Spiritual testing and discernment : Beware of worship of Non Physical Beings. Who are the Aliens, Subterrestrials,Extraterrestrials, Ultraterrestrials (Light Beings)

I was once told one of our final spiritual tests would be the arrival of aliens and whether as in the past we would worship them as gods, or see them as beings with advanced technology.

I think with the time of Disclosure from governments regarding extraterrestrial presence it is important to address this topic. Although, I there are aspects of the television show “Ancient Aliens” with which I have a differnce of opinion, they have been preparing people for this time, and helping ones to recognize that in the past the so called, ‘lesser gods’ of Rome, Egypt, Greece and other places were in reality Extraterrestrials with advanced technology that humans decided were gods because of this technology and worshipped them.

There were many indigenous groups like those of North America, Hawaii, Australia for example, who acknowledge their presence as ancestors who were our starry brothers and sisters. They did not worship them as gods, but saw them as ancestors and teachers. This perspective is what is of value. It is the worship which is the problem spiritually.

Let us look at what these differing terms mean. A alien can be someone not native to a group of people or a region. It can also mean that the life form does not originate or appear to originate from any known life form on earth.

An extraterrestrial is a living being or organism that originates outside of earth but within our known universe or systems of planets, who have a knowledge base beyond that currently known on earth. They come from many places and can be from differing dimensional frequencies based upon their spiritual advancement.

Some are watching earth to help and participate in alignment with the Divine Plan for earth to uplift and enlighten humanity. They might be placed in what is called the Galactic Federation of Light. For they will have reached a certain spiritual level of attainment and dedication to the Divine Will and Plan for creation and the enlightenment and freedom of all Life.

The I would say there is a Galactic Federation. You will notice I did not add Light to the end of that phrase. Why? The Galactic Federation was founded after the Great War as ones decided to turn to peace. This organization became a peace keeping council composed of beings from systems who made the choice for peace. Are they Spiritually advanced Beings? If not, then there is always a possibility that they can choose self will and a desire to control others, which would allow ones to fall into the negative extraterrestrial status. A part of me questions not the intent of the original organization, but the fact that each system has their own Galactic Federation which they might call something different, and these systems can join the original for peace keeping intent. Thus, for me, I question as to the purity of intent of these various federations as to humanity on earth. Do they fall under the mandate of non interference? If not they would fall into the negative extraterrestrial area as to their intent for earth humanity. I would say, to use your personal discernment.

Then there are what we would call negative extraterrestrials. They may have more advanced technology and even operate in a higher dimensional state but they have not reached an ascended state and/or they do not have their hearts fully open and aligned with the Creator and Universal Oneness. These are the source of abductions, genetic manipulation and interbreeding. What is occurring today is similar to what happened long ago to humanity. The desire of an extraterrestrial group to create a group of beings to serve their will.

I understand that many believe this is a positive work and that is their right. What comes to mind is an episode of “UFO Witness” Season 2 epsiode 7, in which Ben Hansen and Melissa Tittl interview a woman who had been a repeat abductee with very intense experiences. When they spoke to her about having her implant removed, she said she wouldn’t because “they” were not through working with her. I realize some abductees have come from another system into embodiment on earth and may have agreed to this process before embodiment. There planet or system wishing to create hybrids.

My guidance says that the ones who want to create hybrids are ones who are not advanced spiritual beings and who do not have an active heart center connection to Oneness. They don’t want to work at their spiritual development or they are unable to do so, either because they are hybrids or non physical beings of some sort not created by the Divine Template. Thus they believe by hybridization they may be able to obtain this status. Again, I would be VERY DISCERNING, before connecting with them.

Subterrestrials are in two categories. There are the advanced civilizations which exist within the earth in what is called Hollow Earth. They exist within other dimensional space within the earth. Many began as part of advanced civilizations upon the earth from prior periods of time like Shamballah or Lemuria and Atlantis before they sank and the inhabitants went underground.They have advanced technology and knowledge but do not interfer with human life.

There are also subterrestrials who are extraterrestrial in origin who live below the surface of the earth and who do work at manipulating and controlling humanity and life on earth. I would classify them with negative Extraterrestrials.

Then there are the Ultraterrestrials or Whole Light Beings. These entities exist in pure bodies of light energy and can travel by thought from one location to another. They can appear to us in a form which we can see or they can be by us and be unseen. They move from one location to another via their Merkabah vehicle of light, merely by thinking of where they wish to be and matching the vibration of that location. They work with the Councils of Light to bring us the message of “Peace and Preparation” for the advancement of our souls. I believe they oversee the work of the Galactic Federation of Light or at least work hand in hand for the advancement of Humanity.

Protection and Discernment, these two words are the key to working on multidimensional levels with Whole Light Beings. These skills allow us to have the inner wisdom, peace, and connection to the higher light needed to participate with the many worlds which have made this attaiment as part of the Creators Plan for creation. Some may be able to see these Whole Light Beings before they are able to receive them. You may see how they work with the Councils of Light to serve humanity but to receive them means that we prepare ourselves vibrationally to welcome them into our lives and to be able to serve with them in the Enlightenment and Freedom of Humanity.


Now as their existence is finally being acknowledge, what is the next step. Do you run to embrace them no matter what? Do you worship them? Should you be afraid? Are they here to help or hurt us?

First I believe you need to look within yourself as to what are your desires in contact with aliens? Are you searching for some meaning in your life? Do you want to escape earth and your life here? Do you want someone to come in and save you from spiritually and/or physically? Do you believe they can give you eternal life? Do you just want someone to come in and take care of you, perhaps through higher technology so you don’t have to work and struggle anymore? Do you believe they are messengers of the Creator?

A wise man once said to me in regards to aliens – “There is no place else to go and no one can save you but you.”

As I have grown in spiritual wisdom I come to know and understand this on new and deeper levels. There is no savior outside of ourselves, for we are connected to each other and to our Creator within our hearts. A part of the Creator called the I AM Presence is connected to each of us through our Soul. We are always connected to Source, but we have a veil of amnesia which has caused us to forget and now is the time to remember and to remove that veil. Don’t look to the ET’s as saviors. They good ET’s are only able, if we ask, to help us not save us. The Angels are able if we ask to bring to us the Light, Love, Peace and aspects of the Creator for which they serve. They are part of us and the Creator.

There is no where else to go – means the way to be free or saved if you choose to use that term is to go within not out there. Everyone is searching outside of themselves for answers which are within us all the time.

In the Christian Bible, Jesus said, in Luke 17:21, “The Kingdom of God is within you.”

Thich Nhat Hann – says of the Buddhist view of God or Creator ,”So, to me, God is not an abstract idea, but something very real that you can encounter in every moment of your daily life. Your body belongs to the kingdom of God, your mind also. That flower, that stream of water, that tree: they all belong to the kingdom of God, and it’s too bad if we are caught in our anger, in our fear, in our jealousy, and cannot get in touch with the kingdom of God. And if we don’t know how to get in touch with the kingdom of God and with God, we will waste our life.”

I write this message at the prompting of spirit because disclosure is bringing us to a point of choice along our path.

Our focus should be on our spiritual growth and inner connection with Spirit. This is the only way we can truly be Free.

This is where we will be shown DISCERNMENT to know the benevolent extraterrestrials from those who would do us harm.

Worship of Beings outside of ourselves will never lead us to freedom only control.

The choice as always is yours.