I sat outside and as I was listening, I was told that I should share these thoughts about forgiveness and my own process.

I found the prior post Forgiveness Decree synchronistic as are many writings, books or teachings that come to me at exactly the time I need to know or remember, or need a tool.

As people who know me would tell you I am not a perfect person, I have faults and make mistakes, bad choices, get impatient, cranky, and find myself needing to ask for forgiveness for my words or actions. Thankfully our Creator is loving, forgiving, understanding and can use us to help ourselves and others despite our faults.

Long ago I read in the book “Illusions – the Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah” by RIchard Bach – this quote., “You teach best that which you most need to learn.”

That is why these writings will be a mixture of teaching, learning, wisdom and truth. For as I learn, grow and open my heart more, it allows more wisdom and truth to enter so that I may share with others.

The key is that we are not yet perfect, for it is difficult to be so in a human form, but not impossible. We are not expected to be perfect in an instant by saying I believe in this or that. It is a process, of learning, growing and being.

We may make mistakes for which we might need forgiveness sometimes, some mistakes don’t affect others and some do. If we make a mistake, it is a learning process, what did you learn, and how can you do this better the next time. If you hurt another or affect another, admit your error and ask them for forgiveness. You must also forgive yourself.

The forgiveness of self is an important key. If you have asked another, whether or not they forgive you, you have admitted you hurt them in some way and try to make amends. If they choose not to forgiven you, there is nothing you can do about that but move on and do better. But you need to forgive yourself also.

We often stop in our forward movement when we make a mistake. We beat up on ourself mentally and emotionally believing we are not worthy. We forget that the Creator loves us unconditionally and only asks that we open our hearts to reconnect and live as One with the Creator. Often , we tend to shut down thinking we have disappointed the Creator as we perhaps had disappointed our parents or another authority figure when we made a mistake as children, and felt ashamed.

We shut down our connection in an attempt to hide, but the Creator knows for the Creator is within us. The Creator does not judge but sends us love to help us to overcome and move forward. We just have to admit, ask forgiveness of all involved including the Creator, for the Creator is also in the ones we harmed, and then open our hearts and minds to receive the Love and Light of the Divine, to heal us

As I said, we need also to evaluate the situation which happened and learn how to handle it better in the future. Forgive ourselves for not being perfect, and vow to do better. It does not mean you won’t make more mistakes, but as we try to watch our thoughts, words and deeds before we act we will find ourselves making less mistakes. Stop before you speak or act – is what you are about to do loving, are you acting from the heart of compassion, is it necessary, is it kind or will it hurt another in some way.

When we self monitor, and live from the heart the need for forgiveness will lessen along the way.

So as I said, I am not perfect, I am learning, and I needed to have this Forgiveness Decree as much as some of you may need it. To remind me to do better, but when I stumble to learn, ask and give forgiveness and do better in the future.

As I said luckily as we are part of the Creator , who will use us as we are willing to help to uplift ourselves and others, I am sharing that which I am inspired to share.

The following is a beautiful corresponding thought to that of Richard Bach, that we teach best that which we most need to learn and then two people may learn as quoted by Robert Heinlein.

“When one teaches, two learn.”
–Robert Heinlein

May your path have few pebbles upon which to stumble but when you do, pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and move around the pebble. Then watch for others along the way, and step over or around them, instead of kicking them and cursing them for being in the way and causing you to fall.

Blessed are the forgiving and forgiven for you shall be free.

Author: Moriah Elohim

I am a seeker of Truth. I am in the process of clearing and transforming myself, to walk in Light and Love.

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