My process for seeking guidance and insight.


This blog is about my weekly process and also about one of the areas of spiritual work which I have been guided to share.

Each week on Sunday, I do a reading for myself.  It is long, but encompasses using oracle cards and then bringing them together to show a unified field of attention to aid me in my growth and work for the time coming. I use several different decks for I am looking at a unified perspective and we have many areas in our lives and many groups of Light Beings who are available and desiring to help us. I later sort them and reflect upon them and what they mean to my current spiritual and physical life and experiences. 

To begin as we each should I ask for protection.  I do a meditation for clearing my chakras and aligning to my soul and then I ask for guidance to help me to focus in the week ahead not just on my spiritual growth but also on how to be of service to earth, humanity, Creator and all life.

After this I begin with the cards and ask each deck and the Light Beings they represent to share what they believe will be of the greatest help to me.   

Before sharing this weeks wisdom and guidance, I would like to say that I begin each day by clearing and aligning my chakras, asking for protection and sending healing, love, the violet fire and protection around the planet to those people , animals and areas in need.  My intent is also to spend time each evening in quiet meditation and communion with the energies of Creator Source and those Light Beings that wish to share wisdom with myself and to others.  This will be the source of my blogging. 

I have been reminded consistently that a spiritual practice daily is essential, as is protection and learning to discern spirits.  Both of these topics I have covered in prior blogs. 

Now I will share my weekly focus and a process which I am going to be offering as a service to others . It is intended to help them to connect to those Light Beings who desire to help them and areas upon which to focus.  It will not answer personal questions about your physical life and relationships, although it might help in some of those areas, it is intended to guide us on our spiritual path to areas of current focus that might help us to makes more enlightened choices and connections.

I will group the cards together as to their focus in this reading as I would for a client, but they did not pull in this manner, for they come from several oracle decks.  It is up to the individual to apply them to their own lives and situations.

For myself, knowing that spirit/soul sees from a higher perspective outside of time and space, they or my soul is aware of what I will experience in the following periods of time, and show me the energies and focus that will help me to make the highest choices. I don’t know how these will apply at the moment but I trust they will be very helpful in the days ahead.  I focus upon what information is most needed to help guide me along the path, and usually the cards jump out of the deck.

Again, whether reading for yourself, another or receiving and reading a message to follow the steps

Protect yourself

Clear your energy

Ask for discernment and guidance from your soul and/or guides regarding the information.

July 10, 2022

If you find any of this applicable or helpful to you personally, REMEMBER we are all connected through Creator Source.

As you look at these groups – please note that they are coming from as many as 10 different oracle card decks and so you can see the unifying field of focus from spirit.

I think Spirit was anticipating me writing this blog for an unusual amount of cards popped out to share their wisdom.

This first set has to do with self love, boundaries, detaching from lower energies and being free to grow spiritually and enjoy life.

  1. DETACH FROM DRAMA – this card directs me to place my focus not upon the situations and people who create drama in my life.  If ones are trying to draw me into fear, confusion, judgment, unbalance or anger, I need to shift my attention and focus or perspective.  This connects to the next card .
  2. SETTING BOUNDARIES –  Being a good person does not mean that we need to let ones draw us into their dramas or drain our energy (energy vampires). We can quickly surround ourselves with the green energy of healing, blue energy of protection, or white light of Creator.  However we also need to learn to set boundaries.  If someone is discussing a topic for which you don’t feel comfortable. It could mean changing the subject, Looking up and breathing in the light, saying something positive about them or the subject, or saying I will pray about this situation or for this person and send them love and light. This can shift the energies and they may decide to pray with you, get upset or leave.  You may want to say that you don’t wish to discuss this topic or be involved in a particular action or work this can be done with an energy of love and unity which takes back your power.  If being asked to do a work with which you don’t have time or desire to participate, simply smile and say I am sorry I don’t have the time/desire to do this at this time, or it is not of interest to me.   Sometimes it can be as simple as focusing on your heart and smiling, that can shift your energy.  There is no need to be cruel or speak harshly, to another, that does not come from an energy of unity or love.  Remember always we have been where that person is in our lives emotionally and spiritually, they need love and compassion, but we do not have to be drawn into their drama. 
  3. SELF LOVE – the card said to create an image of yourself as light, see the beauty of your being and open your heart.  Self love means making your personal well being and happiness a priority as much as being their for others.  It means not sacrificing your needs always to the needs of others and to please others.  It means not settling for less than you deserve.  It means looking at the inner child and the scripts you have running about yourself, and transforming the negative scripts to be free. IT means not comparing yourself and your accomplishments to that of others, for we are all uniques beings on a unique path of learning and service on earth and our needs and timetables are different.
  4. ALIGNMENT is a connection between mind, body and soul.  Your soul is your guiding star if you are listening.  It knows what you came into this world to do, and is consistently sending messages, energies, and helping to create situations for you to remember and learn.  It is through meditation, prayer or contemplation that you can align to and begin to receive the needed guidance of your soul.  Even though you soul is trying to help you along your path, it is your job to connect to your soul and listen to the guidance.  During a physical existence the situations and experiences of life pull us out of alignment.  As we move forward, we no longer experience in the now, but are influenced by past experiences which color our decisions in the now regarding the future we are trying to create.  This will cause us to make choice based on the ego’s guidance.  The purpose of the ego is to protect us at all costs, and so does not  Wconsider what is for the greatest good of all lfie, as does the soul.  The soul helps us create from a higher unified perspective.  Being out of alignment brings fear, judgment and confusion.  The way out of those energies is to STOP, BREATHE and FOCUS ON THE HEART.

A simple meditation if you have the space and time is to close your eyes and see yourself surrounded by light.  Breath in the light until you feel calm.  Then shift you inner focus upward to a space about 24 inches above your head to your soul star chakra.  This is the location where you connect to your soul.  Think or visualize a light beam connection between your soul star, mind and heart.  Ask you soul to connect and guide you and hold this focus for as long as you feel guided.  This is something once you do it you can do it anytime you feel out of alignment and do it for just a few seconds or minutes.

  • DOLPHIN PLAY – dolphins are pure joy and light who spread wisdom and love throughout the waters of the earth and raise its frequency. Know you just need to call to them and be heart centered to connect.  They love to share wisdom and help us to relax and flow with the current of ascension  This card is telling me to lighten up.  To learn that joy and play are essential to our well being.  Laughter helps to loosen blocked energy, to move out of a negative energy or mindset to shift our focus.  Play is just as important as our work, for it helps us to balance our energy, to connect with love, joy and happiness. When we let go of the adult mindset and seek simply play, we find we see things from a higher more unified perspective.
  • PASSION FOR LIFE – Life flows with joy and ease when we find that which brings us joy.  When we are passionate about a work or anything in our life – the energy flows easily and manifestation is easier.  We are able to live in joy and let go of fear, worry, doubt and drama.
  • TREE OF LIFE = The tree of life is composed of sephiroth which represent the energy between Creator and Earth.  It is structured from 10 spheres of Light connected by 22 pathways.  Each Sephiroth is an aspect of Source which contains a law of creation which bring forth creation.  They represent, understanding, wisdom, judgment, kindness, splendor, beauty, foundations, eternity,The Kingdoms of Heaven and Earth. The pathways between them are the lessons we learn as we move from Earth and return to source.  Each path is special with special teachings, there is no right are wrong way to walk or timing for each path.  We all start where we need to at any point in time and travel the path which will helps us to grow the most.  Because another sees things differently doesn’t make them wrong and us right it just means they are on a different path this day than we are. Kabbalah Tree of Life Pt 1 - The Sephirot | Walking Kabbalah
  • 12 CHAKRA SYSTEM – Prior to the fall of Atlantis we had a 12 chakra system.  5 were closed after the fall so that we would not misuse the energy.  Now we have again reached a point where we can activate the 5 additional chakras and raise them to 5D in order to connect to our 12 strand DNA for ascension.  The Unicorns are here to help in this process and will touch and open them.  We can ask the angels to raise them to 5D.
  • DIRECTION GUARDIAN –  you may call the Direction Guardian your Soul.  The Direction Guardian is that aspect which connects us to our deepest desire and makes our heart sing, sparking the fire of passion for this area and our life.  The Direction Spirit usually comes when we are at a crossroad in our life.  They help us to see what best for not only us but all .  Ezekiel in his life saw the Driection Guardian as the Seraphim of 4 angelic faces.  We are at a place in our life where we realize that although we have set forth expectations before incarnating, that we have free will to make choices each step of the way, and adjust our pathway.  Spirit, our soul holds the vision but has no expectations only love and a desire to help us to make the highest choices.  There are many directions and none are wrong for they are all opportunities to leanr and grow.  We need to Align with our Soul  to enable our Soul or Direction Guardian to aid us in making the choice which not only makes us joyous and our heart sing, but benefits all.  
  • PURE INTENT –  As we move along our spiritual path and seek more wisdom, we must also seek clarity to find real truth over relative truth. ( I have written about truth in another blog). This process of clarity begins with surrendering the ego and becoming heart centered.  When we think, speak and act from a loving heart centered perspective we find the spirit of peace and our focus becomes as a diamond of clarity.  The spiritual mountain needs to be climbed from a perspective of clear intent, integrity, honor and kindness.  We need to let go of the desire to be right and judge others.  There are many beings of Light who wish to help us in this process and one of the purest are the Unicorns – who come from Lyra – the bring Christ Light, Love and Wisdom.  You can ask them to guide you along your path and to light your path and even to clear and light your chakras. If you ask they will help you to align with your soul and soul purpose to make the right choices   In the Magic of Unicorn oracle Cards by Diana Cooper she writes this Message of intent.  “ My unicorn lights my path.  I walk it with integrity”
  • CREATIVE SOLUTIONS – This speaks of thinking outside the box with solutions to experiences, challenges, and interactions with others.  It connects to the cards of l boundaries, letting go of drama and aligning with our soul.  Try to think of  new ways of doing things rather than acting or reacting as we have in the past.  To look at our shadow self, our inner parent voice that makes us react as a child to situations.  To act from lack of self esteem or fear instead of self love, and love and compassion for others.  Realizing that as all is One and part of and within Creator Source that in reality there is sufficient for all and we can love and care for others without losing anything for self.
  • COSMIC EMERALD  – this is a Unicorn card.(Unicorns do exist – When you think about them, you can attune to them.  They are 7D Deing who come to us when we are ready to serve humanity.  They share dignity, confidence and strength with us. They come to Earth throught he Lyran portal) The Unicorns working with Archangel Raphael bring the Cosmic Diamond.   Archangel Raphael is the Archangel of healing, which is emerald green a combination of the blue of purity and truth and the yellow of wisdom.  There are many parts of our being that need healing and as we release and transmute old patterns we need to fill those empty spaces with healing and light.  Healing can come on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.  All disease and misalignments are can be healed when we heal the spiritual, mental or emotional energy which has held them in our form and DNA.  The Unicorns can bring to us a Cosmic Emerald to aide in our healing.  We need but ask that they place it around us and breath it into every cell of our body to help us to heal.  We can also requet that they place it in our third eye chakra to heal and open our inner sight to higher wisdom and understanding.
  • CLEAR INTENT – like pure intent where you see from a loving heart perspective – with clear intent you are seeking to see the truth in all situations clearly.  You are still dealing with the energy of Cosmic Emerald and Archangel Raphael. Here you ask that the emerald accelerate your journey to perfect health and abundance for green is the color of healing and abundance.  Then as they place it in your third eye, ask the Unicorns to light up the 9d Rhombus of this chakra.  As well as Archangel Raphael and the Emerald Unicorns, Emerald Dragons work with this charka, as do Ascended Master Hilarion. Ask Archangel Raphael to help with manifesting that which you believe you deserve, healing, trust, clarity, loyalty, friendship, prosperity, and opening the third eye to see from a higher perspective and to download the coes of abundance and your Divine Blueprint.
  • BLESSING AND THANKS – It is important to move into prosperity and abundance energy and consciousness that we let go of the fear there is not enough for everyone.  As part of the Infinite Creator of all that existence, we connect to the energy of abunadance, we have simply forgotten this fact.  As we align with our soul we can more easily connect with this understanding.  A way to reconnect also with this consciousness so that we don’t fall back into old fear of lack patterns is to remind ourselves that there is enough for all. Our Creator loves us and wants to Bless us with abundance.  To focus on what we have and be thankful for our Blessings.  BE thankful for the food you have, the clothes your wear, the place you live, the work you have and the relationships.  Give thanks and have charity for those less fortunate knowing that as you share you are blessed, in knowing there is no need to fear lack but rejoice and give thanks for you abundance.  

This section is about focusing on the next steps of my journey.

  1. VESICA PICES – is about balance and creating from the soul in the world.  We have learned or been taught that what we can verify with our five physical senses is real and that which we feel or is of the etheric world is not real. When we are living our lives focused upon the direction of the outer world and other people, we loose focus of the greater perspective.  However, when we have aligned with our soul and are creating from the higher perspective we have no fear for we know that we are aligned with unlimited resources and potential. 
  2. SACRED GEOMETRIES – From the unlimited potential of the Void of Creation matter is created by the focus of sacred geometric patterning and intent.  Sacred geometric patterns are the perfection of the Creator.  They contain the keys and codes of manifestation from a unified field of consciousness called Universal mind.  In studying and contemplating the sacred geometric forms we begin to open and understand the unity of science and spirituality.
  3. UNIVERSAL KNOWLEDGE = is a card to remind us that we have starry origins and the wisdom of the stars is held in our DNA – it is a reminder to seek truth, to seek our origins and to hold to the light.
  4. LEMURIAN HEALING  – this card reminds us that in the time of Leumia we were 5D androgynous beings of light. We loved the Earth and worked to keep her healed and in balance. We were able to draw the Love of Creator Source through the Cosmic Heart, Source Light and Light from the Stars at the end of Lemuria to create crystals which we placed within the Earth many in South America to light up and maintain the ley lines. 
  5. SOUL LOVE – this card speaks of us being heart centered beings of Love.  It calls for us to remember that we are Love.  To remember that the past can only block our dreams if we allow it to do os.  It calls us to remember that we are a part of the Creator living this experience.  We are called to see with balance and live in love to shift our perspective to see all through the eyes of love.
  6. HATHOR LIGHT CODES  -these codes activate the light on Earth, they link Earth, Venus and the Central Sun with the Love of Unlimited Potential  of transformation and creation.
  7. STELLAR GATEWAY = this is our 12th chakra overseen by Archangel Metatron the creator of the electron and Light for our Universe. It is orange gold in color.  It holds the higher frequencies of Christ Consciousness. This chakra connects the spiritual realms with the earthly realms of creation.  It is the quantum field of life potential.  It bathes all other chakras with Ascension energy.  IT can change the physical body into Light.  It holds the monadic energy of our Being in 12D which is our original divine spark.  It monitors the amount of light our fields can hold and allows for such things as teleportation and control of the elements.


  1. 1.TIGER –  we all have animal guides and animals can teach us different aspects about life.  Many come from different planets and universes to learn and others to teach us.  Animals are heart centered and so their experience with us is sometimes difficult and our actions affect their process.  Tigers come to teach us leadership and to trust our own abilities.  They teach us how to be patient, effective, compassionate, powerful, discerning, and balanced. They must maintain the flow of the group while still following their innerguidance, by moving beyond their own and group fear and doubts to follow the Divine direction.  Even if they stumble and fall , they maintain the focus on what is best for the group.
  2. OCTOPUS  – was my second animal guide.  Octupus is a shapeshifter.  Even scientist agree that they are not native to this planet, due to their ability to change color and texture to mix with their surroundings.  They can change their mannerism to imitate other species to attract prey.  They are telling me to be flexible to learn from others about why they are as they are. To be able to change my appearance, language, voice in order to help others to better understand what I am saying. 
  3. ARCHANGEL FHELYAI = is the archangel of animals  With this card I am reminded to look after animals and to honor them and what they bring to us.  Archangel Fhelyai can help me to communicate with species if I ask and to work with them with patience and develop trust. To speak and act from the heart.  He also asks that we all pray for the protection of animals.  We can ask him and./or Archangel Michael (Archangel of protection)to protect them and their habitat.  He will take those prayers and gather help to not only portect but to whisper in the ears of those who care for animals, or are abusing them or destroying their habitats to learn to love and care for them and their homes.  Ask that they be comforted and healed.  The Sunshine Yellow Dragon( yes, they are real I will speak of them later in this blog)  they are healers of animals, and transmit the Christ Light to them.  You can ask them to do the same in comforting, healing and protecting them.  Ask that people learn to love and understand animals.  Invite animals to communicate and listen.


The nature kingdom was created from the heart of God.  Pan who is a 9D Master along with the elemental beings and Archangel Purlimiek work with Nature. A love of nature is essential for us to ascend and the planet.

  1. ARCHANGEL PURLIMIEK –  he is the archangel of Nature – he lovingly holds natures beauty  and life force so that it may heal, balance, energize us and raise our frequency. He brings the color green of plants, and trees.  He helps us to connect and attune to nature.  If we ask we can begin to learn from the different species their purpose and gifts they bring to us.  For instance, trees not only bring us oxygen from our carbon dioxide, they also bring us fruti, and the music of the wind.  Trees provide shelter and if we are unbalanced and hug a tree they will ground the unbalanced energy and bring us back into balance.  Ask Archangel Purlimiek to help you to learn from nature and become more connected.
  2. Archangel Gersisa – Gersisa is an Archangel that works with the Earth and with the Earth Star Chakra as does Archangel Sandalphon.  Archangel Gersisa helps us to create a solid spiritual foundation in serving the planet.  Her energy is grey and white and she can connect us to Hollow Earth and the wisdom of Lemuria.  She works to bring white light to the ley lines and the grids and to connect them to Universal and Cosmic energy as well as Source energy.  She is currently working with connecting the 8D golden grid to Earth, along with Archangel Voosloo. She clears the planetary earth star chakra and strengthens it and can help us to do the same for our personal Earth Star Chakra.  We can also strengthen it by walking on the earth and through spiritual learning and practices. When we are ready for Universal Service whe will come to us to help in bring through our form Creator Source light and sending it through the ley line and to connect the 9D Cosmic Grid to the 5D grids and ley lines down to Hollow Earth and back through Stonehenge to the Universe.
  3. LADY GAIA – Lady Gaia per the writings of Diana Cooper is a Throne Being a 9D angle.  She is the Being incarnate as Earth and in charge of what happens and who incarnates on Earth.  We are here at her invitation.  She is a loving Being, she must be to put up with us.  As of 2012 the Earth is moving into 5D from 3D and it will be completed in 2032.  This means we are half way through that time period.  She had invited us to help to clear and activate the people and raise the vibration for ascension. Fear has caused Earth to lag behind other planets in our Universe.  It is time for us to clear old patterns and our shadows to step out into the light and become the diamond crystalline Beings of Light that we truly are and help as we came to do the process for planet Earth and Lady Gaia.   She works with Taia the elemental master of Earth and the elementals who protect earth.  She is full of love, joy and celebration. 
  4. FIRE –   this card speaks of the element Fire. Fire transmutes the old and takes the new to a higher frequency.  Archangel Gabriel is the Archangel of Fire who works with Thor.  Thor is in charge of the Salamanders of fire.  If asked they will transmute conflicts, and spread peace, warmth and nourishment to people.  Fire will help us to eat the right foods to fuel our bodies.  Fire can help to ignite the energy of our chakras to 5D and attract ones who will be inspired.  Another source of the energy of fire, that works too with Gabriel are the DRAGONS>


Dragons are 4D and higher elementals that  can reach energies that Angels cans for transmutation. Different Dragon cards come forth as needed for the planet in order that I focus and direct them to be of service. Sometimes several cards jump out wanting to be of service.

  1. EARTH DRAGON – they clear the land and path before us in order to help us stay grounded and to clear stuck energy so we can move forward.  They are 4D and built the dragon ley lines. They need for us to ask that they travel the ley lines, grids, portal, nodes, and megalithic sites to clear the energies.  They will go to any location we ask and clear the energies.  They can also help us clear our chakras, and aura of anything not in accordance with Divine Light. They come as we are ready to be of planetary service to grids and earth to ask and direct them to help clear and activate the planet. 
  2. DUSTY PINK DRAGONS OF ANDROMEDA – they are 7D dragons of love and acceptance- if we ask they will pour transcendent love into our chakras so that we can radiate it forth to others.  They come when it is time to carry higher love and they touch the chakra and we need but breath in the Dusty pink.  As we breath it into the chakras it will fill our aura and radiate out.  CRICKETS – also come from Andromeda per Diana and their chirps are songs of higher love.  Dianna Cooper in her Dragons Oracle cards says to affirm the following. “ I accept and radiate higher love. 
  3. SILVER LUNAR DRAGONS – They bring Divine Feminine Light of balance, peace and harmony.  They work with the Causal Chakra which is our Moon poratl.  They are 7D beings that have come to help usher in the new Goldan Age on Earth.  They have come to bring back unity, love, wisdom, harmony, cooperation, balance and to help us to expand our Causal Chakra for ascension. 
  4. FIRE AND WATER DRAGONS  – This is an orange and green dragon- it has come to help us and earth to move forward toward ascension.  Fire transmutes lower energies and water is the energy of flow, change and emotion.  Fire and water together produce steam which is an energy of movement.  They come forward during times of large changes to help clear the energies and to help propel us forward so that we can navigate the new terrain and flow easily. They bottle the energy needed to move until we have made the decision and then release it to make rapid movements and change.  We must always ask for their help even though they are around us.  If we aske they will help us to make the highest choices and then move forward with Grace.
  5. FIRE DRAGONS – they are 4D beings that can transmute energies that angels can’t reach. They work under Archangel Grabriel and Thor. We can ask Arachangel Gabriel or Thor to send out the fire dragons to places or people to clear auras and replace the lower energies with Archangel Gabriels white diamond light, so it can be radiated with joy. Diana Cooper fives the affirmation : “I invoke the fire dragons to clear my path to ascension.”


  1. LIGHT BEINGS – All things happen for a reason – the Beings of Light are with us to help when we ask – they are keepers of the faith and dreams we have come in to manifest and to aid us in what we decide to do as we ask for their help
  2. PEACEKEEPERS they are beings of light that help us to let go of the need to be right.  They ask us to choose peace and happiness, not by proving we are right, but by choosing to bring harmony, balance, understanding, cooperation and love.  White Buffalo Woman was a Peacekeeper, she appeared with a Peacepipe. She asked the people to take the higher road for live within the power of love and light.  “TRUTH WILL ALWAYS BE REAVEALED IN THE END”  Avoid the need to fight or battle, and move forward from a higher perspective – connect to our inner guidance and intend to find love and peace
  3. MEDICINE MOTHER – she tells us it is okay to make mistakes or for things to end – it is not the end of the world, only the end of a chapter.  We are not meant to suffer, that is why there are Light Beings and guides around us just waiting for us to ask for help.  Old pattersn will resist at the time we need to release them – if we learn to love ourself we will be able to move forward and take action – one step at a time.
  4. SEER – this card speaks of being intuitive channels of information – “ A TRUE SEER WILL HELP YOU SEE YOUR INTENTIONS BRING CHANGE.”  Our ability to see clearly enough to create our own future.  Our ability to see beyond what we thik is happening. 


  1. METATRON – Metatron is creator of the electron and outer light. He is the garment of the Creator to this Universe and the highest guiding vibration.He oversees the ascension plan for our Universe and increases the light levels for individuals to activate their stellar gateway.  We discussed the card of the Stellar Gateway which is oversees in our charkas earlier when that card appeared. He works with our Monad to release information to us when our Monad decisdes we are ready.  Together with Seraphim Seraphina when we are ready for Universal Service he petitions for us to attend and they help us to build oru Antakarana bridge back to Source. So we can anchor Source Light on Earth. We need ask him to surround us with his Ascension clak to bring our 12 cakras up to 5D. Ask sincerely and he will gladly help us on our ascension journey.
  2. ARCHANGEL MARY – is the divine feminine counterpart of Archangel Raphael. She brings love, compassion and healing.  She works with the blue ray in the tone of aquamarine.  When we are ready to open and connect our hearts with the Cosmic Heart she will help us if we ask and surround us with her Aquamarine Mantel so that as we connect to Cosmic heart and it floods our heart chakra it may pour out to touch others. Ask her to place the flame of love in your heart to heal an denlighten
  3. SERAPIS BEY– He brings the white Ascension Flame and has held it since the times of Egypt.  He worked with Archangel Metatron to imbue the Great Pyramid with widom. Ask Serpais Bey to help you to stand in the White flame and feel its influence and to connect with him to receive the energies of wisdom, cooperation, and dedication to growth and service.  He works with the Seraphim to shower ones with blessings.
  4. THOTH – there is so much to write about Thoth, which I know of already and will be doing a website on later.  Enough to say this card appearing means the work will begin shortly.  The writing on this particular card speaks of his teaching on when every single aspect of our being is in tune, the whole is automatically in harmony.  This rings true for a family, group, country or planet.  This cards speaks of bringing all parts of my life and body into alighment to enjoy perfect health and happiness.  To see each part of my body as a part of an orchestra and that my thoughts conduct a concert of radiant well being, attuning all aspects of my life to my higher purpose in celebration. 

This is the last card. To me as I sort the information into groups and look at what is shown. The guidance and the areas build upon each other and given me a focus and understanding of what types of energies I may need to deal with, and what areas of my growth to work on clearing and balancing. This also shows me which Light Being I can call upon to help me in my process and journey.

As you can see this is the type of information you will receive in your reading.  Only you will be able to determine how the information relates to your at this time.  You always have the choice as to if you wish to work with any energy or beings.  Althoug, it may show areas of services like in this reading of working with dragons and ley lines, you don’t need to connect if you don’t feel guided.   

You can message if you may be interested in a reading.  I will be making them available soon through my website  and through etsy.

The report will be titled “ Guidance for Connecting to your Spiritual Path and Mission”

The price will be $55 USD

I am still in the process of creating the website and etsy and will post when they are ready.

This as I said is a long blog because so many cards jumped to be shared. I think spirit was anticipating I would be sharing them on this blog and so more than just a normal amount I would have came forth.  As always spirit is more than ready to help.


These are the card decks I used and they can all be found on Amazon.

Diana Cooper Decks

Dragon Oracle Cards

Archangel Oracle Cards

The Magic of Unicorns Oracle Cards

Ascension Cards

The Secret Language of Light Oracle Cards by Denise Jarvie

The Pleiadian Star Seed Oracle by Flo Karuna

The Archangel Metatron Self Master Oracle by Amanda Ellis

Kyle Gray Decks

Angels and Ancestor Oracle Cards Guidance

Gateway of Light Activation Oracle

Messages from your Animal Spirit Guides by Steven D Farmer

Author: Moriah Elohim

I am a seeker of Truth. I am in the process of clearing and transforming myself, to walk in Light and Love.

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