Faith & Healing

A conversation I had recently involved the relationship of faith, healing and the Creator. In the last few days I have felt the nudge of spirit to speak about this. I have learned that the nudges keep coming until I complete the task.

First to address is the relationship between the medical field and healing. Some people totally put their trust in Doctors and some totally in Faith healing. Like everything else on this planet we have the extremes of duality often appearing. At this time upon the Earth each have a place for most people are not prepared spiritually to completely heal themselves. Even when we are, there may be times when someone has a fall and perhaps break their legs. The leg will heal but it must be properly aligned to heal correctly, thus a doctor or some person with knowledge of doing this properly is needed.

Although, we all have the potential because we are an aspect of the Creator to heal ourselves, most do not have the understanding, faith and belief to do so at this time. We can say we believe this, but to fully manifest this in our lives, we must believe without a doubt. For when doubt appears, the healing may not be complete. When our faith and belief are strong and no doubt exists, healing will be complete, and in some cases instantaneous and seem miraculous.

So, at this time Doctors still have their place in our world, to bring healing to humanity. In the future ones will come to learn more and more about the natural healing properties of plants that has once again become a subject of study, and it is beginning to be accepted more within the medical field. This is a great step forward from chemical drugs.

All disease either begins within our thougths and beliefs or are the result of lifestyle choices and the chemicals in or on our food. When humanity more and more demands that industry and growers stop using chemicals as is becoming more popular these days, we will see many diseases and allergies disappearing. Many times Doctors can only treat the symptoms and keep the disease at bay through medicine because ones will not change their lifestyle or there is no cure at this time. Unless you are determined to take responsibility for your personal spiritual growth which will lead to the ability to reconnect to the healing powers of the Creator, you should still utilize a combination of medical care and investigate natural medicines over chemicals would be of benefit.

Now to the topic of hands on healers, energy healers, and faith healing. A honest energy or hands on healer will tell you they do not do the healing. They are a channel for the healing energies of the Creator and are facilitating a connection between you and the Divine power to heal within you. The key here is when you see on television what seems a miraculous healing, you are not seeing what happens months down the road. In the fevor of the moment, one when surrounded by others and the strength of energies that a strong healer can connect you with can produce wonderful results in the moment. However, unless you are strong in your belief that your are healed, and change any mental, emotionl and physical processes which created the disease in the beginning you have a strong potential for it returning. It is not the healers fault, they are simply the channel who like a doctor is working to help you.

TRUE HEALING begins and ends within you and comes from the strength of your trust, belief and faith in your connection to the Creator.

The same is true of calling upon the Angelic Beings of Light to heal you. They can bring it to you but if the healing is to occur and be permanent depends on the strength of your faith, belief and choices in the future.

So, the choice begins with you. I would say to begin your spiritual journey of clearing and connection to the Divine. Continue to utilize medical professionals, make lifestyle changes, investigate natural supplements and as your faith and connection grows, your will find yourself having less and less illness and disease for the Light will heal and keep you well.

I hope this helps to clear some questions.

Author: Moriah Elohim

I am a seeker of Truth. I am in the process of clearing and transforming myself, to walk in Light and Love.

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