Where do we go from Here?

Often we come to a crossroads along our path perhaps you are at that point in your life.

It seems at time that no matter what we do we aren’t making any spiritual progress. That which we feel we are supposed to do aludes us or we feel it is too far away to understand exactly what it is that the Creator wants from us.

The desire of the Creator for us is simple and exists in our hearts through Grace that we seek and place our intent and attention upon knowing the I AM of the Creator within us. There are beliefs, thoughts, fears and doubts which keep us thinking that we need to do something, and that we are not good enough, and our past actions will be judged and find us unworthy, but those are of the human perspective and not of the Divine.

The Creator sees us as perfect, for we are part of the Creator. The Creator Loves us without conditions and wants for us to live a life of joy, peace, good health, love, and abundance. The Creator doesn’t judge our actions because we are experiencing all that is possible for the Creator. Existence is a circle that begins and ends at Oneness with the Creator. Anywhere else along this circle is the journey of expansion and exploration. This doesn not mean however, that we have the license to be mean, kill, abused, hurt or destory another part of life, for all is part of the Creator and when we harm another we harm the Creator and ourselves.

The choices we have made that have created the life in which we are living is not aligned to the Will and Love of the Creator. If it was aligned,we would not question our lives, for we would be living a life of Grace and Wisdom, which brings Peace and Abundance for us and All Life. I seem to repeat these concepts, because the people hear and understand things in different manners and context of ideas.

I have traveled the path as have so many others. They live among you and you do not know, for they live their lives in Grace and Oneness, simply Being the Love and Light of the Creator so that others may experience the energy and awaken, seek and want to know this Beauty of Soul alignment and Oneness with the Creator/I Am within and others. Once you understand and make not the gifts of Spirit, not deprivation of self, not the ability to manifest, to be psychic, to have super human abilities or recognition, but simply want to be ONE with the Creator, you enter GRACE.

Grace is taking back the authority in your life for your thoughts, words and deeds. To end any contracts or agreements on the physical and spiritual level that are not under Divine Will. I see this as the  “Get behind meSatan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns.” as stated in the Christian Bible Matthew 16:23 and as Buddha speaks on taking back authority in our life, “Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. ”

When take back authority from others, it is that point of Grace that we give it to the Creator, so that our soul and I AM Presence of God can guide us to be Mindful and live in Grace and Unity as our Initiative of Mindfulness comes from the Divine.

A few years ago I wrote this post about Grace and perhaps it will help someone to understand more that through Grace, the process of Ascension is embodying the I Am Presence of the Creator in our lives.

Grace comes in parts  -listening grace, grace of thoughts, grace of words and grace of deeds.

Each of these begin from the quiet peace within our hearts. As we move through our lives we should seek within our hearts with Listening Grace for the inspiration, correct timing and direction.  When are at peace, and centered within our hearts,  we can await to hear or feel the gentle nudging or direction of Divine Spirit which shows us what is the best path to follow(Grace of deeds). We are asked to wait to be shown the best words to say unto another (Grace of words).

When we live in listening grace,  we are able to move through life, living with love, peace and compassion for others. We learn to observe the world around us with the innocence of a child,  with ears to hear and eyes to see purely what is happening around us.  We live without judging or creating scenarios as to what others think or why they act, until the Greater Part is shown (Grace of thoughts).

We learn to wait with Listening Grace to be shown the greater picture and our part within the Greater picture or in any situation. In doing so, when we do speak or act, it is uplifting to all.

This does not mean losing or giving up anything in our lives, but having them enhanced 1000 fold or more.  We have all come forth from the Creator which means we are all part of the whole and connected to each other.  We all have roles to play and lessons to learn.

Grace means we no longer struggle to try to understand or control the world, which has resulted in the chaos we see each day.  Grace means we remember that we are of Divine Origins and we are returning to claim our birthright.

Grace means we understand the unity of all Life and that in order for Heaven to manifest upon this Earth it is required that all act together for the betterment of whole.  The whole being not only humanity, but the planet, the air, the water, the animals and all non human life, upon and within the earth, the birds in the sky, the life in the oceans.

It is time to realize a part of the Divine Creator resides within us.  Learn to Discern the voice of the Creator from the lower ego and thoughts of fear and fighting.  Through Grace we feel the Light and the Love of the Creator as it springs forth from our hearts to guide our thoughts, words and deeds.

The process can be as easy as walking through a door,the end of the struggle of duality. Or it can be a long process which is a step by step journey home,the choice is always yours.

It begins with the simple prayer of asking the Creator’s will not your will be done in you, by you and through you.  Ask to be strengthened and protected from that which would harm you or keep you from unity with the Creator. These energies  which are not of Divine Origin and prevent us from living a Divinely inspired life includes our own ego.

It does not mean we stop living our lives and sit in a room and meditate all day, although if that is an option you choose it is a good choice. We can help others through prayer and meditation, asking for the love and light of the Divine to be in the world.  We can also have a larger affect by Being the change, Light and Love we want to see in the world  We do this by living as Life of Love for All Life,  each day doing that which is  our job or hopefully our inspired joy, and interacting with others and sharing our Love and Light. For the world to change, the change must begin within us, and then we must allow the Light and Love within us to shine to inspire others to want to seek change.

I read a recent analogy that I thought was appropriate.  If we are in a canoe and don’t have a paddle we go no where, we stagnate.  If we decide not to paddle or contribute to the effort of moving the canoe forward we may begin to drift backwards or again stagnate in the same place.  However, if we put our paddle in the water even if we don’t know what we are doing in the beginning, we can learn and move forward and have a successful and enjoyable journey.

I would compare the water to life and the canoe to our consciousness.  We can move through life simply working and doing the same things over and over again until they no longer bring us joy for we feel stagnate in our life.  We may even get angry and make drastic changes that ultimately disrupt in a negative way our lives and the lives around us. The other option is that we seek something within us, something to inspire us and show us a new and joyous direction  Our paddle that moves us forward in our life, and that is a connection to our inner wisdom and spiritual guidance.

The key is living with Listening Grace for the Divinely guided moments in any situation or experience to be of Greater Service or to connect with a person or situation in a loving and unifying experience. We soon realize in this state of Grace that we are enjoying the abundance of Blessings of the Divine in our lives which is our Birthright.

“Happiness is when what you think, and what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”
―Mahatma Gandhi

It could be that you are now in a time of reflection, where you need to relax and move within through contemplation and meditation. The answer lies within you.


Moriah Shimayah Elohim

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As I begin each day I ask for a thought or word upon which to focus for the day and Transformation was the focus of this day.

As I sit quietly before starting my daily tasks and routine, I ask to be show what is important for me to know and understand. Transformation is a state of Being beyond a process. For a process involves steps and actions, and although there are actions involved these are on an energy level. The two main actions of transformation are ‘Letting go’ and ‘Alignment’.

Transformation is moving from one State of Being unto another State of Being. A state of Being unlike a state of mind is made up of qualities of existence and not goals or feeling regarding your circumstances or goals. To change your state of mind you must evaluate your situation and decide on new actions which bring emotional and physical satisfaction. This involves the ego guarding against hurt and pain, fight or flight if things get too scary. Meanwhile the brain is analyzing the situations, your options, it is taking authority and initiating your actions based on physical, mental and emotional factors as well as known belief systems, rules and regulations.

In order to change your State of Being, you function from the heart, where the soul guides you. The soul is always aligned to the higher perspective and universal intelligence of the Creator Source through the I Am Presence. When we move into the heart, we can receive transcendent light which transforms the lower blockages and allows the grace, wisdom and truth of Divine Love to guide us. This is a state of Being in Grace, to wait upon the Divine timing with patience and see the higher perspective which Blesses All. This state of Being is joy, peace and the energy of manifestation.

Thus the process of transforming from one state of Being to the State of Being in Grace, Enlightenment and Divine Love involves two steps. Letting go of the old outdated beliefs and perceptions, which involves choosing to do so. The second step is alignment to the Divine Light and Love within our hearts which connects us to our Soul, our I Am Presence and Source.

In Letting go you need to breath, stand still, accept that you deserve all that you desire and the Creator wants you to have it. Think of that which brings you joy and peace, the feeling of love and security. Move into the feeling, and breath it into you as you move into the center of your Heart. Ask that the transcendent Light of the Creator release and transform any blockages.

Then within the heart, open, drop your defenses and feelings of guilt and lack of self worth so that the Light can fill you. See that you are connected to your Soul and the Universe, and align yourself to receive the Divine Love of the Creator through you I Am Presence and your Soul. Your I Am Presence is that which you are as a part of the Creator, and you Soul is the intermediary between you/ego identity and your I Am Presence. This happened due to the low vibration of the Earth and the choices to live from Ego, which cut us off from our I Am Presence. It cannot exist within the form in the 3D energies, we need to move into 5D.

The other aspect being that we have at some point taken away the authority of our soul and I Am Presence to guide us in our earthly journey and now we need to take it back from the energy which controls us as part of mass consciousness and return it to the Creator. This must be a conscious choice. This allows us to walk in Unity with the Creator and All life in Oneness and receive of the Divine Love, Grace, Abundace and Peace that is our birthright as Beings of Light.

We are Souls having a human experience. We have forgotten and so we think we are this form and it is more important than the Divine iniative of Being.

A wise one once told me,” Ascension and transformation is as easy as walking through a door from one room to another. We choose to make it difficult.”

So today the subject of contemplation and meditation is TRANSFORMATION.

Let go and Align to transform.


Morian Elohim

Soul Alignment

Our Soul is who we truly are, for we are a soul manifesting in a form. The sad part is we have come in with amnesia and don’t remember as an ego/personality operating from the mind. Our soul is constantly trying to reconnect and guide us. Our mind/ego/personality was created to be guided by our soul. It was to perform the analytical choices of daily tasks on the physical level and to keep us safe via the stay or flee response. I don’t like the fight concept, the stay is standing our ground which doesn’t involve fighting if we are centered in the Divine Light and love.

However, this is not the focus of the topic. Our soul was born to experience certain things on Earth, to be of service and to hopefully help us to return to conscious oneness and Ascension so as to manifest fully in the human form. Asenscion and Conscious unity with the Divine in form is the highest goal we come to accomplish.

Earth as a planet of redemption has certain aspects of the Divine Plan which were designed to help us but can also make it more challenging to accomplish this goal. The gift of freedom of choice which allows us to choose to live and create either from ego/personality or aligned with the Divine has created the concept of balancing the energies which we have mis-qualified in this or any life time. The idea of karma. So that we are limited in the fullness of this ability to create or miscreate we are born with amnesia as to our relationship with our Soul and the Creator, so that until we are soul aligned and guided by the Divine within we don’t have our full power of creation. We have to choose to remember and align.

We are not simply puppets thrown into an experiment. We each have chosen to incarnate upon the earth and know of the heavy energies, the chaos, the ramifications of free will and karmic consequences. We even plan our incarnation, that which we wish to balance if it is not our first time here, how we can be of service, and what is needed to help us to realign and ascend. We even can work and create agreements with others to help us or for us to help them. Perhaps we agree to come in together to be of Service and create a Spiritual or Healing center and teachings to help others to ascend. Then we are born and forget.

However, our Soul is there, nudging us with memories, creating synchronicities, and arranging meetings with others via soul to soul contact. If we still fail to choose to align or listen, then on a personal level we may have to attempt some balancing we were unable to complete in this life in another. In the case of a work like a center with others, a replacement may be called upon or the scope of the work changed, or simply not happen.

No matter the situation you soul is you and loves you and wants to reunite with you as One within the form upon this Earth. However, due to fee will it cannot do so unless you choose it to be so. At some point in this or another life, you choose to either act from ego/personality will and then it must have happened again and again because that is why the redemptive plan had to occur upon the earth.

Many beautiful Beings of Light are around us, and have incarnated upon the Earth to help us in this process of redeem our misqualified energies and realigning to our Soul. Buddha taught us wisdom, mindfulness and self mastery. Jesus taught us love, forgiveness and how we can become Christ Conscious Beings living upon the Earth at One with the Creator. Now it is our turn to choose to align with Our Soul our Christed Self, the part of us that is always a part of the Creator and manifest it through our form upon this Earth.

To align with the Divine or remain spiritually blind.

As always the Choice is ours.

I AM Moriah Elohim

Purity, Transformation, Abundance

A message from Archangel Gabriel

I am Gabriel. Thank you for this opportunity to speak of purity. As humanity is moving into opening the twelve chakra system, I Am helping you to purify and activate as a unit the three lower chakras in the physical form. They are those which you refer to as the base, sacral and navel chakras which connect to your interactions between the spiritual and physical realities most closely. As they are purified they allow you to more closely be heart centered and guided in your interactions and relationships.

Currently humanity has been acting from the fight and flight level of self preservation consciousness. This has been going on for many milleniums, but during the last few decades as we have been bringing forth more intense energies of the Creator to Earth, the reaction of the reaction within many individuals of the misqualified energies are being triggered to a greater extent to be brought forth for purification and transformation.

Unless the individual makes the choice to transform and balance these energies, they will find themseleves more and more reactionary. The key in their process is to understand that balance is what brigns forth harmony. Balance is that which gives and receives of understanding, compassion, and forgiveness in all relationships. All relationships need these emotions whether they are intimate, familiar, friendship, aquaintance, or between countries.

We see the fight and flight rule of action because humans have a fear of lack and so they believe they must control the land, other people and things around them to benefit themselves and support their beliefs and actions. They have lost their connection to the higher persepctive of Oneness and Universal Mind of Creator Source. This is the unifying field of abundance and evolution that provides for the wants and needs of all in balance and harmony.

If each would but open their hearts and mind to the energies of balance they would find that guidance would bring them into the flow of love, gratitude and abundance for self and all life.

As you grow along your personal path to Being, each can be of Service to the Oneness by invoking the Gold, Silver and Violet Flame of trnasformation into the world and all situations. This enables the energies around people to be cleared so that they are more easily able to connect to the Light and Love of the Creator and bring it into their Being and connect to the Higher Perspective of Life.

We thank each of you fro your service in doing this as it will help to transform the world. If you would as you bring this into your individual form, call upon me to bring the White Diamond Light of Purity, I will purify and surround you with this Light enabling you to connect more fully with the Heart and Higher Wisdom along your path.

In Service I AM Gabriel

Perspective or a Matter of Perception

Choose to awaken from victim consciousness and take responsibility for your choices, thoughts, words, and deeds.

Perspective is an attitude, a way of looking at something or a point of view, it is a learned process. While perception is the ability to be aware of something to hear, sense or feel it through our physical senses. Perception triggers the ego whose function is to keep us safe – fight or flight. Perspective is something that we learn as a result of experiences, instructions, educations, and moral teachings. While perception is a tactile, and physical response which can trigger our perspectives regarding the physical response. This in turn causes uf to make choices based on that response and perspective.

So what?

I bring this up because recently I was listening to a website program in which the speaker referred to Earth as a prison planet. This was something that he was told by extraterrestrials regarding a wall he perceived in his remote viewing process around earth that he understood would not let us leave the planetary area after death. I do not know all the details of this process for him for I have not watched all of his videos. However, I will say his remote viewing is done with great diligence, and I believe he and his group to be honorable people in sharing what they perceive and their perspective of that perception of the experience. However, since perception is learned it is not necessarily the Divine Truth regarding this topic, but is their perspective and thus true for them.

For me Earth is a jewel of love and compassion, beauty and promise some of humanity has chosen to abuse and destroy at their personal whim and profit. It is not always an easy planet upon which to live and at times I would rather be somewhere else than to feel the pain and anguish of people and the planet as war and violence are everywhere.

This person perceives a prison because he feels locked into the planet due to his experience and what the aliens with which he interacts told him. He said he was told that the aliens cannot interfere in removing the blockages, we had to do this ourselves, and this is true on an individual basis.

I believe his perspective is skewed based upon his reaction to the ‘ring pass not’ which prevents ones from taking their negative energies into other areas of the universe before having balanced and transmuted their karma, while incarnate upon the planet. There is also a closed creational system of earth which hold the karma within the creational matrix until it is balanced. We as individuals must balance our personal karma, as well as the help with the group, community, county , ancestral and planetary humanity karma for which we have had direct responsibility. We can ascend to Christ consciousness when our personal karma is balanced, but we will at that point choose to be of service to help balance the karma of humanity.

In our Universe, a doctrine of free will choices was given which when acted upon can create karma which must be balanced in order for a human to ascend and return to unity consciousness. As the first free will choice was made the chaos began and this virus spread. As it spread so did war and chaos followed across the Universe. It took a long time for planets and systems to make the choice to once again align to Divine Will and make the changes to clear the energies and return to higher dimensional frequencies.

There came a time when in order to contain the chaotic energies of war and destruction wrought by self will choices, a few planets agreed to contain the energies and allow for these ones to have time to awaken and free themselves.

Earth was a great leader in this program. A shining jewel of beauty and abundance. Lady Gaia ,the soul of Earth, agreed to take on ones and not only did we have the free will clause , but a decree that all karma must be balanced which free will created. Also, when ones embody upon the earth they will forget that they are One with the Creator and All Life and will believe themselves separate and alone. A strong set of rules. However, when one is able to awaken and overcome the chaos of self will choices, to balance all karma and remember they are one with the Creator, they are free to help others to remember and to become the co creators of the future systems and worlds.

The original ones who came from planetary systems that were destroyed and were seeking a new home came, but most still had violent tendencies were unable to shift and resumed their tendencies to create chaos and violence. There were many from other systems who CHOSE to come to Earth to help the these ones from their home planet, and to experience life on this beautiful planet. They had to be of a higher dimensional energy to do so and it needed the approval of Lady Gaia and the Council of Light. They knew that once they came into physical embodiment that if they created karma, it would need to be balanced.

We are not forced to return to Earth incarnation to balance our karma, but it is a long slow process to do so from the spirit realm, and it can be done quickly here on earth if we don’t screw it up and create more . Plus, we love to help others when we are in spirit the spirit realm, and tend to believe we can handle it and not create karma. For you see until you incarnate you really can’t understand how dense the energies are on this planet. There are also ones who are so attached to the earthly life and pleasure of the flesh that they don’t move on beyond the 4D astral realm after passing and try to live vicariously through a person incarnate or to quickly reincarnate themselves.

To not allow the negativity to spread a ring pass not was established. It keeps the lower violent energies from moving out into other planets and systems. It is not a prison gate for our souls to keep us in , but does contain the negative physical energies from spreading.

The ones of Light (remember not all who are in spirit or alien are of the highest light many still have lessons to be learned) around us whether angelic or star beings who serve the light are not here as our prison guards but as teachers and helpers. However, they can only share wisdom and they can only help us if we ask. Free will does not allow interference except for the dispensation to prevent nuclear war. They help to facilitate the light and energy of the Creator which is coming to us to help us transmute the lower energies and to awaken to higher perspectives of understanding.

So, I can understand when they feel this type of wall , that they automatically have a perceive this as a type of prison wall, based on earthly life. However , this perspective not based on a full understanding of the nature of the Universe and Earth. So, I am sharing this perspective in case you hear this thought that Earth is a prison planet, so that you will know that millions of Beings of Light are watching and helping humanity because they know of the wonder of life on Earth and the great Blessings we can receive as we choose to awaken from the belief that someone else is doing this to us. The victim consciousness, and let go and take responsibility for our choices, thoughts, words and deeds.

I like to think of it as if you had an infection in your arm and a pustule would develop to keep the infection from moving into other parts of your body until it can be treated and cleared. Our negative thoughts and emotions are the infection which the other parts of us, for ALL LIFE IS ONE, does not want to spread. They have treated the infection and transformed it in their part of the body. They are doing all they can to help us to heal the infection, but we must stop scratching at the scab and allow the energy of healing to flow to us. Just like a doctor can’t treat us with antibiotics unless we allow it. The Being of Light who surround us cannot help us unless we ask, and that help won’t last unless we decide to take responsibility for our thoughts, words, deeds and choices that they be aligned with the higher light, in love for the benefit of ALL. Perhaps not the most shining example but one that has stuck in my mind for many decades after being shared by spirit with me.

This is my truth of the moment. If it does not resonate with you find you truth.

May you choice be for the higher light.


Being in the world but not of it.

What does it mean to be in the world but not of it. To become a beacon of light in a world of darkness.

There is in the Christian bible a scripture in the book of John about Being in the world but not of it. It tells us not to love the things of the world. This is the key concept in being in the world but not of it.

It is not unspiritual to have material possessions. We are part of the Creator Source and thus deserving of abundance, and the Creator wants us to be blessed. However, it like the verse which says ” It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God”

This does not mean that we cannot have riches, but it is the love of the material possessions which keeps us from our Spiritual Being. A rich man will have a hard time giving up his possessions to trust in the abundance of Spirit to be there, than for something which seems impossible to us in the physical world to occur, like a camel passing through the eye of a needle. For many who gain riches see come to love the riches more than their spiritual growth. They may say they are focused on their spiritual growth, but ask them to give it all away and trust that the Creator will provide for them, and they will probably back away. It is the attitude of attachment, and pride based upon material possessions and wealth over spiritual growth. One can become self righteous about having worked hard for their wealth and why should they share it.

This is a lesson so many of us have to learn, myself included. For we see daily on the news what it means to be poor, hungry, homeless and afraid. None of us want to be that way. We can believe in our heads that the Creator will provide, but to actually have complete faith that will occur is another level of spirituality that we must work at obtaining. To be in the world, but not of it. For the world around us tells us to work hard, make money, buy things and live the good life.

So why does a poor man who gives to another not find themselves rich. My understanding is that the poor in the world are showing us a reflection of ourselves, that most of us don’t want to look upon. The poor who share with others give because they know what it means to be without. They do not expect anything in return. Most have a consciousness of despair, that they are poor, unloved, forgotten and for some reason they deserve this. When they are able to move beyond that consciousness, things will change for them. It is our part to help them shift their consciousness as we shift ours.

The Creator blesses us with riches so that we can do for others, so that all may be blessed. There is a universal law of creation which is about giving and receiving. This law speaks of the constant flow of the Universal energy. A full cup cannot receive more. We must empty our cup in order that it be filled. This speaks not only of material things, but of wisdom, truth, love, compassion all things, as we give unto others of the abundance of creation with which we have been blessed, even more can come to us. We should not do this as an ego lesson, that if I give away something, I expect more in return. That is of the world and not of spirit.

It does not mean that we have to give everything away to the needy. It means that we must be willing always when another is in need to be willing to help in whatever way we are able without first thinking, is this convenient for me, what do I receive in return, or are they deserving. These are all ego drama scenarios we create to give us an excuse to turn a blind eye to the inequality in the world.

In the Buddhist religion there are some basic practices that speak to how to be in the world but not of it.

  1. Meditation – quiet time that we spend daily moving within our hearts and quieting our minds. Letting go of the thoughts and problems of our daily life and focusing upon our connection with the Creator, the Divine Universal Oneness of which we are a part. So that we may feel and hear the energy of Oneness that brings joy, healing and balance in to our lives.
  2. Watching and being mindful of our thoughts, emotions, words and actions. We create the world in which we live by our thoughts and the strength of emotion we put behind that thought as we speak or act creates what we experience in the outer world. If we wish to walk in balance and harmony, we need to THINK before we speak or act. It this TRUTHFUL, is it HELPFUL, is it INNOCENT/without guile or harmful intent, is it NURTURING, is it KIND? For as we learn to be watchful of ourselves we open more to being aligned with higher Light.
  3. Practice Emptiness or No Drama in your life. Jesus said to Glenda Green in her book “Love without end” to look at things with innocent eyes. To see what is before you without creating a story or drama in your mind about what is happening, but simply to observe. In this we realize that all is temporary, a moment of experience, from which we can learn something, or simply experience the pure essence and joy of life.
  4. See the impermanence of life. Realize that all things are in a constant state of flux. We create and hold together our reality by our agreed upon matrix of creation. A daisy looks as it does because upon being here it was agreed it would look as it does to all who live within the matrix of creation on earth. A flower is constantly blooming and the blossom dying at the same instance. If you go to the ocean you come to realize that the tide within a half an hour can be at the edge of the shore or will have gone out beyond the rocks and someone who has climbed the rocks can be trapped if they are not aware. Your stock may be high right now and in a second fall to ruin. The world is an agreed upon illuision – it is spirit that is the eternal reality.
  5. Living in the present – the NOW MOMENT. Our minds are constantly evaluating everything around us based on past experiences and perceptions which create fear about the future. If we can still our mind to be in the present moment, the now, and connect with spirit, and allow our heart to guide us, the potential of the infinite becomes available and will guide us without fear into the future in balance and harmony with ALL LIFE.

I have been a Shaman in many past lives. You don’t need to believe in past lives, but I share this because yesterday I was reminded that my purpose in those lifetimes was to experience life and the ups and downs of our learning process and spiritual growth while living in the world but not being of it and then to help my community members as they went through the same to so that their process might be easier. So, again in this life my path is to learn to enjoy life, understand the challenges as opportunities to learn and grow, and to embrace the Beingness of Life as a Spirit in human form and then to share with others my experiences and to help them as they move through life to be able to balance the process of ….

Being in the world but not of it.

This is why at times many days may pass without a posting, for I have been going through my challenges and learning to balance the physical and spiritual. It is not always easy. To live in a nunnery or monastery would make it easier but that is not the path most of us have chosen.

The world can only change when we change ourselves. Dr. Wayne Dyer said,” When we change the way we look at things. The things we look at change.” If we see material wealth and our job as our means of support that it will stay. If we see it as a means to obtain freedom and to help others that is what it becomes. If we see ourselves defined by our wealth or status, that is who we are. If we see ourselves as souls having a human experience that we can change as we make each choice and have each learning experience, knowing that if it is not pleasant that this to0 shall pass.

So, this is my present moment experience to share will others. Let us learn to be in the world and enjoy the beauty and wonders and pleasures it has to offer, but to learn to keep our focus within our heart and our intent to allow the oneness of love within us to guide us as we choose to create a new world of freedom, love, compassion , abundance, hope and peace for all.

Blessings to each

I am Marguerite