To End the darkness we do not use the tools of darkness but Light a single Lamp of Love within ourselves.

I was reminded today how important it is for us to each seek to remember and reconnect individually to Creator Source. To stop looking outside of ourselves for information and validation of our beliefs and our fears. To seek the Light and Love of the Creator within our hearts so we may be guided, supported and uplifted through the days ahead by the Creator’s Grace through the connection within our hearts. Also to come together with intent and a common vision of the world in which we want to live and allow the Grace of the Creator to flow through us as a group so this vision may manifest for the highest good of all.

At this point in history many people have many different visions of the world which they are trying to manifest. Some through old paradigms and structures which have existed for millenium to control humanity and the development of society and life on earth. Today and in the past these paradigms have been fought against and defended through war, hatred, bigotry, greed, mistrust, fear and separation.

AS we can see this has not worked.

A wiseman once said to me.” If what you have been doing up until now hasn’t worked, IT never will.”

We have to put aside the belief that we are separate and must destroy each other or force each other to see our point of view. We are being bombarded via media, the internet and even on the non verbal levels of energy bombardment of frequencies to disrupt our thought patterns or alter them. We can succumb to these energies, we can fight against them OR we can move into a higher level of living.

At the same time that we are being bombarded with attempts to continue controlling us within the old matrix or paradigms – we are being BLESSED by the Creator Source and the Heavenly Host with Higher and higher levels of LIght and Love to help us open our hearts and mind to the greater reality of the Divine and who we truly are. So that the Love and Light may connect us with the Divine Mind and we may see and know more clearly that which is the Grace and Blessings of the Creator in our lives and for the highest good of ALL.

Why do I keep saying for the highest good of ALL. For in the beginning and for all time there was and is and always be the Creator Source from which all that exists came forth. The Creator thought about that which would be created, and a pattern was established. The Creator Spoke the word and the pattern moved forth to be touched by the Spirit of the Creator with the substance of creation to manifest into form. ALL that exists comes from and exists within and is part of the Creator Source. Each of us are part of Creator Source and part of each other.

There was a time when Ones in the past exercised their free will and decided that they could create with their own will and ego. They created a pattern, but without the grace of the Creator, and with the substance of spirit they manifest these forms, but they were not filled with Grace. They forgot that they were born of the substance of the One and were connected to the One and each other. They thought they were alone in the Universe, and had to struggle and fight to exist – and so it continues until this day. In their isolation they were vulnerable to the thoughts, direction and suggestions of others, who sought to control them. In some cases they were born until slavery, and the consciousness of control.

With the energies of the Divine arriving here in stronger portions, as ones awaken if their hearts are not open to the Creators love and light and they are still filled with the belief of separation from the Divine Creator, then they may ban together in groups filled with anger and rage to fight for the freedom these energies bring.

When in reality if they simply open their hearts to the Love and Light and allow it to fill them. They are protected and open to the Grace and guidance of the Creator. It means one must take the time to turn off the bombardment of the world . TO ask the Divine for protection as we go within so that we are not distracted by the unseen energies bombarding people and to open our heart and ask for the Love and Light of the Divine to enter. TO do this daily if only for 5 minutes. To ask to be One with the Creator and filled with Love for ALL Life. To ask to be shown what we can do. THIS IS TRUE FREEDOM.

The second piece is to focus with a heart filled with Love and Grace on creating a world in which ALL Life has hope, shelter, food, protection, LOVE and THE GRACE OF THE CREATOR.

For when enough people take these steps then the energy will flow out into the mass consciousness and touch the hearts and minds of all humanity. Then all will be FREE.

Once I was taken by Archangel Michael to walk upon another planet in Spirit. Michael asked if I remembered having been here before. I had a memory of there being wars upon this planet and being their with Michael walking the planet. I remembered that we did not fight a battle to save this planet as we on Earth would think of fighting a battle. WE walked with Michael upon the surface of the planet with open hearts filled with Love and Light. For sufficient numbers more than 50% of the people had called to us for help. As we walked they opened their hearts too and the love and light which flowed forth transformed the people who were willing for change. Those who were not and those who had tried to control and continue warring chose to leave the planet for they could not stand in the LIGHT and LOVE of the Creator.

Which reminds me of a story told by Baird T Spalding in the Masters of the Far East. As he traveled through the Tibet at a temple he saw some old texts and was told a story of Jesus. During the missing years it said that Jesus had traveled in the Far East. During this time in the area of this monastery the people were going to be attacked by Hoardes( scavenging warriors). The people were scared and didn’t know whether to run or try to fight. But Jesus told them not to worry. When the hoards came riding through a pass in the mountains toward the village Jesus held out his hand and sent out Love and Light toward the riders. The horses bolted and tossed off their riders, and the riders became scared and run off.

IT WAS THE POWER OF LOVE from the CREATOR which stopped them. FOR when there is LOVE, LIGHT and GRACE of the Creator we do not need to be scared, fight, war, hate or be in lack. FOr as the Creators Grace flows through us it transforms us and all around us.

To fight darkness we must not bring forth more darkness but Light a Single Lamp.

Then nothing of the darkness can touch us. We are in a state of zero point where nothing outside of us can touch us. FIRST – you have to ask for the Creators protection, Love and Grace to come into your LIFE.


It is time to make a conscious choice about the life and world in which we want to live. To take responsibility for our thoughts, words and deeds. For thoughts create words, and words create deeds and all of these with strong intent or emotion manifest into form. WHAT are you creating. Do you like fear, hatred, anger, lack, and disease, if so continue on and you will create more. If you don’t make a conscious choice to do something about it.

I choose a world of Love, compassion, hope, trust, truth, and abundance for all. Where no living thing experiences despair, lack, disease or abuse.

Changing the world and the Future begins today with YOU and your choices.

One word of caution – please – ask for protection from the Divine before ever working with or listening to any unseen energy. Until you are secure in your connection with the Divine and know the Source within, there are energies that can seem Divine and are not so, they would distract you.

Tomorrow has not been determined yet. It is still a possibility. It is through our intent and desire what we create and experience. The strength of our desire and intent can aid in the manfestation process. if we simply desire to manifest what we want which benefits us no matter the cost to others, we simply create more of the world as we see it now.

It is when we look within and beyond the ego desires and wants to the higher perspective of Creation that we create a better world for ourselves and all Life.

That which man creates exists for a few moments. That which the Creator brings forth exists forever.

I do not wish to see a warring, hating, disaster of a collapse and change on Earth. Which is the direction we are headed now.

I believe in the GOOD within others and that enough desire a better world for all that we can come together and make this transformation which can be of ease and grace. WE MUST DESIRE IT AND COME TOGETHER TO MAKE IT SO. A transition of Love, peace, grace, healing and compassion.

As more choose this path, the path becomes more clear and easier. THE PATH begins in your HEART.


Author: Moriah Elohim

I am a facilitator of transcendent light , love and wisdom. My work is to help you to clear misqualified energies and old belief systems, in order that you may transform them. Thus, helping you to be Free to step into your Ascended state.

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