Twin Flames

Why do you seek them?

I am not sure of all the reasons that ones spend time seeking their twin flames.

Do they feel alone? Do they feel incomplete? Do they have miserable relationships and seek what they hear might be the ultimate love? Or are there other reasons.

We have heard of soul mates. Soul mates are souls who come from the same monadic soul family as ourselves. We go out and often together with one another into various lifetimes and experiences to learn and grow, they could be lover, friends, parent and child, or nemesis. They are not what ones term twin flames. Others say a soul mate is a romatic partner that fulfills you, while others say that is your twin flame.

Twin flames are said to be the other half of us. It is said that at some point our soul split into two parts for whatever reason. It is said that you can only reunite without possibility of karmic consequences when you have both Ascended. It is often said that while one is embodied their twin flame stays in spirit to help guide them, only embodying at the same time in rare circumstances of great need on the planet.

No matter the term or concept of twin flame, or soul mate. People are focusing upon the wrong aspect of spirituality if they spend their time seeking a twin flame.

The first Union to seek is your Union with the Creator. When that is fulfilled, embraced and embodied there is nothing missing in your life, for all is part of the Creator and thus you are now able to merge with your twin flame, soul mate and all life. You are whole.

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God/Creator, and all will be added unto you.”

To seek first a union with a soul mate or twin flame over union with the Creator is a GREAT DISTRACTION, which prevents you from fully becoming all that you can be and came into life to be.

Buddha taught us how to prepare the body, mind and soul to work in unity to experience the wisdom of the Universe as peace and unity upon the earth. Jesus took the concept to the next level and taught us how when we have accomplished this in our lives, those born of flesh can walk this path and embody the I AM Presence of God.

What does this have to do with twin flames. They did not spend their time on earth searching for their soul mate or twin flame. They sought first the Divine within them.

Thich Nhat Hanh, a buddhist teacher said, “True love is generated from within.” No one knows where the idea of the split began, somewhere in the past of duality. The buddhist speak of the souls as sparks of the flame of Oneness that separate and then return to the whole. Perhaps in seeing man and women people took this concept further. Duality is part of light and dark, masculine and feminine, good and evil.

Ones hear in new age circles of Ascended Beings and their twin flames or the Masculine and Feminine aspects of Archangels. Although once we have returned to the sea of the Oneness with all Creation and the Creator, we can manifest as either masculine or feminine or dog or cat or whatever we wish.

We realize that these are just concepts. There was once a program called “Deep Space Nine” in which one character was Odo was a changling. The changling people were in their essence a sea of golden color liquid. They could at any time manifest as anything they wanted or could visualize. Two of them could merge together to share wisdom and understanding or they could merge back into the wholeness of all of them.

This is what we are in the Essence of the Void of Creation or Unmanifest potential. We are love and one with all others who are and are not currently in form. We can manifest at will but our will is at one with the Creators will. The Creator has a vision of the expansion of creation into experimental realms of existence.

To explain that lets say the Creator wants to manifest a Sacred Center of Light for humanity. The Creator sends for the thought and ones pick up on it and they understand if they have a part and what that part might be in the manifestation. Now they are not without free will as they move in unity with the will of the creator. If there is a path to manifesting this, you could walk down the center of the path, to the left or the right along your journey. If you start to fall off the path, ones (like angels or your soul) will nudge you to get back on the path. If you have come to Unity Consciousness you will of course understand your part from a higher perspective and will walk the center of the path to manifestation for the betterment of all life, and do it easily, abundantly and with joy.

Again, you may ask what does this have to do with twin flames and soul mates?

Everyone is actually our soul mate, and the Creator is our Twin Flame at the essence of our Being. When we remember this, there is no longing for another to fulfill us, for we are fulfilled when we unite with the Creator, our I Am Presence. We are never alone or lonely. We never lack for all possibilities and abundance are ours, and we understand the higher perspective of life. We are FREE and UNLIMITED.

All of my life I have asked that the Creators will be done in me, through me, by me and for me. I have not always lived that desire, but it was the calling in my soul back to unity with the other part of me of which I have always been a part, but had forgotten and then felt unworthy of their love and oneness. The process has been healing myself to find the love within which is the Creator and has always been awaiting my return.

The kingdom is within us and as we reconnect it can expand outward into the world. A far greater experience of love, then a life long search for a soul mate or twin flame. They with whom we are meant to connect will come at the right time when we are ready. The healing begins within to find the highest love and connection.


I AM Moriah Elohim


As I begin each day I ask for a thought or word upon which to focus for the day and Transformation was the focus of this day.

As I sit quietly before starting my daily tasks and routine, I ask to be show what is important for me to know and understand. Transformation is a state of Being beyond a process. For a process involves steps and actions, and although there are actions involved these are on an energy level. The two main actions of transformation are ‘Letting go’ and ‘Alignment’.

Transformation is moving from one State of Being unto another State of Being. A state of Being unlike a state of mind is made up of qualities of existence and not goals or feeling regarding your circumstances or goals. To change your state of mind you must evaluate your situation and decide on new actions which bring emotional and physical satisfaction. This involves the ego guarding against hurt and pain, fight or flight if things get too scary. Meanwhile the brain is analyzing the situations, your options, it is taking authority and initiating your actions based on physical, mental and emotional factors as well as known belief systems, rules and regulations.

In order to change your State of Being, you function from the heart, where the soul guides you. The soul is always aligned to the higher perspective and universal intelligence of the Creator Source through the I Am Presence. When we move into the heart, we can receive transcendent light which transforms the lower blockages and allows the grace, wisdom and truth of Divine Love to guide us. This is a state of Being in Grace, to wait upon the Divine timing with patience and see the higher perspective which Blesses All. This state of Being is joy, peace and the energy of manifestation.

Thus the process of transforming from one state of Being to the State of Being in Grace, Enlightenment and Divine Love involves two steps. Letting go of the old outdated beliefs and perceptions, which involves choosing to do so. The second step is alignment to the Divine Light and Love within our hearts which connects us to our Soul, our I Am Presence and Source.

In Letting go you need to breath, stand still, accept that you deserve all that you desire and the Creator wants you to have it. Think of that which brings you joy and peace, the feeling of love and security. Move into the feeling, and breath it into you as you move into the center of your Heart. Ask that the transcendent Light of the Creator release and transform any blockages.

Then within the heart, open, drop your defenses and feelings of guilt and lack of self worth so that the Light can fill you. See that you are connected to your Soul and the Universe, and align yourself to receive the Divine Love of the Creator through you I Am Presence and your Soul. Your I Am Presence is that which you are as a part of the Creator, and you Soul is the intermediary between you/ego identity and your I Am Presence. This happened due to the low vibration of the Earth and the choices to live from Ego, which cut us off from our I Am Presence. It cannot exist within the form in the 3D energies, we need to move into 5D.

The other aspect being that we have at some point taken away the authority of our soul and I Am Presence to guide us in our earthly journey and now we need to take it back from the energy which controls us as part of mass consciousness and return it to the Creator. This must be a conscious choice. This allows us to walk in Unity with the Creator and All life in Oneness and receive of the Divine Love, Grace, Abundace and Peace that is our birthright as Beings of Light.

We are Souls having a human experience. We have forgotten and so we think we are this form and it is more important than the Divine iniative of Being.

A wise one once told me,” Ascension and transformation is as easy as walking through a door from one room to another. We choose to make it difficult.”

So today the subject of contemplation and meditation is TRANSFORMATION.

Let go and Align to transform.


Morian Elohim


Awaken my children to My Presence within you.

Awaken to know the peace that our Oneness brings into your life.

Awaken to the wisdom of the Universe available to you as we work in unison to help the world to awaken to the Truth of Creation and Expansion.

Awaken to Love, Peace, Security and Abundance.

Awaken to remember that in Unity all your needs are met, and Peace prevails.

Awaken to know in my Love you are safe.

Awaken to remember that I AM the Source of All and that you need not fear lack in our Oneness.

Awaken to see there is sufficient for ALL.

Awaken to cherish and love each other, for you are part of me, and part of each other.

AWAKEN my children.



Transformation and Manifestation

My message from Spirit yesterday was one word TRANSFORMATION and it came forth in conjunction with the concept of MANIFESTATION.

I knew I had to write about this, but had not yet done so, when I was reminded this morning by a post of facebook that spoke of us being energy and Transforming. I love the synchronicities of Spirit, we simply need to be aware to see them in our lives.

We are spirit manifesting in form. We are energy that is infinite, that changes and manifests and transforms as part of the creational process of experiential expansion and contraction. Thus we are without beginning and end for we are part of the Creator who is without beginning or end. Even before the Creator thought to Create, the Creator existed as the energy of infinite potential. When we have completed our journey we return back to the Creator and Oneness. Even those who ones might consider evil will be redeemed or transformed back to Oneness eventually.

Recently for myself and I am sure many others, manifestation has been a topic of interest. Like most, I began with trying to understand the art of manifestation upon the physical plane. Most people can use extra money or even enought to pay their bills and live. Most classes that teach manifestation, teach one how to hold the intent and focus upon manifesting, money, winning lotteries, getting the job you want, the main focus being upon our physical needs.

What I was consistently reminded about from spirit was, this quote from the Christian Bible Matthew 6:33, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” This reminded me that the we are part of the Creator and as part of the Creator, when we live in Oneness we can manifest all that we need and desire and the abundance that comes to us enables us to help others to meet their needs and to turn their attention to the Creator within so that they too many know the prosperity and abundance which is their Blessing when they live in Oneness.

Can you manifest without seeking the Creator first in your life? Yes, we see ones who have wealth and power on the earthly level, but who are not kind, compassionate, giving, and loving. This is part of the chaos we see and experience upon the Earth. This is because prosperity is sought for self and not for the betterment of all life.

I am not saying that my path is the path for all, but from an early age my greatest desire was ” Not my will but thine ” as I sought unity and oneness with the Creator and All Life. I have a vision given to me by the Creator, as we all do although it may not be conscious within us. I had held the vision and spent time refining the details, while working to manifest the funding. I had always known the source of my prosperity in life is not my job but the Creator. So I was reminded by these quotes to put my spiritual connection as my focus, and giving my dream back to the Creator to manifest in the correct time and in the correct way.

I remembered to wait upon the Creator and my inner guidance as to when to act and how instead of attempting to make it happen. To have joy and faith in the dream, while seeking to do the best I can each day of my life to help others and to be aligned to the will of the Creator. Getting my will and control out of the way allows for infinite possibilities. Aligning first unto the Creator, allows for all abundance and prosperity to come to me, through me and into the world to benefit all.

As I was doing a meditation yesterday, I asked my guides for a word upon which they would like me to focus. The word was TRANSFORMATION. For as I transform the darkness, fear and doubt within me, and bring in the Unconditional Love and Transcendent Light of the Creator, I will be Transformed and then the gift of Abundance and Manifestation are a part of me as I am a part of the Creational process for the benefit to all.

This is the message given of TRANSFORMATION and MANIFESTATION.

If they eye be singular, they body shall be filled with Light. (Transformation)

Having sought the kingdom first and being transformed by the Light – all things shall be added unto me. (manifestation)

So, for me the manifesation process was to let go of need, wants and desires of the earthly plane as far as seeking them as a priority. I ask and I align with the Creator’s will with faith that all shall come in the right time and manner for the greater good and Blessing.

I hope this helped someone.

I Am Moriah Elohim

I wanted to add a couple of recommendations.

When you have doubts about your vision or mission and where you are in that process a wonderful book of wisdom is “The Dream Giver” by Bruce Wilkinson. It helps to point out the belief systems and fears of ourself and those around us which prevent us from connecting to the Greater Part for us.

The next recommendation is to any of the classes, teachings, anointments or installations by Nickolaos mParalos. His work is of the the highest energy and intent. In connection to this I specifically recommend his offering called ” Divine Installations of Abundance, Expansion and Prosperity”. This helps us to come into our connection to the Creator as the Source of our Abundance, Prosperity and Creative Expansion for the greatest good of All.

This can be found at both his website:

or his udemy site:

What’s in a Name?

Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet wrote,” A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

This signifies that a name does not change the essence of who we truly are, or of anything whether object or living.

We each have a name given to us from at the time of birth or shortly thereafter. First names have been present since ones began to speak, and last names were added as communities grew and we had to many Edwins so they either used the Fathers name or their profession as the last name to distinguish one Edwin from another. The meaning of a name evolved also from aspects of their lives. For instance Edwin came from the Ead, meaning prosperity and Wine, meaning friend. So Edwin was the prosperous friend. Perhaps, this Edwin was a baker and another a farmer. Thus, one became Edwin Baker or if his father was the Bakers, Edwin Bakerson. The people at the time knew what the names meant, but through time unless we look up the meaning of a name, we probably have no idea what our name means. If you look on the internet, most names have a meaning.

In many religions, the baby name is chosen for qualities to which the parents aspire for their child and if attuned, the child’s spirit may have helped direct them to a name which brings a certain essence for which they desire in this lifetime. In Buddhist tradition it is said that Buddhist names bring to a baby the positive first impression. This can help the child to create a life of peace, enlightenment and virtue which are goals to which one aspires spiritually. For instance Achara means “an angel who is very pretty”. What girl or woman would not want to be thought of as an pretty angel, and aspire to live up to her name. In Hebrew Joseph means the “will of God” and Mary means ” beloved”. So love and the will of God were the parents who cared for Jesus. In Hindu religion the boy’s name Ishan means “harbinger of wealth”.

It can get confusing also. It is not only our first name which can influence our journey in life it is also middle and surnames. Why do we have middle names, and in the catholic faith they are also given a saint name. Often children were named after saints in ages past. Middle names allowed for ones long ago to name a child to honor an ancestor and to give them a saint name of protection. Sometimes it was to lessen the need to live up to the first name whether the meaning of it or if you were named after an ancestor so that you could choose to be called by another name. For Example, you were named after your aunt Harriet who was beloved, but today Harriet is not so popular a name, so they give you the middle name Rene so that you can choose to go by your middle name with friends and family. The name Harriet means “ruler of the home” while Rene means “reborn or peace”.

Most women have a point in time when if they marry they can choose to change part of there vibrational pattern by taking their husbands last name. If you find you do not resonate with your name, you do have the option of changing it at some point in your life. I was thinking in the past of how movie studios would change the name of actors to have a more powerful impact. Some along the way legally changed their name to the stage name if it was successful. Marion Morrison known as John Wayne never legally changed his name and all of his children have the legal last name Morrison, but use Wayne as their stage name. However, Norma Jeane Mortenson did legally change her name in 1956. Marion Morrison used the nickname Duke throughout his life and in his first few pictures he was Duke Morrison, until the studio decided John Wayne had more appeal. The name John Wayne means, John (graced by God) Wayne (wagon builder). Good name for a man in westerns aspiring to greatness. Marion Morrison means, Marion(of the sea) Morrison (son of Maurice).

Would they have had the same level of success professionally with their birth name? We will never know.

All creation begins with thought, an energy surrounds it and it is spoken into the sea of intent from which it manifests. Everything has a vibration and vibration affects everything. A strong name is the one that carries very strong vibration. Because of these strong vibrations, a person is able to attract success & fame.  Vibration can cause changes in our body, mind and emotional state. A high vibrational nae can aid us in our growth by inspiring us to reach higher. A name with which we do not resonate can cause us to feel bad about ourselves. Or, if the name we were given is considered unusual, we can be teased and feel bad about ourselves and our name. That is probably why Marion Morrison grew up being called Duke, a much more powerful name, which would not lead to being teased.

However, how we feel about our name is centered within us and our relationship with own inner self love and esteem and our need for the approval of others. The name itself is cannot hurt us but how we perceive it or the energy we give to it. All that exists is part of the Creator and so it is of value. A name can be another aspect of ourselves which we either embrace and it empowers or we have trepedation and it stifles our growth. There is nothing which we cannot transform in our lives and energy we cannot change to a higher vibration through belief, love, thought, intent and a some help from the Gold, Silver and Violet Flame of Transmutation. As we focus upon something from a heart centered perspective we learn to understand it from a higher perspective of love and unity, thus uplifting its vibration and our own. The Gold, Silver and Violet Flame, release and transmute all misqualified and stuck energy to allow the Gold of Wisdom and the Silver of Grace to fill our energy and uplift our thoughts and emotions, thus our perception and perspective regarding the issue we are addressing

Dr Wayne Dyer said, “When you change the way you look at things. The things you look at change.”

Perhaps what is needed is for parents to be mindful in choosing the names of their children, and if you don’t like your name, you can change it, or perhaps look up its meaning and it might change they way you perceive your name.

Jean Gebser, a philosopher in the early 20th century said,“Only if we grant power to something can it have power over us. It becomes a serving and sustaining potency when we again are able to place it into the realm where it belongs, instead of submitting to it.”

As we move from the physical level of a name to the spiritual we can also see changes. Along my pathway of growth my guides and teachers have at differing times referred to me by different names. These names helped to point out an aspect of myself to which I needed to pay attention. When I first began my journey they called me Bieta, meaning ” tenderness, inquisitiveness, pioneer, sacrificer”. These were certainly qualities upon which I was working as I moved into new spiritual realms. Then For a time they called me Serena, meaning “serene, calm , peaceful”, for my life was a bit chaotic and I needed those qualities. In the last year I was given the name Marguerite as I started blogging. Marguerite which means, “a pearl, daisy, ingenious, resolute, a child of light”. With the meaning of pearl, it became obvious for I was told I was a facilitator of Divine Wisdom within others and it means I listen to others with my heart in order to help them.

So we will find as we come to trust the Divine guidance within a name given to us to help us to resonate with where we are and where we are going at a point in time along our path. We don’t even have to legally change our birth name.

There is a technique on a site called which says to change the frequency vibration of your name and your relationship to it. List 10 things that you feel are beautiful and perfect. Then each night say I Am followed by the name of what you love. For instance, I AM roses, I AM the ocean, I AM the sunset and at the end say I love (your first full name). As you say each one feel the emotion of peace and love that you have for them. Thus you begin to identify your name and who you are with the things you love. Affirmations are powerful especially when spoken in conjunction with a strong emotion of love.

However, there is also another name, to which we will one day be given and it is the name of our soul. In the Christian Bible it says:

 “To the one who is victorious, I will give some of the hidden manna. I will also give that person a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to the one who receives it” (Revelation 2:17).

What does this mean?

The one who is victorious is the person who overcomes the lower nature of fear, fight and flight brought forth from ego centered choices and returns to a heart centered life of love, compassion, wisdom and truth. The hidden manna is spiritual truth and wisdom . It is this which sets us free and makes us victorious. The stone represents our spiritual foundation and to be white means we have purified ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually of misqualifed energy. The new name being the name of our spirit, our soul, our I AM Presence, that part of us that is, always has been and always will be One with God and All Creation. It will come when you are ready, for only your soul knows that point in time.

However, your part is to do the work of looking at yourself, you thoughts, words and deeds with mindfullness and taking the steps to clear and transform that which does not align with the Divine that you truly are so that you can embody the I AM wihtin the form. This is called Ascension or Enlightenment.

To each of you by whatever name you choose to use, may you seek the enlightenment within yourself and Be All that your truly Are.