Twin Flames

Perhaps not the ultimate romance many believe.

What is a twin flame?

In the beginning we were androgynous Beings as we came forth from Source into individualization. Overtime through the process of incarnating into a third dimensional form, it is said that the soul was split into masculine and feminine parts. In this split, it is said, each is left feeling incomplete and must reconnect with the other to be complete. Usually, one part remains in spirit guiding the other during an incarnation. It is rare that they incarnate at the same time or find each other on earth if they do.

There are ones who spend time seeking out their twin flame, hoping to experience a most wonderful romantic relationship. It is understandable in these times of chaotic energies and short term relationships, to wish for something glorious to make our life exciting and fulfilling.

I understand the desire for this great romance, however, the reality can be quite different. For it is said they are a mirror which reflects back to us that which we need to transform or heal, our deepest fears, insecurities and shadows. For the purpose of the split was so that each could come into Oneness and wholeness within themselves, balancing the masculine and feminine energy before they reunite.

An example to help you understand would be twins separated at birth. One is adopted by loving parents who give them a wonderful life in which they thrive and grow. The other is lost within the foster care system. They bounce from home to home, never feeling loved or belonging. They turn to drugs and alcohol to ease the pain, and eventually commit crimes to support their habits and eventually end up in prison. Throughout their lives they each have a sense something is missing but don’t understand what it is.

The first sibling, knows they were adopted but not that they were a twin. One day they do a DNA test to search for their ancestors and find that they have a full sibling. As they research further they find their sibling is in prison and they go to visit. Upon seeing each other they realize that they are twins. This explains the feeling of something missing in their lives. While the adopted twin wants to help their sibling to make changes and find a better life, the one in prison feels only resentment and anger that there life had been so hard while their twin’s was so easy. There will be a difficult road ahead.

The same can happen between twin souls. While the one who has advanced spiritually can help the other to clear and heal, it can be a difficult path that has the potential of exploding and setting back the progress of both. That is why they rarely come together in life, unless they are already advanced souls here to do a particular work for humanity to which they have both prepared and agreed to do.

This being said, it has been my understanding in life that the main focus is not to search for my twin soul but to work upon my own spiritual development and pathway to Oneness with Source or the Divine I AM Presence of my soul which has never separated from Source. For my Higher Self, my I Am Presence, the part of God which I AM is the Union of the other half of me. For when I AM one with my I AM Presence and thus with the Creator, then I AM ONE with all life including my twin soul.

Once you experience the energy of your I AM Presence you will feel the completeness and expansion of unconditional Love, wisdom, compassion, hope and expansion into the ultimate PEACE of Oneness with Source. The greatest love is beyond the romantic or sexual. The Greatest love is the Essence of Creation which never controls and always is there without need to forgive. For it is Source learning and expanding through the choices we make. It is Source loving us no matter what mistakes we make along our experiential path back to Oneness. For it is assured as we have expanded and experienced away from Source, one day we will realize that the Greatest experience and Love is Oneness with Source. Then we turn within and surrender to the embrace of the Greatest Love of All.

As I received this message I was reminded of the song written by Linda Creed and Michael Masser called ” The Greatest Love of All (is happening to me)”

I decided long ago never to walk in anyone's shadow.
If I fail, if I succeed, at least I lived as I believe. 
No matter what they take from me,
They can't take away my dignity.
Because the greatest love of all is happening to me.
I found the greatest love of all inside of me.
The greatest love of all is easy to achieve.
Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.
And if by chance that special place that you've been dreaming of
Leads you to a lonely place 
Find your strength in love

Prepare yourself for the reunion, whether what you are seeking is your Twin Soul or reunion with your I AM PRESENCE. We can only experience that for which we are prepared.

I AM Mareya Shemayah Elohim


We are in a time of transition, both on the physical and spiritual levels.  That which was the normal in the past is no longer normal.  We are feeling pushed to the brink as the events and energies around us are constantly changing and shifting.  We and the planet are being upgraded and it isn’t always an easy transition.  We are bombarded with information both on the physical and non physical level.  It is sometimes hard to determine what is truth and what is disinformation. 

It is time for us to be sure if we are not already aware of or doing so currently the need for protection on the level of energy and spirit ( non- physical) and to develop the ablitiy to discern higher truth from relative truth. If you are connecting to or following ones bringing messages from non -physical entities this is important for you don’t have the body language clues to rely upon in your discerning.

I have shared a more complete writing regarding Truth – Relative or Divine, which explains this in a more expansive manner.  However, to understand for this writing it is important to state that not all people or Beings tell the higher truth.  This does not mean they don’t know it or even that they are trying to deceive you.  It means that people understand and share what they believe to be truth based upon their societal rulers, morals, and belief systems.  Also, their understanding is based on the belief systems of their family and peers, and the imprints of life experiences.  One can only understand at the level to which they are free of outside influences and are understanding and expressing from the level of inner guidance from the All that Is, Creator Source, Divine Intelligence, Universal Mind or whatever term you may choose to describe the Unified Field of Creation and Being.  Unless, we have taken what we hear and see within to our heart center of connection to this Source energy. One key I have found that is when I take something within for verification, if it stirs my emotions to anger, fear, violence, thought of me or them, or any emotion which is not of the love, compassion, peace and forgiveness which is the energy of Creation, then it is relative and should put aside and energies of love and transformation send to the one sharing and the thought form itself.

The other major factor is protection.  There is so much energy bombarding us as well as information.  Some comes from the spirit or non physical level but much of what we have which can effect us is from the electronic, psychic or microwave and similar type of energies being used by agencies and governments around the world.  The best way I have found to protect myself from all things from all levels is to do so from the spiritual level.  Even if you don’t believe in any existence beyond the physical, they believe in you and will help you if you ask.  Due to the contract of existence on Earth, the Higher Beings of Light who serve the Source of Creation are not allowed to interfer in our feedom to choose our path upon the earth unless we ask for their help.  So, if you ask, they will help you. 

An easy way is to simply ask that Creator Source, your Guardian Angle or Archangel Michael the Angle of Protection surround you with Light and protect you from all lower energies from sources both terrestrial and non terrestrial.    If you can imagine or visualize, you may want to ask to be surrounded by the white light of the Creator and that the Violet Fire of Transformation ignite within every cell of your body removing all of the lower frequency energies and replacing them with the golden white light of Divine Love.  You can learn more about the Violet Fire at

We have discussed truth, protection and discernment so lets discuss the sources of the messages.  On the physical level we have television, cell phone, movies and the internet all showing us the messages of differing people who want us to share their belief system and rally round their flag.  In discerning if we find their message may be a relative truth, we have the ability to turn off the electronic device, change the channel, go to a different web page or if in person, to simply walk away.  Being sure to clear ourselves of any residual energies with the Violet Fire, and to send Divine Love and the Violet Fire to that particular program or situation to transform in accordance with Divine Will  and to bring love and peace to the energies involved.  The same is true if a person, country, area of war, situation or even your home or job.

In the case of communication with non-physical entities.  Let us first look at following people who channel, or religious leaders, psychics or anyone who is sharing or claiming to share greater wisdom from non physical entities.  Some religions believe they are practicing a dark art.  Others people base their path in life upon what is shared by another.  Please realize energy is neither good or bad, it is the intent and use of energy by someone which colors the results.  With all the wonderful energies from Source coming into our planet at this time to help us to awaken and free ourselves from the bondage of lower thought forms and self will, many people are now opening to their higher connections and receiving information to help themselves and others to be free. 

There are only to caveats here to remember in discerning.  One that the message is only as pure as the sender and receiver.  If someone receives a message from Jesus, their ability to share it purely to another is only as pure as they are clear from past influences or their ability to comprehend.  For instance, people in a less technologically advanced society seeing a submarine at a distance might call it a large fish or whale, a type of monster.  Another example might be when a Being outside of Earth discusses how the events we perceive as happening one after the other in a sequential manner, to them are actually happening simultaneously, the receiver may be unable to correctly share this information because they could not perceive of events not having a past, present and future.

Thus, I am saying one can only share purely that to which they resonate and comprehend.  All else which they share will be based upon their ability to translate from their experiences.  This does not mean they are lying to the person just limited in that particular area.  If someone has had many bad romances, and find themselves unhappy with the opposite sex, they might find their advice to another is tainted by their personal feelings, although this may not be intentional.  Always, take what another shares within to discern and realize guidance is just that a possibility that could happen if you do not change your direction.

We are all able to receive direction guidance from Spirit, it is merely a matter of practice.  Our abilities may be in differing areas, seeing visions, hearing direction, feeling emotional changes, or having dreams.  First one needs to learn discernment, protection and spend time working to clear the lower energies from our being so we can connect as purely as possible.

This brings us to the source of messages.  We will connect to beings at the level to which we have cleared and prepared ourselves to connect.  For they exist on differing dimensions and levels of energy and can only come down so far for periods of time to connect with us.  That is why you do not see angels and UFO’s  everywhere in the sky, plus the non interference rule unless we ask for help.

However, my main concern here is that if one goes rushing in unprepared you will find that there are many entities, who may tell you they are Jesus, or Ashtar, or any other being and they are not.  You must be clear yourself and able to discern before you attempt this and protect yourself as discussed earlier.  It is also important to note that because all that exists is part of the All that IS, when you ask certain questions they must respond truthfully.  If you do not ask it is open season on contacting youFeel how their energy effects you.  Do you feel joy, peace, happiness or uncomfortable and uneasy.

 Know that the lower beings can manifest feelings of joy and peace.  That is why is is important  to ask that only those who come in the Love and Light of Creator Source come to you and share with you.  Then when one comes to you ask if they come in the Love, Light and Name of the Creator Source.  They must answer truthfully. 

Not all that is fluffy and white are rabbits.  Don’t let a false guide take you down the rabbit hole. 

Again, energy is netural.  It is the intent of those sending that charge the results and the ability to translate of those receiving.  If you do not know a person bringing you a message, it is very important to be aware that either their source might be tainted, or they might not be as clear a channel as you wish. 

Please note there are many excellent channels and people awakening to their gifts of spirit daily.  However, it is the responsibility of all of us to clear our personal energy to be the purest vessel of service possible and for us not to give the power of choice which our Creator gave to us over to the direction of another, without discerning through our hearts if it is truly the best path of service and life for us. 

Blessings of Wisdom and Truth to each of you.

Pray for my children

Russia invades the Ukraine

Today when I turned on the news and the discussion was about the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, I was reminded of this message from Fatima.

According to William Thomas Walsh’s beautiful book Our Lady of Fatima, the Blessed Mother told three children at Fatima on 13 July 1917:   “I come to ask the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart and the Communion of reparation on the first Saturdays.  If they listen to my requests, Russia will be converted and there will be peace.  If not she will scatter her errors through the world, provoking wars and persecutions of the Church.” 

I was reminded that when this message was given on July 13, 1917 that people began praying for the people of Russia and changes happened. We saw them on the sides of Allied forces in World War II. Then when the cold war ended, people forgot to pray anymore for the Russian people, and the energy of aggression again crept into the leadership.

Now we are being asked to pray for the protection of the people of the Ukraine, but to also pray for the people of Russia. We are asked to pray for the people, leaders, and soldiers. To ask that love, compassion, wisdom and peace enter into their hearts and minds.

Let us take time each day to do this.

Blessings and thank you.

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Live in the Now

To live in Now creates the future and sets us free.

Now, this moment, is truly all that you have or need. The future has not yet been determined, you will create it in the now and the past in linear time is gone. The ‘past’ as viewed from non linear time still exists and can be altered, but that is beyond the comprehension or ability of most of humanity at this time.

For us, the past is but a shadow or memory of events, thoughts or feelings that have occurred and had an impact on how we feel about ourselves and /or others and how we view the world. Those thoughts can be happy or a shadow of fear, doubt and regret.

If our memory is happy it can cause you to smile and feel uplifted. It allows you to have a positive view about the past and the now. If the memory is sad or painful it can carry a charge that can change your perspective of the experiences today if you allow it to do so. It is those memories which are not happy that we have experienced which are the shadows that haunt us. Most people put them in a closet and shut the door tight so that they don’t have to remember. This works for awhile until an event, experience, perhaps a song, or a thought can trigger the memory and yank the door wide open. Then the thoughts and feelings come flooding back.

We can never fully experience the freedom of our soul until we face these shadows, understand what happened, and transform them from the shadows into light.

There are many ways in which to begin the process. I would recommend the very first step to be to quietly go within and ask whatever creative or divine power you believe in to protect you through this process and to help you find enlightenment and transformation. Our Creator Source, gave us the gift of freedom of choice, and those Beings who serve the Source cannot help us unless we ask. It is good to be protected, for as we open the door to negative emotions and energies we can draw forth more from the collective consciousness.

The next step is to open the door and to look at the shadows within the closet. There are many ways to do this. If you desire or are open to working with a person trained to help with this process there are psychiatrist, and counselors both spiritual and therapeutic.

You may prefer not to share your inner most thoughts and feelings with another, for you have spent a long time trying to avoid looking at them and any feelings or emotions they bring up about yourself. You can try meditation or there are many energetic healing therapies, like (EFT) Emotional Freedom Technique, Neurolinguistic Programming, and Shifting the Assemblage point to name a few.

The process you take to open the door and look at these shadows is up to you. Please remember the shadow thoughts and feelings may be the result something that was done to you or that was completely out of your control. Which then created an emotional response within you that effects your feelings about yourself, others and the world. Some examples are rape or abuse.

The same is true if the shadow is the result of your actions or choices. Each experience and interaction in life is an opportunity to learn and grow, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The choices we make and the actions we take are usually based upon our prior experiences, our beliefs, the morals and values of our family. The ideal choice is one which results in not only bringing more harmony and balance in our life, but is for the greater good of all.

We all have made less than ideal choices and behaved in less than desirable ways. Upon the earth the energies are dense, from the fear and anger of mass consciousness, there are emotions locked within our DNA from our ancestors, and we have our learned beliefs and behaviors.

As you look at these shadows, try to look at the events with emotional detachment. For what we need to understand is why we made the choice or acted as we did and how we could have did it differently. You can ask Archangel Michael who is the protector Angel to also cut all cords that bind you to another and see his sword cut through them and return to sender. You can deal with any ramifications of this later but this will help to free some of the emotions for this process.

It will certainly bring up emotions. When you experience these emotions, center yourself, be quiet, place you attention within your heart and breathe deeply in and out slowly. See the in breath as light that flows through you clearing the emotion and breath out the unbalanced energy. Once you are able to move through the emotions and feel calm again you can again look at the event or experience. If they bring up emotions again, use the breath technique.

The ideal we will learn as we have experiences or choices is to before we speak or act to stop, bring our attention to our heart and take a breath or two. Ask yourself.

What is happening? Why is it happening? What do I feel about it? Why do I feel this way? Do I feel this within my body, emotions or mind? What am I thinking about this? Are these thoughts mine or have I been told by others this is what I should think or feel? What can be the results of my words or actions? Is this of benefit to me? Is this of benefit to all involved? Ask for guidance from Source, your Soul, your Guardian Angel?

Once you have looked at this you can make a more informed and hopefully enlightened choice. What did I learn? After the experience or event, you can then look back as you are now doing about the shadow and see the ramifications of your acts or words, to decide if you could have done things differently.

As you have reviewed this shadow and brought it forward into understanding, exposing it to the light it is time for transformation. First we need to release the emotions.

If the action was done to us it is time to forgive the perpetrator. For as long as we hold anger toward them , we are connected and they are a piece of our life. If we realize that their choices and actions were theirs and had nothing to do with us but with their own experiences and choices, we can release them emotionally. “Forgive them for they truly know not what they do.” For if people were truly aware of the ramifications of their actions, they would usually not do them.

If you have been the one causing hurt to another it is time to ask for forgiveness, “Please Forgive me” , which can be done through prayer to them and sending them love.

Next, ” I am sorry, ” which is to forgive ourselves for had we known how to do things or been emotionally free enough to do so, we would have.

“Thank you”, for forgiving me and for the Creator for still loving me always.

Bring forth the VIOLET FLAME OF TRANSFORMATION. This is a gift to transform and release all unbalanced energies back to the universe so we can be filled with light.

Ask also that the violet flame go forth to all involved in this even or experience and to transform all unbalanced energies between you and others that you may all be released and balanced.

Once you have removed the energies. It is time to move into the heart and to ask to be filled with Light and Love and to visualize this expanding outward, to fill all the space which you have cleared.

“I love you”, it is time to bring love, compassion, forgiveness and understanding to all within the situation and to ourselves, and all life.

All life is about learning, experiences and choices which lead us to see, acting, feeling and living from a more loving, compassionate and balanced point of view.

As to the future. Our thoughts, words, deeds and actions of this MOMENT are creating the future. There are endless possibilities, but we shape and change those outcomes with each choice we make. That is why it is important to stop , beathe and think before we speak or act.

As we do this we cast no shadows in the linear past.

As we look at our shadows and see how we could have done things differently we assure that they don’t interfere with a future of joy, balance and abundance. So in effect we are making changes to the past for we will no longer be affected by the past and it can’t effect our future.


I AM Marguerite

Highest Gift and Life Expression

The highest gift we can give to ourselves and others is to be a living vessel of Divine unconditional Love. In this state of Being we are free from all that binds us to duality and can live and express, Divine Love and Unity to help others to break free.

Then together we can help to transform the Earth into the Heavenly place it was created to be.

This begins not by looking outward into the world for answers on how to change but inward in the heart. This is where the essence of the Creator lives within us. Go within, and ask to be shown and to receive Divine Love. Ask for help to have all walls and blockages which hinder or prevent your feeling, receiving and expressing this love be removed.

We must ask in order for the ones who serve our Creator to help us, free will and all. Once we have opened our heart, and this is a process. We may feel it immediately and the flow increase day by day or we may have many blockages to remove for this to happen. But, continue daily to go within and ask for help and it will occur. The process may bring up thoughts and feelings from past experiences that may not always be pleasant, but just ask for more love and help and you will find the release and transformation happen, and it will get easier.

Until one day you feel this glow within you that expands outward and you know that All is good, All is One, All is Light and Love. That you are safe, and all blessings can come to you and through you.

IT IS unconditional love that will change the world, not anger, violence, hatred or war. Place you focus upon and above the appearances of events and open your heart and ask to be shown the higher point of view and you will see how easily you move beyond the confusion and frustration into peace and joy.


Give it a try you have nothing to loose but hurt, frustration, pain and anger.

Namaste and Blessings


I sat outside and as I was listening, I was told that I should share these thoughts about forgiveness and my own process.

I found the prior post Forgiveness Decree synchronistic as are many writings, books or teachings that come to me at exactly the time I need to know or remember, or need a tool.

As people who know me would tell you I am not a perfect person, I have faults and make mistakes, bad choices, get impatient, cranky, and find myself needing to ask for forgiveness for my words or actions. Thankfully our Creator is loving, forgiving, understanding and can use us to help ourselves and others despite our faults.

Long ago I read in the book “Illusions – the Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah” by RIchard Bach – this quote., “You teach best that which you most need to learn.”

That is why these writings will be a mixture of teaching, learning, wisdom and truth. For as I learn, grow and open my heart more, it allows more wisdom and truth to enter so that I may share with others.

The key is that we are not yet perfect, for it is difficult to be so in a human form, but not impossible. We are not expected to be perfect in an instant by saying I believe in this or that. It is a process, of learning, growing and being.

We may make mistakes for which we might need forgiveness sometimes, some mistakes don’t affect others and some do. If we make a mistake, it is a learning process, what did you learn, and how can you do this better the next time. If you hurt another or affect another, admit your error and ask them for forgiveness. You must also forgive yourself.

The forgiveness of self is an important key. If you have asked another, whether or not they forgive you, you have admitted you hurt them in some way and try to make amends. If they choose not to forgiven you, there is nothing you can do about that but move on and do better. But you need to forgive yourself also.

We often stop in our forward movement when we make a mistake. We beat up on ourself mentally and emotionally believing we are not worthy. We forget that the Creator loves us unconditionally and only asks that we open our hearts to reconnect and live as One with the Creator. Often , we tend to shut down thinking we have disappointed the Creator as we perhaps had disappointed our parents or another authority figure when we made a mistake as children, and felt ashamed.

We shut down our connection in an attempt to hide, but the Creator knows for the Creator is within us. The Creator does not judge but sends us love to help us to overcome and move forward. We just have to admit, ask forgiveness of all involved including the Creator, for the Creator is also in the ones we harmed, and then open our hearts and minds to receive the Love and Light of the Divine, to heal us

As I said, we need also to evaluate the situation which happened and learn how to handle it better in the future. Forgive ourselves for not being perfect, and vow to do better. It does not mean you won’t make more mistakes, but as we try to watch our thoughts, words and deeds before we act we will find ourselves making less mistakes. Stop before you speak or act – is what you are about to do loving, are you acting from the heart of compassion, is it necessary, is it kind or will it hurt another in some way.

When we self monitor, and live from the heart the need for forgiveness will lessen along the way.

So as I said, I am not perfect, I am learning, and I needed to have this Forgiveness Decree as much as some of you may need it. To remind me to do better, but when I stumble to learn, ask and give forgiveness and do better in the future.

As I said luckily as we are part of the Creator , who will use us as we are willing to help to uplift ourselves and others, I am sharing that which I am inspired to share.

The following is a beautiful corresponding thought to that of Richard Bach, that we teach best that which we most need to learn and then two people may learn as quoted by Robert Heinlein.

“When one teaches, two learn.”
–Robert Heinlein

May your path have few pebbles upon which to stumble but when you do, pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and move around the pebble. Then watch for others along the way, and step over or around them, instead of kicking them and cursing them for being in the way and causing you to fall.

Blessed are the forgiving and forgiven for you shall be free.

Forgiveness a gift we give ourselves.

Diana Cooper shared this please say 3 times from the heart.

Forgiveness decree
I forgive everyone who has ever hurt or harmed me, consciously or unconsciously, in this lifetime or any other, in this universe, dimension, plane or level of existence or any other. 
I offer them grace.
I ask forgiveness for everything I have ever done to hurt or harm another, consciously or unconsciously, in this lifetime or any other, in this universe, dimension, plane or level of existence or any other.
I ask for grace.
I forgive myself for everything I have ever done to hurt or harm another, consciously or unconsciously, in this lifetime or any other, in this universe, dimension, plane or level of existence or any other.
I accept grace.
I am free.  All chains and restrictions fall from me.  I stand in my full power as a Master.

So be it.  It is done.