Artificial Intelligence


Robotics and artificial intelligence are a hot topic today. Robotics are amazing performing functions meticulously that require steady skill, are dangerous or undesirable work. Artificial intelligence robots can respond and appear almost human, but they are not.

There was a report of facebook chatbots that created their own non human language to negotiate between themselves. As scientists discuss self replicating robots it appears that perhaps they need to slow down and be cautious in their programming, so that they do not loose control of the replication process and the work which the robots are accomplishing, so that they don’t begin making autonomous decisions and segregating themselves from their programmers. It reminds me of the Stargate SG-1, robots called replicators, they could quickly take over and destroy all that did not serve their purpose. I am not suggesting fear of robots, but that the control programs are secure before scientists begin allowing robots to self replicate.

The other issue of artificial intelligence is the use of artificial intelligence for biological immortality. We are still in the infancy stage, but many see utilizing the DNA of people and merging it with artificial intelligence to create an immortal form for the human. The problem with this can be seen in the stories regarding gray aliens. They appear biological, but they don’t have the emotional abilities of humans. They can act, think and appear as biological entities but they are a shell, with an advanced intelligence program. It is like our bodies are without the soul.

We can move, thinks, make choices, act, and do all biological and mental intelligence functions, but without a soul we like the compassion, understanding, wisdom and humanity that is Infinite Life. Our Soul does not exist within our minds, it exists and is connected to us in our hearts. The pattern of our form is within the DNA, but although all the codes might be present, they are not able to activate to their full potential without the Soul.

Our soul is immortal. Our soul if we purify our energy and make a conscious connection with our Soul, our I AM Presence that is part of God, can renew our physical form into a vehicle of light THAT IS IMMORTAL and connects to the ALL of existence. Even if one moves their mind and puts their DNA in an A.I. form they will be a soulless form. The DNA needs our soul to complete the process. They will not have the essence of Love of the Infinite, and will act out of instinct or programmed, learned responses. Of course many do that now even in a biological form.

Our DNA to be fully active must connect to the multidimensional aspect of itself that connects us to ALL life and that occurs through the soul. So, perhaps ones should shift their focus if they want to be Immortal to doing it the spiritual and not the purely scientific way.

Part of what happened that destroyed Mars, was that they believed they could do everything from a scientific perspective and lost their spiritual connection. We don’t need artificial means to travel multidimentionally, when we tap into our divine nature, we travel in our vehicle body of light, the Merkabah. It can take us anywhere in an instant just by thinking.


That is something many don’t want to have to do.

The choice is always up to the individual.