Good or Evil

Yesterday I saw postings where one person was writing about how Jesus was a reptilian pawn of the church to control and deceive people and another which said anyone who believes in Archangel Metatron believes in a demon. The purpose in each was to espouse their beliefs as being right. Perhaps they believe they are enlightening and helping others, but in reality they create confusion, doutb, fear, suspicion and hate. All emotions that can lead to violence, war, anger and separation.

This battle of beliefs has been in progress for eons of time on earth and recorded since the beginning of written history. One religion or belief system fighting another for their right to be the one true religion or holder of truth. Religions have been influencing politics and politics influencing religion throughout history.

Religions and governments have been enslaving, torturing and trying to exterminate indigenous people from lands into which they have been expanding for millennium of time. Sometimes, as in America even when they were moving to escape their own religious persecution in another land.

Yet, the basis of most religions is Love and compassion.

How can we justify actions that hurt another person or people when our religious beliefs are supposed to be based on love and compassion?

Let us return to the first sentence in this writing about one person calling the beliefs of another demonic. Why do we need to demonize the beliefs of another? Is it because we are insecure in our own belief and need to justify it by destroying that of another?

All that exists comes forth from one source, whether we call it God, Creator Source, Allah, Infinite Mind, Universal Awareness, Nirvana or any other name. As creation expanded from this Source into the Universe in which we live, we were given the right to choose to remain in unity with this Source or to choose to follow our own will and desires.

As ones chose self will over the Divine direction we created the chaos we experience upon the Earth. Throughout history on Earth ones have been Divinely inspired to bring messages to humanity of hope, love and higher inspiration to help us remember our Source and Oneness.

Religions have sprung forth from the writing which their followers recorded of their experiences. Doctrines of conduct have been established based upon the interpretations of those writings by leaders and teachers within the church, based on their understanding through the lens of their human experience and mind, as best they can.

Some have formed anti church religions because of their experiences with churches and religions or become agnostic. Plus we have the records of non terrestrial beings who have contacted humans and religions sprung up calling them gods. We have the worship of Satan and demons on a conscious level. Some humans like the ‘gods’ of mythology, they have come into a belief in themselves as superior beings and right to rule leaders based on the adoration of others in what they say and do, or their family of birth.

All of these are taking our focus outside of ourselves as a focus of belief in something or someone else as a basis of truth. It does not mean they do not have truth within their belief, it is usually in the practice and application of these beliefs in their daily lives as influenced by the human mind, experiences and ego, which creates the problem.

Truth is relative or Divine. I have a more in depth writing on this if you want to read it but I will summarize it here. Divine Truth never changes it is the basis of creation and comes from a Divine Inner connection, direction and inspiration. Relative truth comes from our interpretation of information or even a Divine Truth based on our human understanding, experiences and beliefs.

Divine Source has allowed us to choose and explore creation so that one day in our human experience we will say “ENOUGH” let me be done with this chaos, hatred, anger, fear, and despair. We will then stop seeking outward for truth, validation and direction. Instead we will move into our hearts and ask for Love, Peace, Hope, Compassion and Forgiveness, Inspiration and Divine direction to fill our hearts. and minds. We seek within for a higher Truth to show us the way back to unity, hope and beauty in the world.

When we come to this point of connection and allow the Love to fill our hearts, minds and bodies and begin to share this with others, then others will be inspired to seek more also, for we are drawn to the light to dispel the darkness. When enough have made this connection, the Light and Love of the Oneness of Creation will begin transforming the energy of mass consciousness and it will be easier for humanity to make the connection.

We do not need to preach to another, shame them, denounce their beliefs, force or fight with them over who is right and who is wrong. They have the right to believe as given by the Divine as much as we do. In America, this is written into our constitution. WHY? Because many of the people who came here from Europe and England in the early days were fleeing religious and political persecution. For throughout history, religions have influenced political systems and political systems have influenced religions. All in attempts to establish a right to rule as they expanded into the world. Many have persecuted or attempted to annihilate indigenous peoples as they expanded in their manifest destiny of their right to rule the world and humanity.

Each of us has the right to believe as we will. Whether we agree or not. However, you will be curtailed if your belief harms or infringes upon the rights of others, as is established in the laws of the state system.

When each person is ready and they have reached the depths of their belief system and perhaps find something lacking, or they may connect with a person who inspires them, or they have an experience which touches their soul, then they will being asking questions and searching for something more.

We do not have to preach at another, or try to convenience them they are wrong, for when they are ready the teacher or next step will appear to guide them on their way. To often throughout history more chaos has been created by one group attempting to force another to accept their beliefs.

Instead let us try LOVE. Try being a living example of Divinely inspired and directed Love, hope, compassion, forgiveness and understanding in your life. If you are a living a divinely directed life you will not need to preach to or even try to influence others, for ones are always drawn to the light. You are not the source of this Light and Love, but a part of the Living Light and Love, a vessel of its expression on Earth. Ones will want to experience this and to learn more about having this in their life.

However, we must always, as we begin searching or becoming an influence on others,be aware of two things. First, it is easy for one who is expressing these energies unless they are consciously asking to be protected and stay connected in humbleness to source to have their Ego flattered by the attention and to come into a belief that they are the source instead of the vessel. So they need to be on guard, discerning and connected to true source and not be influenced by the ego and/or the energies of the earth mass consciousness and subconscious energies being projected like EMF waves, Ultrasonic, LIFU, Mircorwave, etc. and the thought patterns projected with them to influence the subconscious mind.

For those who are seeking they must ask for protection from the Divine Source, seek from their heart for guidance and discernment. So that they will not be fooled by the darkness(that created by human ego mass consciounsess) projecting as Light or the subconscious energy influences of systems of the world.

I say these not to scare anyone or to judge any of these but as guidance to seekers. We may go through many belief systems along our path. Each one adding to our growth and knowledge.

THE KEY – is to seek from the heart and let that which brings us a feeling of love, peace and compassion and unity with others as a guiding sign.

BLESSINGS to each of you along your path and may you come to know the Divine within your heart as a guiding light along your path.


Author: Moriah Elohim

I am a seeker of Truth. I am in the process of clearing and transforming myself, to walk in Light and Love.

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