Light Beings – Angels, Aliens, Ascended Masters, Archetypal gods & Elemental Beings

There is some confusion for people regarding these differing ‘categories’ of Light Beings. On the Ancient Aliens program, they reference Angels and many of the types of Light Beings as being Aliens who are misidentified.

In this writing we will look at the differing types and try to understand the differences. Let us begin with Angels and Archangels. They are 7th Dimension and higher Beings of Light who come from the heart of God and do the will of God. Most people do not hear or see them because they vibrate at a frequency beyond our physical senses and we must attune ourselves to the higher energy frequency to connect. It is similar to listening to a radio station, you must attune to the specific frequency in order to hear the station. The Archangels and Angels can lower their frequency but it is not easy to come to the 3 D dense frequency.

Rev. Maia Chrystine Nartoomid is a translator of the Akahaic Records of Thoth. According to her understanding from these records Angels are Living Light intelligences radiating from the Holy of Holies, Heart Seed of the Unified Field of Divinity, which Thoth calls the “Attastic Universe”. This exists within All, not outside of us. They are messengers and bring Light and messages to us. Like rays of a star they send forth the energies of the Creator Field into the Universe, and yet they can also be more personal to us. They connect to us within our hearts, and yet they can also appear in a more physical like appearance corresponding to our beliefs about them, to connect with us. They define and execute the Sacred Geometry within our DNA to transform the old patterns into the new for Light embodiment.

“The Akashic Record reveals angels to be radiant-soul beings, beyond the evolutionary path of what we understand as “souls,” and yet there is a relationship between the two. Angelics ray forth the essential etheric substance that is amalgamated into our soul envelopes–that which contains the individual “I AM” within the soul. Each soul has a blend of these angelic rays which causes that soul to respond to Spirit and to its own evolution in a specific manner, with a specific quality and angelic tone. This “angelic blend” is determined by the initial creation of that soul, and not as a result of it’s evolution. How the soul is able to communicate with its angelic rays IS determined by the evolution of the soul.” from

We each have a guardian Angel who has been with us since birth, holding the pattern of the experiences and work we came into form to do. They work to guide us to the experiences we need for growth, and protect us. They whisper guidance to us if we only listen.

Archangels are 7-9 D Beings of Light. They are within us and everywhere around us. They can whisper to us to try to inspire and awaken us. They represent differing aspects of the Creator field and like a ray they bring this quality to us to inspire us. For instance, Archangel Chamuel is an angel of the heart, and inspires us to find love, compassion, and forgiveness for ourselves and others. Archangel Chamuel can help us to bring down blockages that prevent our heart from opening, and help us to expand the love within us outward. Archangel Chamuel can connect us to the heart of the Creator Source and Unify us with ALL Life.

Angels and all Beings of Light can only whisper to us and hope we listen, but cannot interfer in our choices unless we ask for their help. If you wish to connect to your Guardian angel or any angel, sit quietly and surround yourself with Golden Light. Then speak and ask them to help you with a situation or to show you a sign they are with you. If you listen, you will eventually be able to hear there guidance, feel their presence or see a sign they are with you.

Elemental Beings

Amongst the elemental beings are gnomes, fairies, pixies, salamanders, undines, water sprites, imps, mermaids, Unicorns, Dragons, Pegasus to name a few. Elemental Beings are spirits who help to care for and guardian the earth. They were to work directly with humans, who were to be the caretakers of this paradise. However, we fell off track with our self will choices, and began creating a chaotic world which was confusing to the elemental and nature spirits. Which is why we experience paradise lost and find our weather chaotic, our air and water polluted and our land full of poison. The elementals moved back from working with and communicating with us and continued working with Lady Gaia and doing all that they can to maintain earth and protect it from us, the ones who were to be guardians.

They are the reason we feel peace and tranquility in nature. You don’t have to go far to find them. Elves work with trees. Faires and other elementals are with the flowers, in the gardens, and with the trees and plants. They live in the air, the water, fire and land. Most elementals are connected to a specific element. Salamanders and Dragons work with Fire element. Dragons are usually thought to be associated with Fire, but they work with all elements. There are fire dragons, water dragons, fire and water dragons and so forth.

The fairies, gnomes, brownies, pixies stone and crystal elementals all work with the earth. Sprites, undines, mermaids, and mermen work with water element. Slyphs , Fairies and Imps are associated with the element of air. They all work in harmony with Lady Gaia.

Unicorns are 9D Beings of Light who come from Lyra through the Lyran Stargate. They like Dragons and the other elementals were once on a more physical level of appearance, until the consciousness of humans fell and they stepped back into higher dimensions. The elementals stayed to help Lady Gaia but the Dragons and Unicorns withdrew from earth. Now they are back to help us.

Dragons work to clear the energies, to protect and make our pathway safe. They work the ley lines, grids, portals, gateways and megalithic sites to keep the energies clear and high to connect humanity, earth and the Universe. They need for us to request their help. They are 7th dimensional and above in origin.

Unicorns horns are made of light that they radiate forth which they can use to clear and activate energies. They bring forth a pure Christic Light to our planet of Love, Compassion, Grace and Wisdom. They are 9th dimensional and above in origin.

To connect, first believe in them. Sit quietly especially in nature and fill yourself with golden light. Call upon them and ask for them to connect and to work with your garden or the water, depending on which elemental you are contacting. Care for all living things, from animals to plants , the land, air and water. Don’t pollute, keep them clean. Bring compassion and love to animals, birds and all non human life forms.

Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters are being who at one time were in physical form and who were able to make clear their karma and make their Ascension into Beings of Light. They are living in 5D and above. Most have pledged to stay with humanity to help us in our ascension process. They have a unique understanding of us and our challenges having experienced similar themselves.

They serve on various councils which help to guide humanity, having unique perspectives. They can if we ask help humanity but must abide by the freedom of choice mandate of non interference, unless we ask. They can come down into a more physical form to contact those who have raised their vibration enough to interact with them, but only do that if needed for it takes much energy to lower their frequency. The various councils of service include, the Great White Brotherhood (denoting purity not color of skin), Karmic Board, Council of Light. They also serve as Chohans of the various color rays of Divine Energy coming to earth. Such as the Blue Ray of Divine Will, each ray having an Ascended Master, Elemental, and Archangel.


We also have the Ascended Beings from other star systems. After their system was able to clear the lower energies and Ascend, and they Ascended many volunteered to come to earth to help us during our process. Some incarnated and got caught in the web of karma, while others stayed in ships watching earth and helping to bring light and higher energies to us.

These are the Extra terrestrial or Aliens. They are part of the Galactic Federation of Light which serves the One of All Life. They are 5D and higher. They are not angels, but they may be avian beings from another planet which has bird like feature. They may be Beings who look like cats or lions. They may look similar to us. There are multitudes of appearances to the Star Beings of Light who are awaiting our call to help. They watch and guide the energies from stars and the Source which are being directed to earth to help us to be free and ascend. They work with the Ascended Masters and Angels.

The so called lesser gods, were beings from other planets. Some were good and perhaps some not so good. We do have not so good aliens within, upon and around earth, but we are looking at Beings of Light Service here. These lesser gods, as humans called them were Beings from Other planets who came here in either Service or for personal reasons and because of their technology and knowledge were deemed gods by some of humanity and starry brothers and sisters by others. They too being of 5D and higher can appear in form, but rarely do because of the energy required to lower their vibration. They cannot help us other than what is deemed the Will of the Creator, unless we ask.

So many have confused the lesser gods, star beings/aliens and Angels and gotten confused they are all the same. They are not, and so I hope the BRIEF description helps.


Author: Moriah Elohim

I am a seeker of Truth. I am in the process of clearing and transforming myself, to walk in Light and Love.

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