Intent and Attention

So often it isn’t about the story and seeking out the information but is it taking your attention away from what is more important to your spiritual growth and well being.

For instance, during the last few decades, the search and determination of whether Mary Magdalene was the wife of Jesus and had a child with him has been a quest for many, much as the quest for the holy grail or Ark of the Covenant.

Although the answers would be interesting, what would the actual answer mean to you. Would it purify your energies, would it help you to gain self mastery, would it bring you abundance in health and wealth? Will it help you to Ascend or end war on Earth?

Many of us spend time searching for the answers to conspiracies in hopes they will give us some insight or proof of our beliefs.

I remember a wise man once telling me, “We have all the time in the world but not a moment to waste.” This means that time outside of earthly linear perspective allows for us to spend lifetimes searching and experiencing, yet there comes a time when the Earth and all life able will Ascend and will you be ready?

We came in with many different goals, yet as I have said our ultimate goal is Ascension to conscious oneness and embodying the I AM Presence within form and to be of Service in the upliftment and freedom of life on Earth.

So often a bit of information, becomes a quest or conspiracy and distracts us from our true focus, intent and goal upon which we should be placing our attention.

For where we place our attention is our ‘god’ of the moment. If thy eye be singular upon the Divine, then your body will be filled with light and all answers will come to you which you are seeking, and at that time you will understand that they may be insignificant compared to the Infinite wisdom and existence you obtain.

As I said we have all been upon the informational quests and seeking the answers to conspiracy theories, but to what end. What will the answer mean to us? If it will bring an answer that fulfills a need within you, then this quest is of value to you. If it is distracting you from your Spiritual growth and freedom and they are your true quest, then they are but a distraction.

Recently I read someone say of this subject that we are taught in school how to memorize information and not how to think for ourselves. So as we come into adulthood and are seeking to be an individual and some way to identify ourselves and rebel or move away from the norm of our parents or others with which we have felt controlled, we seek something that brings us answers. It is also always tantilizing to be part of a group that appears to know what others do not. The person who was speaking about this idea of conspiracy theories appealing to ones moving away from the norm it could perhaps be that those who like to control will feed them 8 truths and 2 or 1 untruth within the conspiracy to gain their interest and attention, but the untruths are the ones that place them out of balance with their own spirituality. While believing they are finding a new freedom, they are simply attaching to a new control.

I would say think about the idea of marriage and children for Jesus and Mary Magdalene. I won’t say what I believe, but simply ask, what would this mean to you if it is true. Would it change your spiritual beliefs? Would it change the political or religious systems of the world? Would you have a descendent be the ruler of the world? What if they were a killer or robber? Just because they were of the blood line does not mean it wasn’t diluted and they suffer just like the rest of us with the challenges of ego?

Is it enough truth being shared to cause ones to focus upon that which distracts them from their true spiritual growth? Please, I am not judging anyone’s right to seek this understanding, for I have in my own life, and the answer did not change my spiritual growth or add to it. The same for the quest for the Holy Grail which exists within each of us as part of our spiritual quest.

These all lead us outside of ourselves and the answers we truly need and seek are within.

The Creator,” You will find me when you search with all your heart.”


Moriah Elohim

Author: Moriah Elohim

I am a facilitator of transcendent light , love and wisdom. My work is to help you to clear misqualified energies and old belief systems, in order that you may transform them. Thus, helping you to be Free to step into your Ascended state.

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