Throughout the last five millennium of recorded human history, religions have anticipated a time of transformation. It is believed to be a Golden Age of Illumination.

This has been viewed in many different forms, but each has been searching for the signs which point to a wonderful and miraculous event on a personal and planetary level will manifest. It has been predicted at different times in the past, which have passed and yet the hope still continues. Why?

The answer is both simple and complicated at the same time.

We look for and attempt to interpret information and signs based upon a human point of view for an event which has an infinite and omniscient source. We look outside ourselves at the words of others, the books others wrote and their predictions as the source of understanding and then either take their interpretations or attempt to interpret them ourselves based on our personal point of view and experiences.

Many are looking outside themselves for someone to come and save them from the chaos that humanity has created. I can hear ones, who believe in a savior or messiah returning to save them, protesting as they read this that I am denying Christ or whatever they call the savior they are awaiting, and may believe that I am lost and condemned, for there they may feel only one point of view is correct.

However, I do believe in the Being Christ, just seeing and knowing Christ in a more Universal and Personal manner, then the physical return of Jesus. For I see Jesus as the wayshower of how we shall all need to come into spiritual union with the Divine Creator through the redemptive energies which can be called Christ or the Son/Daughter aspect of Creator Source, the Divine Trinity.

I grew up in a christian church as an active participant until as a young adult I encountered the hypocrisy of the ministry and choice to leave and seek the Creator in a more personal manner. I am thankful for this event for it helped me to start my spiritual quest. This quest was both outward and inward, with each aspect allowing me a greater understanding of the Creator/ Divine Trinity and our personal relationship with and understanding of other belief systems upon the Earth and their point of view.

The most important Truth being that of the Omnipresence of the Divine Trinity/ Creator Source on the Infinite level and on the personal level within my heart.

The Divine Trinity exists within many religions, although they may have differing beliefs and stories about what they represent. In a simplified explanation, the Divine Trinity is the Self Created Source or Energy of Creation. It consists of a masculine energy which brings the Omniscient Will, Truth and Power of Creation. There is the feminine aspect which brings the energies of Wisdom, Spirit, and substance of Creation of which some refer to as the Holy Spirit. The third aspect of the trinity is the energy of balance, the Divine Son/Daughter which is the Image of Creation, the pattern of manifestation, the energy of Love and Redemption back to Source, which is referred to as Christ by some religions.

They are each a manifesting aspect of the One Self Created Source of Infinite Creation which takes the energy of the un-manifest and brings it into manifestation. They work in total unity as One and yet with differing purpose in the Cosmos. They are Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent. they exist as one, and all that exists, exists within the Essence of their Being. The Energy of them is the air we breathe, the water we drink, the land upon which we walk, the stars in the sky, the sky itself, the animals, birds, fish and people. They are like the electricity needed to operate our computers. For we know that without electricity or a power source, we cannot operate the computer

You soul essence is a part of the Divine Trinity. You are an aspect of the Creator Source. It is like a grain of sand which is a part of the beach. We can separate it out, and yet when we put it back, it is again part of the whole, that we may or may not ever find again as the same singular grain of sand.

This aspect of the Divine, the Soul or Spirit, exists within our hearts, and is the life line which keeps us connected and animated upon the earth within the body/form we use to walk upon the 3D earth. When this is withdrawn back to Creator Source, the form passes or dies.

Because the Earth is 3D and our soul is from a higher dimensional frequency of the Divine, in order to move and live upon the earth a body/form is needed. It is our vehicle of mobility, just like we use a car to travel. When we are not living upon the Earth we are able exist in conscious Unity with Creator Source and All life. However, when we enter the earthly form, we come under a veil of forgetfulness and connect to the mass consciousness of Earth in order to see and operate in the systems created upon the earth, until such time as we seek greater knowledge and Spiritual Freedom. But, this is a choice we must make on an individual level.

When we make this choice, and begin to seek more wisdom and spiritual freedom we need to focus upon the heart, where the soul exists, that part of the Divine within us. We are symbolically – knocking upon the door- of a greater existence. When we do this, the soul or Redemptive Energies of the Divine spoken of as Christ – opens the door and the veils of forgetfulness begin to part.

There is much more about the Divine Trinity to understand but it is not for this writing. Here, we are discussing the fact that it is time for us to make that choice and knock upon the door and seek the redemptive energies of the Divine in order to be Spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally free of the Chaos and mass consciousness illusions of Earth.


No one outside of ourselves can do this for us. The Redemptive energies exist within us in the heart. This is the return of the Christ to Earth. For Earth, Jesus, holds the Office of the Christ, overseeing the redemption program for humanity. Making sure that all we need is available to us.

HOWEVER, Christ or any other spiritual savior or Messiah can only point us in the right direction. They are wayshowers, as was Jesus, to show us how to live our lives, to seek within conscious reunion with the Creator.

Jesus said, ” I and the Father are One”. That which he did after he was anointed by the Holy Spirit upon baptism, reunited him consciously with the Creator Source/Divine Trinity. All that he did from that point forward was done not by his Will, but by following the Divine Will of the Creator for the betterment of ALL.

Jesus said, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

We can be in this Oneness also, but we must choose it. We must seek within our hearts, knock on the door to open the walls and veils, and ask for help and forgiveness. Then the Office of Christ brings the Heavenly Hosts to aide us in this process. There are a multitude of Heavenly Hosts who serve the Redemptive Office of Christ and the Creator.

However, this is a process. You don’t ask once and go back to how you lived before. It is a path you follow watching your thought, words and deeds that they be Divinely aligned. You ask for help when you feel unable to move forward or find you have stumbled, and the Heavenly Host will come to help you.

BUT YOU MUST AKS FOR HELP. They cannot intrude upon your free will.

As we seek to walk more with Divine Will and Truth and seek the Wisdom of the Creator, we are able to manifest this more in our lives. This transforms us physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. It then can expand outward and these energies become available to touch others and perhaps spark the desire to seek within them.


We have the greatest opportunity at this time. For the Creator is sending so much Light and Love in to the World.

It is like the pressure applied to carbon. Coal is created when the pressure occurs on a lower level underground and is less refined. For the formation of a diamond the pressure is purer and the carbon is nearer the surface.

We will all receive the energies of the Creator, but it is how we cho0se to use these energies that define how we move forward. We can choose to create coal, representing the ego centered chaos choices, based on individual ego will and power. In this choice ones will use these energies to create more of what exists in the world of chaos, judgment, anger, fear, war, abuse, violence, hatred and separation.

For those who choose NOW – to seek within the heart and ask for help to be FREE – they will create DIAMONDS. The help will come and they have a great chance to move more quickly into Freedom, love, compassion, abundance, good health, joy and the chance to be of Service.



We can continue to be part of the problem or part of the solution.

I hope you choose to move inward to the heart and seek freedom, unity, compassion and love.


Author: Moriah Elohim

I am a seeker of Truth. I am in the process of clearing and transforming myself, to walk in Light and Love.

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