Spirituality – what are you seeking?

I awoke this morning with the call of the Creator strong to focus my intent.

There are as many paths to unity with the Creator as there are people for we are part of the Creator. We find that we may have one religious belief all of our lives which sustains us and helps us to grow in our spirituality or simply comforts us in our lives. We may find a point where we seek to know more and begin exploring and seeing the value in multiple belief systems. We may seek to develop the extra sensory abilities that are latent within each of us. We may seek to connect with nature and the animal world. We may seek to connect with non physical or extra terrestrial beings. Whatever you seek is what you feel you need at this time in your life.

I was just reminded of a story told long ago about a spiritual mountain and train that takes people up the mountain. People get on the train and ones get off at various points along the way, for Christianity, Buddhism, New Age, or one of many belief systems and sometimes get back on to go to another point along the way. However, eventually we all will reach the top where there is only a wonderous white light of the Creator and us (all of creation).

This trip can end for each of us in an instant in this lifetime or another. When we are ready to focus our attention and intent upon this Oneness with the Creator as our goal. This is the Ascension process. The goal is not to be psychic, or to be able manifest out wishes and desires, or to perform magic, or to channel or be a medium, to speak in tongues/light language, to be a healer or to be a preacher or spiritual teacher. Each is a wonderful gift to be of service to others as long as they are not the focus of your quest but a result of it.

I often emphasize protection and clearing with the Violet Flame because so many are seeking first to gain an ability as their focus and so they are unprepared and do not have the protection of the light and love of the creator as they venture forth into the unknown and unseen. When we work with these gifts as a result of our heart centered unity with our soul and enter into Christ Conscious Unity with the Creator through our I AM Presence, we are protected by the Light and Love of the Creator.

The choice is always ours as to the path we take. I was reminded today to refocus my attention and intent unto the path. I had been focusing upon manifestation recently and tools to do this, when the true path of manifestation lies in my unity with the Creator, where all manifestation comes forth purely for the benefit of all. In focusing on manifesting I was taking upon myself the thought that I could be the source of manifesting the funds for the vision I was shown of a Star Center and Animal Sanctuary. Today I was reminded that the Creator is the Dream Giver and to fully make the connection to the timing of the Divine Plan, and asking to be shown my part in the moment. The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkerson is a wonderful book to read as one has been given an inspiring direction or vision. I am often reminded to go back and read it as I was today.

I was reminded to trust in Divine timing, while waiting upon the direction through meditation, heart centered connection and grace for the actions I need to take. I was trying to control the situation. So many times we feel that if we could see visions, or hear spirit, or do healing that we would know we have accomplished something tangible and we have, but they are not the end game of this journey.

The main purpose in writing this message is that the things we can do and manifest upon the earth plane are not the true purpose of our being here. We each have come to clear past karmic blockages, and to help others and be of service. However, the best way in which to do all of this is to focus our intent and attention upon clearing our misqualified energies and moving into our hearts to reconnect with the spark of the Creator within.

It doesn’t mean we stop all of the other things we have to do like take care of our family , go to work or maintain our homes. It means we take a few minutes each day to connect perhaps before rising in the morning or going to sleep. It means we can start to think about all things in our lives as part of the Dvine Plan and choices we have made to have them in our lives. Then we can proceed in doing them the best we can perhaps play music to make it more enjoyable. Be thankful for all that we have in our lives, the home, people, and food on our table.

Remember, that which is a challenge is like the gem cutter that cuts and polishes a diamond. Each challenge is helping us to see the best choice possible, if we stop before speaking and acting to center in the heart. Then we can act and speak from the highest perspective and chip away the rough edge to become a gem of sparkling light.

Ascension is the ultimate goal for all, to return to Oneness. We have forgotten due to the dense energies of mass consciousness. Perhaps we have many challenges we have chosen to work on to reach that goal, or to help another to reach their goal. However, whatever you came in to do, to focus upon your Spiritual path will make life easier and a blessing to you and others.

May your choices bring you closer to the Being of Light which you truly are.

I Am Marguerite

Where do we go from here?

The Best of Time and the Worst of Times

One truth is self evident, that in creation where we place our thoughts and intent is what will manifest in the world. We see it all daily in the news and on social media. The worst of times they say.

Yet on the flip side, we can see people rescuing abandoned animals and caring for them, helping those without homes, checking on the elderly, donating to help those need, volunteering to clean the highways and beaches. We see the sun rise and set, the mountains glimmer with snow, the ocean shimmer from the light reflecting upon it. You need to only look in the eyes of the innocent child or animal to know that purity, goodness and hope exist. This is the best of times.

Where we choose to focus our attention is what we will attract and create more of in this world. I am not saying that cruelty, fear, pain, war and violence do not exist or we should ignore them. I am saying be of service when you hear of this events and ask that the Gold, Silver and Violet Flame of Transformation be taken to those areas and events to clear the heavy energies so that the ones involved can have some breathing room to make changes. Ask that the Love and Light of the Creator, HOPE, fills the air, and in accordance with the highest good and free will be open to the minds and hearts of all people involved to find peace, joy, compassion and forgiveness in order to seek a better solution.

We cannot change the actions of others, but we can help to provide a clearer energy field in which they can make choices and take action. If we stop looking at events from a 3D perception of that is horrible and allowing our emotions to be taken down to the lower levels, we will no longer add energy to their situation. If we send in the Violet Flame or if you pray for intervention, whatever you feel more comfortable doing, we are then helping to create a less dense energy around them to make better choices. We are not feeding the lower energies with our worry and fear, but instead we see the possible solution. See them happy, safe, and healthy.

Always remember that the Beings of Light who serve the Creator/Universal Oneness cannot intervene unless we ask. Do not project your desired outcome upon the situation, for that can create karma for you. In our unascended state we do not know the whole situation and what is happening from a higher perspective, which is why it is best to ask the Beings of Light who serve the Creator to intervene. However, seeing the light and love within another, and seeing them healthy, safe and happy, helps them to see it within themselves.

We are not sending those energies at them, wanting to control their actions and thoughts, but simply having a vision of the them living a good life, instead of focusing on the bad. This again does not mean you can’t volunteer to help or send money for relief if you feel guided to do so for many can use the help and in the giving we open the door for more to flow through us to others and uplift our own energies and spirits.

You see we feel good when we help others because we are helping a part of ourselves that is in need.

So we have in our world of duality the best and worst of times. Where we go from here is where we choose to focus our intent and thoughts.

Personally, I choose the best of times.

I am Moriah Elohim

Protection, Discernment, Clarity

Discernment of people, messages, spirits, energies, truth and life

I began this message about a month ago, and had not yet finished it when On Sunday the 11th of December 2022, I watched a video message given through Elizabeth April a channel for the Galactic Federation of Light which focused on the same topic. I was glad to see that the message which came through her was emphasizing that which I have been hearing to emphasize. In fact, the book I am writing about Ascension, emphasizes these points as the most important first steps for each of us of which to be aware in our Ascension Process.

I have been since then, stronly nudged to finish this message and post it. If we don’t focus upon anything else in our spiritual process in the days ahead these concepts should be applied daily in our lives.

I am not a follower of any channel or group, but I watch or monitor information as I am guided; Over the years there are different channels works to whom I have been guided. Thus, on my site I have links to certain people’s websites, that I have found are regularly accurate and trustworthy in what they are sharing. I say monitor because as has been emphasized to me, we should always be discerning of the words and messages of anyone outside of our own personal connection to the Divine Creator Source. It is especially important in this time of media, cell phones, internet and television to have a guidepost of discernment to understand what is truth and worthy our energy.

We need to always remember that not everything we hear or read is truth and not everyone who speaks or writes a blog or book, is sharing a higher truth. It does not mean they are a bad person, but that like the majority of people on earth, that which one believes and/or shares is relative truth based upon their education, societal lifestyle and level of spiritual growth and clarity.

In the message on December 11th, Ms April had asked what is most important to help us in 2023 and their response was to learn DISCERNMENT. That we need to learn to go within ourselves to our own connection to Source for guidance and to not be always following others. If you have read my message regarding Aliens and Extraterrestrials, you would know that for me that was the key to knowing she was connected to the Galactic Federation of Light and not to any of the other extraterrestrial who would decieve ones. That being said, it is not just aliens that can decieve us, nor just channels, but media, or anyone outside of ourselves whom we set up as being more knowledgable spiritually than ourselves.

They may not even know that what they are sharing is not pure for they have not learned the basics or do not practice them diligently. Some channels or spiriutal teachers start out purely and like most people things happen in their lives. Perhaps they get busy and feel sure of their connection and they let down their guard. Perhaps they go through a life altering situation and an energy creeps in of which they are not aware, and they begin operating from either an ego level or from messages of being not fully aligned to the Creator, and thus they don’t intentionally want to misguide you but it can happen so easily. If you are not protecting, discerning and listening from your heart center, you would not be aware just like them and could easily get misguided.

These basic spiritual concepts are not something we are taught in school. Usually the ideas of protection and discernement we learn in life is based on a particular societal bias and directed toward protecting the physcial being and not protecting us from the non physical beings.

Until you have learned these basics you should not deal with non physical beings for many reason. First, they are not all Beings of Light who wish to help us. Second, they can lie to you about who they are and say they are an Angel or highly regarded spiritual being. They can even have the ability to project light and a good feeling. Without the ability to discern you may not know or understand. Third, if you are not clear in your energies and protected, you will attract these lower energy beings and it will be hearder to discern lies and lower energies from Light and Truth.

Then we have the physical level of informational input from cell phone, television, social media, new media, books, speakers, teachers, authors, channels, etc. If you are not able to discern truth, you should never automatically trust that another is fully sharing a higher truth with you. For if they are not using the basics, they can be over shadowed and fooled by lower beings and even energies of mind control or disruptive frequencies which together with their own perspecitves and bias can color their messages. It is also easy when one begins to have followers for the ‘ego’ to come forth and lead them to share what may create more followers, to support them physically, financially, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I have attended seminars in which I have seen dark shadows behind a speaker whom many have followed as a guru or teacher. No one else seemed to notice. In a blog or social media, you do not know if the picture of a person is really that person, or even their real name, or what their true agenda may be. I was told at the beginning of my journey to be aware of the message which one brings through. However, even a person with an agenda can speak of Light, Love and happiness, while having a personal agenda to get you to follow a particular path. Be-ware a wolf in sheep clothing.

Let us discuss the tools of protection, clarity and discernment.

Protection is the cornerstone of spiritual growth on planet earth. It doesn’t matter if you are putting on the armor of God as the Christian Bible suggests, or you are calling in the Golden White Light of the Creator, calling upon the protection of Buddha, Or asking Archangel Michael the Protector to surround you with his Blue Light of protection. You need but ask and believe to have the help you need. For in this world of freedom of choice, the Divine and those who serve the Divine cannot interfer in our free will choices without us asking.

You can say something as simple as “Beloved Creator/or Father Mother God, you who created me and all Life Please fill me with your Golden White Light that I may be protected from all that is not of your higher purpose. “

To call upon Archangel Michael ” I call upon Archangel Michael, guardian and protector to surround me with they blue light of protect”ion and to cut any cords that are not of my Divine purpose and mission. “

The protection is with you, even if you don’t fully have faith in it. However, if you have doubts, you leave small tears in your protection through which ones who would decieve and attempt to control you can slip into your energy fields. It is not always just enough to have information and to say the words. You might even believe it is true, but as we have seen people have been known to kill for their beliefs for it is a process of the mind. However, faith moves us beyond the mind into the emotion of spirit. Faith is a produce of the mind while faith is a product of spirit. In my life I always knew I was protected by Archangel Michael. There have been times I have tested that belief, no on purpose but just by my actions and I have always been shown it was truth, which had led to complete faith. However, one day it also became a wisdom when an event occurred and Archangle Michael said to me, ” You would not go away from home and leave your windows open. Why do you not take the same care with you spiritual protection and be aware of your actions so you do not leave the door open for harm. ” I call this being more mindful of my actions. Protection is the most important and basic tool in your spiritual growth for it keeps you safe to focus on the other parts of your spiritual growth. What I have come to understand from that as the years pass is that in the beginning we are like babies, not knowing or understanding how to do this for ourselves. Then one day we become as adults and we are connected to the flow of the Divine consciously and we no longer need for another Being of Light to protect us for the Light of the Creator within us is our shield. However, until then it is always wonderful to know that ones are ready and willing to help if we but ask.

The next step is clearing your energy fields of misqualified or lower blocking energies. This is building upon the foundation of being protected from new energies so now you can clear out the old. The GFL doesn’t speak about clearing, they do speak of opening your crown chakra and connecting to source and bringing the Light into your form to be filled and protected. When asked they said because it is source light and protects you that you need not close the connection. Calling upon the Golden and/or White Light of the Creator and speaking forth your intent to be clear and open will bring this light down into you form. You can use it to clear energies and activate your chakras and build it up and expand it to encircle you and protect you. This is a highly effective form of clearing. Remember to move into your heart center when doing this and to feel the love of the Creator and to be grateful for them connection.

Recently within the last century returned to us was one of the most powerful clearing and transforming energies which had been removed from general population’s knowledge and taken back to the higher light centers and teaching temples. This is the Violet Flame of Transmutation and it has recently been upgraded that you can call upon the Gold Silver and Violet Flame. The high energies of this flame when called upon work to the subatomic level clearing the blockages between the electrons. This will clear the physical form, chakras, etheric bodies and auric field as well as protect. If only using the Violet Flame, I would after clearing and transmuting the energies call in the Golden White Light of the Creator to fill all cleared spaces. This allows the energy to flow freely between the electrons and enlightening you. It is important that when energies are released or removed that they be transmuted back to the light this is part of the balancing process so that they do not return later. I would also call upon Archangel Michael to help you to cut any cords that attach you to other people, places or events through all dimensions and time. You can do this yourself through visualization, but in the beginning of your process it is so helpful to have Archangel Michael help you. Always remember when you call on help to be Thank them for their service and to send love.

There is another step that can be taken along the process and that is asking Archangel Michael will take prayers and petitions for you to the karmic board to be released from any contracts or agreements that you have made in this or any life which do not serve your Divine Purpose and highest light. You may want to wait for this until you can learn more and understand what you are requesting.

One effect way in which to protect yourself and clear is through having a heart focused energy of Divine Unconditional Love which you project to fill your fields. Divine Unconditional Love is the Essence of Creation. There is nothing which can come against Love, when filled with Divine Love we are protected. Love connects us to Source and to each other. Anything which is projected toward love that is not love is reflected back.

Now that we are clear and protected we are better able to move into our heart center and learn to discern Truth from others.

First we need to understand about Truth. I have written in more detail in another writing, so I will condense the information here. There is Divine Truth which are the Universal Laws of Creation. The Universal Laws of Creation are the pattern, regulating and maintaining rules of manifestation of Creation, nothing exists outside of the Universal Laws of Creation which are the manifestation of Universal Mind where Original Divine Truth originates and exists.

When humanity began creating through self will choices no longer aligned to the Divine Will of Universal Mind, although their lesser creations had to fall within the parameters of Universal Laws of Creation the manifestation of those choices were of a lesser vibrational form. We also began to learn to conform to the rules and regulations of this lesser energy manifestation. We were taught from birth certain beliefs, perceptions and values which we use to determine the value or truth of a situation, experience or information as truth or lies.

This is called relative truth. Everyone has relative truth upon the Earth and it is their right to choose your truth for the moment and to change your mind and evolve to understand that their might be a greater truth. The way to break through of the programmed judgements we have been taught is to live a heart centered mindful life, which will reveal the greater truth behind the energy, actions and words of another.

This brings us to discernment for we are trying to discern higher truth from human relative truth. When we are protected, and the clearer our energies can be, the more we are able to quiet our mind and be mindful of our thoughts, words and deeds so that we can in a more pure state move into our hearts. It is in our hearts where the part of us which is the Creator exists. Most of us have built walls around our hearts from experiences, pain, feeling of shame and hurt in our lives, which prevent us from connecting because we do not feel worthy of love, especially the love of the Creator.

This is why the clearing of our energy is so important and the Gold, Silver and Violet Flame came help us to do this. As we remove the blocks and move into our heart center, we can connect to the Creator within and from there we will be shown the truth behind what we see, hear or read. It becomes like a barometer, which allows us to feel a strange uncertain feeling when something is less than right and a feeling of peace when it is of Truth, Light and Love.

Each of us have the ability to know from our heart the Truth and if what we are perceiving is worth our time and energy. We may still choose to ignore those feelings and that is our right. All is from the Creator and returns to the Creator, when they are ready to make that choice, do the needed work to balance their energy and clear the path ahead. We are each on a path of exploring and learning and growing. We are the a part of the Creator exploring our Creation.

A wise man once said to me,” We have all the time in the world, but not a moment to waste. ”

Discernment comes from within, and our ability to discern is based upon our purity of intent and heart based connection to the Creator.

If you want to purchase the message from the Galactic Federation of Light to listen yourself you can do so at: It is for December 11th 2022


It is the GFL December 11, 2022 Summit Meeting

Is it worth it?

Is what you are angry or arguing about worth it from an infinite perspective.

It saddens me to look out upon the suffering in the world. If I had billions I would use it to help the suffering in the world. Not to put down how others choose to spend their money, this is simply my preference.

We spend so much time arguing and fighting about things that don’t really matter in the end for they are not of the infinite but the finite. Do you really think that when you leave this earth through death that anyone even yourself will care how big your house was, how much money you had, were you a well known personality?

Or, do you think that you will remember the time you saved a puppy that was abandoned, the time you helped a person who was homeless, the time you helped the elderly person down the street who had no one who cared about them. THINK ABOUT IT.

Is what you are arguing about really that which matters for eternity? Will it make a difference in the world to uplift and enlighten yourself and others? Where we focus our thoughts, energies and intent is what we create in our lives and the world. Is what you are creating or doing truly that which is of integrity, the higher perspective spiritually and will it make a difference in the world?

The choice as always is yours.