Information, Knowledge, Wisdom and Enlightenment

These words are actually important steps to understanding ourselves, the world, the Universe and even the Source of Creation.

Wisdom is a gift that we can receive either through inner reflection and connection to the Universal Source of Creation, or we can learn through experience and experimentation. The latter being the slower course. In our world of scientific research designed to prove on a physical level any concept, idea, or theory, it is the most acceptable.

However, Enlightenment can only come through the conscious connection to Universal Source whether we move to that point directly by searching within or taking the slower steps.

The differences between these words as concepts are often misunderstood. Information is a collection of data by an individual whether it be for research which is on a scientific, moral, political, social or spiritual level. One may begin with a theory, idea or belief and wish to prove their theory or belief correct.

Knowledge occurs as we begin to organize information in a coherent manner so that we can begin to understand it and hope to prove our theory or belief which began this process. It is also the first step in applying our information in a scientific process.

Wisdom is the application of knowledge once we have determined whether our theory or premise was correct or incorrect. We can either make changes in our theory and begin again if we find we were incorrect or apply the results as a guide moving forward.

Another way in which we gain Wisdom is connected to Enlightenment. For we can bypass the process of gathering information and hoping to gain knowledge by beginning our journey within our higher mind and heart. By asking for a higher direction and understanding of any situation and waiting for inspiration and guidance to come.

Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock, and it will be opened to you.

All wisdom, knowledge and information is available to us as we connect with Universal Source Consciousness (by whatever name you choose to call this Source). To connect we must go within.

I have a simple parable to illustrate this concept:

If you tell someone that holding their finger in a flame it will suffer a burn you have given them information.

They may verify this data first by placing something else in the flame and seeing it burn and thus moving into wisdom. Perhaps, instead they put their finger into the flame and it is burned. They have applied the information to verify it’s veracity and gained knowledge. Hopefully, to never do so again, which is wisdom.

If they believe that putting their finger in the flame will burn them and they choose not to do so that is wisdom. Whether they have moved here from the information step, the knowledge step or they have asked within and been shown what the result would be and knew not to do so without going through any physical process.

There is a story about Adam and Eve when they chose to not adhere to the wisdom of the Creator and to partake of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Whether this is a factual story of events or a parable, we will look at it as a parable for this sharing. Adam and Eve lived in a pure state of Grace and Unity with Creator Source and All Life. Anything they needed was given to them and all wisdom and knowledge available for asking because they were one in Consciousness with their Creator Source. They lived in Unity with all living things. They did not need clothes for all was in perfection and nothing needed to be hidden, there was no shame or fear, no evil, only goodness, abundance, and peace.

In the parable, the serpent, which many consider to represent knowledge, tempts Eve to partake of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, which she and ultimately Adam do. They became fearful, ashamed, tried to hide from their Creator what they had done. They had moved through choice from a state of Grace and Wisdom to a place of confusion. They now needed to gather information about the world around them in hope of gaining knowledge and understanding about their new situation. They had left Unity for duality, a feeling of separation from the Creator. In the process, this choice they made (the story says they are expelled by Angels of the Creator) expelled them from the Edenic state of Grace and Unity with all Wisdom, Love and Understanding. It was through their choice that the fall from Grace occurred, at any moment they could have returned, by moving from fear of the Creator back into seeking within for Oneness.

I believe this story to be a parable of more than just two people who made this choice but each being who did so who has come before us. Adam as the male, represents the strength, logic, and will. Eve as the female, represents the wisdom, intuition, nurturing. Each representing aspects of the Creator Source which now are choosing to follow their own inner ego guidance instead of moving in Unity with direction of Universal Creation. As each person chooses to follow their own personal ego guidance, they are creating an individual world, or if they work together with others an agreed upon reality. Which at this time has created a world filled with chaos.

To make choices is a gift from Creator Source and is not wrong. Choice is a part of creation expanding and exploring the potential and where it will take us in creation. The wisest choice is to stay in unity with Creator /Universal Source in this exploration and expansion, instead of relying on our ego to guide us. However, there is a fail safe for in expansion there is also contraction. As we expand to a certain point in the Universe, the strength of the Source as love and grace will begin to be felt more strongly. This energy will begin the stirring, within ones who are able to partake, a desire to move within and reconnect on a conscious level, with the Creator, the Universe and all life.

As we can see the choice to partake of the knowledge of good and evil, the duality of ego over unity, has brought us to chaos.

Once a wise man told me:

IF what you have been doing up until hasn’t worked, IT NEVER WILL.

Right now we are at that point where the energy of the Source is very strong to aide us in awakening from our slumber and to begin the search for more information, knowledge and wisdom about a greater state of Being. Hopefully, we can feel this energy and realize that what we have been doing hasn’t worked. How do we move from the chaotic fear based society in which we exist to create a new world of love, peace, harmony, balance, abundance and joy for all life

In the parable we moved from Wisdom, to confusion. We had to learn how to get back, but we felt cut off from the state of beauty and grace in which we lived, and felt ashamed like we were being punished and ALONE.

Yet, we continued to seek outside of our selves for the information and knowledge instead of within. Seeking without can bring us to a level of wisdom but not to enlightenment and Oneness.

Enlightenment comes when we reach a level of spiritual awareness that we are not bound by the control of ego or mass consciousness, but instead are directed from within by love, compassion, understanding, wisdom, harmony and balance.

The process can be as easy as knocking on the door and walking through. The door lies within your heart. Earth is designed as a heavenly place. We can experience it as Hell or Heaven, it is a matter of choice or consciousness. It is time to get off the slow path and return to the path of Grace.

The heart is where our connection resides, and from their we are connected to Universal Creator Mind to guide and enlighten us.

Once we make the choice, it filters into mass consciousness and makes the process easier for the next person. In Unity and Oneness we stand as enlightened beings and others feel and are drawn to the Light within us.

Blessing to you.


Author: Moriah Elohim

I am a seeker of Truth. I am in the process of clearing and transforming myself, to walk in Light and Love.

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