Transformation and Manifestation

My message from Spirit yesterday was one word TRANSFORMATION and it came forth in conjunction with the concept of MANIFESTATION.

I knew I had to write about this, but had not yet done so, when I was reminded this morning by a post of facebook that spoke of us being energy and Transforming. I love the synchronicities of Spirit, we simply need to be aware to see them in our lives.

We are spirit manifesting in form. We are energy that is infinite, that changes and manifests and transforms as part of the creational process of experiential expansion and contraction. Thus we are without beginning and end for we are part of the Creator who is without beginning or end. Even before the Creator thought to Create, the Creator existed as the energy of infinite potential. When we have completed our journey we return back to the Creator and Oneness. Even those who ones might consider evil will be redeemed or transformed back to Oneness eventually.

Recently for myself and I am sure many others, manifestation has been a topic of interest. Like most, I began with trying to understand the art of manifestation upon the physical plane. Most people can use extra money or even enought to pay their bills and live. Most classes that teach manifestation, teach one how to hold the intent and focus upon manifesting, money, winning lotteries, getting the job you want, the main focus being upon our physical needs.

What I was consistently reminded about from spirit was, this quote from the Christian Bible Matthew 6:33, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” This reminded me that the we are part of the Creator and as part of the Creator, when we live in Oneness we can manifest all that we need and desire and the abundance that comes to us enables us to help others to meet their needs and to turn their attention to the Creator within so that they too many know the prosperity and abundance which is their Blessing when they live in Oneness.

Can you manifest without seeking the Creator first in your life? Yes, we see ones who have wealth and power on the earthly level, but who are not kind, compassionate, giving, and loving. This is part of the chaos we see and experience upon the Earth. This is because prosperity is sought for self and not for the betterment of all life.

I am not saying that my path is the path for all, but from an early age my greatest desire was ” Not my will but thine ” as I sought unity and oneness with the Creator and All Life. I have a vision given to me by the Creator, as we all do although it may not be conscious within us. I had held the vision and spent time refining the details, while working to manifest the funding. I had always known the source of my prosperity in life is not my job but the Creator. So I was reminded by these quotes to put my spiritual connection as my focus, and giving my dream back to the Creator to manifest in the correct time and in the correct way.

I remembered to wait upon the Creator and my inner guidance as to when to act and how instead of attempting to make it happen. To have joy and faith in the dream, while seeking to do the best I can each day of my life to help others and to be aligned to the will of the Creator. Getting my will and control out of the way allows for infinite possibilities. Aligning first unto the Creator, allows for all abundance and prosperity to come to me, through me and into the world to benefit all.

As I was doing a meditation yesterday, I asked my guides for a word upon which they would like me to focus. The word was TRANSFORMATION. For as I transform the darkness, fear and doubt within me, and bring in the Unconditional Love and Transcendent Light of the Creator, I will be Transformed and then the gift of Abundance and Manifestation are a part of me as I am a part of the Creational process for the benefit to all.

This is the message given of TRANSFORMATION and MANIFESTATION.

If they eye be singular, they body shall be filled with Light. (Transformation)

Having sought the kingdom first and being transformed by the Light – all things shall be added unto me. (manifestation)

So, for me the manifesation process was to let go of need, wants and desires of the earthly plane as far as seeking them as a priority. I ask and I align with the Creator’s will with faith that all shall come in the right time and manner for the greater good and Blessing.

I hope this helped someone.

I Am Moriah Elohim

I wanted to add a couple of recommendations.

When you have doubts about your vision or mission and where you are in that process a wonderful book of wisdom is “The Dream Giver” by Bruce Wilkinson. It helps to point out the belief systems and fears of ourself and those around us which prevent us from connecting to the Greater Part for us.

The next recommendation is to any of the classes, teachings, anointments or installations by Nickolaos mParalos. His work is of the the highest energy and intent. In connection to this I specifically recommend his offering called ” Divine Installations of Abundance, Expansion and Prosperity”. This helps us to come into our connection to the Creator as the Source of our Abundance, Prosperity and Creative Expansion for the greatest good of All.

This can be found at both his website:

or his udemy site:

Focus and Intent

Focus with pure intent is the key to manifestation for the greater good of All. Faith and believe without doubt that it will come into manifestation is a must.

We all have the ability to manifest we do it every minute of every day. We want something and depending on how much focus, time and energy we put into getting detemines if we do and and how quickly. The moments of doubt as we face a delay or obstacle can stop the process. The purity of our intent and our connection with the higher perspective for the greater good, determines the the outcome.

Where what is generally called the fall of humanity occurred is when one being believed that they could use the Creator given ability to manifest and create without being aligned to the Creators will. They believed that they alone knew what was needed. You see when we step out of alignment with Creator Source or Universal Intelligence, we leave the higher perspective which knows what will benefit all life. Then we are creating that which will benefit ourself and perhaps our family or group of associates. This can then create a win and loose situation. For you to get what you want another must loose something.

By this I mean, if you want a mercedes and you do not ask that it manifest for the highest good of all, perhaps your father has a mercedes and he dies leaving it to you. It might be that he was destined to pass at this time anyway and it was just a coincidence, or you may spend the rest of your life wondering if your wish contributed to his passing. Perhaps, you want a certain position in the company where you work and your visualize yourself in that position and the good person holding that position is suddenly terminated and it becomes yours. Had you in each instance asked for the highest good of all, you would know that your father passing was his time and the person in that position would have been promoted or found a better position elsewhere, or perhaps you would have been given an even better position or won the car in a giveaway.

This is why it is so important in our lives to put our spiritual development as a priority. In the Christian bible it says, “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness.” (Matt 6:22-23,) By the eye it means our vision and focus upon the Divine within us making us singular or One with the Creator and ALL LIFE. However, if we separate from the Divine within and seek without, then the focus is evil. Evil being the opposite of Live, or without eternal light and life. Instead we are focused upon what benefits the form in this instant in time.

Mindfulness is the key. Mindfulness is one of the steps of the 8 fold path of Buddhism. It teaches us to live in the moment, to be aware of our thougths, words and deeds. To reconnect and align to the Divine within and bring the spiritual into all that we do without creating judgments about it, but allowing the Divine into all aspects of our life. Mindfulness, reconnects us to align our hearts and minds. Thus, when we want to create it is done with ease and for the greatest good of all.

Like all things spiritual. If we practice mindfulness, and keep our eye singular upon the Divine in all Life, from a heart center we can change ourselves and bring light, love and abundance into the world.

Dr. Wayne Dyer would say,”When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.”

People naturally manifest, the key is to manifest a better world for all. Now, people are manifesting at the expense of others and thus the chaos in the world. It is time to purify our intent, to be aligned to benefit all and to learn to keep our Focus upon the Divine within each of us. Look for the Divine in yourself and others and you will find it.

May you be blessed with abundance in health, wealth, love, light and peace.

I Am Moriah Elohim

Where do we go from here?

The Best of Time and the Worst of Times

One truth is self evident, that in creation where we place our thoughts and intent is what will manifest in the world. We see it all daily in the news and on social media. The worst of times they say.

Yet on the flip side, we can see people rescuing abandoned animals and caring for them, helping those without homes, checking on the elderly, donating to help those need, volunteering to clean the highways and beaches. We see the sun rise and set, the mountains glimmer with snow, the ocean shimmer from the light reflecting upon it. You need to only look in the eyes of the innocent child or animal to know that purity, goodness and hope exist. This is the best of times.

Where we choose to focus our attention is what we will attract and create more of in this world. I am not saying that cruelty, fear, pain, war and violence do not exist or we should ignore them. I am saying be of service when you hear of this events and ask that the Gold, Silver and Violet Flame of Transformation be taken to those areas and events to clear the heavy energies so that the ones involved can have some breathing room to make changes. Ask that the Love and Light of the Creator, HOPE, fills the air, and in accordance with the highest good and free will be open to the minds and hearts of all people involved to find peace, joy, compassion and forgiveness in order to seek a better solution.

We cannot change the actions of others, but we can help to provide a clearer energy field in which they can make choices and take action. If we stop looking at events from a 3D perception of that is horrible and allowing our emotions to be taken down to the lower levels, we will no longer add energy to their situation. If we send in the Violet Flame or if you pray for intervention, whatever you feel more comfortable doing, we are then helping to create a less dense energy around them to make better choices. We are not feeding the lower energies with our worry and fear, but instead we see the possible solution. See them happy, safe, and healthy.

Always remember that the Beings of Light who serve the Creator/Universal Oneness cannot intervene unless we ask. Do not project your desired outcome upon the situation, for that can create karma for you. In our unascended state we do not know the whole situation and what is happening from a higher perspective, which is why it is best to ask the Beings of Light who serve the Creator to intervene. However, seeing the light and love within another, and seeing them healthy, safe and happy, helps them to see it within themselves.

We are not sending those energies at them, wanting to control their actions and thoughts, but simply having a vision of the them living a good life, instead of focusing on the bad. This again does not mean you can’t volunteer to help or send money for relief if you feel guided to do so for many can use the help and in the giving we open the door for more to flow through us to others and uplift our own energies and spirits.

You see we feel good when we help others because we are helping a part of ourselves that is in need.

So we have in our world of duality the best and worst of times. Where we go from here is where we choose to focus our intent and thoughts.

Personally, I choose the best of times.

I am Moriah Elohim

Spiritual Empowerment

True power is not physical strength but the Light within you.

Today much of what we see and read about in the media, even the video games are about physical power. Those who are the strongest are have the most money are the most powerful. This is the way in which we are educated so that we value those above honesty, truth, integrity, compassion and love.

The highest empowerment that we can possess comes not from without but from within us. The power of the world is but an illusion that fades with the passing of time or the physical form, but the empowerment of spirit, which brings us to enlightenment and unity last for infinity. To reconnect to the guidance of the Divine, our soul within us, connects us to the greatest power of creation and manifestation that exists. This ability to create benefits all life, not just a few. The guidance it brings to us allows us to move easily without the need to control another, or to take from or make another less, in order for us to manifest our vision.

As I was writing this, I was just reminder by spirit of the book called “The Dream Giver” by Bruce Wilkinson. It is a book about the path to freedom of fulfilling our Divine Mission which is a delightful, insightful and inspiriational tale. It is the journey of a man named Ordinary, who lives in a town called familiar, and how as he moves forth to pursue the Dream he was given, his family, friends and people he encounter all try to stop him.

When we connect to the Divine within us, we connect to the power to overcome the border bullies who would stop us, the fear, doubts and obstacles that come along our path. Just because we care Divinely guided doesn’t mean we won’t have trials and obstacles. However, when they happen as we turn within and meet them with love, and higher wisdom, instead of fear, doubt and a need to control from the ego, we will find we are able to move without more ease.

For as we desire something, our soul and the universe begin to gather what we need to manifest it. The ease, and quickness of the manifestation is based upon our integrity, intent, clarity of focus, and the purity and intensity of emotio that this manifestation will bring into our lives.

The connection to All is within us, and as we strengthen that connection and allow the Love, Wisdom, Truth, and Light of the Creator and Universal Mind to flow through us we connect to Infinite Power and possibility. This energy can then pour forth into the world for the betterment of all life.

Last night there was a program about the work being done by Michelle Obama, Melinda French Gates and Amal Clooney to bring the freedom of education and the pathway for young women to pursue their dreams and manifest them in the world. There are many countries where women are not allowed to get an education and they are trying to change this so that they may become all that they can dream. A key phrase I remember is that they are not empowering the girls, for we must empower ourselves, but that they are providing an opportunity for them to choose to do so.

Even in societies where we can get an education, whether male or female most of us have been programed into self doubt to keep us small. They spoke of self doubt, which is the biggest obstacle programmed into us which can stop us from pursuing and manifesting our dreams. Most societies are built upon a determined structure of living in order to exist in that society. It differs from country to country, and between ethnic, moral, spiritual and political ideologies. We are taugth by parents, teachers, media, and other beings of influence how to think and behave in order to live in our society.

For example in America, we have the American dream. This consists of a job, spouse, family, friends, home, food, car and some kind of pleasure pursuit. If you can click off these boxes you are a success, and the more of them and money you have the more successful you are for money gives you power. Often it doesn’t matter how you obtain the money, as long as you don’t get caught, you are considered a success.

The openess, freedom and joy to simply live in the moment and be at one with All life, is trained out of our children day by day. We learn how to behave to get rewards and not get punished. If we have a dream that seems outside of the box, we are taught to surpress it. If we think differently we are punished or laughed at and to be accepted we change our way of acting, thinking and speaking to fit the norm. We learn to doubt our inner guidance, and our dreams as being fantasy and unrealistic. Little by little the spark of spiritual joy dims in our lives. This doesn’t mean you had an unhappy life, just that there is a part of you that you have surpressed and learned to deny that could bring you infinite joy and possibilities.

Often it is when we reach our golden years, and have the free time to contemplate our lives and dreams we begin to remember. Remember the dream, the joy of anticipation that we had to put aside to live in the designated world of familiar. We might think, but what if I had pursued that dream. Well, it doesn’t matter now, for I am too old. Are you?

The Divine Plan has a way of adjusting itself according to the choices that the participants make in their life. If something is needed immediately, another person who is open and willing will be called forth to fulfill that part of the mission. If it is something that can wait, the plan will be adjusted accordingly. Perhaps that exact dream is no longer needed, or perhaps it is. However, there is always something that needs to be done to help to FREE and ENLIGHTEN the world. You need to free yourself, and make the connection wthin and offer your services. Then you will be shown if your dream is still alive or perhaps an even greater dream can be possible because you are wiser and have more time to dedicate yourself to manifesting the new or updated Dream.

The Dream Giver is always ready to welcome you home with love and open arms.

There is always much to be done for one with an open and willing heart and mind. Remember too as a parent or grandparent, you have the opportunity to help to your children and grandchildren to remain open and connected within their hearts with the Divine, so that they can be all that they came into life to be and to manifest their dream and to be of service to humanity.

When we choose to be a parent, that is a major role in helping to change the world by helping our loved ones to keep an open heart and mind connection to their inner light and guidance. You are guiding the future of humanity, are you doing it from a learned place of societal behavior or from a spiritual level.

True power to change ourselves and the world is within each of us. It is a flame of the Divine within our heart. We can connect to it, nurture it and feed it with love and light or allow the flame to get small, so small we forget it exists. Seek it out, go within, embrace it, and ask for it to guide you and fill you with Light and Love. Then share this Light and Love with others. You don’t need to speak it, just be it and visualize it moving outward into the world and they will feel it.

Your Dream is needed and the power to manifest it exists within you, no matter your age.

There is a scripture in the Christian Bible: Isaiah 11:6
“The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them.”

Why a little child? Because a child is pure of heart. They know not prejudice, fear, hatred, judgment or self doubt. These emotions are taught to them. A child cannot learn Love, compassion, honesty, integrity and truth in a home where it is not lived. Be the example for others, not just your children but the world. It isn’t a burden something you have to do or you will be punished. It is a gift of freedom to be all that you can be without limitations of the physical world systems, but to bring forth the Enlightened world.

In the abundance teachings of Eshter Hicks she uses the word satisfaction. We know within us that which is of the highest good for us because it brings us satisfaction and we don’t have fear, dount or trepidation regarding it. When we can align our thoughts and emotions to that which brings us satisfaction, by making choices that bring us to that feeling, we will find our ability to manifest and to feel empowered in our lives increases. When we find something satisfying and uplifting, we create an energy around us that attracts more. The universe wants us to be joyful and abundant so they help us in that attraction. When we get confused and have doubts, the energy and momentum falls back, until such time as we make a different choice or refocus our energy. The energy of Creation is LOVE. If we stay heart centered with our mind aligned to our heart, we are centered in the energy of creation. The strength of that emotion allows us to call forth that which is needed to manifest our dreams and desires.

Always be clear and aware of what you want and desire to manifest, for it may not be exactly what you expect if you are manifesting from ego instead of an inner connection to your truth and soul. For instance you may ask for more clients, and get so many that you have no free time, or perhaps the clients you get will be demanding and irritating.

Manifesting, Spiritual Mission and Dreams, Empowerment. If you always seek first the Light within to guide you, the course ahead will run more easily. It doesn’t mean you won’t have obstacles or choices, but you will have a true navigator to help you to follow the higher perspective and choices.

I wish for all people to find the path home to inner light and empowerment, which can help them to manifest the Dream given to them as part of their journey of service and enlightenment on Earth.

I am Marguerite


In order for there to be changes in the world it must begin by changes within ourselves.

Power and Sovereignty begin within.

In order for there to be changes in the world it must begin by changes within ourselves. All that we want and need in our lives and in the world comes first from a thought or desire within us upon which we focus our intent.

That which is manifest in our world came about as a result of individual and or collective desires. Sometimes it takes a group agreeing to something like creating a religion or forming a new country. An important factor is does it come from an ego based mind or a more unified loving perspective. For those which come from an ego based desire are ones which are limited by 3D existence.

However, we only have control over our own individual focus and desires. For manifestation begins with a thought or desire, upon which we focus our intent and energy until it manifests in our lives or we choose to stop focusing upon it. In that case it may still manifest but not in the same manner as we thought and desired or simply slip away.

The speed of manifestation in our life depends upon our feelings or belief about ourselves, our abilities and power to influence our life direction and our future. Many see power, control and manifestation/abundance to be desired and complementary abilities and or energies. Power and manifestation are complementary but are limited by our ego direction which has a control focus. If our ego is directing, then we are limited to a 3D focus of power and manifestation. If we are unity and universally focused through the heart we are in the unlimited power of abundance and manifestation.

Do you believe you are a victim of others or the world? Or are you the directing you life and actions?

Dr Wayne Dyer said,” When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.”

The way we look at things is our power of perception and manifestation. Power is a perception we have of ourselves, others and the world. Perception is a strong energy. If we view ourselves as powerless it will become our reality, for we will act and behave in a manner that reinforces this belief. If we recognize and believe we have the power to succeed and change our life we will begin to take actions that will manifest these changes in our life. Even in times of great despair and hopelessness the power to change that belief and move into our power exists within our hearts.

The power of one person cannot decrease the power of another unless they allow that to happen. You may think ,but what about someone that steals from another, abuses another, or any other negative action that hurts or limits another financially, mentally, emotionally or physically?

Unfortunately here in our 3D world bad things do happen and harm comes to ones who did not apparently deserve to suffer. It is sad, and a topic for discussion another time as to why this may happen, beyond the obvious exercise or misuse of power from one person or group forced upon another. However, now we are dealing with how we can make the changes on a personal level from being a victim to becoming a powerful sovereign Being.

We may suffer physically and financially and be unable to stop the ramifications to our physical form or finances, but power does not come from physical things like money or the body, not true unlimited power. One event, tragedy or set back in life doesn’t mean we are a failure or unlovable and valued person in this life. That power to overcome this belief comes from within us However, these physical or financial ramifications can only effect us long term on the mental, spiritual and emotional levels if we give them that power. Being a victim comes from long term acceptance that another has power over us, or can harm us and we have no ability to change that situation.

Money, physical harm, intimidation or any form of thought influence is only a tool that another may use to exert their 3D influence upon another. They do so that they may feel more powerful, but that is simply a lower vibration a limited energy that will end either during their lifetime or upon their death for an individual or upon the ending of a business, media source, or a political, financial and religious institution.

True power is not 3D in its source but begins within and comes from the non physical energy of creation and the key to connecting lies within the heart.

The key is that no matter the events that have happened to us so far in our lives, we always have the ability to turn within our heart and connect to the source of all Life, Love, Wisdom, Abundance, Truth, Power and Forgiveness. As we move into the heart and think of love, and ask to be given the wisdom, strength, love and power needed to make changes in your life. Then open to the love and let that energy move outward, listening to the feelings and thoughts of guidance which come to you helping you to make the changes needed. Think of the future you desire, and as long as it does not harm another living thing or person, you will be connected to the love and power of creation. This is the source of existence by whatever name you choose to call this limitless energy.

How do we change the world? We change ourselves to match the energy of love and creation which allows us to become powerful conduit of Creation that brings unlimited and eternal abundance to us and all life. One can be an agnostic and still understand the power of love, compassion and forgiveness.

A wise man once said: “If what you have been doing up until hasn’t worked, it never will”

To choose to take back our power by hurting , demeaning or stealing from another is still a part of the 3D limited victim consciousness. This only brings more of the same into an already chaotic world. It is time to change our focus and actions to be of a loving and unifying focus.

The energy of our intent and desires will manifest because that is part of the universal laws of creation. The creational energy follows thought. However, whether this is a limitless energy of eternal existence or limited to 3D physical laws is based upon our inner intent and desires.

Once we tap into the heart and love within we can begin to love ourselves and others. To see ourselves as truly worthy and strong people who feel confident and able to do anything. We can let go of the pain inflicted by others because they no longer have any power over us. For as long as we focus upon the pain and anger of the hurt they inflicted, they have power over us. We are able to become the conduit of a higher power and grace which transforms us and the world in which we live.

Others will begin to see the change and possibilities in you and seek to understand and know more. Then you can help them to make the same connection to the energy of creation and the power of abundance, wisdom, love, truth and compassion.

This begins the change in the world we want to see and it began with your choice to change.

Our source of abundance isn’t our job, another person, or an institution. Our abundance comes from our connection with Universal Oneness and Creation for it is TRULY unlimited. You will find yourself inspired by that which brings you joy, good health and abundance sufficient to help others begin along their path. Ones may need a helping hand which you can give on the physical level from your abundance in order to be able to move beyond their focus upon on their lack and pain. So that they may look without and see the Light and Love you shine as a conduit of creation, and want to learn the secret.

We can feed a person for a day, but better to teach them how to fish, for then they have the abundance of food throughout their lives.

The choice to be a free, loving, abundant and powerfully sovereign Being is yours. However, in making that choice you are opening the door for not only yourself, but others to transform and change the world.