Love, Wisdom, Truth, Discernment

Image: Chapel of Transfiguration at Grand Teton National Park

Love is the Essence of All Creation and Creator Source.

In the beginning was the Creator Source. Through the Love of the Source, was the desire to experience itself in myriad ways. So the Source thought about how this would happen and created a thought, image and pattern of Creation. In Love the Source sent forth the Spirit of Its Love, the Essence of Wisdom and Substance. The Creator source in its Love Spoke forth the Word or Pattern of his about his Creation and called forth the Substance of Spirit which merged with the Pattern and formed Matter. This is a simplified explanation of how the Source which is Love created the Universes and it myriad expressions. Each being a part of living and existing within Creator Source.

At a point in time we were given in our Universe the gift to choose to live our expression in creative unity with Divine Love of the Creator and the Divine Plan or to choose to experience from our own desire and ego. Many choose the later, that is where the concept of the Creator being separate from us and the duality of darkness and light came into being instead of remaining in the balance of the Trinity energy.

Through the choices made in this experiential existence of duality we came to believe that we were separate from the creator and each other. Many feeling that we were abandoned on this planet, alone and that the negativity we experience is because we are being punished in some way perhaps by the Creator.

In this state of feeling abandoned or disempowered, we are vulnerable to the influence of others. For we seek love, acceptance, validation and empowerment from sources outside of ourselves, within the systems of the Earth. These systems were created by the desire of humans seeking the same thing and realizing they could gain more by using others and causing them to accept their systems. This is how duality has taken control of our lives and world.

Our world is part of a collective consciousness. We are a system which is part of the Earth and the energies of the Earth. As humanity fell into disarray and built their system of controls, theses systems influenced the fields of earth where consciousness exists and is recorded. This allowed the power and control of thoughts and beliefs in these systems to grow. We even came to believe we are not part of the earth and can do to the planet and other life whatever we desire.

All the systems of human society are man made not Divine. Oh, but what about my religion ones may say. The religions formed around the life and teachings of Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and any other religious Icon were created by men who came after them. They did not create religions. They were beings who were either Divinely born, or inspired or guided by spiritual experiences and visions of the Creator Source and later shared those understandings with others to help them to have similar experiences.

They came to show us how to live and reconnect with the Divine Creator and escape the duality of Earth. Few aspired to do this themselves and instead choose to create a religion around that which they heard. For we had been told that we were sinful and not worthy of communicating with the Creator or any Divine Beings. Over the years the divine inspirations passed via word of mouth and became stories that eventually ones wrote down into what became their religions sacred texts. How close the teachings are to the original truth is not the topic here.

But Truth is part of the topic. How do we know what is true and what is not.

As stated earlier, the Essence of Creator Source, the pattern from which all comes forth, is Love. All that exists came forth in Love. Love is part of all creation, and all exist within this Love. Another aspect of the Creator source is Wisdom, which is the Spirit of Creation, which forms the substance of matter. When we open our hearts to the Love of the Creator and allow it to expand and fill our form, we are now protected from that which would harm us. The Divine can then reconnect us through our heart with the Divine Mind, some call it Universal or Christ Consciousness. Here we are in a state of Divine guidance, and we can sense and know the TRUTH and hearts of others. We open to be a vessel that the Creator can once again manifest through to bring this Love, Wisdom, Truth and Enlightenment back to humanity. We have reconnected to be able to Discern Truth.

Truth is either Divine or relative. This is a teaching of its own, but to simplify this Divine Truth is eternal. Divine Truth never changes. It is part of the essence and pattern, the Word of Creation. Relative truth is what we perceive to be truth based upon the programs and systems of which we are a part, the experiences we have, and the teachings of the institutions or people around us.

This is why we must come to Love and open our hearts so that we can connect again to Divine Mind and come to know the wisdom of the Divine. Through love and wisdom we can discern Divine Truth from relative Truth.

The systems created on our planet may have begun as way to bring order out of the chaos which occurs when each person is acting and creating from ego that which benefits themselves no matter the consequences to others. Rules to guide us through military, political, economic, religious and educational systems. As people complied to the systems they began to feel less vulnerable and became less likely to question the rules. As long as they had a home, food, and were safe they allowed others to manage the rules and they lived their lives.

We have many levels of energy upon this planet that we are unable to see or perceive with our physical senses. When we were in unity with Creator Source we could see and know from a level of Infinite Awareness. When we choose to leave this Unity and seek ego choices, we became limited to our 5 physical senses. For to operate fully from ego with Infinite abilities would be disastrous for All Life. Just look around at the chaos in our world that we have created with just our physical sense and mind, and without love for All Life. There are Electro Magnetic energies, Ultra Low Frequencies, Ultra High Frequencies , Microwave, Ultrasonic energies, and other energies used to modify and control our thoughts, desires and emotions. We are not aware of theses energies and influences on a conscious level, or even necessarily through our physical senses although at times ones hear them or feel them.

This is why it is so easy for us to be deceived into believing the relative truth of ones who claim to be in contact with non physical beings who are said to be benevolent. Some are for they have reconnected with Source. Others simply tell us they are and without our ability to discern, they may play to our emotions and ego to control us to support them and their programs and belief.

It is not until we are centered in love and unity with the Creator that we are protected from the influences and can begin to see and understand what is Truth or relative truth. They may speak of love and Light and unless we are able to discern, we may follow them believing we they are Divinely guided and we are warriors of the Divine. Fighting to Free ourselves and others from the tyranny they tell us exists at the expense of hurting others because our cause is just and theirs is not. I am not saying the tyranny doesn’t exist, but until we are centered in the Divine, we are simply giving our choice and power unto another, who even if they are not personally trying to control us may themselves be controlled and be unaware this is happening.

Since we were given the right to choose, to live in belief we were separate from the Creator and able to choose how life should be, all the Creator could do was love us and at send forth the energies of Love in varying degrees to help us to awaken and remember who we truly are children of Creator Source. The Creator knocks upon the door of our heart from the inside and out hoping we will choose to open the door to the walls we have built around our heart and let the Divine Love into our heart. So the process of reunion and transformation can begin.

We are never really separate from Creator source we only think that we are. In this belief, we feel alone, vulnerable, and unworthy. We believe that we have done something wrong and are being punished. The Creator doesn’t punish us, it is the belief that we are separate that brings this into our consciousness, and has become part of some of the sacred texts of religions.

More and more we have reached a period of evolution in which the energies sent by Creator Source to help us to awaken and begin our process and journey back to Unity. This energies are being felt by all. Those who wish to control us in the earthly systems have worked even harder to maintain control.

As ones have felt the energies coming in, they have become inspired to be FREE of the tyranny. However, the important factor again is are you listening to others and believing what they tell you is the truth about who is in control or are you taking the time to center within you heart, asking the Creator to come in and show you the Truth and fill you with light, wisdom, love and truth.

For you see, when you come back to Love, you begin the process to become truly FREE. For true Freedom lies in returning to our Divine connection with Creator Source. The path to that Freedom lies within your heart. For love will bring wisdom, which shows us where Truth exists and in TRUTH and LOVE we are FREE.

Right now humanity is angry, confused, fearful and scared. They know that much is wrong and they are looking for someone to save them. Again giving up their power to another.

There is a Divine Plan of which we are all a part. You can only come to know you part in this plan as you move within yourself to know your connection with the Divine, the Creator Source. Once you know this connection, you are guided in your part of the Plan which is for the greater good of ALL Life. When a sufficient number have come to this realization, than the walls of control are removed for all and we move into the higher state of existence.

This is not done through war, violence, hatred and anger. It happens through Love. We become a vessel of the Divine which transforms us, and pours forth to those around us so that they too may be touched, and feel what it is like to be Free.

Remember – LOVE will set you FREE.

I will stop now. I hold the vision for each of you that your heart may open to the Divine and you may be Transformed and become FREE.

Author: Marguerite

I am a seeker of Truth. I am in the process of clearing and transforming myself, to walk in Light and Love.

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