Truth on Earth is relative and fluid.

I have written previously about relative and Divine Truth. To learn more about it please look at that article. I don’t want to repeat the information, because this message is about the fact that we are facing our beliefs and truths at this time to see what is still true for us and what we have outgrown.

For the rest of this year we are facing the truths we have held for all our life, and to release that which no longer serves our spiritual growth. We are being asked to spend time daily in quiet away from all distractions to go within and seek the wisdom of the Creator.

We are coming into our time of Spiritual ascension or staying the same. If we choose to move forward all that we need is available by asking. For now we can step into our Christ Consciousness and be the reflection of our Creator, and allow the Divine to experience and create this world in a Divine Image.

We are being tried and tested. We see the energies flooding in to keep us off balance. We are questioning our lives and the world. This is of purpose. It is like the faceting of a diamond. In which the jeweler sees that which is not of the brilliance that the diamond can be and it is chipped away, to reveal the ultimate beauty.

That is what we are doing. We are letting go of that which keeps us tied to the ego self and the controls of fear. We are being asked to let go of dogmas and beliefs that limit the fullness of our Soul. Let the shine of our Soul, the I AM that we are, a part of the Creator.

So don’t be afraid of facing the questions. Don’t run away, back to the safe and secure of what the world believes, but seek within the Truth that rings for you and then chip away the old, bless it to return to the Light, wrap it in the Violet Flame and Let your light shine.

In Service

I am Mareya Shimayah Elohim