NOW – Seeing the Truth of the Moment

Humanity lives mostly focused on either the past or the future as a basis of what we think do and say in this moment. We seek to find a point of reference from which to base our choices and actions, so that we can determine the meaning of the moment in our lives.

Yet, now is the most important point of reference you have. Nothing else exists but this instant in time. It is the past, present and future simultaneously. This is such a hard concept to understand because it is easier to feel it, and to experience the emotion of the moment. When we let go of our point of reference and expand out through our hearts into the all of the moment then we begin to understand.

This is the moment when we experience what is spoke of as the “AHA MOMENT”. This is the moment when we realize the eternal oneness of this moment. We can feel the inspiration and expansion of our conscious understanding of existence and who we truly are in that wholeness.

We begin to understand that we are in one instant the drop of water and the ocean simultaneously. All that we need to know and experience is available to us in that moment.

Then the illusion begins to fall from our eyes and we see the world in which we live as it truly exists. A type of hologram or program of experience created and operated by the computer we call mass consciousness.

We connect to and tap into this energy when we are born into this world. It is part of the system of learning and growth for which we signed up when we decided to be born upon the earth.

Earth is a beautiful, loving jewel in the crown of creation. Earth is a gracious, loving and caring Entity who agreed to allow this experiment we call humanity to play out upon her form.

Earth is like a classroom in which we as student have been experimenting with creating a program called humanity and human existence. We have the ability to choose what we will experience and as a choice is agreed upon by a large group of people it becomes a permanent part of the program for humanity.

Other choices we make are of a more limited and personal nature, which directly affect ourselves and those within our sphere of influence. These choices are usually not of a permanent nature or widespread nature, like what we eat this day or where we spend our spare time. They will change as we change our intent and focus on a personal level. There are other choices that may affect more people, like taking a new job in a new location or one that allows you to supervise or influence large groups of people.

As an individual develops more stronger energies of emotion, intent and focus they are more easily able to influence others through their work or media. They may even be able to apply this energy to mass consciousness through their intent. The power and development of communication and media in the 20th and 21st century have enabled this to be a greater influence on mass consciousness, than ever before in history.

When a strong orator or person of charisma, power and energy which are of a political, monetary, or spiritual nature speaks on media, they are able to convince others of their belief or point of view so that it can become embedded in mass consciousness and available to multitudes of people. Some are able to imprint their thoughts and intents on mass consciousness through personal will without using media.

For what we can come to understand in the moment of NOW is that statement that we are the drop of water ( the individual) and at the same time the ocean ( all of creation). All is one and never separate, except in conscious belief and understanding. What we do unto another we are doing unto ourselves and the creator. We are simply a spiritual conscious Being who is moving upon this earth within a 3D human form.

Our consciousness or we may call subconscious is always connected to the Creator and all other parts of life and humanity through what some call the soul. We simply have forgotten.

There is only one way to move beyond the influence of others and living according to another’s wants, needs, desires and intent. This is a time to stop – breathe deeply – close your eyes and relax into your heart and ask to be set free from the illusion, fear and influence of others and to experience the freedom and joy of now. To feel the love in your heart, and see the beauty in the world. To be inspired to live in harmony with all that is gracious and of harmony in the world.

AHA – I get it now. You will say.

At those times we quiet our mind enough to hear the words of the soul or spirit speaking to us. Perhaps it may not be the first time you quiet, open and listen,. But, do not give up, take a few minutes as often as possible. For the spirit within us must be asked and allowed to help us through our conscious choices. Yet, for the mass consciousness influence it does not need our individual permission because we created the mass consciousness throughout history by our choices and agreements. For mass consciousness is about control. When we stop and turn within you will understand what is true freedom and continue to seek it in your lives.

Author: Moriah Elohim

I am a seeker of Truth. I am in the process of clearing and transforming myself, to walk in Light and Love.

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