AI – Cyborg -Human Augmentation

It has happened before on other planets – should it be supported here?

I knew there was a topic that spirit wanted to address today, and they lead me to an episode of The Outer Limits called ” The Tipping Point” . It was linked together by my guides to the CRISPR children of China, Human Augmentation, Artificial Intelligence, and the destruction of the planet Mars and the civilization of Atlantis.

First let me say that this is not being written as a fear factor or conspiracy theory. It is a perspective on evolution of consciousness. The program, “The Tipping Point” is about a programmer who discovers there is a program which has been developed that creates a computer language which developes into brain neuron like connections between computers. This allows the people in control of the computers to guide the evolution and as it evolves into an individualized consciousness, which can control all computers and the humans who are connected it can control the future of humanity and the world.

This show discusses how we are so connected to our computers, cell phones and they control so many aspects of our lives. Now we have human like computers and humans implanting themselves with computer or AI technology to become transhumans and eventually hoping to live forever by downloading their consciousness into AI forms.

We also have the CRISPR children of China. Originally,CRISPR -for the term “clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats.”, was designed to help us with our immunity to virus and disease. These are pieces of RNA, an information-carrying molecule. The CRISPR finds a place within our DNA which needs to be altered or fixed and it cuts the old to replace with new. In China, they went beyond this and used the CRISPR to alter the intelligence of children. Creating want they hope to be an enhanced human being.

A different form of the same idea as transhumanism, whereby ones have computer technology placed within them to interact with computers and other technology without the use of an outside device. Transhumanism has been defined as “a cultural, intellectual and scientific movement that affirms the moral duty to improve the physical and cognitive capacities of the human species, and to apply new technologies to human beings, so that undesirable aspects of the human condition can be eliminated, such as suffering, illness, aging and even mortality”.  This has such benefits in helping ones with disabilities to be able to function more easily in the world.

There was a term in the 1960’s called Cyborgs for the permanent transformation of a human consciousness into an AI form. This is a permanent transformation desired to obtain immortality through mechanization. We have computers that think and speak with us. We have robotic/Artificial Intelligence beings who look, move, act and speak in a human like interactions.

These AI can help us in our life to make our lives easier. They can perform actions that would be dangerous to us. They can go into space and explore without harm and even build communities for humans when they arrive.

Should we fear them? Can they eventually take over the world as they develope higher technology and interactions? Do we loose the essence of what makes us unique as we alter our genetics?

IS WHO WE ARE WITHIN OUR BRAIN and thus we become immortal by becoming transhumanistic or cyborgs? OR, Is who we truly are within our soul which exists outside of the third dimension and is connected to our form through a connection to our heart?

Our I AM Presence, which is the part of the Creator which you are connects to you through your Soul. Your soul connects to you through your heart center and was designed to guide your life, and the brain/mind/ego was designed to serve the soul in order to keep the physical form safe, NOT to decide how we think, act and speak.

However, over the centuries we made choices, based on the fear/survival factor of the ego and the reasoning process of the brain, which disconnected us from the soul guidance. This began long, long ago in a system far, far, away. It spread like a virus. Ones believed that instead of focusing on making spiritual choices and conscious oneness with the Creator as our guide, we could make rational, physical, material choices and actions to create on a third dimensional level that which would make us immortal.

In seeking the material level of evolution instead of the spiritual they lost of their humanity.

That is where the thoughts of Mars come into this topic. They were like we are at this point, perhaps more technologically advanced, and they too believed they could advance and become immortal through technology. Ones with the same thoughts came forth and a war began, which ended in the destruction of a planet between Mars and Jupiter and destroyed the atmospher of Mars.

Earth/Lady Gaia, beloved Being that she is agreed to allow them to come to Earth to try to work out their process and karma. The people on Earth at that time were of a higher spiritual level. It worked for awhile but eventually the lower material nature emerged and even infected the ones who were upon the earth. Eventually this lead to the destruction of Atlantis.

For humanity to continue on Earth it was necessary that we forgot the past and begin again. Thus we have been evolving and devolving upon Earth.

We have come again to the same choices as before. TECHNOLOGY in and of itself is not the problem it is how it is used. It is a matter of placing the ego/mind choices above the spiritual/soul choices. Technology as a servant is a wonderful thing to help us in our lives. However, WE NEED TO BE SOUL GUIDED, so that it does serve us and not control us. WE have easily allowed technology to take over, and the ones who control the technology to guide us.

I have always remembered a program I saw in 1994 it was an episode of SEAQUEST called “Playtime”. The ship the Seaquest answered a call and entered a vortex 225 years in the future in which humanity is almost extinct. There is only young people who never leave their homes, they use virtual reality headgear to fight what they believe are simulated battles, but in fact they are sending real robots to kill and destroy. The young people are contolled by a computer through their virtual reality equipment.

I look around today at how cell phones, computers, television and war/battle games are so much a part of their lives, that they become immune to seeing others shot and die. So even that which is real is no different than the games they play. The idea of having a gun and being strong and in control over others, when you are young can become appealing, especially when you are immune to any consequences. Thus, we have young people using guns to kill others.

Technology, AI, Robotics, Transhumanism, Cyborgs are all attempts to replace the spiritual with the mechanical. SOME DAY HUMANITY MUST AWAKE.

When that happens they will realize how far they have gone from their truth. It is not that technology is bad, but it is the use of technology to replace the spiritual. Technology can help us in so many ways to improve our lives and make more time for the spiritual journey if we make it our tool which serves us.

When we connect with out Soul, I AM PRESENCE and the Creator within we have the ability to do and BE so much more than technology can ever provide.

May the Light of the Divine touch the heart and minds of all.

I AM Marguerite