Allowing Differing Perspectives

There is so much energy being expended these days on them or us, right or wrong, or any other opposing perspectives which can be held by a person or group of people.

You may not always agree with what I share in any of the messages on this site, and that is fine, it is your right as much as it is my right to have my perspective and share it. I am very careful before I share something that it is allowing of differing perspectives. One of the greatest changes we go through in our life is letting go of old and outdated belief systems which are fear/ego based in order to understand that we are all part of the same ONE/or whole. This allows us to see that we are each experiencing existence, creation and expansion from a unique perspective to enhance the whole of the ONE CREATOR as the Creator seeks to do this through us.

We each remove the blockages and clear the old beliefs in our own timing. Where another is in their beliefs and perspective either we have been or one day may or will be.

I say may,because when sufficient number of people understand a perspective or blockage and how it prevents their advancement and unity, it is no longer needed as a experience and the energy dissipates. For instance if 144,000 people finally realize that war is not the solution and they are the number to remove the karmic recycling of war energy it will shift and then love, forgiveness, unity and cooperation can fill their hearts and we will never have to go through war again. Realize that 144,000 is an arbitrary number, it might be 4 billion or 100, and they will pray for war to end and peace to fill the hearts of all humanity. They will expand the love and light they experience out into the earth to allow others to feel the freedom. Then ones will lay down their arms. It can happen. It did happen one day during WWI on Christmas Eve of 1914. On Dec 7, 1914 Pope Pope Benedict had implored leaders of the battling nations to hold a Christmas truce, asking “that the guns may fall silent at least upon the night the angels sang.” The plea was officially ignored. However, on Christmas Eve the German began seeing Christmas Songs. They called out to the Allied forces to meet them half way.

What happened next would, in the years to come, stun the world and make history. Enemy soldiers began to climb nervously out of their trenches, and to meet in the barbed-wire-filled “No Man’s Land” that separated the armies. Normally, the British and Germans communicated across No Man’s Land with streaking bullets, with only occasional gentlemanly allowances to collect the dead unmolested. But now, there were handshakes and words of kindness. The soldiers traded songs, tobacco and wine, joining in a spontaneous holiday party in the cold night.

Bairnsfather could not believe his eyes. “Here they were—the actual, practical soldiers of the German army. There was not an atom of hate on either side.”

And it wasn’t confined to that one battlefield. Starting on Christmas Eve, small pockets of French, German, Belgian and British troops held impromptu cease-fires across the Western Front, with reports of some on the Eastern Front as well. Some accounts suggest a few of these unofficial truces remained in effect for days.

For those who participated, it was surely a welcome break from the hell they had been enduring.“Later on in the day they came towards us,” Reading described. “And our chaps went out to meet them…I shook hands with some of them, and they gave us cigarettes and cigars. We did not fire that day, and everything was so quiet it seemed like a dream.”

Another British soldier, named John Ferguson, recalled it this way: “Here we were laughing and chatting to men whom only a few hours before we were trying to kill!”

Other diaries and letters describe German soldiers using candles to light Christmas trees around their trenches. One German infantryman described how a British soldier set up a makeshift barbershop, charging Germans a few cigarettes each for a haircut. Other accounts describe vivid scenes of men helping enemy soldiers collect their dead, of which there was plenty.

Christmas Truce memorial
The Football Remembers Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum in England, commemorating the 1914 Christmas Truce.Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

You see it is not some leader/savior of a country that will save us from war and hatred. Most likely they will get us involved. They did not respond to the request for 1 day of peace, but the men themselves responded to the calling of their hearts.

IT IS US – who are the saviors of our planet from the war, hatred, disease, judgment, faminine, destruction and violence. The ‘chosen ones’ are in reality the ONES WHO CHOOSE to live a Divinely guided life.

WE MUST MAKE A CHOICE. We must eventually seek the higher spiritual perspective of love, compassion, understanding, unity, wisdom, truth and responsibility for our own actions. The timing of that choice is yours to make. When we make that choice we then seek to create a better world not through forcing our point of view upon another, but by living a life which will inspire others to seek something more spiritual and divine in their own lives. We will see the need of others and help them because they are a part of us and a part of the Creator as are the plants, trees, Earth, animal, everything that exists.

BE THE EXAMPLE. It takes one choice at a time, to seek the highest good in our thoughts, words and deeds. To understand that everyone is at differing levels of understanding, and they may not be able to understand what you or I are saying. That doesn’t make us right and them wrong. For they are learning exactly what they need to learn in this life and if they make a harmful choice, then they alone must seek to balance it.


What can we do. As I said, clear yourself of that which is not of the highest perspective and light. Use the Gold, Silver and Violet Flame to transmute theses energies and allow you to bring more light and love into your heart, mind and body. Then expand that love and light outward to others. Ask that the angels take the Gold, Silver and Violet Flame out into the world to transmute the energies, whether you send it to a place, situation or a particular person, or to the whole world, ask that it clear the energies and if ones are open to clear their individual energies. Do not send it to clear their energies, but the energies around them so that they have a clear surrounding in which to make the choice themselves if they want to be clear.

As we help to clear the earth, air, and water we transmute the energies which block ones from receiving the purity of the Universal Creation Energies which will provide the space for them to make the choice if they are ready and willing to transform and be Free.

When the negative energies are no longer strangling us, we can think clearer and look at our choices and make changes. IF, we try to control the choices of another, or to force our beliefs upon them, we do two things, create a disruptive and possibly angry energy between us on the physical level and on the spiritual level we violate the rule of Freedom of Choice given to us by the Creator, creating a karma for ourselves that we will need to balance. Even the Creator does not interfer in our choices. The Creator ALLOWS us to experience until we tire of our ego choices and desire to live from a differing perspective, a higher perspective that sees the best choice which benefits all life.

Allowing another their perspective is a part of self mastery. It is a part of spiritual maturity, the letting go of the need to be right, and becoming the PeaceKeeper. This does not mean you have to let go of your perspective, or even that you have doubts. It simply means that if you are sure of your perspective and it has become your Truth and way of living and Being, you will no longer have a need to argue with another. If you feel the need to argue and defend your truth or belief, perhaps you need to review it. Is it simply a thought of the intellect that you feel you should believe, or has it become a feeling, faithful, truth which is part of you that you know and live with ease and purpose.

This does not preclude discussion about differing perspectives but it means that we do so with MUTUAL RESPECT. This is something quite difficult to find at times.

In Hinduism one of their tenets is just this to have Mutual Repect for others and their beliefs and experiences. Thus we expecting the same from them, which allows ones to discuss their differing perspectives in a harmless and perhaps enlightening perspective.

Buddha advised people not to accept his words on faith but to test them and apply them in their life to see if they were true for them. He encouraged compassion and understanding for others and that we must EACH do the work of self mastery for a teacher can only point the way, we must do the work.

In the Christian belief system, Jesus said to turn the other cheek when one slaps you. Meaning when you feel wronged do not anger but find within your self love and compassion. For if they knew better they would not do so. Anger and violence begets the same. Like attracts like. Jesus said to pray for you enemy and hold no enmity for to inherit the kingdom we need be pure within and without. You do not need to forcefully defend yourself or your beliefs. The things of the earth, allow the system of the earth to take care of them. For you see these beliefs and things are of the world and the soul of the Divine.

When your focus is upon the Divine within all things fall into place and it does not matter the beliefs of another may differ. Simply pray for the freedom and enlightenment of All Life which allow the Host of Creator to work within the Earth. You don’t need to make a determination what they do to help that is attempting to control.

I send the Violet Flame and Love and Light to release, transmute and fill the space with the Divine Wisdom and Grace. Allowing the Will of the Creator to determine what else is needed and can be done.

It is not easy to stop the process of wanting others to believe as you do, and act as you do, especially if you have been taught or feel your actions are the right ones. They are right for you as long as you need them. When they no longer serve, you will seek a new perspective. The same for all other people, even animals. Just remember SELF MASTER begins with MINDFULNESS of your thoughts, words and deeds.

Thus, we are each on the path, our path. For we can only walk our path to the kingdom within. When we realize the kingdom of the Creator/Universal Oneness lies within us, we stop seeking without for direction. Then it is easier to allow others to do the same in their own time.

So, you can still discuss and debate the finer points of your beliefs, but if it becomes a sparring match of yelling, anger, hatred and violence you know you have moved into an area for which you are uncertain of your truth and feel the need to defend yourself from others. You have moved from sharing to attempting to control or defend and Truth stands on its own, it does not need you to defend it. That is the time to stop and move away, turn the other cheek and seek a higher perspective within.

A long time ago I learned that when you know truth and embody that truth, it shines forth from you and you don’t need to convince another for they will feel it in your words and presence.

Walk in the Presence and surety of your Divine Truth and let your Light Shine.

See the world as an Innocent observer without judgment, or writing a scenario about what you see, but allowing it to be.

Blessings in Light and Love

I Am Marguerite