Exploring Boundaries

We are explorers at heart, but still need to learn how to explore in a balanced and lovingly expansive manner.

Souls were created to explore the Cosmos in order to create and expand existence and the understanding of Being. Even after souls became limited into physical forms upon the Earth, this impetus to explore, conquer or understand the unknown has been a driving force within us.

This energy is beautiful, when it is directed and utilized in a unified manner to enhance the lives and wisdom for all.

Upon the Earth, the driving force behind the actions of most people is the Ego. When the ego drives this energy of exploration it becomes a dominating and controlling energy. It is focused upon controlling people and the environment to bend to the will and vision of the explorer instead of seeking to understand and see how the new can be utilized for the greater good of all life.

However, it is our right to choose how we direct our energies. We have can create based upon our personal desires, but this is the lowest of energy uses. It is not wrong to have what we want in life. The law of balance in all things however, will eventually bring about a need to balance this manifestation if it was a dominating, controlling or harmful energy used to manifest our desire, and we may not like that result.

For when we direct our exploration and energy to manifest our desires by controlling or dominating others, we will create chaos. This can result in a reaction of fear, anger, hatred, rebellion, violence, war, distrust and other harmful energies and actions.

Creator Source or Universal energies always seeks to balance in love. So when an energy of imbalance exists in the world, the energy of love, light and balance will be sent forth in order to help aid and awaken ones to the imbalance in their lives and world in order to be supported in correcting this imbalance. This energy of balance is available and our soul responds, however depending on the hold of ego upon our mind, we may limit our souls response and ability to help us to be free and return to balance.

Some may respond to this energy but the limits of thier ego control causes them instead of reflecting within to instead rebel and resort to physical means to regain their freedom and power. This occurs on the physical level, and not on the soul level and often without the soul directing the path to freedom, we fall back into old patterns. We may even seek to disempower and control others, especially those we view as having disempowered us previously.

If however, we choose to respond by going within to our hearts, and feeling the love and allowing it to open us to our higher state of being we will be not only Free, but empowered, protected and Blessed. For when we exist in a state of Union with Universal Oneness and the Source of Creation, we are protected, and we move in unity for the greater good and blessings of all life.

It is the sword of Truth, which is love and light that cuts the bindings of others and even of the form to set us free. This same energy of the Sword of Truth which sets us free, protects us, inspires us and guides us to BE all that we were created to be. We become sovereign Beings.

Throughout the Universe as Ones have reawakened to their Sovereignty, the power of those who have enslaved them has been broken. The Light and Love of their Sovereignty has forced back those who seek to control from the places where they live. Much as the Light of a candle will cause the darkness to disperse. Until the sphere of influence of these ego driven explorers has shrunk into a small area of the universe in which the Earth exists.

I think of it as similar to how we take care of an infection in our body to prevent it from spreading until we can heal the infected part. The body encircles the infection with white blood cells to fight off the infection and prevent it spreading. We then inject it with penicillin in order to destroy and transform the infection and heal the body.

Those who have been freed of this infection of ego driven exploration now volunteer to focus their light and service on helping us. In order for them to help, first we must ask., that is the Law. The Universal Oneness of Creation sends forth the Balancing energy of love equally to help all even the Ego driven, but we must open to it, in order for it to help us.

Thus, as we move forth with the Explorer of boundaries energy within us it is important that we return first to balance in our actions in order to not create more chaos in the world. We have been doing this ego driven exploring on earth with limited attempts to move out into the solar system and universe. However, as we see private industry taking up the role of space explorers, it is important to think about the motive driving the exploration.

The Universe will monitor our actions and limit our ability to take our ego driven controlling energies into the greater regions beyond earth. For then we are infringing upon the rights of ones who have already freed themselves of these energies and we do not have the right to attempt to enforce themour energies and views upon others. Until we have GROWN up morally and spiritually we will be watched and limited. We have seen this with nuclear weapons and power plants as Non Terrestrials monitor our atomic usage. They have the ability and will shut them down, if we attempt to use them to destroy the Earth for that will have ramifications beyond on planet.

All life is connected and our work on the atomic level flows outward beyond earth and that is not allowed.

Exploration is an impetus of our soul and genetics.

First however, let us learn the greater lessons of love, unity, compassion and hope for people, animals, earth and all life before we attempt to move beyond the earth.




Author: Moriah Elohim

I am a seeker of Truth. I am in the process of clearing and transforming myself, to walk in Light and Love.

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