Wisdom of the Redwoods

Some of the redwoods have been here since before the United States of America existed and perhaps they will be here after it is gone.

Yesterday, I took the morning off to walk in the redwood forest. I had felt a call to do so for a couple of weeks and had set this morning aside to embrace and be embraced by the beauty of nature and these majestic trees. If you have not experienced the energy of being in the redwoods, it is quiet, peaceful, calming, uplifting and embracing.

Being in nature anywhere is always calming and clearing if you open your heart and quiet your mind. Each part of nature has a unique purpose in the greater scheme of life on Earth. One great benefit of all trees is that whey will clear, ground and balance your energies. When you are upset or stressed, hug a tree , touch one or sit and lean upon it. You will find you walk away calmer and more peaceful for the tree will ground those unbalanced energies into the earth and the earth will transform them.

As I walked through the woods, some people also there were concentrated on their exercise, some were focused on their conversations, and some like myself were focused upon nature and the trees. All were benefiting by being at this location.

The first tree I touched, shared how they are vessels or conduits of the Light of Source to Earth. They showed how their roots are deeply planted within the Earth which nurtures their form and helps them to grow strong and tall reaching to the sky. One cannot but look upward toward the sky when they are with a redwood tree. As they reach toward the sky they are a pillar through which the light of Source moves downward into the Earth through their roots, allowing the Earth more energy to transform, heal and nurture the life on earth in unity with Source.

They reminded me that this was also to be the purpose of humanity on earth. Our major purpose is to be a vessel of the Light and Love of Source upon the Earth. Connecting through our hearts and expanding this Light and Love outward into the world to help Earth which sustains us, and to bring this energies to others so they too can remember.

Along the path are railings to protect the trees from people climbing upon them or damaging them. However, at times they are close enough and there are spots where we are allowed to touch the trees and connect on a physical level.

These trees are amazing for many are skinny and so tall that you would think the wind would blow them over, but they are strong. They share that this is because their roots are strong and the energy passing between Source and Earth makes them steady and strong. Some are so large that it would take 6 or many more people touching fingers of their out stretched arms to encircle them.

One such tree called itself Hope. Hope said that while their main work is as conduits of the Light of Source to Earth, they also each have other energies which they focus. This particular large tree represents and bring continuity. Hope like some others has been present since before the United State of America was created, and perhaps would be here after it no longer exists.

Hope reminded me that the chaos and fear now present is but a blimp in the timeline of Earth and the Cosmos. That we should not get caught up in the drama of fear and chaos for they are energies of distraction from our true purpose to be the Love and Light of Source. I was reminded that through focusing on this energy through our hearts, we transform not only ourselves, but reactivate the power of co creating with Source, in order to help others to look within and and begin their own personal transformation.

Continuity, is also a part of change, for the Source is continuity itself, that which is Infinite and Stable. However, through the conscious connection with its creation, it expands and the change is a new creation. These creations when manifest with Source direction benefit all life.

The trees when allowed to work as designed without human interference bring in Light, harmony and peace to share with All life. We as humans feel the need to help nature recover from the destruction and harm we have perpetrated against it, due to ignorance, greed or ego. However, I was reminded how during covid 19, nature began to heal itself and recover with the containment of humans within their structures. I was told that we need to rethink our actions and our balance with nature, animals and earth as we move forward.

I saw trees which had been burned at some point in time. However, their burns had healed and although you could see the scar it did not stop the tree from continuing to reach for the sky, growing and fulfilling its purpose. I was reminded that we need to look at and heal the wounds we each have in our lives. Have we truly healed them or just covered them with a scab, or built a wall around the hurt or our heart to prevent further hurt so that we don’t have to look at the wound and the pain. The pain will always exist until we truly look at it. When we center ourselves in our hearts and ask for help in seeing the wound, and being able to understand why we experienced what we did, help will come from Source. We can look from a safe place, in our hearts, to see how to move forward by transforming the pain with Love and Light. Then we can be Free, to be All we were meant to be.

All around I could see where seeds had been dropped, some did not sprout and others were now beautiful saplings of many sizes. Some trees were sprouting new growth. I was reminded how when we share of our Love, Light and Wisdom, whether another is ready or not will determine if the seed we share takes root and sprouts or simply returns as a husk to the earth. It is not up to us to try to make another listen or change, but to just BE the Light and Love and radiate it forth like the trees.

Other trees were like a small grove in and of itself. There would be a central column of growth surrounded by multiple other trees all sharing the same root system. This reminded me of how the Central pillar is the Source of Creation from which all life comes forth. We like the offshoot trees gather our energy and life force from Source, but we are each an individualized focus of Source. Each created and alive to bring forth our purpose, yet ONE as a spark of Source at the core or root.

However, humans, unlike these joined trees, have forgotten our Unity with Source and each other.

There is so much healing and wisdom in nature, animals, minerals and Earth itself for us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We just need to open our hearts. We can connect without being physically present, but the connection can be very joyful where we are present.

Because all life is connected we are constantly exchanging energies either consciously or unconsciously. However, it is not of optimal value when our vibrational alignment and thoughts are ego centered and dictate how we exchange instead of our being aligned through Source and the heart. Take the time to connect through your heart and experience the beauty, healing, joy and wisdom you receive.


In Love and Light

Author: Moriah Elohim

I am a seeker of Truth. I am in the process of clearing and transforming myself, to walk in Light and Love.

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