Why am I here?

The details of why each of us has embodied upon the earth are slightly different. Some have come for karmic resolution from prior lives on earth. Some have come to Ascend in consciousness and be of service. Some have come because they want power and control over others. Some have come to help others along their path to balance their karma and be free as a tester or guide.

No matter what your reason for being on earth at this time may be, ultimately we are all seeking Ascension and to be of service as our final goal.

My mission in this life is to complete my Ascension and be of Service. So there are periods of time when I am not sharing, but hopefully this will be less frequent as I am dedicated to sharing and helping facilitate others to claim their highest Being.

Although I will share information helpful to all stages of our pathways, at this time in my process, what is most urgent to share is that which can help one to focus upon their ascension path and to integrate thei spiritual process into their daily physical lives.

So, if it seems at times that I am repeating or concentrating on certain topics or areas of growth that may not seem pertinent to you, know that we are all exactly where we choose to be, and some are farther along the path than others. It doesn’t make them better or lesser, just at different signposts along the road.

A person who is almost ready to ascend, may have what seems like a very basic lesson to learn, that they have no previously completed. You may be one who is ready to ascend, but have little time for spiritual focus due to your children and busy life. This means you have chosen in this life to teach and help your children to be the best person they can be, a very noble path. You may find the time after they have left the nest to complete your process.

We don’t know the path of another, and what is right for them. We can only do that which we need as an individual. Meet each challenge we face, with compassion, love and undertanding for ourselves and all involved, asking to be shown the highest perspective. Attempt and ask for help to be mindful of our thoughts, words and actions, that they are not judgmental, controlling or harmful to others. When out of balance or upset, focus upon your heart and breath deeply to find balance. If you see another in need whether human or non human do what you can to help. Feel love, send love and let the love within you shine.


I Am Moriah Elohim

Author: Moriah Elohim

I am a facilitator of transcendent light , love and wisdom. My work is to help you to clear misqualified energies and old belief systems, in order that you may transform them. Thus, helping you to be Free to step into your Ascended state.

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