Evil & Possession or Protection & Love

This is truly not an either or concept.

What I mean by that is in reality all is part of the Creator Source and so both that which we term evil and that which we term Divine are part of the same Source and part of us. Long ago I was told to understand that what we term as evil, devil, or demons are truly those who have volunteered to test us so that we can remove from within ourselves any energy which is attracted to that which is less than Divine. When we can remove the energy within us which attracts them and transmute the connection, we can then bless them and allow them to be free to continue their path as we do ours back to Oneness, Light and Love.

This is an easier said than done scenario upon the Earth, for the energies are dense here and it is harder to overcome the attraction and thought forms. You see what we believe in and where we place our attention attracts more of that energy to us. I wrote yesterday about instead of focusing on war and tragedy in an area, instead we hold a prayer and vision of them at peace, safe and healthy, the same for an area of tragedy such as floods and earthquakes. That does not mean we don’t volunteer to help or send funds if we can, it means we are helping to clear the energies of despair, fear, and panic and helping to open the door to HOPE.

This is the creational process of change and transmutation. Here on earth we are part of a redemptive program for those who have separated themselves in consciousness from oneness with Source. We are never separate from Source, for Source is the Essence which gives us life and the Matter from which we are formed. We only believe we are separate for long ago that process began, when we followed the ego self over the inner knowing.

Evil is the opposite of Live. You see source and our connection is what gives us Live eternal which is what we truly are a Soul a part of the Creator which is Eternal. When we lost that conscious belief and connection to our Soul, our I AM Presence which is part of Source, we began in form to have shorter lives. We began to create from fear of surviving because we thought we were the form and forget we are a Soul moving upon the Earth in a form. These fear created choices brought about war, famine, pain, violence, and even growing old and death. This is were Evil comes from our choices to create not aligned to the Soul, our Creator Source within us, but from fear. The ego was to serve our soul to keep our body safe and to perform the daily tasks of the physical, while our Soul was to guide us mentally, emotionally and spiritually to created paradise. But, we forgot our Soul and became disconnected.

When we focus upon this lower choices of ego, and the resultant experiences they create we allow for more of that energy to manifest. You see each planet has a creational matrix. All that we think and do become part of this and part of the mass consciousness of Humanity into which we are plugged, like a matrix. If you have ever seen the matrix movie, you may understand this concept. All the good and all the negative thoughts, actions and emotions are part of this mass consciousness matrix. When we are born into form we are plugged into this in order for us to pick up our past karmic energies which need cleared, and to be able to participate in the redemptive program of earth. We know this coming in and agree, but we forget once we are in form for the energies are so dense. We come into form with specific experiences we wish to have in order to clear our past misqualified energies and sometimes we have agreed to help others with their clearing. So we may be not so nice in our actions in order to help them, or we may be the shining light they need to cut themselves free.

All upon the earth is a learning experience so that we can be FREE and remember who we truly are.

However, that does not mean we should simply say well I will screw over everyone because I have the right. This creates karmic energy that must be balanced at some point in time. Our purpose is to clear ourselves and to become Beings of Light once again.

All that we are and all that we think and create becomes part of that creational matrix. When we leave the planet upon physical death we can go to that dimensional level of existence to which we have consciously and vibrationally cleared and attuned ourselves during our time upon the planet. The heavy energies do not move beyond the astral realms from Earth. That is where ghosts, demons and not so nice entities exist. Ghosts can be demonic energies which are mass accumulation of negative thought forms and desires or they can be ones who had addictions, died quickly and are confused, or have unfinished business of some type upon the earth. They may have an attachment to a house and because they did not raise their energies beyond fourth dimensional level , they exist in the astral realm and stay close to the home they loved or hated.

We are not forced to incarnate. We do so because we either want to help others or we have something to clear so that we can finish our spiritual ascension process.

I emphasize protection strongly because it is hard for us to overcome the mass consciousness energies which are lower and if you open yourself to non physical beings or even physical beings who are not of an Unconditional Divine Love vibration you are opening yourself to more of these energies manifesting in your life or even possession. Yes it does occur.

Until you have reached a level of Unconditional love and live from your heart center and soul directed you need to ask for protection. I say unconditional love for it is different than earthly love of lust, passion and control. You need to learn to distinguish and understand by moving into your heart center and asking to be shown by your Soul. Unconditional Love will protect you and surround you with Light to which nothing which is not of the same vibration can attach to you or harm you.

To try psychic communication, astral travel, ghost hunting, black magic, exorcism or even using an ouija board without protection opens that door. The choice is yours if that is what you wish to experience, and you must be ready for whatever comes your way.

For me I prefer to focus upon seeing the highest light, love, compassion and joy in life. When there is lower energies, I call in the Violet Flame to clear, and the Angelic realm to bring Light, Love and Compassion to all involved. I see them at their highest potential, so they can move forward from what they have experienced to a greater place of being.

We never know, at the time, exactly why we experience that which we do, perhaps we made a choice to live in an area where a tragedy could occur, just so we could clear something or to be of service in a time of need. My advice is to place your attention on being the Best that you can be mentally, emotionally and spiritually and living from your heart, with love and compassion for all. Be of service daily by asking that the Beings of Light who serve Creator Source, bring transmuation of that which holds us back, and fills the space with light and love for ourselves and all life.

I Am Moriah Elohim