U.A.P. – U.F.O.

I have addressed the topic of Aliens and UAP or UFO’s before.

However, there were a couple of issues that came up that need to be understood at this time.

Ones have said,”If they are a threat why have they not destroyed us already or came down to sieze control?”

Even as they are all more advanced than we are with technology, there are some who are no more advanced spiritually than we are. They are the ones like ourselves who have been moved into this area of the Universe in order to allow the areas which have advanced spiritually to remain clear and able to live in peace and unity. The less evolved spiritually ‘aliens’ are monitored by the Galactic Federation of Light who serve the Creator. They are not allowed to do certain things unless we give them permission. Once permission is granted, unless we ask for help from the Legions of Light who serve the Creator, they must watch what happens and wait.

One example is alien abduction. It is said there were agreements made between these lower aliens and certain governments to allow this with humans and allow animal mutilations. However, one caveat is, if a person calls upon the Creator and Legions of Light and states they revoke any agreements or contracts agreeing to this, intervention will come for them.

Lower spiritual level ‘aliens’ move in more physical space craft, much like our governments have developed based on the technology they shared from the agreements made. My advise is to be wary of any physical crafts, and to revoke any agreements for abduction and ask for HELP from the Creator and Legions of Light to protect you and stop them.

Some say they have helped us to develop genetically. It is not these lower spiritual ‘aliens’ who have helped us develop as souls. When the fallen energy beings came to Earth long ago and began manipulating the genetics of humanoid species to serve them, it was decided by the Legions of Light to prepare us to embody our own soul and to begin to take sovereignty over our form and the world.

It was the Legions of Light who work within the Galactic Federation of Light under the direction of the Creator’s Archangelic Orders in cooperation with spiritually advanced representative from Ascended areas of the Universe who prepared us to become ensouled beings. They do not abduct against our will and/or mutilate animals. They are Beings of Honor. This is where protection and discernment are so important.

Unfortunately, the pull of the fallen energies has been strong upon the Earth and we became caught up in our self will choices and have been slow to grow spiritually. We have allowed the fallen ones to control much of what happens upon the earth instead of being the Guardians we were meant to be of Earth, animals and life here on Earth.

The Higher Spiritual Species come forth in ‘Ultraterrestrial Vehicles of Light’. These are Merkabah vehciles of Light which are living vehicles. Ones can come in group vehicles and or individual vehicles of light. When you see ones , like on the program “Ancient Aliens”, discussing circles around Beings in ancient paintings, these are not representing physical space craft as they assume. The images are depicting the ‘vehicle of light’ that surrounds them which is a result of their Ascension process. For when we are free of the lower energies, in our Ascension process, we begin activating the light within us in connection to our Divine I AM Presence. This vehicle is rotating light which allows us to move through time, space and dimensions without the need of a physical vehicle. It operates by our thoughts. It is called a Merkaba and you can find much information upon the internet. A group of Ascended beings can come together and merge their merkaba fields to create larger vehicles. These beings protect us as they are allowed within the parameters of our non interference with personal free will choices.

Are we being prepared to move into the light. Those abducting people are most likely doing so for the purpose of their own evolutionary process. They are not honoring your personal will, unless you like it and agree to it. They are not honoring the animals by mutilating them. I would not connect with anyone that does not honor my personal will and sovereignty. However, we each have the right and it may be something to which you readily agreed and/ or enjoy, and that is your choice.

My part is to share the caveat emptor to clear up a few misconceptions and help ones who don’t want this to happen to know there are other choices.

It is your right to connect with all of them. We have free will. I just always, personally, seek the highest perspective and light. I am not judging those who seek contact with them, for we are all learning, exploring and experiencing during our lives. There is not us and them, for me, it is simply knowing that when I no longer need or allow another to control my choices and perspective but choose the highest spiritually that comes from love and unity, the duality disappears and is not part of my reality. I shift from duality into Unity. For each of us who makes this choice, we uplift the veils and energies on earth, to allow others to open to the higher light, love and perspective.

My goal is to be free of all of this chaos, judgment, hatred, anger, fear, war and control present on Earth and experience joy, peace, love, and happiness. I wish that all could live as such and enjoy the beauty of Earth in its highest state. We are being given so much energy to help us to be free if we place our attention in this direction, that my part is to help you know it is available if you choose. If not may you find what you are seeking in this life and find joy in it.

If you seek freedom, take back your authority, your sovereignty and seek the highest which brings unity not separation, chaos and violence. Move into your heart and seek the Divine within you, not the ones outside of you because they may appear to have more technological ability.

It was said the final temptation is whether ones will choose technology over the light. That is what happened before on planest like Maldek and Mars and they ended in destruction. They came here in hopes they would make better choices, and advance spiritually. The answer is not finding a way to move into space and leaving earth which we have polluted, but to move into the Divine within and transform ourselves, and the planet. If we do this there are multitudes of Light Beings waiting to help us.

JUST ASK for the highest Light and Love of the Creator to be with you and show you the way – do this from your heart and feel it awaken.

P.S. A time is coming when the Earth (Lady Gaia) will be totally ascended. If one desires to stay in the lower energies, they will not move into this higher spiritual state with her. Lady Gaia and the Legions of Light are bringing so much transcendent Love and Light to earth to help us, I pray for all to seek the to know and become.

I Am Moriah Elohim