When we look at the world and the conflict around us, the first thought of some will be the battle between good and evil. However, that is not the essence of the conflict between Truth and non truth or relative truth. This battle exists within our human mind and we will not see it in nature. Nature battles for food and the right to exist not over beliefts. Relative truth is based upon our beliefs, experiences, learned morals and values, plus our desires and wishes to succeed over others and be in power or control. Truth which is a law of Creation based on the Essence of the Creator is not what we experience in our minds and belief systems.

Thus the conflice as our relative truth is believed to be that which is right and good and all other beliefs and truth are evil.

That which we experience as life is what we have created based upon our point of view, beliefs, experiences,opinions and processed information. We feel the need to justify our beliefs, for if they are not true then what do we do, we fear our world will collapse. I like the analogy of the matrix, a program established with parameters which control our lives , a reality program, into which we incarnate. Depending on our location upon the planet, and our birth circumstances, we are told by the parameters in that area and those who influence our lives what to think, do, believe and say.

Due to the fact that we are within a planetary creational matrix, all of the belief systems come together creating mass consciousness. Often they clash which can create a helllish program of chaos based upon our frame of mind and perception of existence. If we have the need to defend our story, our system, then we clash and battle with others. If we find we can view if from a higher perspective of realization that everyone is here to work out their karmic situations, and have the right to their beliefs until they are ready to seek something else, than we can sit back and enjoy the show and beauty of this planet.

Lies not Truth currently rule our planet, causing control issues, clashes and judgments. This begins in our minds and our willingness to believe in that which is not Divine Truth. Truth is found within our hearts, not outside of us somewhere. We can read or hear a Divine Truth, but we may not recognize it if we are not reading and/or listening with our hearts. Divine Truth is something which we experience from within. It is hard to put Divine Truth into words, for once we attempt, unless we are pure of heart and mind, it will be influenced by some degree with our personal beliefs and experiences.

One of the hardest focus in life comes with Truth and is part of staying outside of conflict – it is called Innocent Perception. I first learned of this in a book by Glenda Green, “Love without End”. In this book Jesus comes to her to have a portrait painted and shares wisdom with her. He speaks of Innocent perception as the awareness to see life as it exists, without a story about what you are seeing, but exactly as it is appearing. For example, you look and see a tree which is a hollow with burn marks, immediately you apply a story, that it must have been in a fire or hit by lightning, instead of simply looking at the tree. Another example is we see a man, sitting on a corner with ragged clothes and a cup with a sign asking for help, perhaps he has a dog as a companion. Our mind may say, he is lazy, he might be crazy, how can he afford a dog if he has to beg, let him get a job, etc. Instead of seeing someone, who has a friend who together they find comfort in this world, and who is in need. If one has and can share is it not right to do so. Is the judgment not in the one in need from us, but in our actions of compassion and caring?

If they are a trickster, then let the Divine karmic energy make judgment upon how they utilize that which we share. If you don’t want to help, then do not do so, not because you judge them as unworthy, but that you do not wish or cannot share with another, that is your story, you have created to justify your choice. You have the right to make that choice, you don’t have the right to judge another. We do not know the reason or story, and anything we create is a justification if we do not sit with them and talk to them, to find out the truth of their circumstance.

Awareness and innocent perception, if we can instead of creating a story or attempting to justify our thoughts and action, instead simply look at a person or situation with an open heart and ask to be shown the higher perspective and Truth. Practice this action until it becomes a habit. Then we no longer have to justify ourselves, or judge anothers actions, we simply exist in the moment in love, awareness and truth, allowing others their space to be and grow in their own timing.

When we are in the heart, in love, we are safe and don’t have to fear others. The love within us as we connect with the Creator within is our protection. Love from another is nice, but it is the Love of the Creator which transforms us.

Pray for Truth

Beloved Creator I ask that you open my eyes, my heart, and my mind to Truth. Let me see with Innocent Perception and Awareness the way things truly are and not what I want to see. Help me to see with a higher perception and to hear with my heart and not my mind, so that I do not believe in the lies which try to control me and keep me from knowing the Divine Truth and Being Divine Love and Light in this world. Let me see with Eyes of Love you Light within all Life not just human but the Earth, the plants, the animals. You are the Source of All Life and we live within you, may we find Peace and Seek to create Heaven on Earth.

Let conflict end within me and let love bring Peace upon the Earth.

I Am Moriah Elohim

Honor, Honesty, Integrity and Responsibility

These are qualities which become a natural part of your being and apparent to others as we align ourselves with the Creator and I AM Presence within us whereby the Divine manifests within us.

Let us see how these qualities interrelate in our lives. Honor is the act of living with moral and spiritual values in our lives and adhering to our authentic truth. Integrity is the quality we emanate as we live by honoring these principles, Honesty allows us to take responsibility for our words and actions and the results they manifest. The desired result coming from living honestly and with integrity, whereby we are mindful and take responsibility for our thoughts, words and deeds to bring honor to the Divine within us.

When we are traveling along our spiritual path on the way to self mastery in our life of our thoughts, words and deed we need to be mindful of these areas of our life. We should go within to seek heart centered guidance before speaking and acting to see that our thoughts and desires align to the higher good. Through this process we align with these qualities and the Divine within us to allow us to Ascend in consciousness. This ascension bringing our alignment to the Divine not so that we leave our form but that we can manifest the fullness of our Oneness with the Creator while in form.

Our highest reason for being on Earth is to complete this process. It may not be in this lifetime for the choice is yours as to where you will place your attention in your life.

The qualities listed specifically were highlighted for a message today, to combine along with the messages which have been given regarding protection and discernment. It is through Divine protection whereby we will be able to free ourselves from the control, intervention and possession by lower energy beings. Thereby we are more easily able to hear the guidance of the Creator or Beings of Light who serve the Creator. Especially, in this day of the internet, discernment is especially important for not all who say they are Beings of Light, or who say they bring messages from beings of light do so, for all can be deceived unless they live in Oneness as an ascended Being of Light. Not all people who share information or teach do so from a place of integrity, honesty, honor and responsibility. However, I will say they may not even be aware of this for in their naivete they can be deceived.

I allow for others to follow their pathway to find their own truth. However, that does not mean that I cannot speak my truth, and if ones find it to be of value then perhaps it will help them along their journey. Today is one of the days when I am called to speak what I feel is truth regarding a topic.

Recently, a man who brings teachings, attunements and healings upon the internet encountered an instance of lack of integrity by another. This teacher is a man of integrity and honor, and brings higher spiritual energies and teachings to others. I am not sure of all of the details and they don’t really matter, the main topic to address is that one of the teachings and attunement programs which he was sharing free of charge on the internet was being sold by one who was taking the course to others as their own work. The work he does is and this one also even though free was copyrighted. So it is illegal to be sold by another without persmission, but this is beyond earthly laws it touches on spiritual laws.

I realize ones will say that since all is of the Creator, then all comes from the Creator and doesn’t belong to any one person and that is true. However, as in all things ones who are bringing forth teachings of enlightenment in order to help us have spent much time and energy preparing themselves. They are like all of us doing a job/service in bringing these forth and helping others aligned to the Creator as their Spiritual Mission. Thus like you get renumerated for your work so too do they have the right to be renumberated for their knowlege, wisdom and teachings. Had the one who stole his work to make money but asked, there may have been an honorable solution.

I am reminded by the Creator now as I write this that one of the reasons for copyright on spiritual work is due to the flow of energy. A person connects to the Creator or Beings of Light who serve the Creator and wisdom and processes of healing are shared with them and with this sharing a line of energy connects. If you are aware of Reiki it is a good reference of a line of energy being present in the work and as it is shared from the one who brings it forth this line of energy expands to the ones learning or connecting. Sometimes, you will see ones who share a new Reiki process who offer teaching course of the new process whereby the person becomes initiated to continue the line purely to others as a certified teacher.

Now one may take the course, but not go on to become a teacher. Then they decided to teach it to others and charge them. It is like a line that can run straight but if one decides to go forth on their own without authority it can create a branch in the road which lessens or stops the flow of energy. I hope this makes sense of the practicality of hijacking the work of another and fraudently selling as ones own.

This is something that happens far too often on the internet. One sees anothers work and reworks it as their own without permission, whether for profit or attention. No matter the reason if you do not have or ask for permission any work whether copyrighted or not is the work of another and should be honored for its purpose.

One who promotes anothers work without permission is acting out of dishonesty and without honor and integrity.

Another example that comes to mind is that of a woman who has written some expensive books which she states are of the highest wisdom and integrity. As I was reading the first book, I found that she had images and statements taken directly from the website of another woman whom I know. This second woman is one of high honor and integrity. I have her before to be able to quote from her work with links back to her and she has agreed. So, I asked if she was aware of the images and quotes in this book not linked to her work. She had not been contacted or given permission for these ‘copyrighted’ images and information to be used. I contacted the book author to ask her to contact the originator and she never responded. Although she is very outspoken about her copyrights, which included the copyrighted work of another plagerized. THUS, for me I could not finish reading her book, and saw similar violations in other books. To me this is hypocrisy to copyright your work when you are violating copyrights of others. It would still not have been honorable had she not copyrighted her work, but at least she might have claimed she did not believe any Divine work could be copyrighted and that would have been at least understandable for the written word, but not the images. I believe had she originally asked the artist/author even if she didn’t believe the images or messages she used were copyrighted, that the artist would have given permission or worked with her regarding their use.

This is lack of honor, integrity, honesty and after being contacted not taking responsibility to correct her error, for which she should have originally taken responsibility to ask and clarify. This would have honored both the Creator’s energy of the word and the artists gift of the images.

There are many who post on their sites or message that they can be shared with a simple link back to the original source. These are just simple, honor acts of righteous responsibilty to the Creator and others.

There are times when we are sharing and blogging that we might share information which we have known for so long that we don’t remember the source. You can take responsibilty to do a quick online search to see what comes up that may remind you of where it was sourced, and you may not find it. This is what I do. This at least even for ‘public domain information’ that for which the copyright has expired and not been renewed is acknowledging the line of information as it came from Source through the original messenger.

This is taking responsibility for our actions and being mindful of our thoughts, words and deeds. So that we may align with the Divine and grow closer in our spiritual walk. Thus as I said earlier, not all who appear to be of spiritual integrity truly are, although there may be that which is of value to a few or many in what they share to help others along their path. They may have plagarized, they may be controlled, or misguided by less than pure entities because they desire so much to be known or a celebrity in the spiritual field due to their work. Thus, they attract energy which is less than purely from the Creator’s line of light.

Creator shine your transcendent light upon us and fill us with your love that we might walk our paths with honor, honesty, integrity and truth by taking responsibility for our thoughts, action and words.

May the light shine upon you.

I AM Moriah Elohim

Protection, Discernment, Clarity

Discernment of people, messages, spirits, energies, truth and life

I began this message about a month ago, and had not yet finished it when On Sunday the 11th of December 2022, I watched a video message given through Elizabeth April a channel for the Galactic Federation of Light which focused on the same topic. I was glad to see that the message which came through her was emphasizing that which I have been hearing to emphasize. In fact, the book I am writing about Ascension, emphasizes these points as the most important first steps for each of us of which to be aware in our Ascension Process.

I have been since then, stronly nudged to finish this message and post it. If we don’t focus upon anything else in our spiritual process in the days ahead these concepts should be applied daily in our lives.

I am not a follower of any channel or group, but I watch or monitor information as I am guided; Over the years there are different channels works to whom I have been guided. Thus, on my site I have links to certain people’s websites, that I have found are regularly accurate and trustworthy in what they are sharing. I say monitor because as has been emphasized to me, we should always be discerning of the words and messages of anyone outside of our own personal connection to the Divine Creator Source. It is especially important in this time of media, cell phones, internet and television to have a guidepost of discernment to understand what is truth and worthy our energy.

We need to always remember that not everything we hear or read is truth and not everyone who speaks or writes a blog or book, is sharing a higher truth. It does not mean they are a bad person, but that like the majority of people on earth, that which one believes and/or shares is relative truth based upon their education, societal lifestyle and level of spiritual growth and clarity.

In the message on December 11th, Ms April had asked what is most important to help us in 2023 and their response was to learn DISCERNMENT. That we need to learn to go within ourselves to our own connection to Source for guidance and to not be always following others. If you have read my message regarding Aliens and Extraterrestrials, you would know that for me that was the key to knowing she was connected to the Galactic Federation of Light and not to any of the other extraterrestrial who would decieve ones. That being said, it is not just aliens that can decieve us, nor just channels, but media, or anyone outside of ourselves whom we set up as being more knowledgable spiritually than ourselves.

They may not even know that what they are sharing is not pure for they have not learned the basics or do not practice them diligently. Some channels or spiriutal teachers start out purely and like most people things happen in their lives. Perhaps they get busy and feel sure of their connection and they let down their guard. Perhaps they go through a life altering situation and an energy creeps in of which they are not aware, and they begin operating from either an ego level or from messages of being not fully aligned to the Creator, and thus they don’t intentionally want to misguide you but it can happen so easily. If you are not protecting, discerning and listening from your heart center, you would not be aware just like them and could easily get misguided.

These basic spiritual concepts are not something we are taught in school. Usually the ideas of protection and discernement we learn in life is based on a particular societal bias and directed toward protecting the physcial being and not protecting us from the non physical beings.

Until you have learned these basics you should not deal with non physical beings for many reason. First, they are not all Beings of Light who wish to help us. Second, they can lie to you about who they are and say they are an Angel or highly regarded spiritual being. They can even have the ability to project light and a good feeling. Without the ability to discern you may not know or understand. Third, if you are not clear in your energies and protected, you will attract these lower energy beings and it will be hearder to discern lies and lower energies from Light and Truth.

Then we have the physical level of informational input from cell phone, television, social media, new media, books, speakers, teachers, authors, channels, etc. If you are not able to discern truth, you should never automatically trust that another is fully sharing a higher truth with you. For if they are not using the basics, they can be over shadowed and fooled by lower beings and even energies of mind control or disruptive frequencies which together with their own perspecitves and bias can color their messages. It is also easy when one begins to have followers for the ‘ego’ to come forth and lead them to share what may create more followers, to support them physically, financially, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I have attended seminars in which I have seen dark shadows behind a speaker whom many have followed as a guru or teacher. No one else seemed to notice. In a blog or social media, you do not know if the picture of a person is really that person, or even their real name, or what their true agenda may be. I was told at the beginning of my journey to be aware of the message which one brings through. However, even a person with an agenda can speak of Light, Love and happiness, while having a personal agenda to get you to follow a particular path. Be-ware a wolf in sheep clothing.

Let us discuss the tools of protection, clarity and discernment.

Protection is the cornerstone of spiritual growth on planet earth. It doesn’t matter if you are putting on the armor of God as the Christian Bible suggests, or you are calling in the Golden White Light of the Creator, calling upon the protection of Buddha, Or asking Archangel Michael the Protector to surround you with his Blue Light of protection. You need but ask and believe to have the help you need. For in this world of freedom of choice, the Divine and those who serve the Divine cannot interfer in our free will choices without us asking.

You can say something as simple as “Beloved Creator/or Father Mother God, you who created me and all Life Please fill me with your Golden White Light that I may be protected from all that is not of your higher purpose. “

To call upon Archangel Michael ” I call upon Archangel Michael, guardian and protector to surround me with they blue light of protect”ion and to cut any cords that are not of my Divine purpose and mission. “

The protection is with you, even if you don’t fully have faith in it. However, if you have doubts, you leave small tears in your protection through which ones who would decieve and attempt to control you can slip into your energy fields. It is not always just enough to have information and to say the words. You might even believe it is true, but as we have seen people have been known to kill for their beliefs for it is a process of the mind. However, faith moves us beyond the mind into the emotion of spirit. Faith is a produce of the mind while faith is a product of spirit. In my life I always knew I was protected by Archangel Michael. There have been times I have tested that belief, no on purpose but just by my actions and I have always been shown it was truth, which had led to complete faith. However, one day it also became a wisdom when an event occurred and Archangle Michael said to me, ” You would not go away from home and leave your windows open. Why do you not take the same care with you spiritual protection and be aware of your actions so you do not leave the door open for harm. ” I call this being more mindful of my actions. Protection is the most important and basic tool in your spiritual growth for it keeps you safe to focus on the other parts of your spiritual growth. What I have come to understand from that as the years pass is that in the beginning we are like babies, not knowing or understanding how to do this for ourselves. Then one day we become as adults and we are connected to the flow of the Divine consciously and we no longer need for another Being of Light to protect us for the Light of the Creator within us is our shield. However, until then it is always wonderful to know that ones are ready and willing to help if we but ask.

The next step is clearing your energy fields of misqualified or lower blocking energies. This is building upon the foundation of being protected from new energies so now you can clear out the old. The GFL doesn’t speak about clearing, they do speak of opening your crown chakra and connecting to source and bringing the Light into your form to be filled and protected. When asked they said because it is source light and protects you that you need not close the connection. Calling upon the Golden and/or White Light of the Creator and speaking forth your intent to be clear and open will bring this light down into you form. You can use it to clear energies and activate your chakras and build it up and expand it to encircle you and protect you. This is a highly effective form of clearing. Remember to move into your heart center when doing this and to feel the love of the Creator and to be grateful for them connection.

Recently within the last century returned to us was one of the most powerful clearing and transforming energies which had been removed from general population’s knowledge and taken back to the higher light centers and teaching temples. This is the Violet Flame of Transmutation and it has recently been upgraded that you can call upon the Gold Silver and Violet Flame. The high energies of this flame when called upon work to the subatomic level clearing the blockages between the electrons. This will clear the physical form, chakras, etheric bodies and auric field as well as protect. If only using the Violet Flame, I would after clearing and transmuting the energies call in the Golden White Light of the Creator to fill all cleared spaces. This allows the energy to flow freely between the electrons and enlightening you. It is important that when energies are released or removed that they be transmuted back to the light this is part of the balancing process so that they do not return later. I would also call upon Archangel Michael to help you to cut any cords that attach you to other people, places or events through all dimensions and time. You can do this yourself through visualization, but in the beginning of your process it is so helpful to have Archangel Michael help you. Always remember when you call on help to be Thank them for their service and to send love.

There is another step that can be taken along the process and that is asking Archangel Michael will take prayers and petitions for you to the karmic board to be released from any contracts or agreements that you have made in this or any life which do not serve your Divine Purpose and highest light. You may want to wait for this until you can learn more and understand what you are requesting.

One effect way in which to protect yourself and clear is through having a heart focused energy of Divine Unconditional Love which you project to fill your fields. Divine Unconditional Love is the Essence of Creation. There is nothing which can come against Love, when filled with Divine Love we are protected. Love connects us to Source and to each other. Anything which is projected toward love that is not love is reflected back.

Now that we are clear and protected we are better able to move into our heart center and learn to discern Truth from others.

First we need to understand about Truth. I have written in more detail in another writing, so I will condense the information here. There is Divine Truth which are the Universal Laws of Creation. The Universal Laws of Creation are the pattern, regulating and maintaining rules of manifestation of Creation, nothing exists outside of the Universal Laws of Creation which are the manifestation of Universal Mind where Original Divine Truth originates and exists.

When humanity began creating through self will choices no longer aligned to the Divine Will of Universal Mind, although their lesser creations had to fall within the parameters of Universal Laws of Creation the manifestation of those choices were of a lesser vibrational form. We also began to learn to conform to the rules and regulations of this lesser energy manifestation. We were taught from birth certain beliefs, perceptions and values which we use to determine the value or truth of a situation, experience or information as truth or lies.

This is called relative truth. Everyone has relative truth upon the Earth and it is their right to choose your truth for the moment and to change your mind and evolve to understand that their might be a greater truth. The way to break through of the programmed judgements we have been taught is to live a heart centered mindful life, which will reveal the greater truth behind the energy, actions and words of another.

This brings us to discernment for we are trying to discern higher truth from human relative truth. When we are protected, and the clearer our energies can be, the more we are able to quiet our mind and be mindful of our thoughts, words and deeds so that we can in a more pure state move into our hearts. It is in our hearts where the part of us which is the Creator exists. Most of us have built walls around our hearts from experiences, pain, feeling of shame and hurt in our lives, which prevent us from connecting because we do not feel worthy of love, especially the love of the Creator.

This is why the clearing of our energy is so important and the Gold, Silver and Violet Flame came help us to do this. As we remove the blocks and move into our heart center, we can connect to the Creator within and from there we will be shown the truth behind what we see, hear or read. It becomes like a barometer, which allows us to feel a strange uncertain feeling when something is less than right and a feeling of peace when it is of Truth, Light and Love.

Each of us have the ability to know from our heart the Truth and if what we are perceiving is worth our time and energy. We may still choose to ignore those feelings and that is our right. All is from the Creator and returns to the Creator, when they are ready to make that choice, do the needed work to balance their energy and clear the path ahead. We are each on a path of exploring and learning and growing. We are the a part of the Creator exploring our Creation.

A wise man once said to me,” We have all the time in the world, but not a moment to waste. ”

Discernment comes from within, and our ability to discern is based upon our purity of intent and heart based connection to the Creator.

If you want to purchase the message from the Galactic Federation of Light to listen yourself you can do so at: It is for December 11th 2022


It is the GFL December 11, 2022 Summit Meeting

Spiritual Empowerment

True power is not physical strength but the Light within you.

Today much of what we see and read about in the media, even the video games are about physical power. Those who are the strongest are have the most money are the most powerful. This is the way in which we are educated so that we value those above honesty, truth, integrity, compassion and love.

The highest empowerment that we can possess comes not from without but from within us. The power of the world is but an illusion that fades with the passing of time or the physical form, but the empowerment of spirit, which brings us to enlightenment and unity last for infinity. To reconnect to the guidance of the Divine, our soul within us, connects us to the greatest power of creation and manifestation that exists. This ability to create benefits all life, not just a few. The guidance it brings to us allows us to move easily without the need to control another, or to take from or make another less, in order for us to manifest our vision.

As I was writing this, I was just reminder by spirit of the book called “The Dream Giver” by Bruce Wilkinson. It is a book about the path to freedom of fulfilling our Divine Mission which is a delightful, insightful and inspiriational tale. It is the journey of a man named Ordinary, who lives in a town called familiar, and how as he moves forth to pursue the Dream he was given, his family, friends and people he encounter all try to stop him.

When we connect to the Divine within us, we connect to the power to overcome the border bullies who would stop us, the fear, doubts and obstacles that come along our path. Just because we care Divinely guided doesn’t mean we won’t have trials and obstacles. However, when they happen as we turn within and meet them with love, and higher wisdom, instead of fear, doubt and a need to control from the ego, we will find we are able to move without more ease.

For as we desire something, our soul and the universe begin to gather what we need to manifest it. The ease, and quickness of the manifestation is based upon our integrity, intent, clarity of focus, and the purity and intensity of emotio that this manifestation will bring into our lives.

The connection to All is within us, and as we strengthen that connection and allow the Love, Wisdom, Truth, and Light of the Creator and Universal Mind to flow through us we connect to Infinite Power and possibility. This energy can then pour forth into the world for the betterment of all life.

Last night there was a program about the work being done by Michelle Obama, Melinda French Gates and Amal Clooney to bring the freedom of education and the pathway for young women to pursue their dreams and manifest them in the world. There are many countries where women are not allowed to get an education and they are trying to change this so that they may become all that they can dream. A key phrase I remember is that they are not empowering the girls, for we must empower ourselves, but that they are providing an opportunity for them to choose to do so.

Even in societies where we can get an education, whether male or female most of us have been programed into self doubt to keep us small. They spoke of self doubt, which is the biggest obstacle programmed into us which can stop us from pursuing and manifesting our dreams. Most societies are built upon a determined structure of living in order to exist in that society. It differs from country to country, and between ethnic, moral, spiritual and political ideologies. We are taugth by parents, teachers, media, and other beings of influence how to think and behave in order to live in our society.

For example in America, we have the American dream. This consists of a job, spouse, family, friends, home, food, car and some kind of pleasure pursuit. If you can click off these boxes you are a success, and the more of them and money you have the more successful you are for money gives you power. Often it doesn’t matter how you obtain the money, as long as you don’t get caught, you are considered a success.

The openess, freedom and joy to simply live in the moment and be at one with All life, is trained out of our children day by day. We learn how to behave to get rewards and not get punished. If we have a dream that seems outside of the box, we are taught to surpress it. If we think differently we are punished or laughed at and to be accepted we change our way of acting, thinking and speaking to fit the norm. We learn to doubt our inner guidance, and our dreams as being fantasy and unrealistic. Little by little the spark of spiritual joy dims in our lives. This doesn’t mean you had an unhappy life, just that there is a part of you that you have surpressed and learned to deny that could bring you infinite joy and possibilities.

Often it is when we reach our golden years, and have the free time to contemplate our lives and dreams we begin to remember. Remember the dream, the joy of anticipation that we had to put aside to live in the designated world of familiar. We might think, but what if I had pursued that dream. Well, it doesn’t matter now, for I am too old. Are you?

The Divine Plan has a way of adjusting itself according to the choices that the participants make in their life. If something is needed immediately, another person who is open and willing will be called forth to fulfill that part of the mission. If it is something that can wait, the plan will be adjusted accordingly. Perhaps that exact dream is no longer needed, or perhaps it is. However, there is always something that needs to be done to help to FREE and ENLIGHTEN the world. You need to free yourself, and make the connection wthin and offer your services. Then you will be shown if your dream is still alive or perhaps an even greater dream can be possible because you are wiser and have more time to dedicate yourself to manifesting the new or updated Dream.

The Dream Giver is always ready to welcome you home with love and open arms.

There is always much to be done for one with an open and willing heart and mind. Remember too as a parent or grandparent, you have the opportunity to help to your children and grandchildren to remain open and connected within their hearts with the Divine, so that they can be all that they came into life to be and to manifest their dream and to be of service to humanity.

When we choose to be a parent, that is a major role in helping to change the world by helping our loved ones to keep an open heart and mind connection to their inner light and guidance. You are guiding the future of humanity, are you doing it from a learned place of societal behavior or from a spiritual level.

True power to change ourselves and the world is within each of us. It is a flame of the Divine within our heart. We can connect to it, nurture it and feed it with love and light or allow the flame to get small, so small we forget it exists. Seek it out, go within, embrace it, and ask for it to guide you and fill you with Light and Love. Then share this Light and Love with others. You don’t need to speak it, just be it and visualize it moving outward into the world and they will feel it.

Your Dream is needed and the power to manifest it exists within you, no matter your age.

There is a scripture in the Christian Bible: Isaiah 11:6
“The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them.”

Why a little child? Because a child is pure of heart. They know not prejudice, fear, hatred, judgment or self doubt. These emotions are taught to them. A child cannot learn Love, compassion, honesty, integrity and truth in a home where it is not lived. Be the example for others, not just your children but the world. It isn’t a burden something you have to do or you will be punished. It is a gift of freedom to be all that you can be without limitations of the physical world systems, but to bring forth the Enlightened world.

In the abundance teachings of Eshter Hicks she uses the word satisfaction. We know within us that which is of the highest good for us because it brings us satisfaction and we don’t have fear, dount or trepidation regarding it. When we can align our thoughts and emotions to that which brings us satisfaction, by making choices that bring us to that feeling, we will find our ability to manifest and to feel empowered in our lives increases. When we find something satisfying and uplifting, we create an energy around us that attracts more. The universe wants us to be joyful and abundant so they help us in that attraction. When we get confused and have doubts, the energy and momentum falls back, until such time as we make a different choice or refocus our energy. The energy of Creation is LOVE. If we stay heart centered with our mind aligned to our heart, we are centered in the energy of creation. The strength of that emotion allows us to call forth that which is needed to manifest our dreams and desires.

Always be clear and aware of what you want and desire to manifest, for it may not be exactly what you expect if you are manifesting from ego instead of an inner connection to your truth and soul. For instance you may ask for more clients, and get so many that you have no free time, or perhaps the clients you get will be demanding and irritating.

Manifesting, Spiritual Mission and Dreams, Empowerment. If you always seek first the Light within to guide you, the course ahead will run more easily. It doesn’t mean you won’t have obstacles or choices, but you will have a true navigator to help you to follow the higher perspective and choices.

I wish for all people to find the path home to inner light and empowerment, which can help them to manifest the Dream given to them as part of their journey of service and enlightenment on Earth.

I am Marguerite

Archangel Michael

Speaks on his service to humanity.

I am Michael. I come to you this day to speak about Truth, Protection and Discernment which are the areas of primary need and service which I bring to humanity.

I am most often depicted holding a sword and and standing on a serpent of some kind. People have a perception of me as a warrior, which I am but not of the kind of your military warriors. However, my sword is the Sword of Truth. Truth cuts through the darkness and cords which bind you to set you free to BE the LIGHT. There is no bloodshed, for nothing can stand in the Light of Truth that is of the Darkness. That is why it is said, “The Truth shall set you Free.”

To understand the difference between Divine truth and relative truth you can read the message recorded previously by this channel regarding Truth. I will make just a few comments regarding recognizing Divine Truth. If the Truth you hold and the Truth you speak is aligned to the Divine Creator Source and you speak from your Heart, then you will find no need to defend your Truth either verbally or physically. If you feel the need to defend or justify your truth, then it is most likely a relative truth.

Never be afraid to speak the Divine Truth as revealed to you. For when you are aligned spiritually the Light of the Divine will pour forth through you and as you speak you will be protected from harm. For ones will feel the Light and it will have an affect upon them. Truth stands on it’s own. Once spoken you can then allow the other to either accept or reject it. That is their right to choose. For this is a planet of free will and freedom of choice. If and when they are ready to hear Divine Truth they will seek it out, otherwise you are simply wasting your breath and time.

The Light as it intensifies brings out the best and the worst in humanity. The best so that you can grow spiritually and the worst for the same reason, so that it can be revealed, released and transformed. It can be that when you speak, you may find a great darkness in the other that is triggered, and do not feel as though you have grown enough upon your path to be safe. That is the time to Invoke my protection the second energy of service of which I spoke.

I am known as the Protective Angel and so it is. I and my legions are always ready to be of service to protect ones when we are called. As you grow along your spiritual path and your light increases, you will come to know that you are always protected by the Light and that you and the Creator are One, as you are One with All Life. You will come to live this knowing without a doubt.

However, until that time, I would say to begin you day by calling upon me and asking for my cloak of protection to be placed around you. If at any time during you day you feel unsafe call upon me and I will send ones to surround you. You can ask me to surround your car, your home, your family, and your pets. You can ask me to go into any place upon the planet in need of my protection, any person or situation.

As a part of the protection process, you can call upon me to help you to cut any cords of karmic attachment to others or contracts which no longer are valid or serve your highest growth. You must be willing to let them go, or they will reattach. These contracts or ties may be from this lifetime or prior lifetimes. They may be contracts to help another along their path, and if so you may want to ask for guidance from your guides or higher self to be sure, cutting this cord of contract unfulfilled does not create a karmic cord.

Remember always with all Beings of Light, whether Angels or Ascended Masters, none of us can interfer with your free will choices, and must be asked to intervene. I am part of the Creator as are you and all life. The difference being I have never forgotten and have always been aligned to the Light and Will of the Creator. I know that I am Infinite and Unlimited. I connect to you through your heart as does the Creator. All life connects via the heart upon your planet. Many have built walls around their hearts and so they are unable to connect with others. They must make a conscious choice to bring down those walls and to reconnect for true spiritual progress to be made.

The center of Truth within your form is the Throat Chakra and its alignment to the open Heart Chakra. This is the third area of service of which I will speak. I am the Archangel of the Throat Chakra. If you want to place a color upon it think of a sapphire blue, radiant with white. Archangel Dorenka works with me and his service upon this planet involves working with the bats. This is how he connects to working with your throat chakra. As you may be aware, the bats send forth sonic sounds which they hear to know which path to follow and where there are obstructions. Your throat chakra when active is your Truth barometer like the sonics of the bat, to show you the true path to follow through the darkness into the Light and thus you become a beacon for others. You can call upon me to help you to open your throat chakra. As your throat chakra is activated , we can begin to download keys and codes to help you along your path of Truth and Service.

As you find your Truth and begin to speak it in humility, compassion, integrity and honor, you will find your light growing and more will be attracted to hear your truth and to learn. Know always that the Truth comes from the Divine and you are the vessel, do not let ego lead you astray.

The Truth is a shining Light to lead the way home.

I Am Michael

Future Focus for Humanity

Humanity has so many Light Beings who want to help us we need but ask.

I like to do a reading for myself each week to see what areas of my spiritual growth are in need of focus. Yesterday, I felt guided to do one also for humanity because I see so much chaotic fear and pain. In so doing it would help me and anyone who chooses to be of service, to see what areas of possible focus and choice that we could send love, light and healing. Also, to understand which Beings of Light are offering or can be of great service in those areas, if we call upon them to help. For remember always they cannot interfere in our free will choices, unless asked. As always, please feel free to call upon the Violet Flame to help in any situation and location. It can clear the energies in the area, and make a clear area of influence for ones to make higher choices.

I will say this is a long message and it may take you more than one sitting to read through it and you may want to read it more than once. It is brought to you with a great deal of love from all Beings of Light.

To the reading.

What I was being shown, was we are in a time of choices. That is why we are seeing so many changes in governments around the world. It is time for people to determine which direction into which they wish the world to move. We were to be the caretakers of earth but we chose at one point instead to focus upon our individual personal desires. This has lead to the chaos we are now experiencing. It is time now for us to step up and take responsibility for what we have created. There are myriad of Light Beings willing to help us in this but we must make the choice to begin the process and do our part, as well as asking for their help. They have been working selflessly for eons to bring higher energies and light to help us awaken so that we could once again do our part.

To help in this, I was shown that right now we are being asked to bring the Violet Flame into the world to uncord the karmic knots in situations and relationships which are causing the unrest, war, fear and violence in our world These cords some going back millennium have been based on past actions and relationships, created by ego based beliefs which need to be addressed and released. We may have been born into an area of the planet because we have karmic ties to these energies and have volunteered to help release and transform them. Perhaps, we became overwhelmed by the energies of the world and forgot we were to help transform them and have become part of the karmic situation. Perhaps we have come into the area to learn something about forgiveness, compassion, hope and love.

Many Light Beings came forth during this reading to present their particular areas of service.


The dragons have returned and they offer their services. They are 5d and above beings of light. They are elemental because they work with elements, but they are also of the angelic realm. The dragons are beings who release old energies. They work with the fire element but they also work with the other elements, there are earth dragons who clear the land and ley lines. There are also earth and water dragons or water dragons, or fire and water dragons. Each has their purpose. The ones which came forth in this reading as being most needed at this time for humanity were the Rose Pink Dragons. These dragons work with the heart chakra. We can ask for their help on an individual basis and we can ask that they go forth to help anyone who is open to their energies. Our heart chakra has 22 petals or chambers of light. They start on the outside as green, move to pink and at the core is pure white light of Source. They can help to clear any old stagnate energy that blocks us from experiencing union with the Cosmic Heart of Oneness.

The Emerald Dragon of Healing who works with Archangel Raphael. They work to heal our bodies, but also emotions, and to open our third eye chakra. They can help us to remove blockages to abundance in all areas of our lives, not only financial, but emotional blockages, healing and our physical health.

Daily I call upon the dragons and I ask they enter the earth and as they move outward to clear the ley lines, and grids, the earth, water, and air. I also send them into areas and situations which I am aware of needing help, like war zones, areas of violence and suppression.

Angels and Archangels

Angels and Archangels come from the 7th dimension or higher. They are pure energy of Source, which can manifest in an individualized form when necessary. They rarely appear so upon Earth because it is so dense and it is hard to lower their vibration unless we have raised ours or it is deemed important. They connect to all life through the heart, which is where we ALL connect together and with Source. Each brings love and light, but they also work on specific aspects of the Divine and bring that particular energy to us. We connect with certain ones before we come into life and so we feel closer connections to them, but we can call upon any one and they will be there to bring us love, light, truth, wisdom and whatever particular energy with which they focus.

The Archangels who came forth Archangel Zadkiel of the Violet Flame, Archangel Aurora of new beginnings, and Seraphim Seraphina of Earth Ambassadors. Archangel Zadkiel was no surprise since the Violet Flame is so important in helping us to release, heal and transform personal and planetary energies. He also welcomed anyone who was willing to be part of the transformational team of the Violet Flame to invoke it daily for planetary clearing. This is such an important work at this time,, more so than many can understand. There have been planetary systems who used this flame for every aspect of their lives continuously every day and freed themselves and their planet to ascend. As I said if you only have 5 minutes or less a day to be of service call upon the Violet Flame and the dragons to clear the earth, air, and water of mis qualified energies and to transform them back to the light, filling the empty space with love and light.

Archangel Aurora is the Angel of new beginnings. She helps to let go of the past and beliefs and attitudes that no longer serve us personally in our spiritual growth and those that no longer serve humanity. She helps us to not give up hope and to see the possibilities available to us, and to receive the energy we need to move forward with wisdom and grace. So, she can help us as we let go of the past to know what is possible and where we may be going, without fear or trepidation . By calling upon Archangel Aurora we can have the help to do so.

Seraphim Seraphina as a Seraphim she is of the Essence of Love. According to the writings of Diana Cooper regarding the Seraphim. “The seraphim, whose essence is pure love, are the highest of the spiritual hierarchy of angels. They surround the Godhead and create the harmonics, which hold the vibration of Creation, then direct the energy from Source. They do not normally interact with humans except to move big projects forward for the ascension of the planet.”

Seraphim Seraphina is presently here in the area of Earth helping with the Ascension of Humanity and the planet. As we open our 12 chakra system to connect to the Source energies, she and Archangel Metatron will train those willing to come into service as Ambassadors to Earth. She is offering to those who are ready and willing to call upon her. However, one needs to be working upon their personal ascension, opening your 12 chakra system to move into 5D energies, which she will help with if you call upon her and she brings the Lilac Fire, which is an infusion of love into the Violet Fire/Flame.

Shadow Work

We need to see the shadow , that which is misqualified or unbalanced in our lives and ask what purpose it served 0r is serving? Why did we feel so challenged by a particular situation or person? Did we attract it into our lives by outdated beliefs? Did we learn something from this situation that we can release, transform and move forward to be free, to see the same or similar situations from a higher perspective that benefits all people. Utilizing the Violet Flame as it combines with the Gold and Silver flames of Wisdom and Grace can not only release and transform the energies, but free us to fill our being with higher light.

So we can call upon the Violet Flame or the Gold and Silver Violet Flame. For when we clear an area, we need to fill it with Light for the Universe does not let anything be in vacuum, something always comes to fill the empty space. Thus, it is perfect to bring the Gold and Silver together with the Violet Flame. We can also call in the Golden Christ Light of Source to heal us at a cellular level which is what the Violet Flame clears.

Another High energy to call in is the Mahatma Energy. This Energy was created first during the time of Atlantis. At that time, Christ, Buddha, the Unicorns and Keepers of the 12 Rays created this Golden White flame to aide in the upgrading of the 12 chakra system and to bring the higher energies through us into Earth. We can invoke the Unicorns with the Mahatma Energy to clear the chakras and help us to hold the highest light.

The final energy of focus in this reading that is available to help us it the Golden Atlantean Light which can activate our 5D Blueprint and return to mastery. It can help us to dissolve distortions in our field and dissolve the veils of amnesia which prevent us from remembering who we are and our Oneness with Source and All life. You can ask that this energy be placed within your third eye to help clear and activate it.

Unicorns offer their Service

Diana Cooper has wonderful information about unicorns on her site and has written books and oracle cards.

The Unicorns after Atlantis retreated back to their kingdom beyond the Lyran Stargate. For they are pure love and Christ Light. Now that we are opening to the 5D energies and activating our 12 chakra system they can connect once again to us, through our Causal chakra. The horn on their head is created by the spiral of pure light which comes forth from their third eye. They can use it to clear and activate our chakras or to clear energies in places and situations and to bring Christ Light and Love. I call upon them to follow the Dragons and bring their light into the areas that the Dragons Clear.

The Unicorns can help us with many differing areas of our lives and growth. The specific areas they addressed in this reading were :

They asked that we bring in the Lilac Light that extra love into the Violet Fire/Flame. To see the world not as dark but full of possibilities of the Divine. They ask that we life our eye upward and to seek our answers through the heart filled with golden white light. They ask that we question our believes and if they still serve us and spirit. They ask that we live from the heart, letting it guide us back to balance and equilibrium.

The second area they addressed is Co-Dependency. They remind us that if we base our lives on serving another person that we cannot reach our highest potential nor can the other person. The remind us that if we try to solve all the problems of another or protect them from making choices and mistakes, that we hinder their growth and our growth. For we try to replace their connection to the Divine for guidance and set ourselves up as controlling which creates karma for both of us. They remind us that Love comes from freedom and trust. They offer to help us to set up boundaries and safe spaces to live and grow together yet as individuals.

The next area is Signs. They remind us that the Divine, the Angels, Our Soul, all Beings of Light are constantly around us and within us, whispering to us and trying to help us if we would only awaken and listen. Look for signs, repeating patterns, that are attempts to show us the connection or to draw our attention to information. It can be a song, a feather, repeating numbers, or synchronicities. You can even ask for a sign to verify information that you intuitively receive.

The final area that the Unicorns addressed was to Detach from Drama. They remind us that nothing improves by negative thinking, all it does it draw more negativity into our lives. All creation begins in the spiritual or thought realms before manifesting in the physical. For as we feel about our thoughts we attract such energy into our lives. We see all around us people using anger, violence and hatred in their interactions with others. They wish to force their beliefs upon others and to control the situation through intimidation. Although you may subdue and control another person or situation through physical or verbal energy, it will not change anything. Eventually, this unbalanced energy must be balanced. We will have to at some time reach across the aisle and talk, to find our common ground that is for the betterment of all life. By focusing upon what we believe to be wrong and trying to control the outcome, we only keep ourselves locked into Drama. Some people like drama, and the adrenaline rush it brings them. For me, an empath, not so nice. We need to explore our beliefs, what we have been taught about how the world works and how we should act to see if it is of benefit for us and others. It is our choice if we let the actions of others affect our behavior and choices. Breathe in the love and light of Creation through you heart. See it circulate and sweep away the unbalanced energy through the lilac flame or violet flame. Ask the Unicorns to help you to clear your energy, and the energy of situations and places, and to bring in their Love and Christ Light.

When I speak of Christ Light I am not just referring to Jesus. Christ light is the redemptive light of the Son/Daughter aspect of the Triune Creator Source. We all are meant to grow spiritually and to manifest this Light within us.

Light Beings and Ascended Masters who wish to help.

Jesus came through to speak of the challenges and test we have in our life and how they prepare us to transcend the limitations of our Ego choices and to return to Oneness, balance and Harmony in our lives. They come to us in order that we may learn to respond to them not with anger, violence, fear or despair but with love and compassion in a balanced response. If you call upon Jesus he will help you with dealing with the challenges in your life.

Quan Yin came forward to help us individually and humanity. Quan Yin is the Bodhisattva of mercy and compassion. A Bodhisattva is a person who has made a vow to devote all of their lifetimes to the enlightenment of humanity. They reincarnate in order to help humanity. She represents as the Divine Feminine energy. So much of the feminine energy present upon the earth is fallen feminine energy, meaning a need to control or manipulate others. The Divine Feminine is nurturing, compassionate, merciful, with boundaries to her energies and in touch with and trusting of her Divine inner connection and intuition. They look to heal relationships with love and compassion, while nurturing the advancement of the soul without a need to control. They love unconditionally. While the fallen feminine, smother another with their nurturing to the point of control.They need to direct the outcome of situations and have self love issues, to name a few. Although we think of this in a feminine direction, within each of us male and female of form is the Divine Masculine and Feminine aspects that needed cleared, nurtured and transformed back to balance and harmony.

The Divine Feminine is the part that nurtures our growth and ideas in unity with the Divine into a form ready to be manifest. While the Divine Masculine is the leader and action part of us that brings them into fruition. If we are unbalanced in either we are hindered in our progress. We either hold onto the idea too long and don’t have the will and energy to know how to manifest and put it into action. The flip side being we have a vision, and go for it without taking it within and refining it so that the result will be of benefit and bring abundance to all life.

That being said Quan Yin is offering her services if we ask to help us to come into unconditional love, compassion and grace. She would like to help empower women to manifest the Divine Feminine within them selves and balance it with the Divine Masculine. She will help us to heal our issues so that we can let our light shine and empower others. Helping us to move into the Flow of The Divine and serve the Highest Good.

Next came Paul the Venetian. He is an ascended master, who in his last incarnation during the Renaissance was a painter. He is Chohan of the 3rd ray of Divine Love and helps us to open our hearts. You see the heart keeps coming up because so many have blockages to their heart and to move into a higher state of consciousness, we need to remove the blockages. Paul the Venetian has a retreat over France called the Chateau de LIberte. He played a part in inspiring France to send us the Statue of Liberty. He hold a part of the Flame of Liberty there and another part resides in the Hudson River in New York to connect to the Statue of Liberty. He is dedicated to the perfection of the soul through compassion, patience, understanding, self-discipline and inspiring and developing our intuitive and creative abilities aligned to the Divine Will of the Creator. He brings us the discerning of Spirits and the ability to see beyond the shadows to the Light and the true beauty within each. He comes to bring us inspiration to manifest our visions with Grace and to share the beauty of our souls. It is believed that through inspirational music, art, architecture and film or theater ones can inspire others to greater heights. For he believes that our inspirations are Divine and we need to recognize our talents and to share the bliss they bring with grace to others. If we ask he will help us to open our hearts to the Divine Inspiration and power to recognize our beauty and talent and inspire us to share them with others to enlighten and inspire.

Areas of advancement and introspection

The Light Beings ask that we go within and remember the beauty of who we truly are a part of the Divine in a human form, experiencing this life. Don’t lock your image of yourself into what others believe you are like. Their thoughts about you are based on their experiences in life and with you of the past. Past choices and actions we have made can lock their opinion into a prejudgment of who we are and not allow for our growth. Free yourself of judgment from others and from your own self imposed judgments. We judge ourselves based on learned responses throughout our lives of acceptable behaviors. This is based on what others have learned and society has deemed acceptable, which is not always from a Divine perspective. Learn to go within, connect to your heart light and let it shine and guide your along your path. If you call upon ones like Jesus, Buddha, Paul the Venetian, and Quan Yin as well as the Dragons and Unicorns they will help you to make these adjustments.

Another area of concern is how we treat animals upon this planet. Animals are Divine Beings of Light who come from differing systems and Universes to earth to learn, to teach and to share unconditional love with us. We were to be their caretakers and we have failed in so many ways. People are now awakening, but it requires a shift. I am not saying anyone who is not a vegan should feel bad about their choice. However, we need to be thankful to those who gave of their life to provide the meat that we eat and to utilize the Violet or Lilac Flame to transmute any energy that is of pain and fear within that meat. We need to help others to realize that we are responsible for those animals that we call pets to care and provide for them throughout their lives and beyond our lives if we out live them. We need to be responsible for the abandoned ones, and not expect others to care for them, but take it upon ourselves to help them, at least by contacting an organization who can care for them. We need to be aware of how we are harming or diminisihing the homes and environment of wild animals and the effect it has upon them.

We can if nothing else call upon Archangel Fhelyai who is the caretaker of animals and Archangel Michael who is the protector to help them and to inspire the ones who are caretakers or own the land of their habitats to open their hearts to the animals and to protect them from harm. This in and of itself is a great service and call upon the Violet Flame to clear the energies.

They also are asking that we listen to the whispers of our souls. To try to find a few minutes each day to tune into our hearts and ask for guidance and then listen for a response, a sign or one of those AHA moments of inspiration and knowing. Also, they say to pay attention to your dreams for they will bring you inspiration and wisdom. Journal or record you dreams and or responses from spirit. The more you trust the easier it becomes.

Grounding and Discernment are to very important areas they wish to address. All energies need to be grounded or we become airy fairy and find a hard time manifesting. Even the energies from source are grounded through the light workers into the earth for it needs a form to come into 3D. Once grounded it can manifest and raise the vibration of humanity and all life on earth. When ever you feel anxious or unbalanced, take your shoes off and walk on the grass or hug a tree. Nature will absorb the energies and transform them, while helping you come back into balance. All that manifests begins in spirit before manifesting into form. It is our intent, focus and purity which determine the result of that manifestation and its affect upon ourselves and others. We need to manifest in balance and harmony and an important part of that is being able to ground that which is of spirit into the earth plane in a pure form.

Discernment is so important right now whether you are wanting to connect with spirits, your soul, extraterrestrials or just listening to the news or searching for information online. Discernment comes from within to be pure. If we are totally in that which we have learned from others and through experiences on this earth to show us our truth and what we should believe we will probably be fooled and controlled by another’s truth or desire. Discernment comes from the heart connection to spirit. When you take information and focus on your heart and ask to be shown, you will get a feeling, that feeling will inspire and/or make you feel good, or it will bring trepidation and uncertainty. Take a guess which you should follow. Does it inspire you to violence, fear, and judgment? Those are not divine feelings. Does it inspire you to bring hope, love , forgiveness and compassion into the world and inspire others to do so? Those are divine feelings.

We are all on a path of learning and growth. You have the right to choose the violence, fear and judgment if that is the path that makes you happy. What I understand is this –


War, violence, hatred, fear, separation and guilt only bring more of the same. They don’t change anything just surpress these emotions in the ones who have lost the battle until such time as it flares up again to more of the same chaos.

They wanted to address transformation. Transformation is about endings so that we can have a new beginning. Remember Archangel Aurora is about new beginnings. We often fear letting go of something we know because we fear the hole it will leave in our lives and we are unsure of what will come next and will it be of benefit to us. That is because we are looking at it from an ego perspective. Why are you contemplating a change? Is it for money and /or prestige? Is it out of a loss of something in your life, like home, job or loved one? Or is it because you are Divinely inspired to be of Service.?

Just because we are Divinely inspired does not mean we will not have fears. A great book to read about this process is “The Dream Giver” by Bruce Wilkerson, which addresses the fear we have personally about following our Divine Mission and the fears others put upon us to keep us small. It is not our job to make them happy or live our life according to their desires and beliefs. However, to reach something new, we most often have to let go of something that no longer serves us. The ego and mind tend to justify, analyze and try to rationalize staying the same, because the purpose of our ego is to keep us safe. However, we have come to let it control all aspects of our life, not just to be the servant of the soul to help keep the form safe, while the soul guides and inspires us. Instead, we no longer hear our soul and our fears guide our lives through the ego.

When we follow our soul guided truth all comes forth in balance, harmony and divine timing. It will show you how to have pure intent upon which to focus and to manifest. If you fight against if you will feel pain, despair and sadness. If you focus upon the soul truth you will find joy . Change starts within us and then manifests without.

Letting go means to let go of that which takes away your soul connection and take back your Light and power. Release your resistance to change and your dreams can manifest. Don’t overanalyze the details, nurture it within (the Divine Feminine) and when you feel or see the opportunity which feels right to move forward (the Divine Masculine) go for it.


Our authentic truth and authentic self. There is more than 1 truth in the world, for most truth in the world is relative truth which is based on learned beliefs and experiences. Only the Universal Laws are Divine Truth which never changes. All other truth changes and is relative to the person, circumstances and time. You need to find your truth at this point in your life. When you listen to something does it resonate and feel good or does something feel off. If it feels off or you need convincing about it, let it go. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a truth, it is just not your truth at this time in your life. It may never be truth for you or it may be in the future. Truth fulfills something within you and makes you feel happy and inspired. However, you need to find your truth of this time in your life to find your pathway forward and not just follow the truth of others. When you find your truth, and connect to it within yourself, you are living your Authentic Self.

If you find your truth it will make your heart sing. It will allow you to change the outdated beliefs that no longer serve in order to make changes in your life. Align to that truth and your life will flow from within with excitement and possibilities. Our connection to Divine Truth and expressing it lies within our throat chakra. Archangel Michael is in charge of helping us to open and clear our throat chakra to connect to and express Divine Truth in our lives. He says we can place our fingers on our collar bones and breath the chi energy of life into our throat chakra and ask for him to help us to clear it and activate it. This leads not only to us expressing divine truth, but to express ourselves in all situations with honesty, integrity ,and light.

They wished to speak of forgiveness. Forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves. That means that whenever we harbor ill feelings about another we are connected to them with a karmic thread that intertwines our energies and sucks joy from our lives until such time as that energy is released, balanced and transformed. That means forgiveness, which is the energy and power to break the cord that binds us to another. We can continue to harbor ill feelings but that does not allow us to clear and grow spiritually, or we can forgive and let go. Realize that truly if someone knew better than to make the choice or take the action that they did, that would lead to karmic consequences they probably would not have done it. For we are all learning, experiencing and growing. We can’t control anothers actions only our reactions. Remember earlier, Jesus said to look at challenges as learning processes and move through them with love to grow and be free.

Spiritual growth is about taking responsibility for our thoughts, words and deeds. What we hold within us and send forth creates our reality. We are powerful beings who have chosen to direct that power to creating fear and chaos, which comes from millions of people creating from ego choices instead of from a unified field of consciousness that benefits all life.

When we have grown to the point where we learn more about our brothers and sisters who work with the Galactic Federation of Light serving the Creator we will find out about how our focus and intent are powerful tools in many ways. The ships in which they travel interdimensionally are living entities. They way in which they traverse between dimensions involves the connection between the ship and the Being and their ability to focus on the energy frequency of the destination they seek. When they come into harmony they are able to move quickly as we see images in moves of moving through a wormhole. We all have the ability to do this. When we are able to open, clear and activate our 12 chakra system to 5D we can embody our Light Body and activate our Merkaba field or Vehicle of Light which allows us to move interdimensionally without a ship. The ships in which they are moving have more than 1 occupant which ones can merge their fields to create ships. They only become solid if they wish for us to see them.

Please in your discernment they are reminding us be aware that not all non terrestrials/ET’s are of the Light of the Galactic Federation of Light and serve the Creator. Some may say they are a certain Being but until you are able to purely discern between beings and or spirits be wary. The message they bring can be a big clue. Does it inspire and bring unity or create separation and speak of disaster. It is up to you to learn to discern from the heart and know your own truth. That being said those who are not of Service to the Creator have not activated their heart and still serve the ego or other beings who are not of the Light. Be aware. If you do not feel a heart connection and a confirmation of truth, love and light, be wary of connecting to them.

Star Beings who serve the Creator bring healing codes. They are not visible because they exist in other dimensions. Those who serve in the Galactic Federation of Light, are Divine Expressions who have ascended as we will do and are here to help in that process. They are not limited by time and space as we are and have dedicated themselves to helping humanity to be free.

Last but not least is Lady Gaia/Mother Earth. Lady Gaia is the soul of this planet who has offered her life force so that we have a place to learn, grow, live and experience. She took on the heavy burden of our karmic energies to help us to make the choices to release the cords that bind us and to be free to be the Light that we are manifest in our forms. She provides all that we need to live and without most even thanking her for her kindness, service and love. Below our earth star chakra is the Gaia Gateway which connects to Hollow earth and the center where the Essence and Soul of Gaia reside. As we open ourselves to 5D energies and bring in more light, we need to remember to ground them into the essence of Earth to help Lady Gaia to transform the mis-qualified energies that we pour out into her fields and to THANK HER for all that she has done. Ask her to allow you to connect heart to heart and to be of service. We have spoke of many ways you can help to clear energies that take very little time, but we need to take responsibility for the mess we created and to help in clearing it.

This has been a long message, but we are in the most important time on Earth and much help is available to us if we choose to ask and to make the effort to clear, release, transform and change.

The choice as always is yours.


Truth on Earth is relative and fluid.

I have written previously about relative and Divine Truth. To learn more about it please look at that article. I don’t want to repeat the information, because this message is about the fact that we are facing our beliefs and truths at this time to see what is still true for us and what we have outgrown.

For the rest of this year we are facing the truths we have held for all our life, and to release that which no longer serves our spiritual growth. We are being asked to spend time daily in quiet away from all distractions to go within and seek the wisdom of the Creator.

We are coming into our time of Spiritual ascension or staying the same. If we choose to move forward all that we need is available by asking. For now we can step into our Christ Consciousness and be the reflection of our Creator, and allow the Divine to experience and create this world in a Divine Image.

We are being tried and tested. We see the energies flooding in to keep us off balance. We are questioning our lives and the world. This is of purpose. It is like the faceting of a diamond. In which the jeweler sees that which is not of the brilliance that the diamond can be and it is chipped away, to reveal the ultimate beauty.

That is what we are doing. We are letting go of that which keeps us tied to the ego self and the controls of fear. We are being asked to let go of dogmas and beliefs that limit the fullness of our Soul. Let the shine of our Soul, the I AM that we are, a part of the Creator.

So don’t be afraid of facing the questions. Don’t run away, back to the safe and secure of what the world believes, but seek within the Truth that rings for you and then chip away the old, bless it to return to the Light, wrap it in the Violet Flame and Let your light shine.

In Service

I am Mareya Shimayah Elohim


We are in a time of transition, both on the physical and spiritual levels.  That which was the normal in the past is no longer normal.  We are feeling pushed to the brink as the events and energies around us are constantly changing and shifting.  We and the planet are being upgraded and it isn’t always an easy transition.  We are bombarded with information both on the physical and non physical level.  It is sometimes hard to determine what is truth and what is disinformation. 

It is time for us to be sure if we are not already aware of or doing so currently the need for protection on the level of energy and spirit ( non- physical) and to develop the ablitiy to discern higher truth from relative truth. If you are connecting to or following ones bringing messages from non -physical entities this is important for you don’t have the body language clues to rely upon in your discerning.

I have shared a more complete writing regarding Truth – Relative or Divine, which explains this in a more expansive manner.  However, to understand for this writing it is important to state that not all people or Beings tell the higher truth.  This does not mean they don’t know it or even that they are trying to deceive you.  It means that people understand and share what they believe to be truth based upon their societal rulers, morals, and belief systems.  Also, their understanding is based on the belief systems of their family and peers, and the imprints of life experiences.  One can only understand at the level to which they are free of outside influences and are understanding and expressing from the level of inner guidance from the All that Is, Creator Source, Divine Intelligence, Universal Mind or whatever term you may choose to describe the Unified Field of Creation and Being.  Unless, we have taken what we hear and see within to our heart center of connection to this Source energy. One key I have found that is when I take something within for verification, if it stirs my emotions to anger, fear, violence, thought of me or them, or any emotion which is not of the love, compassion, peace and forgiveness which is the energy of Creation, then it is relative and should put aside and energies of love and transformation send to the one sharing and the thought form itself.

The other major factor is protection.  There is so much energy bombarding us as well as information.  Some comes from the spirit or non physical level but much of what we have which can effect us is from the electronic, psychic or microwave and similar type of energies being used by agencies and governments around the world.  The best way I have found to protect myself from all things from all levels is to do so from the spiritual level.  Even if you don’t believe in any existence beyond the physical, they believe in you and will help you if you ask.  Due to the contract of existence on Earth, the Higher Beings of Light who serve the Source of Creation are not allowed to interfer in our feedom to choose our path upon the earth unless we ask for their help.  So, if you ask, they will help you. 

An easy way is to simply ask that Creator Source, your Guardian Angle or Archangel Michael the Angle of Protection surround you with Light and protect you from all lower energies from sources both terrestrial and non terrestrial.    If you can imagine or visualize, you may want to ask to be surrounded by the white light of the Creator and that the Violet Fire of Transformation ignite within every cell of your body removing all of the lower frequency energies and replacing them with the golden white light of Divine Love.  You can learn more about the Violet Fire at

We have discussed truth, protection and discernment so lets discuss the sources of the messages.  On the physical level we have television, cell phone, movies and the internet all showing us the messages of differing people who want us to share their belief system and rally round their flag.  In discerning if we find their message may be a relative truth, we have the ability to turn off the electronic device, change the channel, go to a different web page or if in person, to simply walk away.  Being sure to clear ourselves of any residual energies with the Violet Fire, and to send Divine Love and the Violet Fire to that particular program or situation to transform in accordance with Divine Will  and to bring love and peace to the energies involved.  The same is true if a person, country, area of war, situation or even your home or job.

In the case of communication with non-physical entities.  Let us first look at following people who channel, or religious leaders, psychics or anyone who is sharing or claiming to share greater wisdom from non physical entities.  Some religions believe they are practicing a dark art.  Others people base their path in life upon what is shared by another.  Please realize energy is neither good or bad, it is the intent and use of energy by someone which colors the results.  With all the wonderful energies from Source coming into our planet at this time to help us to awaken and free ourselves from the bondage of lower thought forms and self will, many people are now opening to their higher connections and receiving information to help themselves and others to be free. 

There are only to caveats here to remember in discerning.  One that the message is only as pure as the sender and receiver.  If someone receives a message from Jesus, their ability to share it purely to another is only as pure as they are clear from past influences or their ability to comprehend.  For instance, people in a less technologically advanced society seeing a submarine at a distance might call it a large fish or whale, a type of monster.  Another example might be when a Being outside of Earth discusses how the events we perceive as happening one after the other in a sequential manner, to them are actually happening simultaneously, the receiver may be unable to correctly share this information because they could not perceive of events not having a past, present and future.

Thus, I am saying one can only share purely that to which they resonate and comprehend.  All else which they share will be based upon their ability to translate from their experiences.  This does not mean they are lying to the person just limited in that particular area.  If someone has had many bad romances, and find themselves unhappy with the opposite sex, they might find their advice to another is tainted by their personal feelings, although this may not be intentional.  Always, take what another shares within to discern and realize guidance is just that a possibility that could happen if you do not change your direction.

We are all able to receive direction guidance from Spirit, it is merely a matter of practice.  Our abilities may be in differing areas, seeing visions, hearing direction, feeling emotional changes, or having dreams.  First one needs to learn discernment, protection and spend time working to clear the lower energies from our being so we can connect as purely as possible.

This brings us to the source of messages.  We will connect to beings at the level to which we have cleared and prepared ourselves to connect.  For they exist on differing dimensions and levels of energy and can only come down so far for periods of time to connect with us.  That is why you do not see angels and UFO’s  everywhere in the sky, plus the non interference rule unless we ask for help.

However, my main concern here is that if one goes rushing in unprepared you will find that there are many entities, who may tell you they are Jesus, or Ashtar, or any other being and they are not.  You must be clear yourself and able to discern before you attempt this and protect yourself as discussed earlier.  It is also important to note that because all that exists is part of the All that IS, when you ask certain questions they must respond truthfully.  If you do not ask it is open season on contacting youFeel how their energy effects you.  Do you feel joy, peace, happiness or uncomfortable and uneasy.

 Know that the lower beings can manifest feelings of joy and peace.  That is why is is important  to ask that only those who come in the Love and Light of Creator Source come to you and share with you.  Then when one comes to you ask if they come in the Love, Light and Name of the Creator Source.  They must answer truthfully. 

Not all that is fluffy and white are rabbits.  Don’t let a false guide take you down the rabbit hole. 

Again, energy is netural.  It is the intent of those sending that charge the results and the ability to translate of those receiving.  If you do not know a person bringing you a message, it is very important to be aware that either their source might be tainted, or they might not be as clear a channel as you wish. 

Please note there are many excellent channels and people awakening to their gifts of spirit daily.  However, it is the responsibility of all of us to clear our personal energy to be the purest vessel of service possible and for us not to give the power of choice which our Creator gave to us over to the direction of another, without discerning through our hearts if it is truly the best path of service and life for us. 

Blessings of Wisdom and Truth to each of you.

Truth and Understanding

Today more then ever people are searching for a greater Truth to help them understand their lives and the world in which we live.

With the internet seemingly attached to the fingers of most people via their phones, laptops and tablets, most of their waking hours, they can search the internet for any information of interest. We can find writings, causes, theories and or insights beyond our own knowledge and understanding, or so we hope.

Many people distrust the government and institutions of society and are ready to accept that which ones share on the internet which reinforces this belief. They look for validation of their beliefs and ideas or even theories of others which may answer their questions. They seek prophecy of others who may have a more Divine insight to guide them along their path.

There are many prophets and there are charlatans in the world. There are ones who spread false prophecy which they state is truth, but which they may or may not realize is in fact a false truth. It rather is a relative thought or truth based on their personal experience, bias or implanted and influenced thoughts from outside sources which they interpret as Divine.

I am not here to say conspiracy theories are false or true. Simply to say there are many hidden truths in our world and manipulations of people which do exist. Most of which have existed and evolved over millennium and with todays technology the ability of ones who wish to control and manipulate mass consciousness and human institutions exist in a time which makes that much easier. In our chaos created society, mass consciousness is constantly bombarded with falsity shared as truth in order to deceive and control others to manifest the desired outcome of those who appear to be in control. This is perpetrated on multiple levels.

They are like magicians who get you to look in one location while they complete their illusion in another. They will direct you to believe another group is the conspirators/manipulators while at the same time they have drawn you into their vision and plan to create the situations and outcomes they desire.

They may tell you they are serving your interests, but in reality they are simply manipulating you for their own advantage and needs. Many of them too are being manipulated by others and do not fully know what they are doing.

The Universal Source of Creation is now pouring forth upon the Earth the Creative energy of love and compassion to aid in the awakening of humanity to the greater TRUTH and FREEDOM. For when we awaken we are able to understand what is higher TRUTH and relative truth.

This is why so many are within the last few years seeing conspiracies everywhere. For we are feeling the nudge within to be FREEE of the mass consciousness control and to move into a place of peace, joy, love , happiness and abundance. However, unfortunately too many have not sought to open to a more Loving, compassionate and peaceful pathway to this freedom. Why?

Probably because they feel alone and when joining with others in a particular belief or cause based upon a conspiracy, they feel they are part of a group and no longer alone. They feel connected, and the energies of joining, intensifies their emotions to a fever pitch. They feel more able to take back control as part of a group. They feel accepted. They are hopefully, a part of a group which will fight the good fight and save the world.

Unfortunately, most have not opened their hearts to let the LOVE and COMPASSION, which are the ESSENCE OF CREATION, into their hearts. For when we open our hearts and feel this connection to Creation, we expand and connect with a peaceful, joyful, loving and unified path of FREEDOM. This allows the hearts go guide the minds to find path of guidance and insight which lead to wisdom and unity. Then they can discern TRUTH.

Most are still using old socialized and institutionally learned patterns as their frame of reference in making choices.

We live in a world where mind control and manipulation exist via mass and social media.

In 1928, Edward Bernays espoused the idea of mental manipulation of the masses by media to guide the desired attitudes, beliefs and actions to match those of the group doing the manipulation. We can today see the results of this manipulation upon humanity.

This manipulation has caused a separation of us or them within humanity.

The ability to discern truth lies within our hearts. When we hear truth with our open hearts it brings us a feeling of peace, compassion, unity, warmth and joy. When what is shared is a relative or manipulative truth, it can creates fear, anger, resentment, envy, jealousy, violence and spite or empowerment over others.

TRUTH the greater truth inspires us to love, compassion, unity and a greater level of living for everyone. This is the path to unlimited prosperity and abundance in our lives. For our prosperity does not have to come at the expense or burden of another, but from knowing that as we allow our abundance to flow it returns to us tenfold.

How do we open our hearts to this greater Truth, understanding and prosperity?

From childhood our self identity and self worth have been formed through the rewards and punishment formula. We are rewarded or punished based upon our ability to accept and conform to the desired norms of our family and society. Little by little the open heart with which we were born begins to build a wall of fear of punishment. We fear that those in authority will punish us if we do something wrong and that we are only loved based upon our ability to conform. The feeling and knowing of Love with which we were born is enclosed in a wall of fear and self doubt.

When we are born most of us feel the love of our parents. We feel connected to them. Unless we are hurt by others, we move through our lives, by being open and loving with others. This open heart tells us we are loved by those around us, and they will not hurt us but protect us. We feel that the world in which we live is caring, compassionate and beautiful.

It is not until someone withholds that unconditional love unless we conform to their desires that our hearts, views and understanding of the world begin to shift. No longer do we see the world as the beautiful and caring place into which we were born, but as a place to which we must establish our self worth based on the desires and opinions of others.

The heart to heart connection to others is lost and we can no longer accurately know the higher truth from lies.

We are living in a time on Earth when all have been given the chance to reflect upon the heart and to spend time connecting within and opening the heart. We have been blessed with extra Universal Source energy of love being present to help us in this process if we choose to partake. If we choose, and do the work of opening our hearts, then we can begin to discern in all of this information and disinformation from the media the Higher Truth from the relative truth or lies.

We are going through a time over the last few years when the worst in humanity has been triggered and brought to the surface in hopes that we would choose to heal it by opening our hearts and seeing through eyes of love and compassion. This was done to help us to decide to come into unity and to support us as we reach out together to heal ourselves, each other and the world.

It is a time of healing on more than just the physical level, but also the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. When our hearts are open the hurts and indoctrinations of the past can be healed. Then we can once again find self love, and know that we are truly worthy of being loved. In a state of self love we find our self confidence, and inner guidance.

Many have chosen to resent and blame others even more at this time, rather than seeking a healing. The energies of Universal Source which can amplify our inner love, has amplified and revealed that which is not of the higher Love, Light and Truth.

Thus, those who refuse to make changes have found themselves going deeper down the rabbit hole of conspiracy, hatred, fear, anger and violence espoused by Chaos/Conspiracy theorist which is designed to distract them from the greater Truth of Universal Creator Source. The Truth that limitless, abundance, good health, peace and joy come from an open heart and love.

Seek first within the heart, to know love and share it with others. Ask to be shown the Greater Truth so you can be FREE and listen to what your heart shows you. The changes are a process through which you must move. It is not always easy, as we face the shadows that haunt us and have caused us to close down, but the FREEDOM is worth the work. No one can do it for you.

Begin by communicating with others with Love and affection. All people need love, understanding and compassion. It is the fear they are not lovable which has caused them to close down and often become a hard person with whom to interact.

“When you change the way you look at things. The things you look at change.” Dr. Wayne Dyer

Feel free to email if you have questions.

There are many resources available online or near you to help you to begin the process.