Commitment and Innocent Observation of the world

One of my focuses along my spiritual path is to reawaken the understanding and wisdom which indigenous people of many continents have held for our planet. Most indigenous people have maintained their connection with the earth, animals, ancestors, nature and the Creator.

They know that animals have a path upon this earth of their own, not just in service to the wants and desires of humans. They have studied animals to learn their ways and gifts to the earth and nature. If they are in need to take the life of an animal they do so with prayer and respect, and use all parts in honor of the sacrifice.

They study the weather, the seasons, the planets and stars to work in unity with the land. They spend time with nature learning of the healing power of the plants and trees and their purpose, working in harmony with them.

As I have been guided in my prayers to focus upon nature and the animal world at this time in order to understand how we all connect on a deeper level. When we begin to understand this wisdom as viewed and amplified within the heart and mind connection, we can begin to view the world from a different perspective then we are taught in our socialized world.

I asked today in prayer and quiet to be shown which animals could help me along my path today of spiritual growth and whom I could help. The two which came to me were the Falcon and Weasel.

The Falcon represents victory, rulership, and overcoming. Like other birds, Falcon also signifies the Higher Self and connections with the spirit world. The falcon symbolism in the physical world speaks about victory, success, and rising above challenging situations. The falcon spirit  signifies wisdom, vision, and protection. The falcon awakens visionary power, and leads you to your destiny.

I was shown that when the falcon appears it signifies that we have been given an opportunity to move forward along the path of our soul’s purpose. That the falcon coming means the energy need to visualize, strategize, and make the right moves is present. That the falcon also has the ability to move and change directions easily upon the wind as needed.

The falcon is assuring that as one commits to their path and purpose, that all that they need, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically will become available. The falcon energy speaks of staying connected to the direction within from the Spirit of Creator and creation. A time of commitment.

The complimentary animal was the Weasel. Many use the term weasel as a duragatory term about ones truthfulness, honesty or being predators. Based upon movie portrayals of them and the fact they have been known to raid chicken coops. However, the weasel is often misunderstood, and is like all animals affected by the energies of the world put forth by humans. They are solitary and exist mostly on rodents, but like all animals as humans move into the area and opportunities for easier food presents itself they take advantage.

The weasel spirit animal is an all-knowing creature. Its ability to see and notice a future happening makes it unique in the wild. This animal spirit teaches us to be truthful to ourselves to find the hidden answers in our life when you find yourself worrying about something seek the power of a weasel for intervention. Many times, Weasel comes when something out of balance in our lives of which we are unaware. Weasels are solitary and reclusive. They prefer to spend time alone, enjoying the peacefulness that it brings.

But due to their attitude of being a loner, people tend to underestimate their ability, and judge them quickly.  Like a weasel they may come to one because you won’t show your true ability unless it is necessary.

If this creature makes an appearance to you it is telling us to believe in our instinct and trust what we feel. There is a probability that our self-esteem is not in a good condition and we are receiving criticism left and right.  They appear to help us focus on our own abilities and to not let the opinions of others affect our life.  They help us to focus on what is right and to trust on our gut instinct because if we do not believe in oneself, who else will?

I was told to breath deeply and slowly, to attune to my body and surroundings. To notice what I sense, hear and feel without judgment and to be aware of my bodies responses. Then to not judge the experiences I have or what I see as right or wrong. I was told that if I do to take another breath and release this thought and energy and return to simple observation.

This type of observation is from pure awareness of the witness self of soul and spirit. This is the viewpoint of the Self that is connected to the world but is centered in the observer spirit. To do this for awhile daily aides in the realization of the UNITY of ALL LIFE. Allowing us to be a conduit of the Love of Creator Spirit. In this state the nature world speaks to us and through us and we become more connected to the Earth, Nature, Animals, humans and the Spiritual world.

Awareness of ourselves and our surroundings or events from a heart centered perspective allows our authentic self to see the events without judgment or attaching concepts but seeing things from a higher perspective of love, clarity, wisdom and grace.

The two guides who came today were perfect for me and where I am and what was needed for me to shift. By understanding more about these two spirit animal guides today, I was granted the higher perspective of grace and love needed in our world from all of us. From this perspective we are able to view what is happening and be in a position to listen to higher guidance , which will direct us with a purpose that helps to free and uplift all life from the chaos of ego, and the drama stories we create which that shift us into fear and doubt.

Once I read about this way of viewing things in a book called Love without End by Glenda Green, which was a teaching given to her by Jesus. It was one I tried at the time and off and on but was unable to master. I see that at this time I am being given the help and guidance from the helpers of our Creator, if I am dedicated to understand this perspective and manifest it in my life.

Falcons says commit and the way will be shown and made clear. Weasel says this comes from the solitude of oneness within through the heart to Creator Source. To see what is happening around me and observe it from a higher perspective as the calm within the eye of the storm. To allow the love and transformational energies of the Creator to move through my heart, calm my mind from the chatter and stories to see events clearly from a higher perspective . To allow the love and peace to flow through the heart and be shared outward to allow others to connect if they choose with these energies of Source as a conduit.

SYNCHRONICITY of Spirit. I had just yesterday been thinking about the words of Jesus in “Love without end” in relationship to our world today of 2021. When I asked for guidance the perfect guidance came. Now I must act in unity with this guidance.

I hope this helps someone else to think about the unity of life, and how we can help each other whether human, nature or animal by realizing that there is wisdom to be shared by All Life for we are One within the Creator Source connected by our hearts. Do plants, rocks and trees, and non animal life forms have hearts you may be asking. They do not have a physical heart like us and the animals, but an essence of spirit exists within them which guides their path in connection with the earth and all other life.

May we all see the world through our hearts in a state of non judgmental innocent observation.


Author: Moriah Elohim

I am a seeker of Truth. I am in the process of clearing and transforming myself, to walk in Light and Love.

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