As I begin each day I ask for a thought or word upon which to focus for the day and Transformation was the focus of this day.

As I sit quietly before starting my daily tasks and routine, I ask to be show what is important for me to know and understand. Transformation is a state of Being beyond a process. For a process involves steps and actions, and although there are actions involved these are on an energy level. The two main actions of transformation are ‘Letting go’ and ‘Alignment’.

Transformation is moving from one State of Being unto another State of Being. A state of Being unlike a state of mind is made up of qualities of existence and not goals or feeling regarding your circumstances or goals. To change your state of mind you must evaluate your situation and decide on new actions which bring emotional and physical satisfaction. This involves the ego guarding against hurt and pain, fight or flight if things get too scary. Meanwhile the brain is analyzing the situations, your options, it is taking authority and initiating your actions based on physical, mental and emotional factors as well as known belief systems, rules and regulations.

In order to change your State of Being, you function from the heart, where the soul guides you. The soul is always aligned to the higher perspective and universal intelligence of the Creator Source through the I Am Presence. When we move into the heart, we can receive transcendent light which transforms the lower blockages and allows the grace, wisdom and truth of Divine Love to guide us. This is a state of Being in Grace, to wait upon the Divine timing with patience and see the higher perspective which Blesses All. This state of Being is joy, peace and the energy of manifestation.

Thus the process of transforming from one state of Being to the State of Being in Grace, Enlightenment and Divine Love involves two steps. Letting go of the old outdated beliefs and perceptions, which involves choosing to do so. The second step is alignment to the Divine Light and Love within our hearts which connects us to our Soul, our I Am Presence and Source.

In Letting go you need to breath, stand still, accept that you deserve all that you desire and the Creator wants you to have it. Think of that which brings you joy and peace, the feeling of love and security. Move into the feeling, and breath it into you as you move into the center of your Heart. Ask that the transcendent Light of the Creator release and transform any blockages.

Then within the heart, open, drop your defenses and feelings of guilt and lack of self worth so that the Light can fill you. See that you are connected to your Soul and the Universe, and align yourself to receive the Divine Love of the Creator through you I Am Presence and your Soul. Your I Am Presence is that which you are as a part of the Creator, and you Soul is the intermediary between you/ego identity and your I Am Presence. This happened due to the low vibration of the Earth and the choices to live from Ego, which cut us off from our I Am Presence. It cannot exist within the form in the 3D energies, we need to move into 5D.

The other aspect being that we have at some point taken away the authority of our soul and I Am Presence to guide us in our earthly journey and now we need to take it back from the energy which controls us as part of mass consciousness and return it to the Creator. This must be a conscious choice. This allows us to walk in Unity with the Creator and All life in Oneness and receive of the Divine Love, Grace, Abundace and Peace that is our birthright as Beings of Light.

We are Souls having a human experience. We have forgotten and so we think we are this form and it is more important than the Divine iniative of Being.

A wise one once told me,” Ascension and transformation is as easy as walking through a door from one room to another. We choose to make it difficult.”

So today the subject of contemplation and meditation is TRANSFORMATION.

Let go and Align to transform.


Morian Elohim