who did not apparently deserve to suffer. It is sad, and a topic for discussion another time as to why this may happen, beyond the obvious exercise or misuse of power from one person or group forced upon another. However, now we are dealing with how we can make the changes on a personal level from being a victim to becoming a powerful sovereign Being.

We may suffer physically and financially and be unable to stop the ramifications to our physical form or finances, but power does not come from physical things like money or the body, not true unlimited power. One event, tragedy or set back in life doesn’t mean we are a failure or unlovable and valued person in this life. That power to overcome this belief comes from within us However, these physical or financial ramifications can only effect us long term on the mental, spiritual and emotional levels if we give them that power. Being a victim comes from long term acceptance that another has power over us, or can harm us and we have no ability to change that situation.

Money, physical harm, intimidation or any form of thought influence is only a tool that another may use to exert their 3D influence upon another. They do so that they may feel more powerful, but that is simply a lower vibration a limited energy that will end either during their lifetime or upon their death for an individual or upon the ending of a business, media source, or a political, financial and religious institution.

True power is not 3D in its source but begins within and comes from the non physical energy of creation and the key to connecting lies within the heart.

The key is that no matter the events that have happened to us so far in our lives, we always have the ability to turn within our heart and connect to the source of all Life, Love, Wisdom, Abundance, Truth, Power and Forgiveness. As we move into the heart and think of love, and ask to be given the wisdom, strength, love and power needed to make changes in your life. Then open to the love and let that energy move outward, listening to the feelings and thoughts of guidance which come to you helping you to make the changes needed. Think of the future you desire, and as long as it does not harm another living thing or person, you will be connected to the love and power of creation. This is the source of existence by whatever name you choose to call this limitless energy.

How do we change the world? We change ourselves to match the energy of love and creation which allows us to become powerful conduit of Creation that brings unlimited and eternal abundance to us and all life. One can be an agnostic and still understand the power of love, compassion and forgiveness.

A wise man once said: “If what you have been doing up until hasn’t worked, it never will”

To choose to take back our power by hurting , demeaning or stealing from another is still a part of the 3D limited victim consciousness. This only brings more of the same into an already chaotic world. It is time to change our focus and actions to be of a loving and unifying focus.

The energy of our intent and desires will manifest because that is part of the universal laws of creation. The creational energy follows thought. However, whether this is a limitless energy of eternal existence or limited to 3D physical laws is based upon our inner intent and desires.

Once we tap into the heart and love within we can begin to love ourselves and others. To see ourselves as truly worthy and strong people who feel confident and able to do anything. We can let go of the pain inflicted by others because they no longer have any power over us. For as long as we focus upon the pain and anger of the hurt they inflicted, they have power over us. We are able to become the conduit of a higher power and grace which transforms us and the world in which we live.

Others will begin to see the change and possibilities in you and seek to understand and know more. Then you can help them to make the same connection to the energy of creation and the power of abundance, wisdom, love, truth and compassion.

This begins the change in the world we want to see and it began with your choice to change.

Our source of abundance isn’t our job, another person, or an institution. Our abundance comes from our connection with Universal Oneness and Creation for it is TRULY unlimited. You will find yourself inspired by that which brings you joy, good health and abundance sufficient to help others begin along their path. Ones may need a helping hand which you can give on the physical level from your abundance in order to be able to move beyond their focus upon on their lack and pain. So that they may look without and see the Light and Love you shine as a conduit of creation, and want to learn the secret.

We can feed a person for a day, but better to teach them how to fish, for then they have the abundance of food throughout their lives.

The choice to be a free, loving, abundant and powerfully sovereign Being is yours. However, in making that choice you are opening the door for not only yourself, but others to transform and change the world.


Information, Knowledge, Wisdom and Enlightenment

These words are actually important steps to understanding ourselves, the world, the Universe and even the Source of Creation.

Wisdom is a gift that we can receive either through inner reflection and connection to the Universal Source of Creation, or we can learn through experience and experimentation. The latter being the slower course. In our world of scientific research designed to prove on a physical level any concept, idea, or theory, it is the most acceptable.

However, Enlightenment can only come through the conscious connection to Universal Source whether we move to that point directly by searching within or taking the slower steps.

The differences between these words as concepts are often misunderstood. Information is a collection of data by an individual whether it be for research which is on a scientific, moral, political, social or spiritual level. One may begin with a theory, idea or belief and wish to prove their theory or belief correct.

Knowledge occurs as we begin to organize information in a coherent manner so that we can begin to understand it and hope to prove our theory or belief which began this process. It is also the first step in applying our information in a scientific process.

Wisdom is the application of knowledge once we have determined whether our theory or premise was correct or incorrect. We can either make changes in our theory and begin again if we find we were incorrect or apply the results as a guide moving forward.

Another way in which we gain Wisdom is connected to Enlightenment. For we can bypass the process of gathering information and hoping to gain knowledge by beginning our journey within our higher mind and heart. By asking for a higher direction and understanding of any situation and waiting for inspiration and guidance to come.

Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock, and it will be opened to you.

All wisdom, knowledge and information is available to us as we connect with Universal Source Consciousness (by whatever name you choose to call this Source). To connect we must go within.

I have a simple parable to illustrate this concept:

If you tell someone that holding their finger in a flame it will suffer a burn you have given them information.

They may verify this data first by placing something else in the flame and seeing it burn and thus moving into wisdom. Perhaps, instead they put their finger into the flame and it is burned. They have applied the information to verify it’s veracity and gained knowledge. Hopefully, to never do so again, which is wisdom.

If they believe that putting their finger in the flame will burn them and they choose not to do so that is wisdom. Whether they have moved here from the information step, the knowledge step or they have asked within and been shown what the result would be and knew not to do so without going through any physical process.

There is a story about Adam and Eve when they chose to not adhere to the wisdom of the Creator and to partake of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Whether this is a factual story of events or a parable, we will look at it as a parable for this sharing. Adam and Eve lived in a pure state of Grace and Unity with Creator Source and All Life. Anything they needed was given to them and all wisdom and knowledge available for asking because they were one in Consciousness with their Creator Source. They lived in Unity with all living things. They did not need clothes for all was in perfection and nothing needed to be hidden, there was no shame or fear, no evil, only goodness, abundance, and peace.

In the parable, the serpent, which many consider to represent knowledge, tempts Eve to partake of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, which she and ultimately Adam do. They became fearful, ashamed, tried to hide from their Creator what they had done. They had moved through choice from a state of Grace and Wisdom to a place of confusion. They now needed to gather information about the world around them in hope of gaining knowledge and understanding about their new situation. They had left Unity for duality, a feeling of separation from the Creator. In the process, this choice they made (the story says they are expelled by Angels of the Creator) expelled them from the Edenic state of Grace and Unity with all Wisdom, Love and Understanding. It was through their choice that the fall from Grace occurred, at any moment they could have returned, by moving from fear of the Creator back into seeking within for Oneness.

I believe this story to be a parable of more than just two people who made this choice but each being who did so who has come before us. Adam as the male, represents the strength, logic, and will. Eve as the female, represents the wisdom, intuition, nurturing. Each representing aspects of the Creator Source which now are choosing to follow their own inner ego guidance instead of moving in Unity with direction of Universal Creation. As each person chooses to follow their own personal ego guidance, they are creating an individual world, or if they work together with others an agreed upon reality. Which at this time has created a world filled with chaos.

To make choices is a gift from Creator Source and is not wrong. Choice is a part of creation expanding and exploring the potential and where it will take us in creation. The wisest choice is to stay in unity with Creator /Universal Source in this exploration and expansion, instead of relying on our ego to guide us. However, there is a fail safe for in expansion there is also contraction. As we expand to a certain point in the Universe, the strength of the Source as love and grace will begin to be felt more strongly. This energy will begin the stirring, within ones who are able to partake, a desire to move within and reconnect on a conscious level, with the Creator, the Universe and all life.

As we can see the choice to partake of the knowledge of good and evil, the duality of ego over unity, has brought us to chaos.

Once a wise man told me:

IF what you have been doing up until hasn’t worked, IT NEVER WILL.

Right now we are at that point where the energy of the Source is very strong to aide us in awakening from our slumber and to begin the search for more information, knowledge and wisdom about a greater state of Being. Hopefully, we can feel this energy and realize that what we have been doing hasn’t worked. How do we move from the chaotic fear based society in which we exist to create a new world of love, peace, harmony, balance, abundance and joy for all life

In the parable we moved from Wisdom, to confusion. We had to learn how to get back, but we felt cut off from the state of beauty and grace in which we lived, and felt ashamed like we were being punished and ALONE.

Yet, we continued to seek outside of our selves for the information and knowledge instead of within. Seeking without can bring us to a level of wisdom but not to enlightenment and Oneness.

Enlightenment comes when we reach a level of spiritual awareness that we are not bound by the control of ego or mass consciousness, but instead are directed from within by love, compassion, understanding, wisdom, harmony and balance.

The process can be as easy as knocking on the door and walking through. The door lies within your heart. Earth is designed as a heavenly place. We can experience it as Hell or Heaven, it is a matter of choice or consciousness. It is time to get off the slow path and return to the path of Grace.

The heart is where our connection resides, and from their we are connected to Universal Creator Mind to guide and enlighten us.

Once we make the choice, it filters into mass consciousness and makes the process easier for the next person. In Unity and Oneness we stand as enlightened beings and others feel and are drawn to the Light within us.

Blessing to you.