U.A.P. – U.F.O.

I have addressed the topic of Aliens and UAP or UFO’s before.

However, there were a couple of issues that came up that need to be understood at this time.

Ones have said,”If they are a threat why have they not destroyed us already or came down to sieze control?”

Even as they are all more advanced than we are with technology, there are some who are no more advanced spiritually than we are. They are the ones like ourselves who have been moved into this area of the Universe in order to allow the areas which have advanced spiritually to remain clear and able to live in peace and unity. The less evolved spiritually ‘aliens’ are monitored by the Galactic Federation of Light who serve the Creator. They are not allowed to do certain things unless we give them permission. Once permission is granted, unless we ask for help from the Legions of Light who serve the Creator, they must watch what happens and wait.

One example is alien abduction. It is said there were agreements made between these lower aliens and certain governments to allow this with humans and allow animal mutilations. However, one caveat is, if a person calls upon the Creator and Legions of Light and states they revoke any agreements or contracts agreeing to this, intervention will come for them.

Lower spiritual level ‘aliens’ move in more physical space craft, much like our governments have developed based on the technology they shared from the agreements made. My advise is to be wary of any physical crafts, and to revoke any agreements for abduction and ask for HELP from the Creator and Legions of Light to protect you and stop them.

Some say they have helped us to develop genetically. It is not these lower spiritual ‘aliens’ who have helped us develop as souls. When the fallen energy beings came to Earth long ago and began manipulating the genetics of humanoid species to serve them, it was decided by the Legions of Light to prepare us to embody our own soul and to begin to take sovereignty over our form and the world.

It was the Legions of Light who work within the Galactic Federation of Light under the direction of the Creator’s Archangelic Orders in cooperation with spiritually advanced representative from Ascended areas of the Universe who prepared us to become ensouled beings. They do not abduct against our will and/or mutilate animals. They are Beings of Honor. This is where protection and discernment are so important.

Unfortunately, the pull of the fallen energies has been strong upon the Earth and we became caught up in our self will choices and have been slow to grow spiritually. We have allowed the fallen ones to control much of what happens upon the earth instead of being the Guardians we were meant to be of Earth, animals and life here on Earth.

The Higher Spiritual Species come forth in ‘Ultraterrestrial Vehicles of Light’. These are Merkabah vehciles of Light which are living vehicles. Ones can come in group vehicles and or individual vehicles of light. When you see ones , like on the program “Ancient Aliens”, discussing circles around Beings in ancient paintings, these are not representing physical space craft as they assume. The images are depicting the ‘vehicle of light’ that surrounds them which is a result of their Ascension process. For when we are free of the lower energies, in our Ascension process, we begin activating the light within us in connection to our Divine I AM Presence. This vehicle is rotating light which allows us to move through time, space and dimensions without the need of a physical vehicle. It operates by our thoughts. It is called a Merkaba and you can find much information upon the internet. A group of Ascended beings can come together and merge their merkaba fields to create larger vehicles. These beings protect us as they are allowed within the parameters of our non interference with personal free will choices.

Are we being prepared to move into the light. Those abducting people are most likely doing so for the purpose of their own evolutionary process. They are not honoring your personal will, unless you like it and agree to it. They are not honoring the animals by mutilating them. I would not connect with anyone that does not honor my personal will and sovereignty. However, we each have the right and it may be something to which you readily agreed and/ or enjoy, and that is your choice.

My part is to share the caveat emptor to clear up a few misconceptions and help ones who don’t want this to happen to know there are other choices.

It is your right to connect with all of them. We have free will. I just always, personally, seek the highest perspective and light. I am not judging those who seek contact with them, for we are all learning, exploring and experiencing during our lives. There is not us and them, for me, it is simply knowing that when I no longer need or allow another to control my choices and perspective but choose the highest spiritually that comes from love and unity, the duality disappears and is not part of my reality. I shift from duality into Unity. For each of us who makes this choice, we uplift the veils and energies on earth, to allow others to open to the higher light, love and perspective.

My goal is to be free of all of this chaos, judgment, hatred, anger, fear, war and control present on Earth and experience joy, peace, love, and happiness. I wish that all could live as such and enjoy the beauty of Earth in its highest state. We are being given so much energy to help us to be free if we place our attention in this direction, that my part is to help you know it is available if you choose. If not may you find what you are seeking in this life and find joy in it.

If you seek freedom, take back your authority, your sovereignty and seek the highest which brings unity not separation, chaos and violence. Move into your heart and seek the Divine within you, not the ones outside of you because they may appear to have more technological ability.

It was said the final temptation is whether ones will choose technology over the light. That is what happened before on planest like Maldek and Mars and they ended in destruction. They came here in hopes they would make better choices, and advance spiritually. The answer is not finding a way to move into space and leaving earth which we have polluted, but to move into the Divine within and transform ourselves, and the planet. If we do this there are multitudes of Light Beings waiting to help us.

JUST ASK for the highest Light and Love of the Creator to be with you and show you the way – do this from your heart and feel it awaken.

P.S. A time is coming when the Earth (Lady Gaia) will be totally ascended. If one desires to stay in the lower energies, they will not move into this higher spiritual state with her. Lady Gaia and the Legions of Light are bringing so much transcendent Love and Light to earth to help us, I pray for all to seek the to know and become.

I Am Moriah Elohim


In 1972 Marlo Thomas and a group of friend brought forth a concept of empowerment, love and acceptance of each other. A concept many are still struggling to understand.

Free to be you and me – what if we never had to worry about others judging us, abusing us or teasing us. What if we could wake up in the morning and know that we could be and feel and express that which is within us, and know that although others may not understand us completely they allow us to be because that makes us happy.

What if from the moment you were born, each child was loved unconditionally, and allowed to express their emotions, thoughts and desires and be heard. What if all living things had a home, food and loving support. Then they would not live in fear, hurt and despair.

I am as I write this being reminded of a dog and how like a small child even when abused they keep coming back to their owner, like a child does with their parent who abuses them. They come with heads down and tail between their legs, hoping that this time it will be different. For this person is supposed to care for them and provide for them.

I now see a child who is running to be with their friend, one is black and the other white. They don’t see any difference. There is the image of the mother cat taking in babies of other species and nursing them when abandoned. The innocent allow for all because their hearts are pure and their hearts guide their minds.

If we allow for others to be different, because we are each different, then everyone would be free to express the beauty of their soul without fear. How FREE if we didn’t have to hide any part of ourselves from another.

I see the image of the circle of children of the Xhosa culture from a post on facebook. An anthropoligist placed a basket of fruit near a tree and told the children whomever got there first won all the fruit. They did not run separatly to do so but said the word “Ubuntu” I Am because we are. There response being how can one of us be happy when the others are sad.

We can work together, and be together freely in unity if we let down the learned walls of separation, fear of failure, feelings of unworthiness, fear of judgment, because we are taught that we cannot be different. Thus we learn to be the one who runs to the tree to get the fruit before the others, to be judged worthy, and not be less than anyone else.

How much more joyful, when everyone has that piece of fruit and can enjoy the sweetness together. When we can run together in the race and be the best we can be and be happy for each others accomplishment. How wonderful when someone asks us not where do you live, and what do you do, and how much money do you make, but asks how is life, what do you enjoy doing, do you feel happy?

My husband and I have been married for 35 years. In the early years we were asked repeatedly if when we were going to have children. It is something people ask about not knowing that perhaps a couple is unable or has made the choice not to have children. It can get quite ackward depending on your response. For one must grow up, get a good job, marry, have children, buy a home etc. If you are different ones don’t know how to interact with you. We have learned over the years to just answer the question, no we don’t have any children and move on to another question without explanation.

Everyone’s life, desires, hopes and dreams should be allowed to develop naturally and not based upon the expectations of others or society. If one feels loved and secure from birth, and able to be and express themselves as an individual we may find less violence, fear, hatred and anger in the world.

I found as a spiritual being who discovered my belief outside of the main religious structure, that ones can tend to look at you differently. It was quite ackward at times, when asked what church or religions I belong to, and when I would share that I was not affiliated with an organized religion, I was viewed suspiciously.

I learned to be quiet and cautious about my sharing, and the joy my faith has brought to me. It took a leap for me to finally feel FREE TO BE.

I am thankful that over 50 years ago Marlo Thomas started this process and hopefully one day soon it will be the norm and not the exception. Marlo and her father Danny Thomas have brought heart and freedom into their work and into the lives of many. Danny Thomas being a wonderful actor and the founder of St Judes Childrens Research Hospital and his work continued by Marlo an actress and Caring human being. I thank them for their service to humanity and the difference they have made in the lives of many.



Moriah Elohim

Being of Service

Most of us at some point in our lives ask, “Why am I here?”

You may have a job or career which provides a good income. You may have a spouse, significant other and a family, which give you a sense of purpose in the physical world, yet a part of you feels like there is something more you should be doing.

Why we feel this may be better understood by understanding what happens before we incarnate. Depending on if this is your first incarnation or you have been here many years help you to decided what you would like to experience in this incarnation. Your incarnation is not a happenstance event.

If this is your first incarnation, you may be a Light Being or Highly Advanced Being from another planetary system who has volunteered to come into the Earth to help clear lower energies for the Earth, ground the energies coming in to help humanity to free themselves, to bring a teaching or healing energy or simply to be a Light and spread that Light whereever you go. That is your desired purpose. You will pick the location into which you wish to be born. The family into which you wish to be born that can most help you to accomplish this goal. There will also be agreements between yourself and other souls both on higher dimensions and ones incarnating to help each other in obtaining our goals. Most believe they will not be effected by the dense energy of earth and most get caught up in karmic energies. They may or may not accomplish any or all they wish to accomplish, and many create a karmic debt that must be settled. This karmic energy can be balanced from the spirit side, but because Earth is a faster road to balance, many return to incarnate and take the chance they will accomplish their goal.

For those who are on a repeat incarnation, they follow a similar pattern before incarnation. They choose their karmic goals to balance, service they wish to accomplish and spiritual goals to fulfill. They too will pick their family, location, and agreements with others to help them and each other. Some may come in for a short period of time. For instance, I had one incarnation in South America to a couple who felt the need to experience the loss of a child. I did not live long, but completed the agreement between us.

However, the most important goal is to clear and balance all energies, and to free ourselves to Ascend into Oneness consciousness. Unique in this time lifetime, is a dispenation allows for us to be Ascended Beings in form without having to experience death. This return to Oneness consciousness, allows us to be of Divine Service in the upliftment and enlightenment of Humanity. Something that has been lacking for a long time upon Earth.

There was a time when all humans walked in Oneness with the Creator and All Life and Earth was a paradise. Then the virus of self will and ego centered choices took over, causing us to loose that connection and instead of creating paradise, we created chaos, war, hatred, famine , separation and a feeling of being alone.

To be part of this change personally and to be of Service begins with a choice to walk the Ascension path and to live from the heart with love, compassion, forgiveness and caring for all life. As you become mindful and determined to walk the path to Oneness, you can also be of service. It might be doing that which brings you joy, and sharing with others. It might be helping your children to feel loved and inspiried to love others. You might write a book, care for the elderly, or abused and neglected animals. Not from a sense of obligation but from love, caring and a sense of compassion. When we act in joy and peace, it brings more joy and peace into the world.

One of the greatest gifts of service you can do in your life as you live and grow spiritually is to join the Gold, Silver and Violet Flame team of Archangel Zadkiel and St Germain. You can find meditations upon the internet to learn how to utilize it. I simple call upon Archangel Zadkiel and St Germain to bring forth the Gold, Silver and Violet Flame to ignite, clear and transform all energies within my physical and non physical bodies and auric field down to the subatomic level. I then ask that the Gold flame of love and wisdom and the Silver Flame of Grace fill all the empty spaces so that I may walk in love, light and Freedom.

Once you have cleared yourself, you can if you believe in them call upon the Archangel Zadkiel, Archange Amethyst, and St Germain along with the dragon and unicorns of the Gold, Silver and Violet Flame to take it through the earth, along the grid and ley lines of the earth, through the air around the earth and through the water, clearing, transforming and blessing as they go.

Remember due to Self will choices, they must await our asking to help and intervene upon the Earth. You can send them to a specific area , person or situation to which you know is in need and ask that it be done in accordance with Divine Will for the highest good of All, thus not interfering with anothers choices, and allowing for the energies around them to be cleared so they may more easily access the Higher Light energies coming to them.

The Gold, Silver and Violet Flame is a very high energy gift returned to us at this time in order to help us all to Free ourselves, humanity, the Earth and All Life so that we might transform into the state into which we were created.

May your path be uplifting and enlightened, and may Freedom come quickly.


I AM Mareya Shimayah Elohim