Prayer and Spiritual Service

We were created to be the caretakers of this planet and the life that is part of its ecosystems. In our materialistic focus we have created an environment that cannot sustain many life forms, including many humans.

We can change the direction in which evolution is happening, but it requires that we begin to work together with a pure intent, focus, and feeling of unity and benefit for all life. We need to fully realize that all that we do has an affect upon another. If one person drops their trash upon the street, another will either pick it up or decide that they can drop their trash also. This leads to a cascade of trash and garbage upon the street. Then the rains come and take the garbage into the sewer system, where it can pollute and clog the systems, the waterways and finally travel into the ocean.

“But it was only one piece of paper they said to themselves.”

The weather is crazy people say. My grandmother told us long, long ago that the energy or people, their anger and frustration will affect the weather patterns. She told us to watch, that when there are many wars, violence and unrest in the world the weather would be chaotic. SHE WAS RIGHT.

We need to begin to make thoughtful choices from a higher perspective, than what can I gain materially from this action or choice. Beyond simply trusting the knowledge of books, media or scientists we need to begin to connect to the part of the Divine Universal Mind of Creation that exists within each of us. Our soul is waiting to help us to guide us, so that we can see things from a higher perspective that is beneficial not just for us, bur for the planet and all life. We can see life in a more balanced and harmonious manner. This will lead to even the weather coming back into a natural balance.

As we connect to our soul guidance within we can not only make better choices, but we can expand our choices to be of Service to all life and the Creator. Many like to refer to this as prayer, it can also be called contemplation, meditation and mindfulness, or listening grace.

I would like to suggest that if you are not aware of the Violet Flame of Transmutation that you look up this subject and begin to practice it in your personal life, to clear old blockages to spiriutal growth and awareness. You can also be of GREAT SERVICE, in sending this energy forth into the earth, around the earth’s grids and ley lines as well as into the air and water ways. You can send it to other people, situations (like war zones) and places. In so doing, you are not interferring upon another persons freedom of choice but allowing the energies around them to be cleared so that they can either accept the VIolet Flame within themselves or they have energies cleared around them so that they can access a higher perspective and energy for growth.

To do this for yourself and for service to others only takes a few minutes a day and can be done, in meditation with eyes closed or open, while walking, showering, during prayer time, while you are watching television, sitting in nature, or simply relaxing.

Just call upon Archangel Zadkiel and the Violet Flame to move through your body releasing and transmuting all blockages and misqualified energies. Then ask that this flame move into the earth, through the earth, around the earth, through the air and water, clearing and transforming the energies, so that all may be free. If you know of a person in need, or a place or situation ask that it be taken there.

NOW – you have become part of the Violet Flame Transmuatation team to help to FREE HUMANITY and ALL LIFE on Earth.

It is time to choose to not be a watcher, who allows things to happen and victimize your life, but an active participant in changing the world for the better.

You can say the following or modify it to your energy and focus:

“Beloved Creator and Archangel Zadkiel. PLease manifest in me the Sacred Violet Flame of Transmuation. Bring the Violet Flame into every cell and electron of my body clearing and filling me completely with its power of transmutation. Let it blaze forth from my heart surrounding me with Divine Grace, Love, Mercy and forgiveness. Transmute all that is not of the Divine within me through all levels and dimensions. Bring into my Being the Gold Flame of Divine Love and the Silver Flame of Divine Grace to fill that which has been emptied of the old with the new. Now send this power ful Flame into the Earth and move outward from the Center of the Earth in accordance with Lady Gaia, the soul of earth to the surface. There to move along the ley lines and grid lines round the earth, through the water and upward through the air, clearing and transmuting all misqualified energies and blockages that prevent spiritual Oneness and growth for All Life. Bring forth and make available to all the Golden Flame of Divine Love and Silver Flame of Divine Grace, that all whom wish may partake and be FREE. THANK YOU Beloved Creator and Archangel Zadkiel for your Love and Mercy. So be it and so it is. “


I AM a being of Violet Fire

I AM the purity God desires.

In service to the Divine in all Life.

Author: Moriah Elohim

I am a seeker of Truth. I am in the process of clearing and transforming myself, to walk in Light and Love.

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