The pain of being empathic.

Today when I checked out facebook there was one post about empaths which said it perfectly. It had an image of Johnny Depp as the pirate running away from people and the caption was something about, ” Why was I born into this world?” and the next image was him running back,” I was born to help others and to bring light into the world.”

It is really hard to be empathic, for you feel the pain of others so srongly. Man’s inhumanity to man, nature, and animals. It can be so overwhelming sometimes, that we do want to run away and either leave th earth or move into a retreat somewhere far from other people. Yet, we also feel the strong calling of our soul and the work that we agreed to do to help others to be free of the control of negative mass consciousness and the ego.

I see images of animals having been abused and abandoned. Wars and the horrible ramifications upon the innocent humans and animals, and my heart breaks. I see people threatening each other over political issues. I work daily to send love and light into the world and at times it feels as if it has no impact, yet I know it is helping for light always transforms the darkness.

I cannot make the choice for another to let go of the dark thoughts of separation, judgment, pain, fear and hurt, but I can send the light and Violet Flame to surround them and clear the energies along their path, so that they have a chance of feeling the light, asking it in and making a choice to live from a higher more loving perspective. So, in those moments when the pain of feeling others hurt and wanting to run away. I turn back and send the Light in hopes that someone out there will be able to break free.

We can all do this and that is why we came here. We came to free not just ourselves but humanity so the world can be transformed. If each day we would just take a few minutes less than 5 and ask that Archangel Zadkiel would bring the Violet Flame into our life and set us free, and to bring it through us into the earth, the water, the air and any situation, location or around any person in need, so that all can be free. It will make a difference.

Thank you for listening. Don’t make political choices more important than the lives of animals, people and all living things on Earth.