When we look at the world and the conflict around us, the first thought of some will be the battle between good and evil. However, that is not the essence of the conflict between Truth and non truth or relative truth. This battle exists within our human mind and we will not see it in nature. Nature battles for food and the right to exist not over beliefts. Relative truth is based upon our beliefs, experiences, learned morals and values, plus our desires and wishes to succeed over others and be in power or control. Truth which is a law of Creation based on the Essence of the Creator is not what we experience in our minds and belief systems.

Thus the conflice as our relative truth is believed to be that which is right and good and all other beliefs and truth are evil.

That which we experience as life is what we have created based upon our point of view, beliefs, experiences,opinions and processed information. We feel the need to justify our beliefs, for if they are not true then what do we do, we fear our world will collapse. I like the analogy of the matrix, a program established with parameters which control our lives , a reality program, into which we incarnate. Depending on our location upon the planet, and our birth circumstances, we are told by the parameters in that area and those who influence our lives what to think, do, believe and say.

Due to the fact that we are within a planetary creational matrix, all of the belief systems come together creating mass consciousness. Often they clash which can create a helllish program of chaos based upon our frame of mind and perception of existence. If we have the need to defend our story, our system, then we clash and battle with others. If we find we can view if from a higher perspective of realization that everyone is here to work out their karmic situations, and have the right to their beliefs until they are ready to seek something else, than we can sit back and enjoy the show and beauty of this planet.

Lies not Truth currently rule our planet, causing control issues, clashes and judgments. This begins in our minds and our willingness to believe in that which is not Divine Truth. Truth is found within our hearts, not outside of us somewhere. We can read or hear a Divine Truth, but we may not recognize it if we are not reading and/or listening with our hearts. Divine Truth is something which we experience from within. It is hard to put Divine Truth into words, for once we attempt, unless we are pure of heart and mind, it will be influenced by some degree with our personal beliefs and experiences.

One of the hardest focus in life comes with Truth and is part of staying outside of conflict – it is called Innocent Perception. I first learned of this in a book by Glenda Green, “Love without End”. In this book Jesus comes to her to have a portrait painted and shares wisdom with her. He speaks of Innocent perception as the awareness to see life as it exists, without a story about what you are seeing, but exactly as it is appearing. For example, you look and see a tree which is a hollow with burn marks, immediately you apply a story, that it must have been in a fire or hit by lightning, instead of simply looking at the tree. Another example is we see a man, sitting on a corner with ragged clothes and a cup with a sign asking for help, perhaps he has a dog as a companion. Our mind may say, he is lazy, he might be crazy, how can he afford a dog if he has to beg, let him get a job, etc. Instead of seeing someone, who has a friend who together they find comfort in this world, and who is in need. If one has and can share is it not right to do so. Is the judgment not in the one in need from us, but in our actions of compassion and caring?

If they are a trickster, then let the Divine karmic energy make judgment upon how they utilize that which we share. If you don’t want to help, then do not do so, not because you judge them as unworthy, but that you do not wish or cannot share with another, that is your story, you have created to justify your choice. You have the right to make that choice, you don’t have the right to judge another. We do not know the reason or story, and anything we create is a justification if we do not sit with them and talk to them, to find out the truth of their circumstance.

Awareness and innocent perception, if we can instead of creating a story or attempting to justify our thoughts and action, instead simply look at a person or situation with an open heart and ask to be shown the higher perspective and Truth. Practice this action until it becomes a habit. Then we no longer have to justify ourselves, or judge anothers actions, we simply exist in the moment in love, awareness and truth, allowing others their space to be and grow in their own timing.

When we are in the heart, in love, we are safe and don’t have to fear others. The love within us as we connect with the Creator within is our protection. Love from another is nice, but it is the Love of the Creator which transforms us.

Pray for Truth

Beloved Creator I ask that you open my eyes, my heart, and my mind to Truth. Let me see with Innocent Perception and Awareness the way things truly are and not what I want to see. Help me to see with a higher perception and to hear with my heart and not my mind, so that I do not believe in the lies which try to control me and keep me from knowing the Divine Truth and Being Divine Love and Light in this world. Let me see with Eyes of Love you Light within all Life not just human but the Earth, the plants, the animals. You are the Source of All Life and we live within you, may we find Peace and Seek to create Heaven on Earth.

Let conflict end within me and let love bring Peace upon the Earth.

I Am Moriah Elohim

Author: Moriah Elohim

I am a facilitator of transcendent light , love and wisdom. My work is to help you to clear misqualified energies and old belief systems, in order that you may transform them. Thus, helping you to be Free to step into your Ascended state.

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