Soul Alignment

Our Soul is who we truly are, for we are a soul manifesting in a form. The sad part is we have come in with amnesia and don’t remember as an ego/personality operating from the mind. Our soul is constantly trying to reconnect and guide us. Our mind/ego/personality was created to be guided by our soul. It was to perform the analytical choices of daily tasks on the physical level and to keep us safe via the stay or flee response. I don’t like the fight concept, the stay is standing our ground which doesn’t involve fighting if we are centered in the Divine Light and love.

However, this is not the focus of the topic. Our soul was born to experience certain things on Earth, to be of service and to hopefully help us to return to conscious oneness and Ascension so as to manifest fully in the human form. Asenscion and Conscious unity with the Divine in form is the highest goal we come to accomplish.

Earth as a planet of redemption has certain aspects of the Divine Plan which were designed to help us but can also make it more challenging to accomplish this goal. The gift of freedom of choice which allows us to choose to live and create either from ego/personality or aligned with the Divine has created the concept of balancing the energies which we have mis-qualified in this or any life time. The idea of karma. So that we are limited in the fullness of this ability to create or miscreate we are born with amnesia as to our relationship with our Soul and the Creator, so that until we are soul aligned and guided by the Divine within we don’t have our full power of creation. We have to choose to remember and align.

We are not simply puppets thrown into an experiment. We each have chosen to incarnate upon the earth and know of the heavy energies, the chaos, the ramifications of free will and karmic consequences. We even plan our incarnation, that which we wish to balance if it is not our first time here, how we can be of service, and what is needed to help us to realign and ascend. We even can work and create agreements with others to help us or for us to help them. Perhaps we agree to come in together to be of Service and create a Spiritual or Healing center and teachings to help others to ascend. Then we are born and forget.

However, our Soul is there, nudging us with memories, creating synchronicities, and arranging meetings with others via soul to soul contact. If we still fail to choose to align or listen, then on a personal level we may have to attempt some balancing we were unable to complete in this life in another. In the case of a work like a center with others, a replacement may be called upon or the scope of the work changed, or simply not happen.

No matter the situation you soul is you and loves you and wants to reunite with you as One within the form upon this Earth. However, due to fee will it cannot do so unless you choose it to be so. At some point in this or another life, you choose to either act from ego/personality will and then it must have happened again and again because that is why the redemptive plan had to occur upon the earth.

Many beautiful Beings of Light are around us, and have incarnated upon the Earth to help us in this process of redeem our misqualified energies and realigning to our Soul. Buddha taught us wisdom, mindfulness and self mastery. Jesus taught us love, forgiveness and how we can become Christ Conscious Beings living upon the Earth at One with the Creator. Now it is our turn to choose to align with Our Soul our Christed Self, the part of us that is always a part of the Creator and manifest it through our form upon this Earth.

To align with the Divine or remain spiritually blind.

As always the Choice is ours.

I AM Moriah Elohim

Author: Moriah Elohim

I am a seeker of Truth. I am in the process of clearing and transforming myself, to walk in Light and Love.

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