United States of America


At this time in history we are at a point of great transformation in the USA. The dark night of the soul would be a term used for this on an individual level. The time when one is forced to turn and face the shadow of mis-qualified energy and outdated belief systems. To face the karma of our choices and the fear, doubt and pain of our lives. To face those feelings and thoughts which we have put in a box in order to escape the pain and hurt, that are now resurfacing so that we can face it, release it and transform it into light and wisdom. Well, at least that is the highest outcome.

Often, what happens is what we see happening in the USA at this time. The shadow can either make or break a society or prevent it from moving forward into its higher purpose, the same as with a person. The shadow is protected by our ego, who is always trying to protect us and maintain the status quo. The shadow will fight to cling to life, and will tell us to put it back in the box, so we don’t get hurt. If we look at it, the shadow brings up emotions of fear, anger, hatred, resentment, control, and chaos in order to confuse us so we stop trying to understand the belief or emotions which created it.

The shadow is not easy to face, but it is only through facing the shadow that we can understand how it was born, change the emotion and impact of the memory or belief, release it, and transform it. On a personal level we go within and ask for our soul, higher self, to help us to understand our shadow, and to bring us wisdom, understanding, forgiveness, compassion and love to the memory or source of the origin of the shadow. Even on the level of a county it must still be addressed on the level of the individual as well as the level of the society. For if the individuals still cling to the shadow, it will resurface at a later time.

It is often easier to blame a country, political system, monetary system, religious system, educational system, ethnic group or any other system or group that they might believe has caused them pain, or taken something from them whether this is actual or simply a belief that have been given. For to look at the shadow within ourselves and to take responsibility for our own choices and actions requires work, digging deep, forgiving, and releasing. It is easier to be the victim and blame another for our life situation.

There are a myriad of Beings of Light serving our Creator who are more than willing to help us in this process but we still must take responsibility and do the work to look at our part, release it, make the needed changes, and transform the misqualified energy and belief into light and love. The same as we do this on an individual level, ones must come together, letting go of the blame, distrust, hatred, anger, fear and resentment, to bring forgiveness, love and compassion into a vision of unity for the future.

A wonderful and powerful tool given to us to aid in this process is the Violet Flame. As we face our shadow to be released, we must then heal and transform the energy and that is what the violet flame can do. The Violet flame exists within each cell of our body. It awaits us calling upon the energy to activate the flame to transform it and remove the mis-qualified energy so that the light may flow freely through us and out into the world.

The same as for ourselves, we can ask for the Creator to send this Violet Flame into the world, to a group, a system, a location, a situation or to a person to transform the energies and release that which no longer serves so that we can be free to choose the light, compassion, forgiveness and unity. So as we heal ourselves, we can be of service to a better country and humanity by calling this powerful energy of transformation to move throughout our country and systems, releasing, transforming and filling the cleared spaces with the gold and silver light of wisdom and grace of our Creator.

The future is our responsibility on a personal and societal level. The Creator and Beings of Light can help us as we call upon them, but we created this mess and we need to clean it up.

NOT by creating more violence, anger, hatred, and separation, but by clearing those mis-qualified energies and bringing in the higher perspective and light.

The choice as always is yours.