The Nature of God and Evil

If God is everything then what is Evil?

In order to understand this we must understand the basics of creation and the nature of our planetary system on Earth.

The Creator Source/God/Universal Mind or whatever term you wish to use for the Energy Being of Creation is not a singular Being but an All prevading Eternal energy from which all that exists comes forth and within which all that exists lives, is animated and has its Being. Think of the Creator similar to the ocean and we are a drop of water within the Ocean. We can come forth as a singular drop or return unto the unity and oneness which is the ocean, when we no longer need to be a drop. The Creator is our source of animation and life.

Think of it like electricity which causes the lights to shine or your computer to operate. Without the electricity they would not operate, yet it provides the energy for them without us even needing to understand or be aware of how it happens. The Creator is like the oxygen, which we need to breathe. If, we did not have the oxygen, we could not breathe and we would cease to exist in this singular form . Our soul would merge back to a unified existence with source, until such time as it choose to take form again.

The beginning of Creation was the void of unlimited potential. Once upon a time, this consciousness decided it wanted to expand, explore and experience multiple existences and creations. Thus began the creative process. As the Creator thought, thus is was spoken into manifestation. The Creator brought forth Beings /Souls through which to experience the worlds and through which to Create more. All was well and expanded in wonder, beauty and Unity. Each having unique aspects of creative experiences.

In our Universe we were given the gift or aspect of freedom of choice, which we refer to as free will. This allows for us each to expand our individual creative process and to make choices about our existence. All was in harmony and balance for a long time in our universe for all creation and choices were done in unity with the will of the Creator, who knows the highest good of All life. Then one day, when a being made the choice that they could create of their own will without the direction of the Creator. It then spread forth like a virus throughout the Universe, with individuals creating from their own ego perspective and without the guidance of the Creator. This created chaos for their choices would benefit themselves and perhaps a few others, but could have consequences and be detrimental to others. This led to anger, hatred, judgment, violence chaos and war throughout the Universe. Much as we see on Earth today.

The choices made which are not aligned to the will of the Creator Source are the source of Evil.

Evil being the reverse of Live. To be aligned to the will of the Creator is to live eternally. To be aligned to evil or ego choices is to live a limited existence in form and a world of chaos.

As time passed ones began to realize that what was happening did not work. They began turning back to the Creator for direction. They were able to come together and to begin to clear the energies upon their planets and systems. As this happened the chaos/evil energy began to be pushed into a corner of the Universe in which we exist.

The Creator and Beings of Light who serve the Creator realized they needed a program to help these ones to free themselves. Earth volunteered to participate in this program and a very strict program was put into place. Earth agreed to take the souls who had destroyed their planets and those of the fallen energies who came to earth. The only rules were:

  1. You forget that you are a part of the Creator, and must make a conscious choice to remember this and return to conscious Oneness.
  2. You have the freedom of choice/will but all energies must be balanced that we create from an unbalanced energy before we can ascend.

Many think that to live and be in unity with the Will of the Creator is loose their freedom, become enslaved. However, that is not the truth. What you are giving up is limited ability to create, limited life span, life filled with chaos and confusion, hurt, pain and disease, and a feeling of isolation and lonliness. What you receive, is eternal life, joy, peace, love, happiness, a feeling of connection to everything and the ability to create without limits that which can exist for eternity. For as you work in unity with the Will of the Creator, you have the right to make a choice on what you create, but you will do so from a place of love, wisdom and knowing what is for the greater good of All Life.

You receive abundance, perfect health, joy and knowledge that you have eternal Life. Live from a place of eternal instead of from a place of chaos/evil or the reverse of live. I have heard some refer to Earth as a prison planet, experiencing that they look remotely and see that they are only allowed to go so far but can’t leave completely. This would be about choices. Perhaps they have made contracts or agreements with Ones who control the lower energies and systems of earth. Perhaps they have not balanced all of their karma and their soul has agreed that incarnation is the fastest way to do so. Which is a fact. We don’t have to reincarnate to balance karma, but it is much quicker to incarnate, face the choice and make the correct one this time. This is the fast track to freedom or further into chaos.

The choice is always yours. Do you choose to live or to continue to choose from a place of self preservation/ego and create more evil or chaos in the world. We all agreed to abide by the guidelines for our incarnation, even those of us who came here to serve and to help to free others. We knew we could forget and get trapped, but we made the choice anyway. Now we need to choose to reconnect to the Will of the Creator which is Love, Freedom, Forgiveness, Truth, Integrity, Honesty, Wisdom, Responsibility, Hope and Beauty, amongst a few of the gifts. It is life eternal and glorious possibilities of unlimited potential.

As for me I choose freedom from chaos/evil and the Eternal possibilities of the Creator and Creation.

Blessings to you

Author: Moriah Elohim

I am a seeker of Truth. I am in the process of clearing and transforming myself, to walk in Light and Love.

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