Spirituality – what are you seeking?

I awoke this morning with the call of the Creator strong to focus my intent.

There are as many paths to unity with the Creator as there are people for we are part of the Creator. We find that we may have one religious belief all of our lives which sustains us and helps us to grow in our spirituality or simply comforts us in our lives. We may find a point where we seek to know more and begin exploring and seeing the value in multiple belief systems. We may seek to develop the extra sensory abilities that are latent within each of us. We may seek to connect with nature and the animal world. We may seek to connect with non physical or extra terrestrial beings. Whatever you seek is what you feel you need at this time in your life.

I was just reminded of a story told long ago about a spiritual mountain and train that takes people up the mountain. People get on the train and ones get off at various points along the way, for Christianity, Buddhism, New Age, or one of many belief systems and sometimes get back on to go to another point along the way. However, eventually we all will reach the top where there is only a wonderous white light of the Creator and us (all of creation).

This trip can end for each of us in an instant in this lifetime or another. When we are ready to focus our attention and intent upon this Oneness with the Creator as our goal. This is the Ascension process. The goal is not to be psychic, or to be able manifest out wishes and desires, or to perform magic, or to channel or be a medium, to speak in tongues/light language, to be a healer or to be a preacher or spiritual teacher. Each is a wonderful gift to be of service to others as long as they are not the focus of your quest but a result of it.

I often emphasize protection and clearing with the Violet Flame because so many are seeking first to gain an ability as their focus and so they are unprepared and do not have the protection of the light and love of the creator as they venture forth into the unknown and unseen. When we work with these gifts as a result of our heart centered unity with our soul and enter into Christ Conscious Unity with the Creator through our I AM Presence, we are protected by the Light and Love of the Creator.

The choice is always ours as to the path we take. I was reminded today to refocus my attention and intent unto the path. I had been focusing upon manifestation recently and tools to do this, when the true path of manifestation lies in my unity with the Creator, where all manifestation comes forth purely for the benefit of all. In focusing on manifesting I was taking upon myself the thought that I could be the source of manifesting the funds for the vision I was shown of a Star Center and Animal Sanctuary. Today I was reminded that the Creator is the Dream Giver and to fully make the connection to the timing of the Divine Plan, and asking to be shown my part in the moment. The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkerson is a wonderful book to read as one has been given an inspiring direction or vision. I am often reminded to go back and read it as I was today.

I was reminded to trust in Divine timing, while waiting upon the direction through meditation, heart centered connection and grace for the actions I need to take. I was trying to control the situation. So many times we feel that if we could see visions, or hear spirit, or do healing that we would know we have accomplished something tangible and we have, but they are not the end game of this journey.

The main purpose in writing this message is that the things we can do and manifest upon the earth plane are not the true purpose of our being here. We each have come to clear past karmic blockages, and to help others and be of service. However, the best way in which to do all of this is to focus our intent and attention upon clearing our misqualified energies and moving into our hearts to reconnect with the spark of the Creator within.

It doesn’t mean we stop all of the other things we have to do like take care of our family , go to work or maintain our homes. It means we take a few minutes each day to connect perhaps before rising in the morning or going to sleep. It means we can start to think about all things in our lives as part of the Dvine Plan and choices we have made to have them in our lives. Then we can proceed in doing them the best we can perhaps play music to make it more enjoyable. Be thankful for all that we have in our lives, the home, people, and food on our table.

Remember, that which is a challenge is like the gem cutter that cuts and polishes a diamond. Each challenge is helping us to see the best choice possible, if we stop before speaking and acting to center in the heart. Then we can act and speak from the highest perspective and chip away the rough edge to become a gem of sparkling light.

Ascension is the ultimate goal for all, to return to Oneness. We have forgotten due to the dense energies of mass consciousness. Perhaps we have many challenges we have chosen to work on to reach that goal, or to help another to reach their goal. However, whatever you came in to do, to focus upon your Spiritual path will make life easier and a blessing to you and others.

May your choices bring you closer to the Being of Light which you truly are.

I Am Marguerite

Author: Moriah Elohim

I am a seeker of Truth. I am in the process of clearing and transforming myself, to walk in Light and Love.

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