Earth – Lady Gaia

Earth is truly a jewel of creation.

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There are many people who because of their life situations have little time or impetus to appreciate the beauty of Earth and to be thankful for the life giving sustenance which she provides. Lady Gaia is the Being who ensouls the planet Earth. She is light, love and nurtures and provides for all that exist upon, within and around the planet. She has cared for us despite any abuse which is thrust upon her.

Like ourselves Lady Gaia has been evolving into the next level or her existence. She is in the process of an Ascension to a new level of existence and service. This means there will be changes occuring with Earth. What does this mean for us?

For some as they read this it will bring up fear of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other such disasters. If you look around you those events are and have been occurring for a very long time. Many of these events bring forth a new perspective for the ones involved even if just for a short period of time. Ones realize the impermanence of man made objects in the face of events of nature beyond which seem beyond their control. People show the best of themselves in doing what they can to help others.

I say seem, because although we might not be able to prevent a volcanic eruption or an earthquake but we can help lessen the effects. If enough people in an area become aware of their connection to each other, the Creator , Earth and all life on Earth and choose to make choices from a higher perspective this can ease any natural events which might occur and even prevent some.

Many have predicted the big quake in California, yet it has not happened. I believe that this is due to the focus of ones living in harmony with Nature that is prevalent in California. Does this mean it will never happen? This I cannot predict, for that is always up to Lady Gaia and the consciousness of humanity.

I have known most of my life how the emotions, thoughts and actions of humanity affect the weather. My grandmother told me long ago to watch events and the weather for they are triggered by the thoughts, actions and emotions of humanity. She said when people are angry, violent and war is prevalent, the weather becomes harsh and extreme. We see this more and more these days.

This is because of the creational matrix of earth of which mass consciousness is a part. Our thougths, emotions and actions create within the matrix. As such, since we are connected to the creational matrix of earth when born, these energies we project tend to gather and increase in intensity. As the energies build they affect other parts of the creational matrix, such as weather, the crystals and fluids within the earth, the air we breath and the water we drink. If we are turbulent so is nature. Nature includes the nature spirits who care for the elements, plants and minerals. If we are calm, this helps to calm the flow of nature.

Animals are instinctively born of love. Like babies they come in innocent. They learn the fear and destructive nature from their interactions with humans. We were to be guardians of our planet. However, we chose to live at all costs to keep ourselves safe and prosperous, without care about other humans, animals, plants and the land itself.

We can change this but it is our choice. We must choose to once again be a conscious being who cares about the balance and abundance between and for all life. Conscious living instead of fearful existence. What we choose determines the future of ourselves and life on earth. The day is coming when Lady Gaia will no longer suffer from our abuse. She will expand to a new level of existence and those who are ready can expand with her.

This is not the end of those who do not choose this expansion, for they can continue as they have for milleniums until they are ready to expand into the Unity of Consciousness that is our Creator with which we are One.

Honor the Earth, be thankful for all she gives us. That is a start.

I Am Moriah Elohim

Author: Moriah Elohim

I am a seeker of Truth. I am in the process of clearing and transforming myself, to walk in Light and Love.

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