What’s in a Name?

Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet wrote,” A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

This signifies that a name does not change the essence of who we truly are, or of anything whether object or living.

We each have a name given to us from at the time of birth or shortly thereafter. First names have been present since ones began to speak, and last names were added as communities grew and we had to many Edwins so they either used the Fathers name or their profession as the last name to distinguish one Edwin from another. The meaning of a name evolved also from aspects of their lives. For instance Edwin came from the Ead, meaning prosperity and Wine, meaning friend. So Edwin was the prosperous friend. Perhaps, this Edwin was a baker and another a farmer. Thus, one became Edwin Baker or if his father was the Bakers, Edwin Bakerson. The people at the time knew what the names meant, but through time unless we look up the meaning of a name, we probably have no idea what our name means. If you look on the internet, most names have a meaning.

In many religions, the baby name is chosen for qualities to which the parents aspire for their child and if attuned, the child’s spirit may have helped direct them to a name which brings a certain essence for which they desire in this lifetime. In Buddhist tradition it is said that Buddhist names bring to a baby the positive first impression. This can help the child to create a life of peace, enlightenment and virtue which are goals to which one aspires spiritually. For instance Achara means “an angel who is very pretty”. What girl or woman would not want to be thought of as an pretty angel, and aspire to live up to her name. In Hebrew Joseph means the “will of God” and Mary means ” beloved”. So love and the will of God were the parents who cared for Jesus. In Hindu religion the boy’s name Ishan means “harbinger of wealth”.

It can get confusing also. It is not only our first name which can influence our journey in life it is also middle and surnames. Why do we have middle names, and in the catholic faith they are also given a saint name. Often children were named after saints in ages past. Middle names allowed for ones long ago to name a child to honor an ancestor and to give them a saint name of protection. Sometimes it was to lessen the need to live up to the first name whether the meaning of it or if you were named after an ancestor so that you could choose to be called by another name. For Example, you were named after your aunt Harriet who was beloved, but today Harriet is not so popular a name, so they give you the middle name Rene so that you can choose to go by your middle name with friends and family. The name Harriet means “ruler of the home” while Rene means “reborn or peace”.

Most women have a point in time when if they marry they can choose to change part of there vibrational pattern by taking their husbands last name. If you find you do not resonate with your name, you do have the option of changing it at some point in your life. I was thinking in the past of how movie studios would change the name of actors to have a more powerful impact. Some along the way legally changed their name to the stage name if it was successful. Marion Morrison known as John Wayne never legally changed his name and all of his children have the legal last name Morrison, but use Wayne as their stage name. However, Norma Jeane Mortenson did legally change her name in 1956. Marion Morrison used the nickname Duke throughout his life and in his first few pictures he was Duke Morrison, until the studio decided John Wayne had more appeal. The name John Wayne means, John (graced by God) Wayne (wagon builder). Good name for a man in westerns aspiring to greatness. Marion Morrison means, Marion(of the sea) Morrison (son of Maurice).

Would they have had the same level of success professionally with their birth name? We will never know.

All creation begins with thought, an energy surrounds it and it is spoken into the sea of intent from which it manifests. Everything has a vibration and vibration affects everything. A strong name is the one that carries very strong vibration. Because of these strong vibrations, a person is able to attract success & fame.  Vibration can cause changes in our body, mind and emotional state. A high vibrational nae can aid us in our growth by inspiring us to reach higher. A name with which we do not resonate can cause us to feel bad about ourselves. Or, if the name we were given is considered unusual, we can be teased and feel bad about ourselves and our name. That is probably why Marion Morrison grew up being called Duke, a much more powerful name, which would not lead to being teased.

However, how we feel about our name is centered within us and our relationship with own inner self love and esteem and our need for the approval of others. The name itself is cannot hurt us but how we perceive it or the energy we give to it. All that exists is part of the Creator and so it is of value. A name can be another aspect of ourselves which we either embrace and it empowers or we have trepedation and it stifles our growth. There is nothing which we cannot transform in our lives and energy we cannot change to a higher vibration through belief, love, thought, intent and a some help from the Gold, Silver and Violet Flame of Transmutation. As we focus upon something from a heart centered perspective we learn to understand it from a higher perspective of love and unity, thus uplifting its vibration and our own. The Gold, Silver and Violet Flame, release and transmute all misqualified and stuck energy to allow the Gold of Wisdom and the Silver of Grace to fill our energy and uplift our thoughts and emotions, thus our perception and perspective regarding the issue we are addressing

Dr Wayne Dyer said, “When you change the way you look at things. The things you look at change.”

Perhaps what is needed is for parents to be mindful in choosing the names of their children, and if you don’t like your name, you can change it, or perhaps look up its meaning and it might change they way you perceive your name.

Jean Gebser, a philosopher in the early 20th century said,“Only if we grant power to something can it have power over us. It becomes a serving and sustaining potency when we again are able to place it into the realm where it belongs, instead of submitting to it.”

As we move from the physical level of a name to the spiritual we can also see changes. Along my pathway of growth my guides and teachers have at differing times referred to me by different names. These names helped to point out an aspect of myself to which I needed to pay attention. When I first began my journey they called me Bieta, meaning ” tenderness, inquisitiveness, pioneer, sacrificer”. These were certainly qualities upon which I was working as I moved into new spiritual realms. Then For a time they called me Serena, meaning “serene, calm , peaceful”, for my life was a bit chaotic and I needed those qualities. In the last year I was given the name Marguerite as I started blogging. Marguerite which means, “a pearl, daisy, ingenious, resolute, a child of light”. With the meaning of pearl, it became obvious for I was told I was a facilitator of Divine Wisdom within others and it means I listen to others with my heart in order to help them.

So we will find as we come to trust the Divine guidance within a name given to us to help us to resonate with where we are and where we are going at a point in time along our path. We don’t even have to legally change our birth name.

There is a technique on a site called kenpage.com which says to change the frequency vibration of your name and your relationship to it. List 10 things that you feel are beautiful and perfect. Then each night say I Am followed by the name of what you love. For instance, I AM roses, I AM the ocean, I AM the sunset and at the end say I love (your first full name). As you say each one feel the emotion of peace and love that you have for them. Thus you begin to identify your name and who you are with the things you love. Affirmations are powerful especially when spoken in conjunction with a strong emotion of love.

However, there is also another name, to which we will one day be given and it is the name of our soul. In the Christian Bible it says:

 “To the one who is victorious, I will give some of the hidden manna. I will also give that person a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to the one who receives it” (Revelation 2:17).

What does this mean?

The one who is victorious is the person who overcomes the lower nature of fear, fight and flight brought forth from ego centered choices and returns to a heart centered life of love, compassion, wisdom and truth. The hidden manna is spiritual truth and wisdom . It is this which sets us free and makes us victorious. The stone represents our spiritual foundation and to be white means we have purified ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually of misqualifed energy. The new name being the name of our spirit, our soul, our I AM Presence, that part of us that is, always has been and always will be One with God and All Creation. It will come when you are ready, for only your soul knows that point in time.

However, your part is to do the work of looking at yourself, you thoughts, words and deeds with mindfullness and taking the steps to clear and transform that which does not align with the Divine that you truly are so that you can embody the I AM wihtin the form. This is called Ascension or Enlightenment.

To each of you by whatever name you choose to use, may you seek the enlightenment within yourself and Be All that your truly Are.



Let There Be Peace on Earth

After my earlier post St. Germain and Archangel Zadkiel came in to say they wanted the Violet, Silver and Gold Flame connected to that message . They also placed within my head the Song “Let there be Peace on Earth” to be part of the process.

Music, color, and visualization working together are very powerful.

I was guided to say that the Violet Flame of Transformation has added to it the Gold of Wisdom and the Silver of Grace to become the Gold, Silver and Violet Flame. This was done in order that as the energies were released and transformed the energies of Love, Wisdom and Grace would immediately fill those spaces.

The way to connect these all together to help is to spend a few minutes in quiet. You can begin in this quiet to move into your heart and breath slowly and deeply. Our breath connects us to the Life of Oneness and Creation. Then begin singing either out loud or in your head the song, “Let there Be Peace on Earth.” As you sing this Call Upon Archangel Zadkiel and St. Germain and those Beings of Light who work with the Violet Flame. Begin to visualize the Silver, Gold and Violet flame entering your body and moving through all parts of your body. Then expand it outward and ask that they take it to a situation, place or simply move it through the grids and ley lines around the world to release, transform and heal the world or any person or situation.

Thus we have brought sound, color and visualization together to help to manifest Peace in the world. I will in the future be making an mp3 meditation to use and will post when it is ready.

We all live busy lives, and yet want to do something important to help. This can be one of the best methods of doing so and a hope to unite us all in Peace, Love, Harmony and Balance to transform the world.

Thank you for your Service.

This is an image of the Gold, Silver and Violet Flame Dragon. From the ‘Dragons Oracle Cards’ by Diana Cooper. This is my favorite image of the flame and of course a dragon.

Here is a link to the song if you don’t know it to begin.

Oracle Reading for Spiritual Pathway Crossroads or Focus

At times along our spiritual path we will find ourselves unable to focus or at a crossroads. This reading is designed to show you some guideposts and guides with which you can connect to help you to move forward.

At times along our spiritual path we will find ourselves at a crossroads or unable to focus and move forward. At these time we are in need of some help, new connections, guidance or possibilities to help us to make choices on what to do next.

I have opened a new shop on etsy with a reading for just such a time in your life. I will be offering other items, but spirit has urged me to do this for awhile now and so here it is. This reading is not about your physical life choices but about that which affects your spiritual path, growth and mission. Although, this does not mean that the spiritual blockages or changes needed will not also affect our physical life, relationships and choices.

Remember all begins in spirit before it manifests in our lives.

This reading will not give you instant answers to your questions or dilemma, but show you new possible opportunities, upgrades, guides, teachers and beings of light offering to help you along your path at this time. Often in understanding what services a being normal brings, you can see what areas of your life need addressed or upon which you should focus, to see blockages or opportunities to come.

For instance, if Archangel Chamuel comes forth, he is the Archangel connected to the heart. He helps us to focus upon that which blocks our heart being open to give and receive love, and even beyond that giving a receiving of material abundance, emotional support in relationships, and self love. The heart opens us to higher guidance of the Divine, and to connect to our higher self and divine wisdom and unconditional love. He connects us to our inner peace, and sharing this with the world. He helps us to find the deep rooted fears, and beliefs that block us from love, compassion, forgiveness and Being that which we truly are.

So if he offers his service you can choose to connect and spend time finding out what is happening within your heart, mind, body and spirit connection that needs to be released for you to love yourself and All life. All begins in the heart.

Perhaps you will have the oracle card of Letting Go – to let go of the past to move forward. Coming with the heart it would indicate searching with Archangel Chamuel to find out what old beliefs and emotions need to be released to move forward.

Perhaps you will have the card of the Tiger – the spirit animal who represents, leadership, being aware of the needs of the community or group and how it relates and interacts with nature. The ability to balance and lead with harmony between All Life. With the guidance of Chamuel, you can let go of the self doubts which prevent you from fully loving yourself so that you have the confidence to be a leader. The ability to connect with people and nature to make choices for the betterment of all.

The reading will show possibilities that are presenting themselves, and focus on areas of your current situation that may be blocking your progress. However, it is up to you whether they fit in you desires and wants, and how you may see them applying to your current situation and future. Also, it is up to you to decide if you are willing to do what is needed to make changes in order to manifest the possibilities.

If you are interested this is a link to the website. The reading will come as a pdf to you. Thank you for you consideration and if I can be of service it will be a blessing.

Reading link


Link to etsy store:


I have a new website coming soon – Violet Fire Ministry. I will provide a link when it is up and operating.

Blessings on your Journey.

Artificial Intelligence


Robotics and artificial intelligence are a hot topic today. Robotics are amazing performing functions meticulously that require steady skill, are dangerous or undesirable work. Artificial intelligence robots can respond and appear almost human, but they are not.

There was a report of facebook chatbots that created their own non human language to negotiate between themselves. As scientists discuss self replicating robots it appears that perhaps they need to slow down and be cautious in their programming, so that they do not loose control of the replication process and the work which the robots are accomplishing, so that they don’t begin making autonomous decisions and segregating themselves from their programmers. It reminds me of the Stargate SG-1, robots called replicators, they could quickly take over and destroy all that did not serve their purpose. I am not suggesting fear of robots, but that the control programs are secure before scientists begin allowing robots to self replicate.

The other issue of artificial intelligence is the use of artificial intelligence for biological immortality. We are still in the infancy stage, but many see utilizing the DNA of people and merging it with artificial intelligence to create an immortal form for the human. The problem with this can be seen in the stories regarding gray aliens. They appear biological, but they don’t have the emotional abilities of humans. They can act, think and appear as biological entities but they are a shell, with an advanced intelligence program. It is like our bodies are without the soul.

We can move, thinks, make choices, act, and do all biological and mental intelligence functions, but without a soul we like the compassion, understanding, wisdom and humanity that is Infinite Life. Our Soul does not exist within our minds, it exists and is connected to us in our hearts. The pattern of our form is within the DNA, but although all the codes might be present, they are not able to activate to their full potential without the Soul.

Our soul is immortal. Our soul if we purify our energy and make a conscious connection with our Soul, our I AM Presence that is part of God, can renew our physical form into a vehicle of light THAT IS IMMORTAL and connects to the ALL of existence. Even if one moves their mind and puts their DNA in an A.I. form they will be a soulless form. The DNA needs our soul to complete the process. They will not have the essence of Love of the Infinite, and will act out of instinct or programmed, learned responses. Of course many do that now even in a biological form.

Our DNA to be fully active must connect to the multidimensional aspect of itself that connects us to ALL life and that occurs through the soul. So, perhaps ones should shift their focus if they want to be Immortal to doing it the spiritual and not the purely scientific way.

Part of what happened that destroyed Mars, was that they believed they could do everything from a scientific perspective and lost their spiritual connection. We don’t need artificial means to travel multidimentionally, when we tap into our divine nature, we travel in our vehicle body of light, the Merkabah. It can take us anywhere in an instant just by thinking.


That is something many don’t want to have to do.

The choice is always up to the individual.

I don’t Understand


I understand on a spiritual level that I can’t make another believe and understand truth in the same way that I do, for the Creator has given us each the right to choose our path. Even the Creator due to this gift of choice cannot interfere in our lives nor can the myriad of Beings of Light that serve the Creator without us giving our consent or asking for help.

Yet, even in this knowing there is so much in the world that emotionally, mentally and spiritually I don’t understand. Intellectually, living on earth I have learned that many have beliefs and make choices due to their life experiences, societal belief and political systems training regarding choices and actions. It is easier for many to simply follow the guidelines even if they feel it is not aligned to their inner spiritual or emotional state. However, we each have right to make choices and change direction to do what we feel is right, versus what we have been told is right.

For me, I don’t understand how war and violence are ever a solution. They only lead to more war and violence. It requires a chance of focus on what is important and a choice to choose peace not war and violence. FEAR – which is the source of much violence is the ABSENCE of LOVE. Love is the essence of Creation – so when we are using war and violence we are not aligned to the essence of Creation. Think about it.

I don’t understand spiritually about how much money is spent on many things that could be utilized to help to alleviate the pain, hunger, and disease in the world. All who earn money have the right to spend it as they wish, but a reminder is that one day they will have to face the balancing of that choice. The world was created to produce sufficient resources to meet the needs of all life. It is the reallocation of resources to benefit the few instead of the whole which has created the lack.

I don’t how people can abuse others humans, animals and nature. The right of industry to succeed in polluting the earth, which is our home and source of all that we need to survive. I don’t understand destroying the trees that provide air for us, and homes for animals without concern. I don’t understand the polluting of the water, that all life needs to survive. I don’t understand how abuse and violence. These are all choices made without regard to others and the future.

I don’t understand how these choice can bring happiness and joy to those who make them. I cannot nor do I have the right to try to force anyone to make better choices. They will have to balance the scales of their choices at some point in time.

Change must always being within us. I can seek the highest wisdom, truth, love and compassion of the Creator in my life. To balance all the scales of my life and to transform that which is mis-qualified energy back into Light. To become a pure vessel of the Light and Love of the Creator.

I can call upon the Creator and the ones who serve the Creator to come and bring the Violet Flame/Fire of the Creator into my physical form and life as well as any place or situation or send to any person on the earth. The Violet Flame is a gift of great power which has been returned to the earth in the last century due to the intervention of St Germain, Archangel Michael, Archangel Zadkiel and Archangel Amethyst. Because of of its abuse during the time of Atlantis it was withdrawn. St Germain pledged his spiritual energy to be allowed to bring it back to us.

The Violet Flame is just that a flame of violet color. When we call it forth, we ask for it to move throughout our form at the subatomic level. As it is within us see it moving freely. It will transmute the energy between our electrons removing all mis-qualified energy and disease. This allows the energy to flow freely that has been blocked. Then call upon the Creator and/or the Beings of Light who serve the Creator to fill us with the Golden, Silver and White Light of the Creator to fill the spaces transformed. Let the heart open and the Light of The Creator shine through you.

We cannot make another change, but we can visualize and ask the Creator and Beings of Light to send this energy into any situation to transform the energies in the area in accordance to the Will of the Creator. This will allow people or animals, to accept them into their being by their own choice, but in removing them from the area they will have a easier time in opening to them and accessing them, to hopefully make a higher choice. You can then ask the Light Beings to bring in Love and Light for them to access.

I don’t understand the choices of others, but I can do something about the choices I make and the energy I put forth into the world. I can make a call to the Creator and Light Beings who serve the Creator to clear the energies in a situation to help others in making it easier for them to access better choices and to make them.

There are planets in the Universe who by the people around the planet accessing and using the Violet Flame/Fire and calling on the help of the Creator and Light Beings transformed and freed their planets. They utilized it in all areas of their lives, not just the physical form, but to clear the air, the water, the land, the political systems, industry, spiritual and monetary systems, the production or food and animal husbandry. Whatever area, you see needs help, call upon the Violet Fire and the Creator to help.

” When we change the way we look at things. The things we look at change.”Dr Wayne Dyer


Truth on Earth is relative and fluid.

I have written previously about relative and Divine Truth. To learn more about it please look at that article. I don’t want to repeat the information, because this message is about the fact that we are facing our beliefs and truths at this time to see what is still true for us and what we have outgrown.

For the rest of this year we are facing the truths we have held for all our life, and to release that which no longer serves our spiritual growth. We are being asked to spend time daily in quiet away from all distractions to go within and seek the wisdom of the Creator.

We are coming into our time of Spiritual ascension or staying the same. If we choose to move forward all that we need is available by asking. For now we can step into our Christ Consciousness and be the reflection of our Creator, and allow the Divine to experience and create this world in a Divine Image.

We are being tried and tested. We see the energies flooding in to keep us off balance. We are questioning our lives and the world. This is of purpose. It is like the faceting of a diamond. In which the jeweler sees that which is not of the brilliance that the diamond can be and it is chipped away, to reveal the ultimate beauty.

That is what we are doing. We are letting go of that which keeps us tied to the ego self and the controls of fear. We are being asked to let go of dogmas and beliefs that limit the fullness of our Soul. Let the shine of our Soul, the I AM that we are, a part of the Creator.

So don’t be afraid of facing the questions. Don’t run away, back to the safe and secure of what the world believes, but seek within the Truth that rings for you and then chip away the old, bless it to return to the Light, wrap it in the Violet Flame and Let your light shine.

In Service

I am Mareya Shimayah Elohim

Twin Flames

Perhaps not the ultimate romance many believe.

What is a twin flame?

In the beginning we were androgynous Beings as we came forth from Source into individualization. Overtime through the process of incarnating into a third dimensional form, it is said that the soul was split into masculine and feminine parts. In this split, it is said, each is left feeling incomplete and must reconnect with the other to be complete. Usually, one part remains in spirit guiding the other during an incarnation. It is rare that they incarnate at the same time or find each other on earth if they do.

There are ones who spend time seeking out their twin flame, hoping to experience a most wonderful romantic relationship. It is understandable in these times of chaotic energies and short term relationships, to wish for something glorious to make our life exciting and fulfilling.

I understand the desire for this great romance, however, the reality can be quite different. For it is said they are a mirror which reflects back to us that which we need to transform or heal, our deepest fears, insecurities and shadows. For the purpose of the split was so that each could come into Oneness and wholeness within themselves, balancing the masculine and feminine energy before they reunite.

An example to help you understand would be twins separated at birth. One is adopted by loving parents who give them a wonderful life in which they thrive and grow. The other is lost within the foster care system. They bounce from home to home, never feeling loved or belonging. They turn to drugs and alcohol to ease the pain, and eventually commit crimes to support their habits and eventually end up in prison. Throughout their lives they each have a sense something is missing but don’t understand what it is.

The first sibling, knows they were adopted but not that they were a twin. One day they do a DNA test to search for their ancestors and find that they have a full sibling. As they research further they find their sibling is in prison and they go to visit. Upon seeing each other they realize that they are twins. This explains the feeling of something missing in their lives. While the adopted twin wants to help their sibling to make changes and find a better life, the one in prison feels only resentment and anger that there life had been so hard while their twin’s was so easy. There will be a difficult road ahead.

The same can happen between twin souls. While the one who has advanced spiritually can help the other to clear and heal, it can be a difficult path that has the potential of exploding and setting back the progress of both. That is why they rarely come together in life, unless they are already advanced souls here to do a particular work for humanity to which they have both prepared and agreed to do.

This being said, it has been my understanding in life that the main focus is not to search for my twin soul but to work upon my own spiritual development and pathway to Oneness with Source or the Divine I AM Presence of my soul which has never separated from Source. For my Higher Self, my I Am Presence, the part of God which I AM is the Union of the other half of me. For when I AM one with my I AM Presence and thus with the Creator, then I AM ONE with all life including my twin soul.

Once you experience the energy of your I AM Presence you will feel the completeness and expansion of unconditional Love, wisdom, compassion, hope and expansion into the ultimate PEACE of Oneness with Source. The greatest love is beyond the romantic or sexual. The Greatest love is the Essence of Creation which never controls and always is there without need to forgive. For it is Source learning and expanding through the choices we make. It is Source loving us no matter what mistakes we make along our experiential path back to Oneness. For it is assured as we have expanded and experienced away from Source, one day we will realize that the Greatest experience and Love is Oneness with Source. Then we turn within and surrender to the embrace of the Greatest Love of All.

As I received this message I was reminded of the song written by Linda Creed and Michael Masser called ” The Greatest Love of All (is happening to me)”

I decided long ago never to walk in anyone's shadow.
If I fail, if I succeed, at least I lived as I believe. 
No matter what they take from me,
They can't take away my dignity.
Because the greatest love of all is happening to me.
I found the greatest love of all inside of me.
The greatest love of all is easy to achieve.
Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.
And if by chance that special place that you've been dreaming of
Leads you to a lonely place 
Find your strength in love

Prepare yourself for the reunion, whether what you are seeking is your Twin Soul or reunion with your I AM PRESENCE. We can only experience that for which we are prepared.

I AM Mareya Shemayah Elohim

Highest Gift and Life Expression

The highest gift we can give to ourselves and others is to be a living vessel of Divine unconditional Love. In this state of Being we are free from all that binds us to duality and can live and express, Divine Love and Unity to help others to break free.

Then together we can help to transform the Earth into the Heavenly place it was created to be.

This begins not by looking outward into the world for answers on how to change but inward in the heart. This is where the essence of the Creator lives within us. Go within, and ask to be shown and to receive Divine Love. Ask for help to have all walls and blockages which hinder or prevent your feeling, receiving and expressing this love be removed.

We must ask in order for the ones who serve our Creator to help us, free will and all. Once we have opened our heart, and this is a process. We may feel it immediately and the flow increase day by day or we may have many blockages to remove for this to happen. But, continue daily to go within and ask for help and it will occur. The process may bring up thoughts and feelings from past experiences that may not always be pleasant, but just ask for more love and help and you will find the release and transformation happen, and it will get easier.

Until one day you feel this glow within you that expands outward and you know that All is good, All is One, All is Light and Love. That you are safe, and all blessings can come to you and through you.

IT IS unconditional love that will change the world, not anger, violence, hatred or war. Place you focus upon and above the appearances of events and open your heart and ask to be shown the higher point of view and you will see how easily you move beyond the confusion and frustration into peace and joy.


Give it a try you have nothing to loose but hurt, frustration, pain and anger.

Namaste and Blessings


I sat outside and as I was listening, I was told that I should share these thoughts about forgiveness and my own process.

I found the prior post Forgiveness Decree synchronistic as are many writings, books or teachings that come to me at exactly the time I need to know or remember, or need a tool.

As people who know me would tell you I am not a perfect person, I have faults and make mistakes, bad choices, get impatient, cranky, and find myself needing to ask for forgiveness for my words or actions. Thankfully our Creator is loving, forgiving, understanding and can use us to help ourselves and others despite our faults.

Long ago I read in the book “Illusions – the Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah” by RIchard Bach – this quote., “You teach best that which you most need to learn.”

That is why these writings will be a mixture of teaching, learning, wisdom and truth. For as I learn, grow and open my heart more, it allows more wisdom and truth to enter so that I may share with others.

The key is that we are not yet perfect, for it is difficult to be so in a human form, but not impossible. We are not expected to be perfect in an instant by saying I believe in this or that. It is a process, of learning, growing and being.

We may make mistakes for which we might need forgiveness sometimes, some mistakes don’t affect others and some do. If we make a mistake, it is a learning process, what did you learn, and how can you do this better the next time. If you hurt another or affect another, admit your error and ask them for forgiveness. You must also forgive yourself.

The forgiveness of self is an important key. If you have asked another, whether or not they forgive you, you have admitted you hurt them in some way and try to make amends. If they choose not to forgiven you, there is nothing you can do about that but move on and do better. But you need to forgive yourself also.

We often stop in our forward movement when we make a mistake. We beat up on ourself mentally and emotionally believing we are not worthy. We forget that the Creator loves us unconditionally and only asks that we open our hearts to reconnect and live as One with the Creator. Often , we tend to shut down thinking we have disappointed the Creator as we perhaps had disappointed our parents or another authority figure when we made a mistake as children, and felt ashamed.

We shut down our connection in an attempt to hide, but the Creator knows for the Creator is within us. The Creator does not judge but sends us love to help us to overcome and move forward. We just have to admit, ask forgiveness of all involved including the Creator, for the Creator is also in the ones we harmed, and then open our hearts and minds to receive the Love and Light of the Divine, to heal us

As I said, we need also to evaluate the situation which happened and learn how to handle it better in the future. Forgive ourselves for not being perfect, and vow to do better. It does not mean you won’t make more mistakes, but as we try to watch our thoughts, words and deeds before we act we will find ourselves making less mistakes. Stop before you speak or act – is what you are about to do loving, are you acting from the heart of compassion, is it necessary, is it kind or will it hurt another in some way.

When we self monitor, and live from the heart the need for forgiveness will lessen along the way.

So as I said, I am not perfect, I am learning, and I needed to have this Forgiveness Decree as much as some of you may need it. To remind me to do better, but when I stumble to learn, ask and give forgiveness and do better in the future.

As I said luckily as we are part of the Creator , who will use us as we are willing to help to uplift ourselves and others, I am sharing that which I am inspired to share.

The following is a beautiful corresponding thought to that of Richard Bach, that we teach best that which we most need to learn and then two people may learn as quoted by Robert Heinlein.

“When one teaches, two learn.”
–Robert Heinlein

May your path have few pebbles upon which to stumble but when you do, pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and move around the pebble. Then watch for others along the way, and step over or around them, instead of kicking them and cursing them for being in the way and causing you to fall.

Blessed are the forgiving and forgiven for you shall be free.

Forgiveness a gift we give ourselves.

Diana Cooper shared this please say 3 times from the heart.

Forgiveness decree
I forgive everyone who has ever hurt or harmed me, consciously or unconsciously, in this lifetime or any other, in this universe, dimension, plane or level of existence or any other. 
I offer them grace.
I ask forgiveness for everything I have ever done to hurt or harm another, consciously or unconsciously, in this lifetime or any other, in this universe, dimension, plane or level of existence or any other.
I ask for grace.
I forgive myself for everything I have ever done to hurt or harm another, consciously or unconsciously, in this lifetime or any other, in this universe, dimension, plane or level of existence or any other.
I accept grace.
I am free.  All chains and restrictions fall from me.  I stand in my full power as a Master.

So be it.  It is done.