Love and Live or Fear and Evil

Fear is the absence of Love not the opposite. This is a key.

The ego was created to be a link between the soul and our physical form. The ego was designed to respond to that which was a threat to the physical form, the fight and flight respond to keep us safe and to perform the daily tasks and calculations of everyday life. It was meant to serve the soul not attempt to control our lives.

Most people, even the wealthy would probably not say the feel safe and trust everyone, especially in today’s world. When we are able to walk in Unity consciousness with our soul and I Am Presence, we know we are safe. I personally have known all of my life that I was safe. I have felt the presence of Archangel Michael with me and keeping me safe, at many times in my life.

When we return to our original state of Oneness with the Creator Source, we are alive, LIVING as Infinite Beings of Light. When we choose to continue in the state of Ego directed Self Will choices we are the opposite of Alive, and are instead existing in a state of chaos, and limits, which some might call evil.

That which we consider evil is the result of these ego driven self will choices not aligned to the Divine which create fear, hate, anger,control and chaos. Within the creational matrix of earth is that which we term mass consciousness. This is a band of energy where all the thoughts and actions of humanity are stored. As we are sending forth the lower energies of self will into the band of mass consciousness, this so called energy of evil builds.

What happens is that we are connected upon birth to this band of energy for it is the agreed upon energies which create that which exists upon Earth that we experience. You see we not only create our own personal experiences by our thoughts and actions, but the experiences of all life. The fallen energies increase in intensity, making it harder to break free. We create more and more karmic energies which need to be cleared and balanced.

The opposite is true for each person who is able to focus upon the Divine Light and Love of the Creator and to ascend and set ourselves free from bondage and reconnect to the Infinite. When each person brings in more Light and Love and send it forth into the mass consciousness, it helps to lift the fallen energies, and make it easier for others. This is our responsibility as Children of the Creator and caretakers of earth.

Within the creational matrix of Earth is a crystalline cave which contains a crystal which records each individuals lifetimes and ones which hold the collective consciousness. Upon leaving the earth plane in death, we return to the spiritual world and leave within our crystal the sum of our life experience, awaiting our return to earth to balance any karmic energy or to help us in our growth, and contributing to the creational consciousness matrix of the Earth, even when not embodied upon the Earth.

All life is one within and from the Creator Source. The same is true upon the creational plane of earth, all is one, we just think we are separate. When we return to conscious unity within the form with the Creator, we begin life eternal upon the earth. Our soul lives eternally upon death, but we can overcome the limits of the form and experience the Divine life through choice, or continue to experience, physical existence and then death, with the challenges and fears it brings.

As always the choice is yours.

I Am Mareya Shimayah Elohim

Author: Moriah Elohim

I am a facilitator of transcendent light , love and wisdom. My work is to help you to clear misqualified energies and old belief systems, in order that you may transform them. Thus, helping you to be Free to step into your Ascended state.

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