Where do we go from here?

The Best of Time and the Worst of Times

One truth is self evident, that in creation where we place our thoughts and intent is what will manifest in the world. We see it all daily in the news and on social media. The worst of times they say.

Yet on the flip side, we can see people rescuing abandoned animals and caring for them, helping those without homes, checking on the elderly, donating to help those need, volunteering to clean the highways and beaches. We see the sun rise and set, the mountains glimmer with snow, the ocean shimmer from the light reflecting upon it. You need to only look in the eyes of the innocent child or animal to know that purity, goodness and hope exist. This is the best of times.

Where we choose to focus our attention is what we will attract and create more of in this world. I am not saying that cruelty, fear, pain, war and violence do not exist or we should ignore them. I am saying be of service when you hear of this events and ask that the Gold, Silver and Violet Flame of Transformation be taken to those areas and events to clear the heavy energies so that the ones involved can have some breathing room to make changes. Ask that the Love and Light of the Creator, HOPE, fills the air, and in accordance with the highest good and free will be open to the minds and hearts of all people involved to find peace, joy, compassion and forgiveness in order to seek a better solution.

We cannot change the actions of others, but we can help to provide a clearer energy field in which they can make choices and take action. If we stop looking at events from a 3D perception of that is horrible and allowing our emotions to be taken down to the lower levels, we will no longer add energy to their situation. If we send in the Violet Flame or if you pray for intervention, whatever you feel more comfortable doing, we are then helping to create a less dense energy around them to make better choices. We are not feeding the lower energies with our worry and fear, but instead we see the possible solution. See them happy, safe, and healthy.

Always remember that the Beings of Light who serve the Creator/Universal Oneness cannot intervene unless we ask. Do not project your desired outcome upon the situation, for that can create karma for you. In our unascended state we do not know the whole situation and what is happening from a higher perspective, which is why it is best to ask the Beings of Light who serve the Creator to intervene. However, seeing the light and love within another, and seeing them healthy, safe and happy, helps them to see it within themselves.

We are not sending those energies at them, wanting to control their actions and thoughts, but simply having a vision of the them living a good life, instead of focusing on the bad. This again does not mean you can’t volunteer to help or send money for relief if you feel guided to do so for many can use the help and in the giving we open the door for more to flow through us to others and uplift our own energies and spirits.

You see we feel good when we help others because we are helping a part of ourselves that is in need.

So we have in our world of duality the best and worst of times. Where we go from here is where we choose to focus our intent and thoughts.

Personally, I choose the best of times.

I am Moriah Elohim