Today I want to write about the perceptions that might occur regarding various messages I have shared. Every person has differing perceptions regarding topics based upon their experiences, belief systems, political and or societal standards. This is perfect because we each came into this life to learn, experience, clear karma and to live and/or be of service to others. That which creates our perceptions of a topic is also the result of giving authority, control or agreement to that which we have been taught is truth or the standards of behavior. Hopefully, we each leave open the possibilities of change and new perspectives and understanding. If we do not that is when we begin to encounter problems with others in the world who see or perceive things differently.

It may seem to some that I do not like or trust all aliens or non physical beings and that is not my truth. My mission is to help people to understand that they need to take authority for their beliefs and actions and not simply accept the words of another or others, simply because it seems to be the accepted perception. The best way to do this is to be open to new energies and ideas, but not gullible. We can do this by learning to first call upon protection from the Creator to keep us safe from those who would attempt to control us, to ask for discernment to see the higher perspective in each situation and truth. This becomes easier with practice and as we use tools like the Violet Flame to clear the energies of control or blockages within and around us, allowing in more Light and Love.

I do not perceive ones as evil, but there are ones who use their personal free will and ego to take advantage and control the thoughts and actions of others to benefit themselves. There are also the ones who have no moral compass and will easily kill another without remorse. The use of violent games and movies have created a mind set that does not fully understand the cause and effect that can come from random acts of violence using weapons to feel in control and to punish others.

I say this to refer back to what I have said about aliens, and the same is for ones we may consider threats to society or evil. We do not allow violent killers to live in society in order to protect the majority of humanity. We place them in jails in order to hopefully rehabilitate and if not to keep the rest of us safe from them. Of course not all people with violent tendencies are in jail, and some are in control of others and direct them to commit the acts of violence for them through war.

The same concept happened with our Universe. Due to the misuse of free will choices chaos, war, violence became rampant throughout the Universe. As some planets and systems were able to clear themselves and ascend back to unity consciousness, a request was made to contain the remaining protaganist in a sector where they could be monitored and hopefully rehabilitated. Our planet exists within that sector of the Universe. It was also requested that some of the planets would be planets of redemption to allow those with these tendencies the opportunity to change, and so it is. Earth became one of those planets. However, it was sooned understood that those who were incarnating were finding it hard to overcome the tendencies even with the help of the higher souls present in embodiment and around earth, and were affecting those energy levels of earth and the original inhabitants.

Realize not all ‘aliens’ chose to incarnate, they choose to instead influence the events from outside the human earth form. Much like the violent people upon the earth who are not in jail. Thus, it was determined that for redemption to happen we first had to be given the opportunity to forget the past incarnations, so we come in without those memories, in hopes of having the higher perspective and choices. Also, it was determined that as a closed creational system that any lower energies we create we will have to balance either in this life or another. We are not allowed to take those energies outside of our system. The remain on earth when we pass from the physical life and when we embody they reconnect to our consciousness, as we have requested to experience and redeem them.

So,in a way we exist in a contained area of the universe, in a type of rehabilitation center. Please understand it is not a punishment. It keeps the rest of the Universe safe from the lower energies. Not all of us who have embodied and become part of the karmic cycle did so because we were ‘fallen’ some came in from others ascended systems believing we could help to uplift humanity. However, due to the parameters we forgot, didn’t remember and created karma and so we return, in order to clear and raise our vibration to ascend.

As I said many from other systems are part of the Galactic Federation of Light under Commander Ashtar, Archangel Michael, Jesus, and the other Beings of Light in Service to the Creator. They monitor and try to help us as much as possible within the non interference parameters. However, there are those others who are part of the contained area of the Universe who are here to manipulate and control humanity as they have done for millions and billions of years throughout the Universe. Are they EVIL, to me Evil is a matter of perception. They are like the rest of us, they have made self will choices. Some people or Beings love the feelings of control of others so much they don’t want to give this up. These are what some would call Evil. Yet they are part of the Creator, and one day they will decide to change , or some say transformed and recycled to begin again.

ONE THING IS CERTAIN – for those of us who have gone through the Ascension process upon the Earth we will have graduated from the toughest school in the Universe. We are being prepared to be Creators of other worlds, systems and Universes. We will have experienced the Darkness and transformed it into Light.

Upon the Earth, we sometimes come in with parts of our soul family agreeing to take on a testing or lower energy actions to help another with overcoming and balancing something in their life. We are not evil at this point, more of a tester, and when the other is able to love us and forgive us the energy is released. I remember a friend having an experience in which she saw a dark entity in the corner of a room. She asked Spirit what should I do. They said to send it love. She did and it transformed into Light and left.

Love and Light from the Creator are transcendent. If we walk in Light and Love of the Creator nothing can harm us for we are Protected. I don’t perceive others as Evil, just at a different point in their process and experiences on Earth. They have the right to their choices, they do not have a right to harm me, but I do not fear them. Fear is the ABSENCE of LOVE not the opposite. I know that when one experiences the Light and Love of the Creator, they will seek it over all else. For it is the lack of understanding and knowing that allows one to believe they must take from or harm another to meet their needs and desires.

There are many things I attempt to share with others in the simplest manner possible. For I realize we are all at differing levels of perception. People have a tendency to look at people, places and situations and create a story about what is happening whether or not they know the history of what they see. The ideal is to view the world with Innocent Perception. Once we begin to create a story it is your personal perception, beliefs and points of view which create this story, not what is actual happening, and thus we are judging the scenario.

There are times when we each have moments of such complete understanding of something from a higher Divine perspective, yet the moment we begin to try to put it into words we are creating a story. For the use of language limits our ability to share the energy essence of our understanding and perception and cause us to fall back on experiences we have had in an attempt to give clairification and find the right words.

In conclusion, I understand others having differing perceptions of what I share because we are all living and creating our own experiences and understandings. I hope this helps clarify that I am not attempting to tell another how to believe or perceive but simply offering another perspective which ones may or may not be ready to understand. I myself allow my believes and perspectives to grow and change, as I clear my energy, take back authority and return to unity consciousness and service.

Truth -Divine does not change, but our personal truth will change as we change and grow. So you may find that which I shared 2 years ago or may share 2 years in the future are different, because I have been able to reach a higher perspective.

My mission is to help others to be open to change, and seek the highest perspective of Love and Compassion in their lives.


I Am Moriah