Awaken my children to My Presence within you.

Awaken to know the peace that our Oneness brings into your life.

Awaken to the wisdom of the Universe available to you as we work in unison to help the world to awaken to the Truth of Creation and Expansion.

Awaken to Love, Peace, Security and Abundance.

Awaken to remember that in Unity all your needs are met, and Peace prevails.

Awaken to know in my Love you are safe.

Awaken to remember that I AM the Source of All and that you need not fear lack in our Oneness.

Awaken to see there is sufficient for ALL.

Awaken to cherish and love each other, for you are part of me, and part of each other.

AWAKEN my children.



Author: Moriah Elohim

I am a seeker of Truth. I am in the process of clearing and transforming myself, to walk in Light and Love.

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