Cleansing and Healing

We are in a period of history in which such powerful energy is coming to us from Creator Source and the Host of Light Beings who serve the Creator so that we can Ascend if we truly desire to do so.

Having just passed through the Covid period of time and now in the northern hemisphere we enter the cold and flu season. Due to this it may be easy to dismiss your clearing and healing symptoms of Ascension. Often the symptoms are similar to colds or flu.

I was reminded of this and nudged to post about it having gone through a clearing recently. I was exposed to a respiratory virus when I visited a relavtive, while wearing a mask ,and could easily have believed it was simply this virus. However, I noticed that my symptoms unlike the person to whom I was exposed, centered around my throat. It was so sore and I am a person who is very rarely sick. I had in the past had strep throats and tonsilitis and the symptoms were similar. However, my intuition told me that it was a clearing of my throat chakra.

My higher self has been guiding me to more strongly speak my truth and this was a way of getting my attention. Sometimes, spirit wants us to stop or slow down, pay attention and do self care. This was the case for me. I have learned that if I feel a strong sense I am getting sick to get into bed, clear my energy with the violet flame, bring in the green flame of healing and the white light of the Creator. In this case ,I also used lots of throat lozenges and colloidal silver for physical symptoms and meditation for non physical causes. I rested most of 3 days and never had to go to the doctor or take anti biotics.

I am not recommending that others do not go to the doctor when they feel sick. Everyone has different physical constitutions and needs. What I am saying is,that for myself, I realized early that Spirit was wanting to take me through a clearing and healing to activate my throat chakra to another level. Had I not listened and simply told myself it was a respiratory infection, it might have been so. I was also having lots of fatigue and less air capacity. I was reminded that I needed to pay attention to my Breath, the passage of Chi life force into our body, and to consciously breath deeper and slower.

There has been much information on the internet for years regarding ascension symptoms and how to handle. I would like to discuss a few because I feel it is important that we go within to see if what ever we are experiencing had a physical cause or is part of our process.

NOTE: Never forego Medical or Psychiatric help and dismiss what you are experiencing. This information is not intended to replace your own medical help.

Some of the symptoms include:

Bodily aches and pains – we can simply acknowledge it as a result of the weather or our age or bodily health. As part of the ascension process it can be the result of the frequency of our cells rising and as they are changing into higher dimensional frequency, they can change and expand. You can use the Gold, Silver and Violet Flame to help clean out old residue, BLESS and drink plenty of water to flush out that which is released, exercise, walk or be in nature.

Headaches – As our frequency is rising, the energies of our mind and ego can be resisting and wanting to hold onto the old thoughts and patterns so tightly that it become like a constricting band. Again go within and ask your Higher Self what you are resisting or holding on to tightly and ask to be released. Use the Violet Flame to clear and release, drink Blessed water and meditate.

The flu and cold symptoms I discussed with my own symptoms. You may experience the flu symptom of vomiting to purge the body, or diarrhea. Get medical help and advice to be sure you don’t allow theses symptoms to become an even greater problem physically. However, like myself it can be a part of the process of letting go, clearing and activating.

Anxiety, panic attacks and depression: IF,these are new symptoms for you they can be a part of not understanding the changes you are going through physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We tend to not want to change our life and let go of old patterns and thoughts unless we are forced to do so. We will try to ignore and make excuses not to face them. This creates a break between the flow of our energy with our Soul and I Am Presence of the Creator of which we are a part. It is best to stop when we have symptoms, to move into our heart center and ask to be shown. BREATHE – slowly and deeply to allow the life force to circulate within and remove the energies and use the Violet Flame of transmutation. These will slow the symptoms and allow you to come back into balance.

Emotional imbalances of intense ups and downs or outbursts, and fear which can cause withdrawal. These are us facing our emotional fears and patterns which need released and to learn how we deal with them. I would advise using the same tools of going within, Breath, Violet Flame and meditation. HOWEVER, if you have had either of these last two symptoms before and for extended periods of time you need to seek medical and or psychiatric advise.

FATIGUE – so many are experiencing extreme fatigue no matter how long they sleep. This comes from resisting letting go of old patterns also. We may find ourselves sleeping too much and even very little. This can be because of the energy changes in our body. If we are allowing and not blocking we will find we need less sleep and food. If we are resisting, we may need to sleep so that our spirit can aid us to release and make the needed changes. Again, go within, ask your Soul what it is you are resisting. Then use your Breath and Violet Flame to help release them. You may have cords of attachments from and with others that need released, for which Archangel Michael will help you if asked. You may also have old spiritual agreements and contracts which no longer serve your higher good which need released.

Tinnitus or sounds in the ear. So many have these symptoms as do I . I have had them for years but I knew that they were the result (at least for me) of hearing Spirit and the energies around me from non physical dimensions. It was part of the telepathic and clairaudient process. So I learned to simply allow it and not worry or pay attention to it as something that bothered me but as something that was helping me. When you focus upon it as a bad symptoms or something wrong that is your reality. My mother had it and sometimes felt suicidal because it bothered her so much. For me, it is present most of the time and unless it becomes loud to get my attention or I place my focus upon it, during normal daily activity I am seldom aware it is there. If I hear it increase, I simply sit and ask whom or what is trying to contact me. AGAIN – this is not saying that tinnitus is not the result of some physical problem for which you need to seek a doctors advice. I am saying that not all sounds we hear are tinnitus which can have a physical cause, but can be part of our process and opening to higher guidance.

Seeing Spirits or non physical images. As we grow spiritually,clear our energies and raise them we will begin to see Spirit and beings from beyond the third dimension. This gift is called clairvoyance. For me when this first happend about 30 years ago, it was upsetting. I would see images superimposed upon my physical visual range. It was not all the time, but when it happened,no matter what I was looking at I would see an image superimposed over the background. It was as if you would be looking through a window outside and the window had an image painted upon it that obstructed your view of the outdoors. This image would have differing forms, it may be shaped like an eagle, but within that outline are geometric form of triangles and circles of differing colors which vibrated. As time progressed the image would grow until it filled my visual range and I could not make out the form any longer only see the vibrating colors. The colors still remaining translucent enough to see the world, but with a vibrating image overlayed. I learned that this was spirit, sometimes they called themselves color ray scientists working with my visual energies to activate and sometimes to teach me something through the image, colors and vibrations. So, don’t be afraid, if you begin to see things, go within and ask what it is. HOWEVER, I am not saying that you should not seek a doctor or optometrist to advise for it may be something for which you need medical help.

Remember we are in a process and that sometimes instead of a drug we need to allow the process to take place.

TOOLS to remember.

Bless and drink lots of water to flush out old toxins. To Bless water you simply need to ask that the Creator will transform and Bless this water so that it is absolutely perfect for you and your process.

Spend more time in Nature and meditation.

IF you feel the need to sleep do so.

If you feel sluggish, try walking and excersising.

Watch the food you put into your system for chemicals and types of sugar.

Try abstaining from recreational drugs and alchohol.

Meditation and going into the heart is so helpful to balance, learn and expand.

Breath – learn to breath deeply and slowly.

Service – learn to focus on helping others and sharing of higher energies so that you don’t become stuck and can continue to grow spiritually and expand.

If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to email.



Faith & Healing

A conversation I had recently involved the relationship of faith, healing and the Creator. In the last few days I have felt the nudge of spirit to speak about this. I have learned that the nudges keep coming until I complete the task.

First to address is the relationship between the medical field and healing. Some people totally put their trust in Doctors and some totally in Faith healing. Like everything else on this planet we have the extremes of duality often appearing. At this time upon the Earth each have a place for most people are not prepared spiritually to completely heal themselves. Even when we are, there may be times when someone has a fall and perhaps break their legs. The leg will heal but it must be properly aligned to heal correctly, thus a doctor or some person with knowledge of doing this properly is needed.

Although, we all have the potential because we are an aspect of the Creator to heal ourselves, most do not have the understanding, faith and belief to do so at this time. We can say we believe this, but to fully manifest this in our lives, we must believe without a doubt. For when doubt appears, the healing may not be complete. When our faith and belief are strong and no doubt exists, healing will be complete, and in some cases instantaneous and seem miraculous.

So, at this time Doctors still have their place in our world, to bring healing to humanity. In the future ones will come to learn more and more about the natural healing properties of plants that has once again become a subject of study, and it is beginning to be accepted more within the medical field. This is a great step forward from chemical drugs.

All disease either begins within our thougths and beliefs or are the result of lifestyle choices and the chemicals in or on our food. When humanity more and more demands that industry and growers stop using chemicals as is becoming more popular these days, we will see many diseases and allergies disappearing. Many times Doctors can only treat the symptoms and keep the disease at bay through medicine because ones will not change their lifestyle or there is no cure at this time. Unless you are determined to take responsibility for your personal spiritual growth which will lead to the ability to reconnect to the healing powers of the Creator, you should still utilize a combination of medical care and investigate natural medicines over chemicals would be of benefit.

Now to the topic of hands on healers, energy healers, and faith healing. A honest energy or hands on healer will tell you they do not do the healing. They are a channel for the healing energies of the Creator and are facilitating a connection between you and the Divine power to heal within you. The key here is when you see on television what seems a miraculous healing, you are not seeing what happens months down the road. In the fevor of the moment, one when surrounded by others and the strength of energies that a strong healer can connect you with can produce wonderful results in the moment. However, unless you are strong in your belief that your are healed, and change any mental, emotionl and physical processes which created the disease in the beginning you have a strong potential for it returning. It is not the healers fault, they are simply the channel who like a doctor is working to help you.

TRUE HEALING begins and ends within you and comes from the strength of your trust, belief and faith in your connection to the Creator.

The same is true of calling upon the Angelic Beings of Light to heal you. They can bring it to you but if the healing is to occur and be permanent depends on the strength of your faith, belief and choices in the future.

So, the choice begins with you. I would say to begin your spiritual journey of clearing and connection to the Divine. Continue to utilize medical professionals, make lifestyle changes, investigate natural supplements and as your faith and connection grows, your will find yourself having less and less illness and disease for the Light will heal and keep you well.

I hope this helps to clear some questions.

Where do we go from here?

Where do we go from here? We are still in the midst of Covid 19 and in a world filled with fear, anger, mistrust and hatred. How do we move forward to create a better world for everyone, with so much separation?

My first response is to come back to our center within our heart, be still and ask for the Divine Creator to help us to find peace and to find a new direction in our life. Ask to be kept safe from sickness, and to have food, shelter, peace and love in our hearts and lives and the lives of our loved ones. Yet I would say, take it one step farther and ask this for all people and life upon, within and around this earth. Ask too that the earth be healed.

Yet, I know ones may laugh at this because they do not believe that love can help us. That love is a sign of weakness instead of strength. Know that in the darkness you cannot see where you are, or where you are going without the Light. For it is the Light that shows us the way in the darkness, so that we do not get lost, and can find our way to safety.

What is Light? It is the essence of Creation and the Creator. Light and Love are the same essence. You cannot have one without the other. I do not speak of the Love which is romantic, but the infinite love that is the essence of Being, creating, allowing, forgiving, helping, uplifting, and embracing others. Love which knows that there is sufficient for all if we care and share, and so we do not have to fear another make take what we have from us. Love that knows as we empty our cup through sharing we make space for it to be filled with more of the Divine Essence of Abundance. Love that allows others to find their path, and walk it even if it appears to differ from ours. Love that realizes all Life comes from the Creator Source and eventually returns there, so we are all part of the same whole. Love which is the armor which protects us from harm, for no darkness can harm us if we walk in oneness with the Light and Love of the Creator. Love which is the medicine which protects us from illness when we know we are one with it and believe and have faith in that understanding. Love which can transform and heal us.

LOVE – all we need is LOVE.

Yet, many will still laugh. Believing they must protect themselves, love cannot do that. They must take what they want for there is not enough in the world to go around it is us or them.


Stop – listening to that which creates fear, anger, hatred and separation beliefs and feelings. Begin, to go within your heart and listen to that which speaks of peace and unity.

We cannot force another to believe as we do. We can speak our truth as we see and believe it to be. There are cases of Stockholm syndrome where ones have through force joined with their captors to survive, but is that how you want your life to be? To force another to believe as you do, that is not belief it is fear?

In America, it is time for both sides to put their differences on the back burner and begin to come together to help all the people. Ask another what they believe or feel, and why it is so? You may find you have common ground. Build upon that common ground to find a way to move forward to benefit both sides. Do not fear the other, instead look to them as a brother or sister, born of another mother, a step sibling. You are part of a family and need to find a way to build a life and move forward together.

It is a wonderful time that we have a woman in a position to make a difference in our political world. May we pray that she leads with her heart, and wisdom to bring a time of communication for which we women are so adept.

For men it is time to move into the heart. Be willing to speak to each other from a place of caring, sharing and compassion. Seek to find your common ground. Join a group where you learn to communicate with each other from the heart. ( I will say the same for women). It is time to stop seeing enemies and start seeing – fellow americans or human beings.

The time of needing to control others is over. It is a time for truth to come forth, but be discerning in what you accept as truth. Just because something is written or spoken in the media or on a stage does not make it truth.

ASK yourself – does this bring me a feeling of peace, hope, calm, unity and compassion for others. If it doesn’t let it go. If it brings strong emotions of anger, fear, hatred, desire to harm or control another, LEAVE IT ALONE.

There is a long road ahead. This road can end in civil war in america or even perhaps world war or major natural disasters. The end game is up to us. The weather and world events are the result of the actions and energies which we as individuals put forth into the mass consciousness. If we continue along the same path we are on, the times ahead will be hard.

IF, we stop now and turn our attention to unity and caring we can change how the future unfolds. It starts with you and builds from there. People tend to respond to the actions they experience. If your actions are negative, hatred, anger they tend to respond thusly. If you actions are caring and helping, they respond the same. Each action compounds because it often moves on to the next person they encounter.

WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD – ” When you change the way you look at things. The things you look at change.” Dr. Wayne Dyer

If you are not part of the solution – you are part of the problem.

IF – you blog, try to make it of a positive and uplifting message.

If you volunteer – BLESS YOU – continue to help with a smile and inner prayer for others.

If you are a coach, teacher or any type of instructor or hope to be – teach ones to have a positive, heart felt response, thought, word or deed in their life. Teach them how to tap into their heart and move forth in their life with heart direction.

Care about your neighbors. Love your pets as part of the family.


Love is not weakness – it is easy to hate, bully, fight or try to control another. It takes inner courage to forgive and have compassion for those who would harm you.

There is so much help coming into our world from the Creator Source and the Universal Beings who serve the Creator in Light and Love. YOU have to but ask and they will help you as long as you are not seeking to harm another and it is in accordance with the Divine.

SEEK and you will find that the Divine lives within you and is awaiting for you to Knock upon the door of your heart. When you knock the door will be opened and you can but ask and it will be given.


May the Blessings and Love of the Divine be upon all people of the Earth. May humanity heal their hearts so that their bodies can be healed. May the Earth be healed and may we work in unity for the healing of earth. May all people and animals know a life free of abuse and neglect. MAY ALL KNOW LOVE, have food, shelter and peace.