Oracle Reading for Spiritual Pathway Crossroads or Focus

At times along our spiritual path we will find ourselves unable to focus or at a crossroads. This reading is designed to show you some guideposts and guides with which you can connect to help you to move forward.

At times along our spiritual path we will find ourselves at a crossroads or unable to focus and move forward. At these time we are in need of some help, new connections, guidance or possibilities to help us to make choices on what to do next.

I have opened a new shop on etsy with a reading for just such a time in your life. I will be offering other items, but spirit has urged me to do this for awhile now and so here it is. This reading is not about your physical life choices but about that which affects your spiritual path, growth and mission. Although, this does not mean that the spiritual blockages or changes needed will not also affect our physical life, relationships and choices.

Remember all begins in spirit before it manifests in our lives.

This reading will not give you instant answers to your questions or dilemma, but show you new possible opportunities, upgrades, guides, teachers and beings of light offering to help you along your path at this time. Often in understanding what services a being normal brings, you can see what areas of your life need addressed or upon which you should focus, to see blockages or opportunities to come.

For instance, if Archangel Chamuel comes forth, he is the Archangel connected to the heart. He helps us to focus upon that which blocks our heart being open to give and receive love, and even beyond that giving a receiving of material abundance, emotional support in relationships, and self love. The heart opens us to higher guidance of the Divine, and to connect to our higher self and divine wisdom and unconditional love. He connects us to our inner peace, and sharing this with the world. He helps us to find the deep rooted fears, and beliefs that block us from love, compassion, forgiveness and Being that which we truly are.

So if he offers his service you can choose to connect and spend time finding out what is happening within your heart, mind, body and spirit connection that needs to be released for you to love yourself and All life. All begins in the heart.

Perhaps you will have the oracle card of Letting Go – to let go of the past to move forward. Coming with the heart it would indicate searching with Archangel Chamuel to find out what old beliefs and emotions need to be released to move forward.

Perhaps you will have the card of the Tiger – the spirit animal who represents, leadership, being aware of the needs of the community or group and how it relates and interacts with nature. The ability to balance and lead with harmony between All Life. With the guidance of Chamuel, you can let go of the self doubts which prevent you from fully loving yourself so that you have the confidence to be a leader. The ability to connect with people and nature to make choices for the betterment of all.

The reading will show possibilities that are presenting themselves, and focus on areas of your current situation that may be blocking your progress. However, it is up to you whether they fit in you desires and wants, and how you may see them applying to your current situation and future. Also, it is up to you to decide if you are willing to do what is needed to make changes in order to manifest the possibilities.

If you are interested this is a link to the website. The reading will come as a pdf to you. Thank you for you consideration and if I can be of service it will be a blessing.

Reading link

Link to etsy store:

I have a new website coming soon – Violet Fire Ministry. I will provide a link when it is up and operating.

Blessings on your Journey.

Author: Moriah Elohim

I am a facilitator of transcendent light , love and wisdom. My work is to help you to clear misqualified energies and old belief systems, in order that you may transform them. Thus, helping you to be Free to step into your Ascended state.

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