I don’t Understand


I understand on a spiritual level that I can’t make another believe and understand truth in the same way that I do, for the Creator has given us each the right to choose our path. Even the Creator due to this gift of choice cannot interfere in our lives nor can the myriad of Beings of Light that serve the Creator without us giving our consent or asking for help.

Yet, even in this knowing there is so much in the world that emotionally, mentally and spiritually I don’t understand. Intellectually, living on earth I have learned that many have beliefs and make choices due to their life experiences, societal belief and political systems training regarding choices and actions. It is easier for many to simply follow the guidelines even if they feel it is not aligned to their inner spiritual or emotional state. However, we each have right to make choices and change direction to do what we feel is right, versus what we have been told is right.

For me, I don’t understand how war and violence are ever a solution. They only lead to more war and violence. It requires a chance of focus on what is important and a choice to choose peace not war and violence. FEAR – which is the source of much violence is the ABSENCE of LOVE. Love is the essence of Creation – so when we are using war and violence we are not aligned to the essence of Creation. Think about it.

I don’t understand spiritually about how much money is spent on many things that could be utilized to help to alleviate the pain, hunger, and disease in the world. All who earn money have the right to spend it as they wish, but a reminder is that one day they will have to face the balancing of that choice. The world was created to produce sufficient resources to meet the needs of all life. It is the reallocation of resources to benefit the few instead of the whole which has created the lack.

I don’t how people can abuse others humans, animals and nature. The right of industry to succeed in polluting the earth, which is our home and source of all that we need to survive. I don’t understand destroying the trees that provide air for us, and homes for animals without concern. I don’t understand the polluting of the water, that all life needs to survive. I don’t understand how abuse and violence. These are all choices made without regard to others and the future.

I don’t understand how these choice can bring happiness and joy to those who make them. I cannot nor do I have the right to try to force anyone to make better choices. They will have to balance the scales of their choices at some point in time.

Change must always being within us. I can seek the highest wisdom, truth, love and compassion of the Creator in my life. To balance all the scales of my life and to transform that which is mis-qualified energy back into Light. To become a pure vessel of the Light and Love of the Creator.

I can call upon the Creator and the ones who serve the Creator to come and bring the Violet Flame/Fire of the Creator into my physical form and life as well as any place or situation or send to any person on the earth. The Violet Flame is a gift of great power which has been returned to the earth in the last century due to the intervention of St Germain, Archangel Michael, Archangel Zadkiel and Archangel Amethyst. Because of of its abuse during the time of Atlantis it was withdrawn. St Germain pledged his spiritual energy to be allowed to bring it back to us.

The Violet Flame is just that a flame of violet color. When we call it forth, we ask for it to move throughout our form at the subatomic level. As it is within us see it moving freely. It will transmute the energy between our electrons removing all mis-qualified energy and disease. This allows the energy to flow freely that has been blocked. Then call upon the Creator and/or the Beings of Light who serve the Creator to fill us with the Golden, Silver and White Light of the Creator to fill the spaces transformed. Let the heart open and the Light of The Creator shine through you.

We cannot make another change, but we can visualize and ask the Creator and Beings of Light to send this energy into any situation to transform the energies in the area in accordance to the Will of the Creator. This will allow people or animals, to accept them into their being by their own choice, but in removing them from the area they will have a easier time in opening to them and accessing them, to hopefully make a higher choice. You can then ask the Light Beings to bring in Love and Light for them to access.

I don’t understand the choices of others, but I can do something about the choices I make and the energy I put forth into the world. I can make a call to the Creator and Light Beings who serve the Creator to clear the energies in a situation to help others in making it easier for them to access better choices and to make them.

There are planets in the Universe who by the people around the planet accessing and using the Violet Flame/Fire and calling on the help of the Creator and Light Beings transformed and freed their planets. They utilized it in all areas of their lives, not just the physical form, but to clear the air, the water, the land, the political systems, industry, spiritual and monetary systems, the production or food and animal husbandry. Whatever area, you see needs help, call upon the Violet Fire and the Creator to help.

” When we change the way we look at things. The things we look at change.”Dr Wayne Dyer